It seems odd, doesn’t it, that after so much denial by the establishment media, the politicians, and even the intel bureaucracy about Hunter Biden’s laptop, we’re suddenly deluged with stories about it? Why is this happening now? ((Of course, the bigger question is, “Why didn’t it happen before the election?” but we know the answer to that.) Robert Spencer at PJ Media has some thoughts about what’s going on.

“From the headlines we’re seeing these days,” he quips, “it’s as if Steve Bannon has taken over all the major media outlets.” I wouldn’t go that far, but his point is made. Spencer’s hypothesis is that President Biden has been performing so abysmally –- especially in Poland, where he was downright dangerous –- that he may be seen as having outlived his usefulness to whoever is “running him.” This scandal could be the way to bring his dreadful presidency to a close, while giving at least the veneer of equal justice for all.

J. D. Rucker thinks this will likely happen, and he apparently has a lot of company. His speculation is that President Biden might willingly step down “in exchange for covering up his son’s (and his) crimes.” He believes the intel community –- the “three-letter agencies” –- are concerned enough about the danger Biden poses that they’re telling some accomplices in the media to pile on, while they decide how much indictable stuff to release publicly to get the job done. The baggage needs to stay with the Bidens, they believe, so the Democrat “brand” is protected for other candidates. (I would counter that the Democrat “brand” is pretty unappealing right now as it is.)

Again, this is speculation, just a scenario that seems increasingly plausible. We’ll move on...

Having finally been vindicated after the blatant censorship of its original Hunter Biden laptop story, The New York Post is having a field day. It’s been one revelation after another, showing why voters should’ve had this very real story before they cast their ballots.

On Thursday, they reported on the demand from the 14 Republicans on the House Oversight Committee, led by Rep. James Comer of Kentucky, that all documents relating to Hunter’s business dealings be turned over. That includes ALL communications with Hunter that took place during Barack Obama’s two terms as President, when Joe Biden was Vice President.

Letters went to Dana Remus, counsel to President Biden, and David Ferriero, head archivist at the National Archives and Records Administration. The letters said, “If the Russian government is attempting to influence American policy in Ukraine by exploiting Hunter Biden’s connection with his father –- the President of the United States –- the American people deserve to know it.”

Right now, with Republicans in the minority, there’s really nothing they can do if (when!) the White House and National Archives don’t comply. That changes if (when!) the GOP re-takes Congress in November. They plan to cut to the chase by subpoenaing Hunter Biden. First question for Hunter: Who is “the big guy”?

Former Biden business partner Tony Bobulinski said early on that “the big guy” definitely was Joe Biden, but the left did its best to make sure that if you did happen to hear that, you never heard it again.

Legal experts who talked to the Post said that if Hunter were subpoenaed, the process would be “a grinding one” and that even if they got him before Congress, he’d likely plead the Fifth. Even so, Rep. Elise Stefanik of New York said “the subpoenas will rain down if they do not turn over documents and answers to questions.” She told the NY Post that “it should concern every American that they did this for the Biden family’s financial gain, which came at the expense of our national security.”

According to House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, they plan to investigate not only Hunter’s businesses but also the origins of COVID, the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the “Justice” Department’s investigations into parents protesting Critical Race Theory. We can safely predict that Democrats will slam the GOP for “endless investigations”; never mind that they’ve spent years investigating phony scandals invented by Hillary’s campaign or otherwise concocted. Once we’re able to investigate the all-too-real ones, they’ll move to slam on the brakes.

The NY Post Editorial Board also wrote about the laptop scandal on Thursday, in an editorial called “The Week In Whoppers: Biden’s baloney, the WaPo’s shameless flip-flop and more.” The really fun part is their take-down of the Washington Post, which had labeled the NY Post’s October 2020 laptop stories “fake” and called them “laughably weak” but now admits they’re true. Who’s laughing now?

Here’s the NY Post story about WaPo making that admission. WaPo had a copy of the hard drive for nine long months, so they must have done a veeeeeeeery thorough forensic examination. All any thinking person needed was Tony Bobulinski’s interview to realize it was real.

