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June 18, 2021

Leftist wokesters love to tell other people to “check your privilege,” but if you want to see the poster boy for privilege, check out this guy.

Some San Francisco parents are fed up with the far-left school board destroying their kids’ educations, so they were collecting signatures on petitions to recall three board members. An Asian-American dad caught an obvious leftist wokester red-handed as he stole a clipboard full of signatures and threw it under a car. The thief, who obviously harbors the common belief of leftist Millennials that their views are the only correct ones and that they can get away with anything with zero consequences, tried to leave, but the dad got in his face and wouldn’t let him.

He demanded that the punk be searched, and lo and behold, he had more stolen petitions under his shirt. The wokester insisted that since he gave them back, he could just leave. But the dad didn’t back down and kept in his face, yelling, “Call 911!” and demanding to know why he stole those petitions.

Just listen to how this guy arrogantly oozes “privilege” as he insists that since he gave back what he tried to steal, he has a right to leave, and he’ll press charges against anyone who touches him. He’s lucky he didn’t try that in Texas.

He did eventually leave, but the whole thing was caught on video and the dad reported him to the police. Let’s hope he’s equally tenacious in demanding that, for once in San Francisco, a privileged leftist is actually held accountable for stomping on other people’s rights. Especially since, as the story notes, under California law, stealing a signed petition is a crime punishable by a fine of up to $1000 and up to six months in jail. Let him try brandishing his shield of leftist privilege in there.

Props To Roger Waters

June 18, 2021

I don’t often agree with the politics of Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, who is known for ranting against Trump and pushing a boycott of Israel. But when someone’s right, I give him props for it. And boy, is he right about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. (Warning: rock star-level profanity at the link.)

Waters got a request from Facebook-owned Instagram to use his song “Another Brick in the Wall” in a commercial. His response: “(Bleep) you! No (bleeping) way!” At a press event to promote the release of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Waters said they want to use his song “to make Facebook and Instagram even bigger and more powerful than it already is so that it can continue to censor all of us in this room, and prevent this story about Julian Assange getting out to the general public, so the general public could go, ‘What? What?’” (Ironically, that songs’ lyrics include “We don’t need no education,” so it would be perfect for a social media site that censors voices who shatter its preferred narratives.)

He went on to ask how this “little (bleep)” Zuckerberg, who started off by creating a platform where college guys ranked women by their looks, got any power…“and yet, here he is, one of the most powerful idiots in the world.” Waters said he at least has a little power over who uses his songs, and he will not be a party to “this insidious movement of them to take over absolutely everything.”

I’m not that big a Pink Floyd fan, but I suddenly feel an urge to put on “Dark Side of the Moon.”

In a related story, a new Trafalgar poll found that likely general election voters blame Biden more than anyone else for rising inflation. Thirty-nine percent think Biden is responsible, 14.4% think the current Congress is responsible, and 17.7% blame former President Trump. I assume those are Democrats who blame Trump for everything, from inflation to their bunions.

Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States, commented on the poll, “On a wide range of issues that hit home for and impact everyday Americans…current leadership in Washington is not only getting it wrong, they’re focused on issues that only DC elites care about. And DC doesn’t pay the price, we do.”

Brace for that price to get higher and higher, and when it does, please don’t try to blame it on the guy who’s been out of office for six months.

FYI: Here’s how bad the inflation problem already is:

Ever since Jon Stewart left “The Daily Show,” wannabes who came out of his orbit have infested late night “comedy” shows, turning them into one-sided, DNC talking points lectures. One reason I enjoyed sparring with Jon was that, like Bill Maher, while his politics are very different from mine, he managed to remain funny, fair and reasonably open-minded. When he thought his own side of the political aisle was being ridiculous, he would skewer them, too.

His pale imitators got a shock lesson in how far below Stewart’s standards they rank when Jon made a guest appearance on Stephen Colbert’s otherwise unwatchable CBS show and stunned the host with a brutal but hilarious rant about the implausibility of the “official” bat soup origin story of COVID-19. Colbert seemed shell-shocked, although I couldn’t tell whether that was from interacting with someone who didn’t parrot the Democrat Party line or just from having something on his show that was actually funny.

Almost as much fun as watching Stewart mocking the official Wuhan origin story was reading all the outraged Twitter tweets from leftists whose heads were exploding over hearing something on Colbert’s show that didn’t reinforce their own unfounded sense of always being right.

They completely missed the point of what Stewart was saying and why it was shocking that he was actually allowed to say it. They live in a world where something can be called a crazy “fringe” belief even though a majority of Americans suspect it’s true. Fortunately, Stephen Miller was happy to explain to them the important point that they were missing.

He also notes that if they’re melting down over hearing someone question the CCP’s story on the virus origins, imagine how they’ll freak out if anyone they pay attention to ever tells them that Hunter Biden’s laptop is real, Dr. Fauci hasn't been honest, or any number of other things they’ve taken as unassailable truth instead of fake news.

Luckily, my readers won’t have that problem, since pointing out fake news and laughing at it is one of our favorite pastimes around here.

A federal judge issued an injunction halting another of the Biden Administration’s assaults on the domestic oil industry.

