From Robin:

I speak a little Arabic (Iraqi), and my Iraqi friend has a funny way of speaking his thoughts on the Chinese government. (I hope this isn't too offensive.)

"May the fleas from a thousand camels infest their armpits."

On that thought, have a good evening!

From the Gov:

Thanks, Robin! Is your friend by any chance named Carnac the Magnificent? That sounds like something Johnny Carson would have used in the act, and I mean that in the most complimentary way. Though flea-infested armpits might be too good for the ChiComms, I will respond with an appropriate limerick, courtesy of Huckabee staff writer/researcher Laura Ainsworth:

There once were some Commie Chinese

Who spread a pandemic disease

They lied while it spread

Now thousands are dead

So, YES, may their armpits have fleas!

The lying I spoke of in yesterday’s installment was just the tip of the iceberg. It’s hard enough to assess the danger of this pandemic without people deliberately lying. Here are just a few more examples, not from China but from right here in the U.S.A.

The health care workers risking their own health to fight this virus deserve nothing but praise. But in New York, a nurse who claimed in an apparently phony video that she had quit her job after being made to work in a coronavirus ICU without a face mask fooled CBS News into posting it, complete with background music and captions added to highlight the supposed danger.

In the video, this Instagram “influencer” gets emotional and says, “America is not prepared, and nurses are not being protected.” But on Facebook, she had admitted she left her job at the hospital over a year ago and wasn’t sure she was ready to return to work, as she has anxiety and bi-polar depression and was “triggered” by the growing volume of information on COVID-19.

Note the irony in what she posted: “The information overload can be hard for me to sift through as far as what is credible and what is not, it triggers me.” This, when her own words blur the line between truth and fiction.

Not only CBS, but now-former-presidential candidate Bernie Sanders was misled by the video. He retweeted the fraudulent CBS NEWS story, adding, “It is insane that our nurses are being forced to care for the sick without masks and respirators. The Department of Labor must immediately issue emergency workplace standards to protect our health workers, their families, and their patients.”

Finding out how New York hospitals are currently doing regarding PPE (personal protective equipment) is challenging. We went back to CBS NEWS to see what they’re saying right now. For one thing, they’re still maintaining the fiction that Trump “dissolved” the White House pandemic response office in 2018; my understanding is that Trump did not get rid of it but consolidated it with other offices. Beth Cameron, who ran it under Obama (and then under Trump until he reorganized), is quoted at length about what keeps her up at night right now –- mostly competition between states for supplies. She says that “without a unified federal plan, states don’t have any choice but to be prepared for their constituents.” She’d like to see a federal-level “logistics czar.”

Recall that just this week, I complimented President Trump on his ability to delegate, to give governors the very responsibility Cameron is worried about them having. When I was governor of Arkansas and dealing with emergencies, I saw that being closer to my constituents made me better able to determine my state’s unique needs, as opposed to having to depend on a “one-size-fits-all” federal bureaucracy. As she is one of those bureaucrats herself, she might not get that.

Yes, we've had challenges getting supplies to hospitals, notably because so many of them have been made in China for years. The CBS story does acknowledge this problem, with Prashant Yardav, a senior fellow at the Center for Global Development and “an expert on supply chain management,” saying that of all the N95 respirators we might use, half or more come from China. The same goes for protective gear such as masks, gloves and gowns. So, given the startling number of cases predicted, the Department of Health and Human Services warned there wouldn't be enough.

But the CBS story never says that medical professionals caring for coronavirus patients in New York hospitals are going without respirators. I have read elsewhere that in their uncertainty about the supply chain, they have been re-using them, but that’s very different.

The problem as I see it, whether supplies are allocated at the federal level or not, is that most of this stuff is coming from China. That has to change NOW, and Trump has been coordinating with private companies to make it happen. Still, it doesn’t help us determine the severity of the problem when CBS NEWS, Bernie Sanders and others post a fake video by someone who doesn’t even work at a hospital.

Much of the anxiety about demand is based on computer models that turned out to be wildly wrong, dramatically inflating the numbers of people who would require hospitalization. In other words, computer models can “lie,” too, at least in the sense that the predictions they’ve given us to work with are false. Though Tuesday was, nationwide, the deadliest day we’ve had, “the curve” of new cases seems to be flattening in places where infection has been worst, such as New York, New Jersey and the Seattle area, and the need for beds and ventilators is not nearly what was anticipated, thank God. Projections are being revised downward.