By the way, it’s not just the media spinning madly to try to distance President Biden from Hunter (at least for now). reports that Democrat leaders are still insisting the laptop is “Russian disinformation.” House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer of Maryland says, “I think it’s as bogus as it was before.” (Note: it wasn’t bogus before; they just said it was.) Rhode Island Rep. David Cicilline agrees, apparently not realizing that the NY Post’s laptop story was never, as he put it early on, “collapsing in on itself.” Are these people lying to themselves or to you? I think mostly to you.

Miranda Devine, who broke the laptop story, has a new piece detailing how the media tip-toed around it and “underplayed Joe Biden’s role.” She notes that CNN White House correspondent John Harwood said, “There is zero evidence that Vice President Biden, or President Biden, has done anything wrong in connection with what Hunter Biden has done.”

Similarly, WaPo said it “did not find evidence that Joe Biden personally benefited from or knew details about the transactions with [Chinese energy company] CEFC, which took place after he had left the vice presidency and before he announced his intentions to run for the White House in 2020.” But in order to say this, they have to leave out some key facts; for example, they don’t mention the deal involving SinoHoldings, set up for a joint venture between CEFC and Hunter and his partners. This is the one that was to give “the big guy” 10 percent of the spoils. (Of course, WaPo can turn on a dime and implicate the President if that’s determined to be the plan.)

Devine’s piece is highly recommended reading for anyone wanting to be more aware of how propaganda is crafted. Sorry that for this and other stories, you have to scroll through some creepy pictures of Hunter.

Speaking of media propaganda, Michael Goodwin has a NY Post column about the “apologist” press trying and failing to shore up Biden. It’ll cheer you up, and there are no Hunter Biden pictures.

We’ve waited a while to say much about Hunter Biden’s alleged financial connection to biolabs in Ukraine, simply because it’s much more important to be right than to be first out of the gate. The U.K. Daily Mail ran an exclusive story on March 25, and we’ve linked to their updated report of March 27.

NOTE: since Russia has made this latest accusation against Hunter, simply talking about it invites accusations from the brain-dead left of being “an agent of Putin.” The fact that this story is such a hot potato just shows how concerning it is to have a “First Family” so fraught with conflict and illegality. It clouds national security issues that need to be seen clearly. Again, if there is some truth to what the Russians are saying about these labs researching bioweapons (we don’t know) and/or Hunter’s role in financing them, that is absolutely no justification for Putin’s aggression against the people of Ukraine. He’s using this story on the world stage as an excuse for his evil.

We found a very good essay from February about the damage caused by Hunter’s involvement in Ukraine, whether it includes the biolabs or not.

So, let’s get our trusty oven mitts and grab this hot potato with both hands. According to emails from Hunter’s laptop, Hunter apparently did help secure millions of dollars in funding from companies such as Goldman Sachs for a company called Metabiota, a Defense Department contractor “specializing in research on pandemic diseases that could be used as bioweapons,” as the Daily Mail words it. Hunter also appears to have introduced Metabiota to Burisma, the corrupt energy company that had hired him to be on their board, for a “science project” involving high biosecurity level labs in Ukraine.

Hunter and his partners, through their company Rosemont Seneca, also invested $500,000 in Metabiota.

Included in the Daily Mail story is an odd letter from a Metabiota VP to Hunter in 2014 that refers to helping “assert Ukraine’s cultural and economic independence from Russia and continued integration into Western society.” Why would a goal like that be stated in a letter from a bioresearch company?

The story also includes an intriguing letter from a Burisma executive to Hunter’s then-partner Devon Archer, asking questions about what they’re calling the “Science Ukraine” project. (“B&V” refers to Black & Veatch, described by the Daily Mail as “a US defense contractor with deep ties to military intelligence agencies, which build secure labs in Ukraine that analyze killer diseases and bioweapons.”)

Former senior CIA officer Sam Faddis, whom we said Wednesday is conducting an investigation of the emails on Hunter’s laptop, is puzzled by the discussion of asserting Ukraine’s independence from Russia. “It raises the question, what is the real purpose of this venture,” he told the Daily Mail. “It’s very odd.”