Twelve states joined Louisiana in filing the lawsuit to stop Biden and his Interior Department from putting a “pause” on new federal oil lease sales and the issuance of new leases previously won in competitive bidding. It’s yet another unprecedented and illegal usurpation of power via Presidential executive order.

Ironically, while Biden’s people claim this was done to protect the environment, it would have blocked Louisiana from receiving millions of dollars in oil lease profits that are used to protect the coastline. Also, if access to new leases halts, there’s no point in oil exploration, so it kills the entire industry, making the US more dependent on foreign oil while raising gas prices. The price of a gallon of gas is a dollar higher than it was a year ago, so the consumer is already getting hammered under Biden. No wonder some commentators said Biden should be silently thanking God that this judge saved him from the consequences of his own stupid actions.

Now, I assume his next stupid action will be to appeal the ruling to a higher court.

As I reported yesterday, the Biden Administration is planning a crackdown on the most dangerous and lethal domestic terrorist threat to America: white supremacists and rightwing extremists. Nope, not the communist Antifa radicals who are burning down our cities, or the BLM rioters or the Islamic jihadists, but white supremacists.

Oh, but that’s not the only existential threat to America. According to a report by Biden’s Director of National Intelligence (which doesn’t even mention Antifa and BLM), we also have to worry about pro-life groups, described as “abortion-related violent extremists.”

There are a few renegades who claim the killing of abortion providers is justifiable homicide and there have been a handful of violent incidents and killings, such as late term abortion doctor George Tiller, who was shot in 2009 by an anti-abortion extremist with a history of mental illness. He was sentenced to life without parole, and his actions were strongly condemned by virtually all pro-life groups.

A typical example was Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, who said at the time, “As Christians we pray and look toward the end of all violence and for the saving of souls, not the taking of human life. George Tiller was a man who we publicly sought to stop through legal and peaceful means. We strongly condemn the actions taken today by this vigilante killer and we pray for the Tiller family and for the nation that we might once again be a nation that values all human life, both born and unborn.” Wow, that sure sounds like violent terrorist propaganda.

Nevertheless, the pro-abortion side tried to blame all pro-life advocates for Tiller's killing and claimed that just saying that abortion is murder makes them to blame when some nut goes off the rails. Sorry, but abortion is the taking of an innocent human life, so what would any honest person call it? Planned Parenthood does it over 345,000 times a year. Why aren’t they on the list of violent terrorist groups?

Last week, Indiana Republican Sen. Mike Braun pressed Attorney General Merrick Garland on why pro-life groups would be singled out as a terrorist threat when no mention was made in the report of BLM or Antifa, who have a “clear, recent record of violent acts.” Garland replied that he didn’t know where pro-life groups fit into the “threat matrix” but suggested that they were not “listed at the high end of threat.” No kidding.

If he seriously believes that pro-life groups pose a violent threat to Americans but BLM and Antifa don’t, then he doesn’t know his high end from his elbow.

But then, nobody in his right mind believes that he seriously believes that, or that the biggest danger to America is white supremacists or pro-life advocates. This is nothing but a massive abuse of power, the politicizing of federal agencies in an attempt to demonize, delegitimize and criminalize political opponents. The writer Bonchie at nails it.

That piece also argues that the next time a Republican becomes President (let us pray in 2024), that these corrupted agencies will be dismantled from top to bottom because “what the country can’t handle right now is another influx of rabid ideologues into a bureaucracy that already has no credibility.”

Too true. It’s also ironic that one of the biggest mistakes Trump made was in not saying “You’re fired” to nearly enough people.

PS - Maybe the problem is that our hyper-partisan national intelligence officials are simply incapable of recognizing a dangerous terrorist threat when it’s coming from their own side. Former FBI Director Andrew McCabe needed to have someone connect the dots for him, which Rep. Steve Scalise obligingly did.

Mask-Wearing Kids

June 17, 2021

There’s been so much debate about whether facemasks prevent COVID-19, with their proponents claiming that even if they don’t help much, what’s the harm?

But what if they are doing harm? Not just the damage to childhood development, the restricted oxygen, or their symbolism of Americans’ willingness to give up freedom out of panic. I mean, isn’t putting an unsterilized piece of cloth over your mouth and nose and breathing through it for hours unsanitary? Particularly if we force them onto children, who are not famous for following strict hygiene rules.

Some concerned parents in Florida decided to do what the CDC or the media should have done a year ago. They took facemasks their kids had been forced to wear in school for 5 to 8 hours and sent them to a lab to find out what was on them that their kids had been inhaling. Brace yourself:

As many as one-third to a half of the masks were contaminated with bacteria related to pneumonia, meningitis, sepsis, tuberculosis, Lyme disease, food poisoning, diphtheria, Legionnaires disease, Staphylococcus infections, encephalitis and more. The lab also identified less dangerous pathogens that could still cause fever, ulcers, acne, yeast infections, strep throat, periodontal disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (pardon my “racism” against Rocky Mountain natives), and more. One-third had antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria. Unworn masks and a T-shirt worn by a child were tested as controls and none contained these pathogens.

This likely happened because the kids touched the masks with their fingers, set them on surfaces, wore them into the bathrooms, etc. These are germs we all come close to, but up until now, we haven’t scooped them up on a cloth and put it over our faces.