Of course, some of the most damaging lies are those told “by omission.” For example, we had the story a couple of days ago about Michigan state Rep. Karen Whitsett and her swift recovery after literally begging the medical bureaucracy to let her have a prescription for hydroxychloroquine. (Recall that Michigan is the state in which Gov. Gretchen Whitmer temporarily called for doctors in her state not to prescribe the drug for coronavirus.) Over just a few hours, Whitsett's condition had deteriorated greatly, with shortness of breath and fluid-filled lungs, and she was terrified. But later that night after taking the medication, she was already on the mend. And even though she’s a Democrat politician, she credited President Trump’s publicizing of the drug with her treatment and amazing recovery.

On Tuesday night, she and her doctor appeared on Tucker Carlson’s FOX NEWS show. Carlson has been an outspoken critic of Democrat politicians, fanatical anti-Trump media people and some government bureaucrats who are trying to get between patients and their doctors by discouraging the use of this therapy, in most cases only because President Trump has been touting it as a possible remedy. You’d think that to offer their audience hope for a treatment in the coming weeks, some other media outlets might pick up Rep. Whitsett’s story, right?

Wrong. No other major media outlet has picked it up. Nothing about Rep. Whitsett’s recovery was seen on CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, PBS or NPR. The DETROIT FREE PRESS had the story on Tuesday, but even though USA TODAY is under ownership of the same publisher, Gannett, the story did not “go national."  Except for the people who watch FOX NEWS –- and perhaps listen to Hannity and other conservative radio hosts –- the story was effectively buried. This is a textbook example of “lying by omission.”

That’s why, when a witness is sworn in to testify, the person is required to tell not just the truth, but the WHOLE truth. With anything concerning President Trump, the mainstream media can never be trusted to get it right.

As I've said before, in the news business it used to be, "If if bleeds it leads," but now, it's "If it makes Trump bleed, it leads."  Here’s how ridiculous the lying about Trump and hydroxychloroquine has gotten.

If you doubt what I’m saying, I’ll let Attorney General William Barr have the last word.

William Barr: Media on ‘jihad’ to discredit hydroxychloroquine

I said a few days ago that China’s attempt to swoop in and save the day for other countries infected with the Wuhan virus is like an arsonist who runs into the building he set on fire to make himself look like the hero. It seems that this analogy may be even more descriptive than I thought.

Obviously, we can’t trust numbers coming out of China. On April 7, NBC NEWS tweeted that in a 24-hour period, the U.S. reported 1,264 deaths from coronavirus while China reported “not a single new coronavirus death.” Technically, that’s correct: China REPORTED not a single new death. But why is NBC willingly serving as China’s propaganda microphone? That’s not to pick on NBC; they’re not the only ones doing this.

Steven W. Mosher, author of the extremely timely book “BULLY OF ASIA: Why China’s Dream Is The New Threat To World Order,” appeared Tuesday on Laura Ingraham’s show to talk about this. He opened by saying what we already know: that from the beginning, China has lied outrageously. “They don’t just fudge the numbers,” he said; “they make them up out of whole cloth.”

Mosher thinks at least 50,000 have died in Wuhan since the beginning of the outbreak. To get that number, he noted that the Wuhan crematoria that were going full-on for 60 days, and they process about 1,000 bodies per day. After that, they began handing out funeral urns to grieving relatives, 500 of them a day, from 7 crematoria, times 14 days. Do the math.

He reminds us that this is the same Communist Party that told us no one died in Tienanmen Square when we later found out that around 10,000 lost their lives. It’s the same Communist Party that said no one died after The Great Leap Forward famine, when it turned out that 42.5 million perished. I’d say their numbers were a little off.

"So, I don’t know why anyone would take numbers out of China seriously,” he said. “I mean, why would anyone try to make China look good in this way –- it couldn’t just be just to make America look bad.”

Or...could it?