Most likely, the real purpose of this venture for Hunter and his business partners was to make lots of money --- they weren't thinking of gain-of-function so much as gain-of-fortune. But Faddis went on to say that the attempt to form a partnership between Burisma and Metabiota was worrisome. “[Hunter’s] father was the Vice President of the United States and in charge of relations with Ukraine,” he said. “So why was Hunter not only on the board of a suspect Ukrainian gas firm, but also hooked them up with a company working on bioweapons research?” (Again, those are Faddis’ words. If anyone has confirmed that this was bio-WEAPONS research, as opposed to other disease research, we haven’t see in.)

Faddis recognized the “obvious Russian propaganda attempt to take advantage of this.” But recall that it’s Faddis who said that in examining the hard drive from Hunter’s laptop, he’s found a number of encryption keys that aren’t supposed to be on a personal computer. If this is true, what was Hunter talking about that required such a sophisticated level of encryption?

The Department of Defense has said the research going in Ukraine is just for early pandemic warning, nothing more. But it can be hard to believe the government when the stories keep changing. Here’s Laura Hollis in Townhall from earlier this month...

B&V has apparently worked on similar projects for the Defense Department before; in 2010, they were commissioned to build a Level 3 lab in Odessa, Ukraine. According to the Department of Health and Human Services, such labs are used to study “infectious agents or toxins that may be transmitted through the air and cause potentially lethal infections.”

According to the Daily Mail, Metabiota also has ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where we now know WIV scientists, working with EcoHealth Alliance, conducted gain-of-function research on coronaviruses. Metabiota has been an official partner with EcoHealth since 2014. Researchers from the WIV, Metabiota and EcoHealth published a paper together in 2014 on infectious diseased from bats in China. Research for that paper took place at the Wuhan Institute.

Daniel Horowitz wrote in The Blaze about the serious questions posed by this story, about gain-of-function research in Ukraine.

We’ll leave you with a link to the great Margot Cleveland, making the most important points of all: that Hunter Biden and his family pose a serious national security risk, and that Russia appears to have access to the same emails just reported on by the Daily Mail. Or did they actually steal the first one that went missing, as Hunter suspected? Whichever explanation is true, there’s no telling what compromising information Putin has.

There’s plenty of blame to go around for suppressing information, doing whatever it took to get Biden into office, and putting our country into an extremely dangerous position.

Maryland is one of our bluest states (largely because so many people who get rich off of government live there.) Republicans can’t stop any crazy bill the Democrats want to enact. But as Mark Tapscott at PJ Media reports, Maryland Senate Bill 669 isn’t just crazy, it’s horrific, unconscionable and even genocidal.

Liberals fear the Supreme Court may soon overturn or limit Roe v. Wade, so blue states like California are already making moves to enshrine unfettered abortion into state law. But so far, nobody has taken it to such grisly extremes as Maryland. The new law would ban investigating or charging anyone for “experiencing a miscarriage, perinatal death related to failure to act, or stillbirth.” The “perinatal” period runs from shortly before birth to four weeks after.

That means if someone decides they don’t want their baby, they would have up to the time it’s four weeks old to let it die through neglect, and they couldn’t face charges. If someone even tried to investigate, the parents could sue. If you thought partial birth abortion was legalized murder, then this takes it even further. It is literally legalized killing of a baby up to four weeks old. And as Tapscott points out, it’s almost certain to pass over the Republican Governor’s veto.

Read the entire article, as upsetting as it is. It includes some valuable history on how, under ancient Roman law, a father had the right to kill his children. It was Christianity that ended that barbaric practice and made people see the intrinsic value of every child and the sacredness of every life. Liberals like to accuse those on the right of wanting to “turn back the clock,” but in their mindless hostility to Christianity and the sanctity of life, they’re the ones who are threatening to turn back the clock to the brutal era of 2,000 years ago.

Disney Zoom

March 31, 2022

Anyone doubting how far off the deep end of radical gender politics Disney has plunged should read this Daily Mail report of a company-wide Zoom meeting.