This falls under the category of news that’s “shocking, but not surprising.” A long time ago, I passed along the CDC’s strict guidelines for wearing masks hygienically and said that I couldn’t imagine anyone actually following them to the letter. Certainly not children! But if you don’t, you are creating a bacteria-infected rag and holding it over your mouth and nose.

We need to stop dismissing these concerns with “Better safe than sorry” and start ensuring that our kids actually are safe before we’re all sorry.

In the wake of the January 6, 2021, security breach at the Capitol Building during then-President Trump’s rally on Capitol Hill, I made it clear that any Trump supporter who participated was doing an extremely ill-advised thing that would bring on horrendous repercussions for conservatives. Sure enough, in the months that followed, we saw those repercussions, and they could continue for years.

“Domestic terrorism” by “white supremacists,” not China or Russia or the pandemic or even global warming (!), suddenly became the biggest threat to the Republic, at least to hear Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) tell it. Hundreds of Trump supporters were rounded up and held without bail, many to this day, while violent Antifa and BLM rioters around the country have been routinely let out of jail with no bail at all, free to go back and burn more buildings.

As if on cue after January 6, the Capitol Hill area was mobilized –- quickly surrounded with tall fencing and razor wire, as well as with hundreds of troops. Washington became an armed camp, with Speaker Pelosi ready to wage war. We got a taste of how quickly this can happen. Even the military was suddenly ready to identify and purge “extremist” Trump supporters from its ranks.

At the same time, the Huckabee Team always had a nagging suspicion that the breach of the Capitol fit the leftist narrative just a little too well, was just a little too convenient for their purposes, a little “too perfect.” If the breach hadn’t happened, we said soon afterwards, the left would have had to create it. They called January 6 the “deadly insurrection,” even though it wasn’t a real insurrection --- these people weren’t even carrying guns --- and the only person killed at the scene was an unarmed female Trump supporter shot by a still-unidentified Capitol Hill officer.

So, was the Capitol Hill breach really just a rally that got way out of hand? Or was it “helped along” by people who weren’t Trump supporters at all? WE DON’T KNOW, and we are not making accusations, only asking questions. Some news outlets are looking into the circumstantial evidence.

When REVOLVER NEWS did a study of of the unindicted co-conspirators listed in various charging documents relative to January 6, they noticed a surprising pattern: in many cases, these were much more aggressive participants than the people who actually had been indicted. It seems the very people who were most active in creating and escalating the breach were the ones who were protected from indictment afterwards, creating speculation that they were involved either as undercover operatives or confidential informants that day.

REVOLVER NEWS divides the participants in the Capitol siege into two categories, the first being “tourists,” mostly harmless people who just walked right past barricades and through open doors. At most, they’re guilty of trespassing and/or minor property offenses. These are the “MAGA moms” and other totally non-violent protesters who just wanted to show support for an honest election process. It’s absurd to think of them as undercover terrorists.

That leaves the second category for organized groups such as the Oath Keepers, the Proud Boys, and the Three Percenters. If undercover operatives or informants were involved in getting and keeping the “insurgency” going, it’s these groups they would have infiltrated. And these are the groups that our government claims to be investigating and prosecuting aggressively.

What we need to know is whether or not federal informants and/or undercover operatives were embedded in these groups and what their role might have been. If they helped instigate this, it would represent a new low even for the FBI, which after "Crossfire Hurricane" is saying something. It would be what REVOLVER NEWS suggests might be “a monumental entrapment scheme used as a pretext to imprison otherwise harmless protesters at the Capitol --- and in a much larger sense used to frame the entire MAGA movement as domestic terrorists.”

I would add that this event was also used as a pretext to impeach a President.

So, REVOLVER NEWS wants to know: how many of the key unindicted co-conspirators in DOJ prosecutions remain unindicted because they happen to be undercover agents or confidential informants?

To try to figure this out, they take us back to that plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and storm the state capitol, three months before the big Washington, D.C., Capitol siege. The FBI arrested 14 people for the Michigan plot, and of those 14, at least 5 were undercover agents and federal informants. At the very least, 26 percent of the Michigan plotters were FBI infiltrators, and they apparently played the most important leadership roles, such as “head of transportation,” “head of security,” and “explosives expert.” And when the main van drove up to scope out Gov. Whitmer’s vacation home, three of the five people in it were federal agents and informants. I am not kidding.

It was the Detroit Field Office of the FBI that successfully infiltrated the Michigan operation, and the director of that office, Steven M. D’Antuono, was promoted several days later by (yes) Director Christopher Wray, to the D.C. office, where he is now the lead agent investigating all cases stemming from January 6. Again, not kidding.

The REVOLVER NEWS piece is highly detailed about the Michigan plot and its use of government agents, including the clever methods of concealing some identities in official reports.

It goes on to show the parallels between the Michigan plot and the siege on Capitol Hill, including the oddity of certain alleged co-conspirators avoiding indictment while others are prosecuted aggressively.

Director Wray surely could explain that, and the piece ends with a question he needs to be asked directly: “How many of the unindicted co-conspirators in January 6 cases are now, or have been, undercover agents or confidential informants?

