First, some breaking news: Andrew McCabe, who was set to testify, apparently in person, before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week, won’t be appearing because he says he’s afraid of catching COVID. What?? Oh, for crying out loud, Mr. McCabe, just testify online. That's how your colleague Jim Comey disgraced himself, so why can't you do the same?

I know the virus is highly contagious, but if it spreads via Zoom, we’re all in big trouble. On the other hand, I guess that would give Biden an excuse to get back to his knitting and not make any more appearances during the campaign

Anyway, over the weekend, Maria Bartiromo on FOX NEWS SUNDAY reviewed what we’ve learned in recent days about Hillary Clinton and, yes, President Obama concerning their involvement in the Russia hoax. Of course, my readers already knew about this, but Maria’s guests had additional details.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy noted what a colossal waste of time the “Russia” investigation has been, focusing on a fake story when we've been trying for so long to get the real story. He said that when the letter from Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to Sen. Lindsay Graham was released, leaders of Congress wanted to have a meeting about it right away, because in all this time no one in either the House or Senate had seen this information. “This should drive every member of Congress,” he said, “to go get the underlying information that John Ratcliffe has just made transparent to the world.”

Looking back now, the timeline of events is just tragic. In July of 2016, key people are briefed on a story that Russian intelligence have picked up that Hillary’s campaign was creating a false narrative about Trump “colluding” with Russia to take attention off her own scandal, which involved the use of a personal email server for all her official State Department business. Then-CIA Director John Brennan personally briefs President Obama and others of this on July 26. “Crossfire Hurricane” is conveniently (for Hillary) opened just a few days later, on July 31. When former FBI Director James Comey is asked about this briefing last Wednesday, he says it "DOESN’T RING A BELL.”

We know this is a lie. Investigating a major presidential candidate for being an agent of Russia is a huge deal, the details of which are not something that would simply escape one’s memory, unless perhaps we’re talking about Joe Biden’s memory.

McCarthy calls this “the biggest news that didn’t get reported.” True, last week was a big week for news, but there was plenty of time before the report that Trump had tested positive for COVID-19 to get it out there.

So, how was this information hidden from Congress (and the rest of us) for so long? Why did we appoint a special counsel when it was known even by Obama the previous year that the “Trump/Russia” story was part of Hillary’s election strategy?

Maria brought up another story we reported last week about CIA Director Gina Haspel still blocking the declassification of certain documents. Her own sources, Maria said, had told her Ratcliffe wants to see much more material declassified but that Haspel “does not want the spotlight on the CIA.” Well, that's just too bad, CIA.

McCarthy was followed by Devin Nunes, who made a great point: When Republicans in the legislative branch tried to find out where the “Russia” story came from, Comey and his colleagues didn’t seem to know. But now we have evidence that they absolutely knew, four years ago! And there's quite a lot more evidence that Congress still hasn’t seen.

"Here you have the media,” he said, “which is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party...ignoring all of this for the last four here they’ve been blaming Republicans having something to do with Russia when the whole damn time, THEY had something to do with Russia." In other words, it was the Democrats who were hiring Russian spies, not the Republicans.


Finally, former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell also appeared with Maria, saying, “We’ve had a scandal developing...largely because politicians have allowed individuals to hide information to create a false narrative by one side.” He characterized what Comey said in testimony this week as “really shocking,” because Comey is blaming mid-level career FBI people for what really came from the top down. There were voices who, early on, characterized this story as Russian propaganda, but the leadership “decided to hide those warnings,” and now Comey (protected by Democrat vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee Mark Warner of Virginia, Grenell alleged) is blaming those same people.

"This is what happens,” Grenell said, “when the insiders maintain control over all the information, and this is why I believe that President Trump as the outsider is being viciously attacked, because he’s getting close to really changing the way that Washington works and they do not want the rules changed...” He added that this is why the insiders support Joe Biden. They know he’ll play by their rules.

As Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas lectured Comey on Wednesday, what he did "has done severe damage to the professionals and the honorable men and women at the FBI, because law enforcement should not be used as a political weapon. And that is the legacy you’ve left.”