Among the revelations: we learn that Disney no longer uses “gendered” terms like “boys and girls” at its theme parks and assumes that little girls no longer want to be called “princesses” (do they assume that the boys do?)…

A Disney executive in charge of content claimed she’s the mother of “two queer children” (one transsexual and one pansexual) and declared that her goal is to make half of all Disney characters racial minorities or LGBTQIA (for the record: the gay population of the US is about 3% and trans people are fewer than 1%)…

A Disney animation executive producer gushed that “Our leadership over there has been so welcoming to my not-so-secret gay agenda. Wherever I could, I was adding queerness. No one would stop me, and no one was trying to stop me.” (They’ve gone from “How dare you homophobes suggest that there’s a gay agenda?” to “How dare you homophobes criticize our blatant gay agenda?”)…

Also invited in on the call was Nadine Smith, co-founder of Equality Florida, who bizarrely claimed that the ultimate goal of Republicans and the new Parental Rights Protection Law is to take kids away from their parents: 'When they can erase you, when they can criminalize your existence, when they can demonize who you are, the next step is to criminalize you and take your kids.” (FYI: The goal of the bill is to stop schools from taking away the parents’ right to determine whether their young children will be exposed to sexual content and gender politics. If anyone is trying to take away parents’ right to raise their kids, it’s the schools. And Disney, apparently.)

I notice that in the comments on this article, there are a lot of people saying they just canceled their Disney Plus subscriptions or their plans to vacation at Disney parks. That’s understandable. But I also know that Disney is ubiquitous in the world of children’s entertainment, and parents want safe, family-friendly entertainment for their kids. If Disney has left that business to go into the propaganda racket, where else can parents turn? For that, I turned to our resident pop culture guru, Pat Reeder, for some suggestions…

Pat: If you’re looking for Christian-oriented programming for the whole family, first stop would be TBN, where we do the “Huckabee” show. With that shameless plug out of the way, there are also lots of other great shows on TBN. They even have a 24-hour free streaming service of programs for kids ages 2-12. It’s called Smile of a Child TV, and you can sign up here:

Some other popular Christian streaming services that offer movies, family-friendly TV series and kids programming are Pureflix (, Minno (, Faith Life TV (, Up Faith & Family ( and the Dove Channel ( If you’re just looking to stream movies, there’s Christian Cinema ( and Vid Angel, which offers regular movies with the objectionable material edited out, the way broadcast TV does -- or used to (

If you have an Amazon Prime membership for free shipping, it includes all sorts of other benefits, including free streaming of music and thousands of movies and TV shows. And if you have any cable service with Turner Classic Movies, you can get the TCM app for your Firebox, Roku, etc., and stream a constantly-changing assortment of classic films from the days when Hollywood made movies instead of political speeches.

YouTube is owned by Google, which I hate to support, but if you’re willing to sit through brief commercials, you can watch it for free. There are now hundreds of full-length movies on YouTube, as well as episodes of older TV shows and classic cartoons, where Bugs Bunny in a dress is the closest you'll get to gender politics messages.

And there are many YouTube channels created by regular people that are frankly more interesting and sometimes better produced than what you’ll find on the networks. Since I prefer history and other non-fiction, I find that most of what I watch these days is on YouTube. Some of my favorite channels that I highly recommend are:

In the Food and Crafts category, try the charming Emmymade, the hilarious Recipe Archeology, the Southern cooking videos left us by the late Phyllis Stokes, and countless others, including such favorites as Jacques Pepin, Graham Kerr and Justin Wilson. Tasting History combines recipes from the past with the fascinating stories behind them. Music fans should check out the Professor of Rock, Sea of Tranquility, Wings of Pegasus, the Real Music Observer, Vinyl Rewind and Todd In The Shadows’ “One Hit Wonderland.”

Fans of classic movies and TV will love LandumC Goes There. If you like visiting cool places without leaving your La-Z-Boy, travel the USA on Daze With Jordan The Lion. If you like movies, try The Critical Drinker and for classic horror film history, Dark Corners Reviews. Those interested in Broadway musicals will love Wait In The Wings and Staged Right. And some of our favorite unique YouTube series include the Velveteen Lounge Kitch-en, Record Ology, Hellthy Junk Food, Food Theory, Freedom Toons and the Ultimate Fashion History.