Please take some time when you can and read the whole thing. (Oh, and it says there’s more to come!) If the FBI really did infiltrate these groups and serve as a driving force behind the siege of January 6, this could be one of the most significant stories we will ever see. That’s because if they did something this corrupt, it essentially means the FBI and likely the entire Justice Department will have to be scrapped and started over, from scratch. And that’s how you drain a swamp.

By the way, in related news, Ashli Babbitt’s husband is still asking questions about his wife’s killing. The Metropolitan Police Department has refused a Freedom Of Information Act request to hand over records of their investigation. About 10,000 hours of security footage is being withheld, too.

Finally, Tucker Carlson’s opening segment on Tuesday night was about the REVOLVER NEWS story. The DAILY BEAST called it “bizarre,” which should tell you it’s a must-watch. We tracked it down at THE RIGHT SCOOP, because FOX NEWS hadn’t posted it yet and might be hesitating. We thought you should see it.

Kevin Hart is unquestionably one of the most popular comedians in America. He can fill arenas and his movies top the box office. But even he fell victim to cancel culture when his gig hosting the 2019 Oscars was canceled after Twitter mobs dug up some old “homophobic” jokes he’d tweeted years before. That’s why there’s no Oscar host anymore: the industry that lectures us on our lack of wokeness can’t find one performer who’s pure enough to satisfy the tiny band of raging Twitter leftists that they mistake for America.

Hart issued the typical groveling apology at the time, but that only encourages more attacks. It seems he’s figured that out because he’s now joined the rising group of Americans who are standing up to the crybullies. His new message to his ultrasensitive critics: “Shut the (bleep) up!”

Hart has more to say at that link, and fellow comic Chris Rock also joins him in that sentiment, accusing cancel culture of creating “boring” entertainment.

One of the few truly funny things we’ve seen online recently was the viral video by the cop who pretended to call LeBron James for advice on how to peacefully deal with a knife-wielding maniac. For that, he was fired by his liberal bosses. But check out this video of him being hired on live TV by a much better law enforcement agency.

For too long, leftist media outlets and corporations have believed they can make themselves look good by branding other people as racists and destroying their lives and businesses. Well, they’re finally learning that there are consequences to defamation, and victims of cancel culture are learning that they don’t have to roll over and apologize for nonexistent offenses. In fact, that’s the worst thing you can do; it’s like letting sharks smell blood in the water.

To lift your spirits, here are the latest examples of fighting back. First, the New York Times has surrendered to the Babylon Bee. The Times twice tried to slime the Bee by describing it as a rightwing misinformation site hiding behind the label of “satire.” Anyone with a sense of humor (which precludes leftists) can tell at a glance that the Bee is obviously hilarious satire. Maybe leftists -- who live in a weird bubble where the DNC talking points lectures of Stephen Colbert, Samantha Bee and John Oliver are considered “comedy” -- are so unused to having their own foibles mocked that they’re not capable of recognizing anything that’s actually funny.

Well, the Bee didn’t find defamation and false accusations to be funny, so they threatened a lawsuit. And the Times has backed down and issued a retraction.

Ironically, the Times story accusing the Bee of being “misinformation” was filled with misinformation. I can’t think of any Bee story that contains more irony than the New York Times accusing any other outlet of trying to hoodwink people into believing fake news. And of course, leave it to the Babylon Bee to come up with the perfect satirical “fact checker” term for stories that liberal media outlets deny and censor until they turn out to be true: “False For Now.”

Second example: The NFL, where the players signal more virtue than plays these days, put out online statements honoring a black suspect who was shot by police and implying it was an example of racist police misconduct. But the shooting has been investigated and no charges were filed because it was found that the officer acted appropriately. The suspect was armed and fired two shots at the cop even after being tased.

Now, the officer is suing the NFL for defamation. His attorney says those statements caused reputational harm to a hero who risked his life to arrest a dangerous criminal, and it’s false and unacceptable to accuse him of racism or misconduct. The attorney warned, “Before you accuse a police officer of misconduct, you had better get your facts straight.”

Third example: Popular game designer Scott Cawthorn was the latest victim of a Twitter cancel culture mob that targeted him after learning he had donated to various political figures that leftists hate, including Donald Trump, Kim Klacik and even sane Democrat Tulsi Gabbard.

Cawthorn admitted the attacks were disturbing and frightening to his family (his wife is six weeks pregnant and doesn’t need the stress of doxing and death threats.) But Cawthorn refused to fall to his knees and give them the abject apologies that intolerant people with empty lives need to make themselves feel powerful.

He responded instead with a detailed and reasoned explanation for why he backed all those people. He said he knows those who are attacking him don’t want a discussion, they want “endless apologies and submission,” but they will get neither from him. He said, “I’m a Republican. I’m a Christian. I’m pro-life. I believe in God;” he doesn’t create games for money anymore but because he enjoys it; and “if I get canceled, then I get canceled.”

Except he’s not likely to get canceled because after issuing that statement, the hashtag “I stand with Scott” started trending on Twitter and many people who are fed up with cancel culture spoke up in support of him.