According to a March 26 story in PROPUBLICA, China has been using thousands of fake Twitter accounts to coordinate a disinformation campaign “about the coronavirus outbreak, the Hong Kong protests and other topics of state interest.” While Democrats were crying “Russia Russia Russia,” it appears China was gearing up for some serious “meddling” of its own. They’ve spent $10 billion on their campaign; this is much more massive than anything the Russians, with their few Twitter accounts, did. Most media ignored this story.

When you have time, take a look at it –- pretty scary.

And if you saw Monday’s press briefing with President Trump, you saw a young woman representing Phoenix TV of Hong Kong, which Trump called out as being owned by the Chinese (good for you, Mr. President!). Obviously, the Chinese media are here, putting together their own narratives for their own propaganda pieces. The Chinese embassies and media outlets are touting their success in controlling the virus, when they did nothing of the sort. Thousands of Chinese died, and the virus spread around the world.

The latest thing China is lying about is the reliability of coronavirus tests they’ve sent around the world. If anything needs to be accurate, it’s a test for this virus, but according to Mosher, the tests are “junk” that will “kill people.” The Department of Health had said that coronavirus test kits sent by China were only 40 percent accurate, but apparently Beijing bullied them into recanting that statement. On April 1, Mosher said that China is providing Europe with defective tests, masks that leak and protective gear that doesn’t protect. Some of the supplies have actually been sent back. (It occurs to me that if the workers in the Wuhan biolab weren’t protected by their gear, that alone doesn’t say much for the label “Made In China.”)

Mosher calls the World Health Organization “the Chinese Health Organization” and rightly criticizes them for not holding up Taiwan as an example for how to handle the pandemic. Taiwan was the first country to close its borders to Wuhan and as a result of this quick action had very few infections and deaths. But Taiwan isn’t even recognized as a country by China, so W.H.O. was intimidated into not recognizing their efforts. President Trump said Tuesday that he’s going to be looking into the World Health Organization, noting that the U.S. is their major source of funds. I have a feeling their funding from America may be drying up soon.

The article at the link includes more details as well as a Mosher’s historical perspective on China’s totalitarianism. Highly recommended…

As for our own media lying about coronavirus, what makes me the maddest right now is their insistence that Trump is wrong about the hydroxychloroquine/azithromycin/zinc drug therapy, when all signs point to a success here.

Even Dr. Anthony Fauci raises my blood pressure (an especially bad thing right now) when he says we may not ever get back to normal. For him, a vaccine is the Holy Grail, and until we find that, there are no long-term studies to give him confidence in any treatment. Never mind that an approved vaccine is likely 12-18 months away. I’m not accusing Dr. Fauci of bad intentions, just of thinking like a single-minded researcher and perhaps not seeing the big picture.

Zeke Emanuel, brother of Rahm “NEVER LET A SERIOUS CRISIS GO TO WASTE” Emanuel, said on MSNBC Monday night that America will probably be shut down for at least 18 months. Amplifying Dr. Fauci, he said, “We will not be able to return to normalcy...I know that’s dreadful news to hear...Conferences, concerts, sporting events, religious services, dinner at a restaurant, none of that will resume until we find a vaccine, a treatment or a cure.” What a lovely “serious crisis” this would create for leftists.

The vaccine won't come till later, but we may be on the verge of a treatment or cure, possibly a preventative, plus the very important antibody test. New studies are encouraging, but the mainstream media aren’t about to let Trump have a win on this, even if it means the end of the American economy as we know it, and that’s just plain evil. They seem to be actively rooting for him to be wrong. Trump’s optimism about hydroxychloroquine has been called “false hope,” “lies,” and “fake science.” Some have even speculated that Trump is touting this drug because he has a financial interest in it.

Mainstream media have definitely noticed the conservative critics of naysayers such as Dr. Fauci. Here’s what THE GUARDIAN had to say about us. Not super-slanted until the last several paragraphs…

This issue needs to be about health, not politics. I’ll leave you with a powerful “anecdote” about the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine from Dr. Marc Siegel. Anecdotal evidence has its place. And so does any treatment that’s known to be safe and that might very well do some good.


April 8, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee



I said a few days ago that China’s attempt to swoop in and save the day for other countries infected with the Wuhan virus is like an arsonist who runs into the building he set on fire to make himself look like the hero. It seems that this analogy may be even more descriptive than I thought.