Or you could just watch old sitcoms on Hulu. But you should know it’s owned by Disney.

Hillary’s campaign and the DNC broke the law. Of course, we knew that, but now it’s official.

Surprise –- the Federal Election Commission has actually been looking into the payments they made to law firm Perkins Coie to hide the funding of the Steele “dossier,” which played the central role in the whole “Russia Hoax” during and after the 2016 campaign. The Washington Examiner broke the story on Wednesday.

The Hillary campaign and the DNC did not admit to lying but essentially pleaded no contest.

As Nick Arama at RedState says of the “dossier” plot, “There probably has not been anything in history that has been so wrong and so damaging to the country against a political opponent.”

If you’re surprised that the FEC was daring to investigate anything having to do with HILLARY CLINTON, we were, too. Apparently, it took some doing to get this investigation off the ground. The Coolidge Reagan Foundation, self-described as “a First Amendment watchdog group,” filed a complaint in April of 2018, and I’m sure both Calvin Coolidge and Ronald Reagan would be very proud of them for doing so. In our own digging, we found that the Foundation must have had trouble getting the FEC to act on their original complaint, so they filed suit, asking the court to declare that “the FEC’s failure to act on its administrative complaint is arbitrary, capricious, contrary to law, or an abuse of discretion and to compel the Commission to take action on its complaint.” Thank goodness the complainant persevered –- if they hadn’t made a stink, the FEC would’ve blithely let it drop.

In August of 2019, the Foundation filed a Notice of Dismissal without Prejudice, which I assume means the “capricious” FEC finally, grudgingly responded and opened their investigation. And now, the FEC has notified them by letter of their findings, though these won’t be published for another month.

Here’s a copy of the email letter that was sent by the FEC to Dan Backer at the Coolidge Reagan Foundation. You’ll see that the FEC, along with citing Hillary for America and DNC treasurer Virginia McGregor, did dismiss some other allegations that had been made against Christopher Steele, Marc Elias, Perkins Coie and Fusion GPS; we’ll have to look into what those statutes are. I imagine the FEC doesn’t want to touch those and has left that part of it to the special counsel. The FEC closed their case a few days ago, on March 25, and you know they had to be relieved to dispense with it.

As it turns out, the rules for describing payments/expenditures are very strict, and Hillary’s campaign and the DNC violated those rules when they slyly funneled payments to Fusion GPS through Perkins Coie. We knew they had transferred about a million dollars to Fusion GPS to pay for the “dossier,” but now we have an exact amount, to the penny: $1,024,407.97, which includes $849, 407.97 from the DNC and $175,000 from the Clinton campaign. (Did you know that out of the funds paid to Fusion GPS, Steele was paid only $168,000?) Instead of calling this what it was, “opposition research,” they falsely called it “legal services.” As grossly unethical as their actions were in creating that fake piece of garbage and hawking it to the FBI and the media, the legality or illegality of what they were doing, as far as the FEC was concerned, apparently came down to this one technical distinction.

“Opposition research,” the term that would've technically been legal, is quite a cleaned-up name for what this little “dossier” project was. In another example of laughable understatement, the FEC delicately said the DNC and Hillary campaign “misreported the purpose of certain disbursements.”

Chuck Ross at the Washington Free Beacon reported this story by saying the FEC had fined them for “secretly funding opposition research.” I think it’s important to make the distinction that they weren’t fining them for the research itself, as unethical as that was, but just for the “secretly” part. They didn’t report it right!

The Coolidge Reagan Foundation had wanted the findings of wrongdoing to go further, saying, “The fact that Hillary For America and the DNC procured something ‘of value’ from a foreign national --- provided by the Kremlin --- while failing to publicly acknowledge their relationship with Perkins Coie, amounts to false reporting in unprecedented fashion.” But the FEC chose not to go there, leaving it for John Durham’s special counsel to address.

As you might expect, President Trump has released a statement about this striking bit of news: “This was done, as I have stated many times, and is now confirmed, a hoax funded by the DNC and the Clinton Campaign. This corruption is only beginning to be revealed, is un-American, and must never be allowed to happen again. Where do I go to get my reputation back?”