This is why I’ve always just laughed off the Twitter trolls. They’re like the little man behind the curtain in “The Wizard of Oz,” using their machinery to trick the gullible into thinking they’re great and powerful. The best way to deal with them is not to be frightened but to pull back the curtain and expose them for the bombastic posers that they are.


The Biden Administration just unveiled a national strategy for battling the heightened threat of domestic terrorism. While claiming their crackdown cuts across the political spectrum, they insist that the most persistent and lethal threats come from “white supremacy and militia violent extremists.”

Odd, the black-clad, communist rioters taking over large swaths of cities, burning public buildings and attacking police officers don’t look much like white supremacists to me. Neither do the violent Mexican gangs that are pouring across our borders, bringing drugs, guns and deadly violence into the US, although they are heavily armed enough that I suppose they’d qualify as militias. And the radical Islamic jihadists that are ramping up recruitment now that Trump’s out of the way don’t seem to be KKK members. But this is a Democrat-controlled intelligence agency, so I’m sure they wouldn’t try to mislead us or politicize the justice system.

In other dangerous rightwing threat news, Sen. Ron Johnson released security footage from the January 6th violence at the Capitol. It shows that over 300 of the people who entered – that’s about 38% of the alleged “insurrectionists” who “broke into the Capitol” – simply walked through the upper West Terrace doorway while five Capitol Police officers stood nearby. One of the cops even appeared to wave some of them in.

Johnson said that while he doesn’t condone the violent protesters, the idea that everyone there was an armed insurrectionist is a false narrative. Aside from the fact that none of them were armed, there’s their behavior. The video shows that many of them politely stayed within the rope lines in the Rotunda. Johnson said that’s not how armed insurrectionists behave.

It sounds more to me like how tourists behave. But Democrats would have a hard time getting anyone to take their demands for National Guard troops and barbed wire fencing seriously if they claimed the government was facing an existential threat from Republican tourists. I’m having a hard enough time taking them seriously already.

While we wait for the forensic analysis phase of the Maricopa County, Arizona, election audit to be completed, there’s plenty of other election news around the country.

First, just for fun, let’s go to Tampa, Florida, where congressional candidate Laura Loomer made quite a statement over –- and I do mean literally OVER –- this year’s annual conference of the Florida Supervisors of Elections, Inc., which featured Dominion Voting Systems and the Florida secretary of state. So, what is this organization? According to NATIONAL FILE, on its website it appears to portray itself as a government entity but is a professional, private group that includes Florida's 67 duly-elected supervisors of elections. And since these people are all elected officials, their meetings should be subjected to Florida’s sunshine laws. This conference, however, is closed to the public.

Loomer, quite understandably, has a problem with this, and she decided to make her opinion known with some pretty cool stunts. For example, just as the representative from Dominion Voting Systems was speaking, she had a plane fly over with a banner that read “BIG TECH STOLE THE ELECTION.” I imagine she didn’t have it read “DOMINION STOLE THE ELECTION” because she knew she might get threatened with a lawsuit. So that’s why she didn’t say...“DOMINION STOLE THE ELECTION.”

She also arranged for a very special truck to be right outside the hotel in which the conference was held. The side of this truck had a digital screen that displayed a variety of excellent recommendations for fixing election problems, such as stopping the use of both mail-in ballots and voting machines. If Dominion had a featured speaker there, I guess the issue of scrapping electronic voting wasn’t on the agenda.

Some will call this just a campaign stunt, but it was great. Loomer said, “Floridians deserve full and open transparency regarding any conference or discussions that are taking place concerning elections and election processes in their state. As a candidate for Congress in Florida’s 21st congressional district, combating voter fraud, Big Tech election interference, and improving election integrity are my top platform issues for 2022.”

The story at NATIONAL FILE has video of the plane pulling the “...STOLE THE ELECTION” banner.

But Loomer wasn’t done. On Monday, she published video of a confrontation she had with Palm Beach County Supervisor of Elections Wendy Sartory Link regarding her office’s acceptance of $6.8 million from Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. (She calls that cash “Zuckerbucks.”) Recall that Zuckerberg donated hundreds of millions of dollars to the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), which, in turn, doled it out to counties all over the country with conditions on how it would be spent. In the video, she tries to get Link to tell her why she hasn’t responded to a letter sent by Loomer two weeks prior that asks when she’s going to return Zuckerberg’s money. Accepting this kind of outside money is now illegal thanks to legislation recently signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, so any money her department has left will by law have to be given back, not saved to use in 2022.

The story and video of this official getting “Loomered” are at the link.

According to the story, Loomer is called by many “the most banned woman in the world” because she’s censored by almost all major social media platforms. No kidding! She appears to wear that label as a badge of honor.

Moving to Fulton County, Georgia –- a huge center of attention right now –- EPOCH TV has a well-sourced video about the security breach that took place at the warehouse holding absentee ballots that were to be unsealed and investigated for possible fraud.

We’ve told you the story leading up to this event: On the basis of compelling sworn affidavits from election workers that physical ballots and the markings on them looked fake, a judge decided to have the ballots unsealed and examined, but at the last minute, county officials and attorneys filed motions to dismiss. The judge had to postpone so he could hear their arguments, so the unsealing was delayed a month, till June 21.