Obviously, we can’t trust numbers coming out of China. On April 7, NBC NEWS tweeted that in a 24-hour period, the U.S. reported 1,264 deaths from coronavirus while China reported “not a single new coronavirus death.” Technically, that’s correct: China REPORTED not a single new death. But why is NBC willingly serving as China’s propaganda microphone? That’s not to pick on NBC; they’re not the only ones doing this.

Steven W. Mosher, author of the extremely timely book “BULLY OF ASIA: Why China’s Dream Is The New Threat To World Order,” appeared Tuesday on Laura Ingraham’s show to talk about this. He opened by saying what we already know: that from the beginning, China has lied outrageously. “They don’t just fudge the numbers,” he said; “they make them up out of whole cloth.”


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COVID-19 News

For those who prefer to watch the White House briefings on the COVID-19 (Wuhan/Chinese) coronavirus without Don Lemon crying lemonade all over their TV screens, here is Tuesday’s full briefing on YouTube.

Also, last night on Fox News, Sean Hannity had an exclusive interview with President Trump. If you missed it, you can catch it here.

And here are some highlight quotes:

The major news of the day was Trump’s slam of the World Health Organization. He pointed out that while the US financial contribution to the WHO ($513 million in 2017) dwarfs that of China, the WHO has been parroting Chinese propaganda, which has caused them to repeatedly be wrong about the coronavirus pandemic. Trump said he was taking a “strong look” at freezing that funding, but later said now maybe isn’t the time.

Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) had the predictable meltdown, since they still don’t understand the difference between “sending crazy, capricious, confusing messages” and “putting someone on notice that they’re on thin ice and had better shape up or else.” That’s because working in politics and the media, they don’t comprehend the idea of there being a connection between being incompetent or insubordinate and losing your paycheck.


Blogger Lawrence Person, who’s spent the past year working overtime to compile his “Democratic Presidential Clown Car” updates, turns his attention to a subject that could prove even harder than keeping track of all the Democrats who ran for President. He’s now trying to chronicle all the lies China has told about the coronavirus. This blog could eventually end up being longer than Wikipedia.


The pushers of the old poison of socialism under the snazzy new label of “Democratic Socialism” want people to believe their version is different from the old tyrannical dictatorships because it will be implemented by caring, compassionate people like them. You know the old saying: Socialism works great, it’s just that the right people have never been in charge of implementing it.

Well, if there’s any upside to the current coronavirus lockdown, maybe it’s opening the eyes of a lot of misled young people. They’re getting a firsthand lesson in one of the biggest problems with socialism: it doesn’t take human nature into account. Specifically, that power corrupts, and that the people who really want a lot of government power (leftists) are the last people who should be trusted with it, because they’ll use any excuse to expand it.

And so, we’ve seen stories about a surfer being arrested for surfing on a deserted beach, a teenage girl fined for taking a drive by herself in a closed car, and now, a Colorado man being handcuffed by police for playing catch with his wife and daughter in a deserted park. How any of these people were spreading the coronavirus is beyond me, but their real “crime” was in not abiding by a one-size-fits-all government encroachment on their personal freedom.

Meanwhile, liberal elites, as always, carve out exceptions for themselves, such as New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio continuing to go to the gym (he needs the exercise because his job is so much more important than yours) and now, Chicago’s Mayor violating her own strict stay-at-home order to get a haircut. She even became indignant when questioned on it because she’s the “public face of the city” and is on national media and in the public eye. Naturally, her hair needs to look good while you can look like a llama with bed head.

So, kids, if you want to know what a “Democratic socialist” America would really be like, take a good hard look. The government using heavy-handed enforcement to tell you what you’re allowed to do and what’s banned because they deem it “non-essential,” while the politicians exempt and indulge themselves because they’re more important than you.

Oh, and all those empty toilet paper shelves at the supermarket? Imagine them being empty permanently.

That’s socialism.

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Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly has resigned after apologizing for infuriating sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt by dropping in just to tell them that their recently-relieved commander, Capt. Brett Crozier, was either naïve or stupid or deliberately insubordinate in his handling of a coronavirus outbreak on board the ship. Ironically, Crozier was removed for circulating a memo to Navy leaders about the problems on the ship that was obtained by the media. So Modly lost his job because he spoke out of turn about Capt. Crozier speaking out of turn. Modly could have kept his position if President Trump had declined his resignation, but obviously, he did not.