The fines levied are a slap on the wrist: $105,000 for the DNC and just $8,000 for Hillary For America. (The amounts probably have to do with the size of the checks each wrote to Perkins Coie.) But the size of the fines is not the point. It has been officially determined that what they did was illegal.

That’s huge because it will likely have a bearing on other investigations and lawsuits in the works. Besides the special counsel investigation into the Russia Hoax, there’s also Trump’s sweeping lawsuit against Hillary Clinton, the DNC and many others, under the RICO Act, filed in federal court in Florida just a week ago. It sure doesn’t hurt his case to have this determination that Hillary and the DNC broke the law.

Dan Backer deserves a huge pat on the back for his refusal to go away and his enormously significant win. We appreciate what he had to say: “Hillary Clinton and her cronies willfully engaged in the greatest political fraud in history --- destroying our nation’s faith in the electoral process, and it’s high time they were held accountable. I hope this is only the beginning.”

As for Hillary, she just can’t stop with the hoaxing. Long after the Russia Hoax has been shown to be, well, a hoax...she's trying to keep it alive. (It must be noted that Trump made it easier for her and her friends in the media to maintain her lie with his unfortunate suggestion that Putin offer up dirt on the Bidens. Has he learned nothing?) On the very day her campaign was fined, Hillary deflected by tweeting: “As Putin bombs civilians in Ukraine and the world condemns him as a war criminal, Trump is...once again asking him for help besting his political opponents.”

Hillary, the law is not done with you.

Yes, there's much more breaking news concerning the laptop.

A retired veteran of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service who signed that letter saying the laptop had “earmarks” of Russian disinformation is now enmeshed in controversy. He now says he was being “sarcastic” during a heated tweet exchange with Ric Grenell. In response to someone else’s comment, John Sipher said, “I lost the election for Trump? Then I feel pretty good about my influence.”

Grenell made the reasonable inference about Sipher’s motives for signing the letter and tweeted, “Sipher proud he helped swing an election by citing ‘Russian disinformation.’ I hope the new Republican Congress subpoenas him.”

Sipher tweeted, “I take special pride in personally swinging the election away from Trump.”

He responded to criticism by claiming he was just being sarcastic. The word “personally” might have been, as Sipher had a lot of help, but his tweets ooze with self-satisfaction at playing a role in Trump’s defeat.

As John Dunleavy at the Washington Examiner notes, even former Attorney General Bill Barr has said that letter “probably affected the outcome” of the 2020 election.

This snarky exchange reminds me of why I don’t like Twitter. Still, some of the conversation about the laptop is instructive. For example, it was pointed out that in October 2020, then-Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe said there was no intelligence to support that the laptop was Russian disinformation. Sipher responded this way: “He [Ratcliffe] didn’t say it was not a part of a Disinfo campaign. He said we don’t have intelligence to support it. Playing games with words.”

It wasn’t Ratcliffe playing games with words. Ratcliffe was not hedging; he was telling the truth. (So was Grenell.) Even before Election Day 2020, we had verification that at least some of the laptop emails were genuine, but the media ignored that.

In an update on a story we broke yesterday, California Rep. Darrell Issa has sent record and documentation preservation requests to several tech executives, White House aides and former intel officials in connection with the New York Post story about Hunter’s laptop. Issa says that if (when!) Republicans re-take the House in November, he’ll lead an investigation into the suppression by major media, in the weeks before the 2020 election, of the Hunter Biden laptop story..

“Big Tech will resist accountability like it always does,” Rep. Issa said, “but we are more determined than ever to make certain that we get the truth of the collusion that we know occurred.”

The story at The Hill attempts to qualify the story, saying there was concern at the time that the material was hacked. But there was never any evidence that it was hacked. Instead, we had Hunter’s business partner Tony Bobulinski confirming that some of the emails on the laptop, certainly the ones that had his name on them, were genuine --- long, LONG before The New York Times admitted they were. (The Hill story fails to mention Bobulinski.) That includes the email that mentions “10 percent for the Big Guy.”