But two days later, the “secure” building was found with its doors wide open, security alarm blaring. The guards who were supposed to be watching the door had left 20 minutes earlier. The lead petitioner for the plaintiffs is now asking to see the security video for the building, to ascertain whether or not the ballots were tampered with.

Also, according to court records, four election workers who were at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena tabulating votes after others, including poll watchers, had been told to leave have been served with notices to appear and give depositions. Finally. And two of them in particular, a mother and daughter, have been ordered to turn over their devices and also a variety of communications for a specified period before and after the election.

Here’s the video, along with a variety of helpful links.

For when you have time, Paul Sperry at REAL CLEAR COMMUNICATIONS has a long and detailed article about why a forensic analysis of the ballots is so important to do in Fulton County. He lays out all the potential problems with the ballots themselves and with the counting. Highly recommended.

Moving on to Pennsylvania, lawmakers there are serious about election reform and have unveiled their House Bill 1300, which calls for ID at every election, but the WASHINGTON EXAMINER says this bill is a “nonstarter for Democrat Gov. Tom Wolf and legislative Democrats. At least the effort is underway; it will take more electoral victories to make this happen. In the meantime, they need all the poll watchers they can get.

Finally, moving to (yes) Washington, DC, Attorney General Merrick Garland is apparently looking to crack down on the Maricopa County, Arizona, audit that’s currently underway and any other audits that are undertaken down the road. The Justice Department will apply new “scrutiny” to the states’ constitutional --- repeat, constitutional --- effort to run their own elections in ways that minimize fraud. Garland calls this their “mission to protect the right to vote.” I wish their mission were to protect MY vote from being nullified by a fake one, but I don’t think it is. The WASHINGTON EXAMINER has the story.

Covid-19 Updates

June 15, 2021

It’s hard to keep up with all the news about the origins of COVID-19 (especially when so many news and social media outlets decided they already knew the objective truth and decided to censor and vilify anyone who questioned the narrative.) So here’s a handy round-up of what’s happened so far that should bring you almost up to date:

And to bring you completely up to date: despite the adamant denials by EcoHealth Alliance president Peter Daszak and the World Health Organization, and claims that it was a “conspiracy theory” to suggest that there were any bats in the Wuhan virology lab, Sky News Australia obtained explosive video that reportedly shows live bats in cages inside that very lab.

Of course, some are still insisting that it’s more likely that the virus somehow leaped from bats to humans and wasn’t altered in the lab. But since an Oxford study just confirmed that there were no bats or pangolins at the Wuhan wet market, I wonder how that happened? Did someone who wanted to make bat soup knock on the lab’s door and ask to borrow a cup of bats?

Worse Than North Korea

June 15, 2021

Today’s MUST-READ (and share): Fox News reports that Yeonmi Park came to America at age 13 as a defector from North Korea and was able to attend Ivy League Columbia University. Her verdict: the anti-American brainwashing there is worse than in North Korea.

She knew something was wrong on day one when she said at orientation that she liked the novels of Jane Austen and the instructor scolded her that writers of classic literature were racists and bigots and “had a colonial mindset.” She said the anti-American propaganda was like what she grew up with in North Korea. She was also attacked for not getting people’s “preferred pronouns” right when she was trying to speak in her third language.

Park, who had seen people die of starvation in front of her eyes, knows what real oppression is. But she said the Columbia students kept saying how oppressed they were and how much injustice they’d seen when they had no clue how great they had it. She said, "It was chaos. It felt like the regression in civilization…Even North Korea is not this nuts. North Korea was pretty crazy, but not this crazy."

After a lot of arguments, she finally “learned how to just shut up,” maintain a high GPA and graduate. It’s tragic that she had to flee a totalitarian communist state seeking freedom, only to discover that our college campuses have become totalitarian communist states.

This story comes on the heels of another about a mom who survived Mao’s cultural revolution blasting her kids’ school for its “Critical Race Theory” brainwashing that’s eerily similar to China.

When refugees from communist states with no freedom can’t even tell the difference between our schools and the places they fled, it’s time for a “purge.” Not a communist-style purge, but a purge of the school officials who have turned America’s education system into indoctrination camps to brainwash kids into hating their own country.

Lawsuit Dismissed

June 15, 2021

Saturday, a federal judge in Texas dismissed a lawsuit by 117 employees of Houston Methodist Hospital who were defying a requirement that they take the COVID-19 vaccine by June 7th or lose their jobs. About 99% of employees have complied, but the plaintiffs argued that the vaccines are dangerous and experimental.

The judge disagreed, saying that they had been approved by the FDA for emergency use (that caveat about "emergency" use was one of the plaintiffs’ arguments against it.) He also dismissed their claim that it’s a violation of the Nuremberg Code barring experimentation on people without their consent. The lead plaintiff, nurse Jennifer Bridges, said she’s not an anti-vaxxer, but that it’s “just insane” to force people to put something in their bodies that they’re not comfortable with in order to keep their jobs.

The attorney for the plaintiffs said this is just the first of many such battles in a long fight, and he expects it to end up in the US Supreme Court. I assume that will be long after this pandemic is over, and let’s hope, not in the middle of another pandemic from that place that must not be named.