For those who don’t follow sports, Jason Whitlock is a highly-regarded sportswriter with over 25 years’ experience, including ESPN, Fox Sports, AOL Sports, the Sporting News and other major outlets. He is also African-American. And he’s just taken a brave stand against the prevailing PC orthodoxy in professional sports with a must-read column at called “USA or NBA: That Is An Easy Choice For Me.”

The gist is that as a lifelong basketball fan, he “just can’t take it anymore.” He’s had enough of "the kneeling. Black Lives Matter splashed across the court. The finger-wagging, self-righteous commercials. The ‘Vote’ T-shirts. The silly slogans on the back of the jerseys.” And for the first time ever, he turned off game one of the NBA Finals when only one brave player defied the groupthink and stood during the National Anthem.

Whitlock describes how the NBA, with players like Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan, used to represent the best of America. But now, all the league, players and Nike care about is pleasing China and selling to the Chinese market. Whitlock writes:

“(LeBron) James, Nike and China have dragged the NBA into a racial propaganda war with the United States as the opposition. I feel like I’m being forced to choose between love of country and love of basketball. That’s not a hard choice for me. I choose America. I can survive without the NBA. The NBA apparently can’t survive without pleasing communist-run China.” And they’re doing it by treating people like Jacob Blake as if they were Medgar Evers or Rosa Parks and genuflecting before Black Lives Matter, “a Marxist, anti-religion organization.”

He writes, “Black Lives Matter and Antifa are burning down a country I love. I’m not going to support a group of pampered millionaires who support the anarchists destroying the country that made them rich.”

Those are just the highlights so please click through and read the entire thing. I’m sure he’ll get grief over it from the media and the league, so show your support in the comments. FYI: when I read it, there were already 69 comments, and every last one was in complete agreement.

Maybe that would explain the catastrophic ratings drop for the finals opener between the Miami Heat and the Lakers with LeBron James. Even with millions of Americans stuck at home on lockdown, viewership plummeted 45% from last year to just 7.41 million, the smallest audience for the NBA Finals since 1994.

As they say, "Get woke, go broke." Or to put it in terms Nike would understand: “Swoosh! There went all your fans and customers!”

“They Don’t Hear Very Well, Do They?” The media continue to press President Trump to denounce white supremacist groups and claim he refuses to do it. I recently shared a video showing him doing that exact thing on seven different occasions. Now, someone has compiled a longer video showing him doing it on 17 different occasions. You can watch it at this link, along with some more examples the video left out, which brings the total number of public condemnations of white supremacists to over 20.

All of this is a straw man. There is no giant surge in the number of white supremacist hate groups, or the SPLC wouldn't have to keep slandering benign Christian conservative groups as "hate groups" to gin up donations. We also know that the ludicrous claim that the rioters destroying blue cities are rightwing extremists in disguise is a lie because if they really were rightwingers, instead of being immediately released to do it again, they'd actually be arrested, jailed and have the book thrown at them, like anyone in those cities who uses his Second Amendment rights to defend his life, property or family.

The idea that Trump's supporters are all racists and white supremacists is a feeble excuse the Democrats cooked up to explain why he beat them in 2016. It saved them having to do any serious self-reflection about why they were really rejected, like the fact that eight years of Obama had proven that their policies are a disaster, and that they had nominated the most arrogant, entitled, dishonest and unlikable candidate in history.

Incidentally, the one candidate in the 2020 Presidential race who actually has been endorsed by a genuine, prominent white supremacist (Richard Spencer) is Joe Biden.

His campaign denounced the endorsement, but Biden himself never has personally. So how come the media aren’t demanding that he denounce Spencer’s endorsement? Oh, right: they don’t really believe this is an issue. It’s just a way to smear Trump with the same false accusation. Over and over and over. I think Candace Owens described the diminishing effects of this tactic perfectly in one word: “Boring.”

Say, here’s a way to put a fresh spin on it and make it more interesting: how about if the media start demanding that the Democrats apologize for their long, long history of supporting white supremacists?