Document preservation requests have been sent to former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and current CEO Parag Agrawal; Meta (Facebook) CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Meta Communications Director Andy Stone; former CIA Directors Michael Hayden, John Brennan and Leon Panetta; former CIA deputy Chief of Staff Nick Shapiro; and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. These intel people are among the 51 former intelligence officials who signed that letter expressing confidence, without evidence, that Russia was involved in the laptop story.

Others receiving such requests include White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, Communications Director Kate Bedingfield and Chief of Staff Ron Klain, all of whom were working on Biden’s campaign when the laptop story broke.

Incidentally, in a bit of unintentional humor, The Hill story refers to Republicans’ concern about “perceived censorship of conservatives.” “Perceived”??

Here’s Miranda Devine, who broke the laptop story for the New York Post, on FOX News’ “Outnumbered” Tuesday, saying “the dam is about to burst” as the federal tax probe into Hunter’s business ventures continues.

She’s right, as this story from The Federalist attests. Sens. Chuck Grassley of Iowa and Ron Johnson of Wisconsin have released receipts showing Hunter received payments from foreign oligarchs that reveal the extent to which “Big Guy” President Biden is almost certainly compromised by Communist China.

Johnson says their reports have been “chock full” of this information, and yet the media “buried those details.” To add insult, the media also smeared Grassley and Johnson, saying they were spreading (sigh, this is getting old) “Russian disinformation.”

Here’s more detail from the Washington Examiner.

Oh, and better sit down for this one: According to emails on the laptop, guess who was reportedly filing JOE Biden’s income taxes? Hunter’s business partners at Rosemont Seneca.

Here’s more of the incest:

Here’s what Jonathan Turley had to say about the Bidens’ “family business” on Tuesday:

Those who suppressed this information until Biden was President were committing fraud, deliberately conning the American people as just one strategy for affecting the outcome of the 2020 election. Matt Vespa agrees, writing in Townhall about a recent Rasmussen poll that shows two-thirds of Americans now take this seriously…

In a move intended to drive Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler crazy –- as if his grip on reality weren’t already tenuous –- Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida actually had the contents of Hunter’s laptop officially entered into the Congressional Record. (We’re not sure how this is possible, since so much of it is XXX-rated.) Some see this step as largely symbolic, but according to J. D. Rucker, it’s a “major move” that opens the door for congressional investigation into both Hunter and Joe Biden. This is a must-read, and be sure to check out the video tweeted by Rep. Gaetz of his questioning of assistant FBI Cyber Chief Bryan A. Vorndran, who has no clue whatsoever where Hunter Biden’s laptop is...

The Daily Mail also has a great account...

Note that Rucker’s story also has links to --- count ‘em --- five other laptop stories, which I recommend you peruse at your leisure. After years of delay, there suddenly is a firehose of news regarding the laptop.

Finally, according to the U.K. news site Neon Nettle, retired CIA Operations Officer Sam Faddis is leading an investigation into what’s on the laptop’s hard drive, and he’s apparently found something curious. At this writing, we’ve seen the story at just that one outlet, but Faddis reportedly is saying Hunter's laptop contains highly sensitive Defense Department encryption keys (“root encryption certificates”), perhaps dozens of them, and these should not be present on a personal laptop. He says these keys might allow Hunter to create “throwaway email accounts on DOD servers and thereby route personal and business communications through those servers to escape detection.”

Kind of like what Hillary did with her own personal server, but much more sophisticated –-- not, “you know, like with a cloth.”

Tomorrow: It gets worse –- Hunter’s business ties to Ukraine “pathogen research” labs.

This week, President Biden unveiled his $5.8 trillion proposed budget, which he claims will boost economic growth, lower the deficit and reduce inflation, even though it spends more money, increases government and includes record new taxes on corporations and the wealthy.

I know that Democrats like Biden and Pelosi believe that raising taxes and increasing government spending will lower consumer prices. I’d like to believe that fried chicken and ice cream will reduce your waistline, but that doesn’t make it so.