Ned Beatty RIP

June 15, 2021

Once again, the sad duty falls to me to report the passing of an actor that many of us grew up watching on movie and TV screens: Ned Beatty died of natural causes Sunday at home in L.A. at 83, surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Beatty was one of those “I know the face, but what’s his name?” actors, and he once admitted, "For people like me, there’s a lot of ‘I know you! I know you! What have I seen you in?’" In his case, the answer was, “Practically everything.” Beatty once said he preferred being a character actor to being a star because stars become part of a brand and get predictable, and he liked to surprise the audience with the unexpected. He said, "Stars never want to throw the audience a curveball, but my great joy is throwing curveballs."

Influenced by the church he attended as a kid in Lexington, Kentucky, he originally aspired to be a priest, but his high school play, “Harvey” gave him the acting bug. After nearly two decades as a stage actor, he auditioned for movie director John Boorman. Boorman told him the part had already been cast, but changed his mind after seeing Beatty. That’s how he got his breakthrough role in 1972’s “Deliverance” as the unfortunate city slicker who met a fate in the backwoods that still makes viewers cringe.

By the time he retired in 2013, he’d racked up an astounding number of varied movie, TV and stage roles, including “Nashville,” “All the President’s Men,” the first two Christopher Reeve “Superman” movies (as Lex Luthor’s bumbling henchman), “Toy Story 3,” Broadway’s “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof,” a detective on “Homicide: Life on the Streets,” John Goodman’s dad on “Roseanne,” and possibly his most memorable role: the corporate CEO in “Network” who thunders to the errant news anchor, "You have meddled with the primal forces of nature, Mr. Beale, and I won’t have it!” He then explains that there is no America, no democracy, "There is only IBM and ITT and AT&T and DuPont, Dow, Union Carbide, and Exxon. Those are the nations of the world today."

It was a shocking and chilling vision of the world in 1976. Today, it sounds like everyday reality. Just throw in Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook and Twitter.

This is a must-read article about the corrosive effects of Critical Race Theory fanatics, written from a unique point of view.

The author is a woman from China who married a Caucasian man from North Carolina, and they now live in the US. As an interracial couple with biracial children, they are naturally concerned about racism. And the writer thought that the focus on racism in the wake of George Floyd’s death was a good thing…until, as is always the case, the fanatics took it too far and became the thing they allegedly hated.

She asks, if you’re going to judge everyone by their race, and say that all white people are oppressors and all non-whites are oppressed, where does that leave her marriage to a white man? She cites the long struggle to repeal laws banning mixed marriages, and worries that CRT is undoing all that progress. She believes that way of viewing the world erases her love for her husband, “it erases my humanity.” And what does it do to children, to be taught that their parents’ marriage isn’t a loving relationship between two equals but a battle between oppressor and oppressed?

She declares, “I traveled half a world to settle in America. I will raise my family here. I will not allow misguided teachings to tarnish the sanctity of my marriage, invalidate my experience, and create divisions and chaos in my family.”

Read the whole article. It’s rare to hear someone with such personal knowledge of relations between different races explain so clearly the toxic effects of the CRT movement and how it's harming the people it claims to be helping.

While studies now show that shutdowns made little or no difference in the spread rate of COVID-19, they did make a huge difference to our economy by destroying 37.5% of small businesses in America. That includes over half of businesses in the leisure and hospitality industries.

However, by allowing big box stores and major chains to stay open while forcing small businesses to close, even if they followed the same safety rules, the shutdowns resulted in a huge transfer of wealth from the middle class to the rich. You’d think that because of that, so-called “progressives” would agree with me that it’s way past time for all the lockdowns to end. Yet many, like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, continue to resist letting people reopen their businesses.

The only conclusion I can draw from this is that no matter how much leftists talk about the suffering of the poor and middle class or the unfairness of wealth inequality, all that becomes perfectly acceptable if it means increasing government power.

Multiple Emmy award-winning journalist Christopher Sign, who broke the story about former President Bill Clinton’s secret June 27, 2016, meeting on the tarmac at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport with then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch and who later wrote a book called SECRET ON THE TARMAC, was found dead Saturday.

Police and fire first responders found Sign inside a Hoover, Alabama, residence at 8:17AM after a 911 call was placed. Chris Sign was 45 years old, married to his college sweetheart, and was the father of three sons. A native of Dallas-Fort Worth, he’d been working since 2017 as evening news anchor for ABC 33/40 in Birmingham. According to a police spokesman, his death is being investigated as an apparent suicide.

The general manager at the station, Eric Land, called Sign a “revered colleague whose indelible imprint will serve forever as a hallmark of decency, honesty, and journalistic integrity.”

Sign’s book about the tarmac meeting was released in late 2019. Here’s a story FOX NEWS ran about it in February of 2020.

Sign is quoted as saying his book “details everything that they don’t want you to know and everything they think you forgot, but Bill Clinton was on that plane for over 20 minutes and it wasn’t just about golf, grandkids and Brexit. There’s so much that doesn’t add up.”

Here’s more about the book on his publisher’s website.

Sign said he’d received death threats for telling this story. He was then working in Phoenix, for the ABC affiliate KNXT-TV. “Credit cards hacked,” he said. “You know, my children, we have code words. We have secret code words that they know what to do.” It was in 2017 that he and his family decided to move for their safety from Phoenix to the Birmingham area for him take the job he held until his death. One post about him said, “His family was the single most important thing in his life, which is why he ended up returning to ABC 33/40 four years ago.”