The current Army Undersecretary Jim McPherson will become acting Secretary of the Navy. Let’s hope he quickly restores discipline, particularly discipline over one’s mouth. It’s easy to forget this after Hillary Clinton, but blabbing sensitive government communications that are supposed to remain private really is a serious offense.

1. U.S. # CONFIRMED CASES (As of 7:34 AM): 399,929   DEATHS: 12,911  RECOVERIES: 22,539 (Reported recoveries)

Source:  Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

TESTS GIVEN:  2,064,146

Source: The Covid Tracking Project

2.  CDC RECOMMENDATIONS: How to protect yourself  |  What to do if you are sick

3.  WHO IS TO BLAME?:  Here's an idea: send China the bill.


The Henry Jackson Society, a British think tank, has compiled a detailed report recommending that the G7 nations (the US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan and Britain) sue China for at least $4 trillion in damages for causing the coronavirus pandemic. Here are details on the many ways China violated international law and various ways in which they could be held to account legally.

Good idea. They sent their plague to us, I say we sic our plague – lawyers – on them.


Dr. Anthony Fauci has been one of the more pessimistic voices about restarting the economy, but he seemed to backtrack a bit yesterday, saying he expects that by fall, kids will be return to school and we’ll be back to gathering safely in public again. He cautions that the virus isn’t just going to go away and it’s impossible to predict accurately, but click the link for details on why he thinks things will improve fairly quickly.

And here are some hopeful comments about the coronavirus and the economy from HUD Secretary Ben Carson, who, unlike every one of the reporters attacking the President and spreading gloom and doom, actually is a brain surgeon.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us."

1 John 5:14 (KJV)



Yesterday, I said that one way for China to be held accountable for the WUHAN virus from WUHAN, CHINA, was for us to tally up the astronomical financial hit we’re taking and simply subtract it from the amount of U.S. debt held by the Chinese. I see I am not the only one to be thinking along these lines.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham, appearing on Monday’s SEAN HANNITY show, said, “If it were up to me, the whole world should send China a bill for the pandemic.” He went on to say that this is the third pandemic to come out of China, that they come out of “these wet markets” that sell bats, monkeys and many more species of exotic animals “intermingled with the food supply.”

Of course, in this case, it’s not just the food supply we have to worry about –- it’s very likely the “Level 4” biolab and another infectious disease lab near the market, both of which study coronaviruses. (I use quotation marks because the actual level of containment in these labs seems to be much lower.)

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"Yeah, I’d make China pay, big-time,” Sen. Graham said. Then, he asked the big question: Who would you rather have taking on China next year, President Trump or Joe Biden? “I don’t think that would be a hard decision for most people,” he said.

I think that, deep down, in all his confusion, even Joe Biden might agree with us.

It’s not just that China deceived the world about the virus, most notably about its human-to-human spread, but that it very likely came from their own laboratories. Surely President Trump is thinking about financial resolutions such as this to the economic devastation being caused by the virus. This is far from over, and there's going to be a very big price tag.

I have every confidence in President Trump to handle this situation well. As I said to Hannity later in the same show, he’s doing what a good executive does: he’s delegating, surrounding himself with smart people, and turning decisions over to those at the state and local levels who are closer to those directly being affected. Democrats always want to cram everyone into a one-size-fits-all solution whether it works for them or not, and Trump is trying to avoid doing that, in favor of giving governors the resources they need and let them determine how best to use them.

One thing I really appreciate is that Trump hasn’t tried to second-guess every decision the governors make. (I would also think that maybe he’s sensitive to that because every decision HE makes, as President, is constantly second-guessed.) As I’ve been in the governor’s role myself, I know how much Trump's approach would help me do the job of managing my state. (In fact, some states, such as Washington and Oregon, are reportedly taking the initiative to send their surplus supplies, including ventilators, to locations that are being hit harder now, such as New York.) Even Democrat governors such as Gavin Newsom of Los Angeles and Andrew Cuomo of New York have publicly complimented President Trump on his leadership style, even though they’re not exactly political allies.

Anyway, if anyone can deal with China in the aftermath of this almost unimaginable disruption, it’s Trump. And that includes financially. I’m glad I’m not the only one to be suggesting this solution.