First of all, here’s King’s College economic Prof. Brian Brenberg explaining why Biden’s scheme to tax “unrealized gains” (taxing the increase in value of something before it’s sold and the owner makes anything off of it) is a “killer of wealth creation,” and how Europe tried it and it didn’t work. There are also the minor problems that it would require impossibly complicated tax records to comply with it, and it’s more than likely unconstitutional.

Also, Biden’s tax on corporations would return the US to having one of the highest corporate tax rates in the world, which would encourage the companies that returned to the US under Trump to move back overseas. And if those companies are no longer here creating jobs under Trump’s tax policies, how will Biden take credit for those jobs?

Once again, here’s a lesson in basic economics for the Democrats in DC, and for far, far too many Republicans there, as well:

No matter how high you raise corporate taxes, corporations don’t pay taxes. They COLLECT taxes. That’s because taxes are a cost of doing business, and costs are passed on to consumers. One reason why California has the highest gas prices in America is that every gallon is taxed 51 cents, so 51 cents gets added directly onto the price at the pumps.

However, if raising prices too high would put a company out of business, then its only alternative is to cut other costs, like reducing staff or cutting pay and benefits. If you care about inflation, policies that result in lower pay doesn’t help people’s paychecks go further. Quite the opposite.

Many people hate corporations in the abstract, but they love the ones that pay their salaries and create the products that they buy. When you attack them with higher taxes, you may feel a brief moment of smug satisfaction, but you’d better enjoy it while you can because it’s going to bite you in the rear soon enough. Sort of like how the satisfaction some people took in voting against Trump in November quickly evaporated once Biden took office and made them pay dearly for it.

First, a couple of quick corrections to my hastily-written Oscar report: The co-host was Regina Hall, not Regina Bell (missed it by two letters!), and the underwhelming movie about Lucy and Desi was “Being the Ricardos.” I was thinking of “Lucy and Desi,” the excellent Amy Poehler-directed documentary I’ve seen since, and that I strongly recommend over the Aaron Sorkin dramatization.

Now, on to “The Big Story.” Judging from the wall-to-wall coverage, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock was a more shocking and newsworthy assault than Russia bombing Ukraine (it actually knocked Ukraine out of the headlines.) I’m from Texas, where that wouldn’t even count as a punch. Chris is hardly a brawny guy, and he just shook it off and went on with the show. Some commentators are saying the notoriety could help revive the Oscars’ ratings. Only if next year’s show is like the WWE, with Kenneth Branaugh smashing a folding chair over Dame Judi Dench’s head.

Personally, I thought it was just disgustingly immature behavior of a type that sadly typifies our age. Try to imagine Cary Grant doing that to Spencer Tracy on “the most glamorous night of the year.” Not just the punch, but the cruel and tasteless joke that sparked it, and the very loud F-bomb afterward. It’s the type of classless, boorish behavior that’s been fostered by the Internet, described by Mike Tyson as the place where people say things to others that they only say when they know they won’t get punched in the face.

The latest developments are that the Academy is holding a meeting to discuss revoking Smith’s Oscar (prediction: they won’t. These are the same moral giants who gave an Oscar and a standing ovation to Roman Polanski. And they didn't even have the excuse of being surprised; they'd known what he did for years.) Also, Smith released a statement covered with the fingerprints of professional crisis management consultants, in which he finally remembered to apologize to the guy he hit.

Now, how about an apology from the Academy for not having adequate security, or from all the celebrities who keep preaching to us that “words are violence” and we peasants are intolerant examples of toxic masculinity, but who not only applauded a man whom they’d just watched assault someone, but who frequently make it clear that they believe violence is perfectly acceptable if you disagree with what someone says? That ranges from Kathy Griffin holding up the severed Trump head to Sally Field threatening to assault the Governors of Florida and Texas, the latter of whom is in a wheelchair (“Stupid is as stupid does.”) And that violent intolerance is hardly limited to celebrities.

Finally, how about explaining why they think Will Smith shouldn’t be charged with a crime, but some granny who walked through an open Capitol door and took a selfie on January 6th should spend the rest of her life in prison? Never mind: judging from the scripts of last year’s movies, that would take far more creativity than currently exists in Hollywood.