A week before he died, he posted a happy selfie in the park, with the caption, “Enjoying a beautiful morning.”

In his account of the infamous meeting, Sign cited a source who was already there at the airport and said Clinton was “waiting for” Lynch, in his car, with his motorcade. After Lynch’s plane pulled up and came to a stop, her airstairs came down, most of her staff exited the plane, and then he boarded. According to the source, the Secret Service and FBI agents who were there were looking around and trying to figure out what they were supposed to do. Because, of course, it wasn’t on the official itinerary.

Lynch, who supposedly headed the federal investigation into Hillary’s criminal use of unsecured email, testified before the House Oversight Committee in December 2018 that she and Bill talked about how things were going at the Justice Department and also about her job performance –- not “golf and grandkids.” She testified that he “flattered” her and that they also talked about Eric Holder.

Recall that this highly inappropriate meeting took place just days before then-FBI Director James Comey announced on July 5 that it would not be pursuing criminal charges against Hillary Clinton for her use of a personal email server for official business as secretary of state, nor for obstruction of justice and destroying evidence. “No reasonable prosecutor” would take that case, Comey said, though I think we could’ve come up with a long list of prosecutors who would have jumped at the chance. We later learned that in internal communications, they had changed terminology such as “criminally negligent” to the more benign-sounding “extremely careless.”

Both Lynch and Bill Clinton testified that the email investigation never came up in their conversation. According to the report by Inspector General Michael Horowitz, Bill Clinton was asked by investigators about this meeting, and he said, “...I don’t know whether I’m more offended that they think I’m crooked or that they think I’m stupid.” Personally, I don’t know anyone who thinks Bill Clinton is stupid.

At least one report, that of Britain’s THE SUN, leaves open the possibility that Sign was still clinging to life when the police were contacted or when they first arrived on the scene. Their wording: “Local police chief Keith Czeskleba said the death is being investigation as a suicide after the reporter was found unresponsive in his home.” No details have been given about how Sign allegedly did this, either, or whether a note was found.

It’s interesting that a British publication would offer the most thorough and humanizing coverage of this story. We learn a lot about the life of this journalist --- a real journalist, part of that rare, endangered species --- from reading the posts and pictures they include.

THE SUN also covers what Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert said about this in a tweet: “Why is it that so many who cross the Clinton Crime Syndicate end up dead?” They mention, without elaborating, that Boebert has “been linked to QAnon conspiracies in the past.” Well, I guess that’s all it takes to dismiss her concerns about foul play! (I know Stephen Colbert has called her a “gun fetishist,” a title that, coming from him, should be worn as a badge of honor.)

THE SUN ran the video clip Boebert had included with her tweet, featuring Sign being interviewed on FOX & FRIENDS and expressing his concerns about “significant death threats,” bad enough to make him leave Phoenix and return to Birmingham, where his friends and colleagues rallied around him and made him feel safer.

It’s not always possible to know when someone is depressed enough to commit suicide. And perhaps he was that desperate. There might have been something very wrong that even his family and close friends didn’t know about. But looking at this man’s accomplishments in life, his obviously bright future, the respect he’d earned as a journalist, and the happy pictures of his beautiful wife and three boys so shortly before his death (with Father’s Day coming up this Sunday), it’s hard to fathom he would do such a thing.

Chris was obviously beloved by his friends and colleagues. The NEW YORK POST ran a story that quoted Jamie Hale, the network’s sports anchor: “I can’t believe we have an article with this title. It doesn’t feel real. Last night, we were in the office together cutting up the way we always do.”

In none of the accounts we’ve turned up so far has there been even one word about any problem in this man’s life, other than the threats that had been made on it. I’m not saying it didn’t happen that way. But will this tremendous loss quickly be chalked up to suicide when it deserves a thorough investigation? Ironically, it's Hillary's email case that shows us how easily an investigation can be blown off.

President Biden is in Europe, looking for new ways to lead from behind, project weakness and fumble words. At least, if those are his goals, he’s doing a tremendous job. I don’t know what was the most cringe-worthy moment of his G-7 press conference: the part where he confused Syria with Libya, or the part where he said he wouldn’t have a joint press conference with Vladimir Putin, defensively claiming that “this is not a contest about who can do better in front of a press conference…” That’s practically an admission that you do see it as a contest and you know you’d lose.

Now, try to imagine Trump being afraid to appear on stage with Putin. The write-up at was even more brutal.

Then there was the blowback over Biden’s seeming acceptance of Putin’s call to exchange Russian cybercriminals if the US would hand over people in America who are wanted by Russia (the trick part: that latter group aren’t necessarily criminals.) That sent Biden’s aides rushing to mop up his mess.

You know the President is projecting more weakness than a solar-powered flashlight at midnight when it’s hardly even worth mentioning his comments about not being allowed to take questions from non-pre-approved reporters because he’s already made that excuse so many times in the past.

These foreign trips that put American leaders on a world stage can either enhance their standing or signal to our enemies that we have weak and ineffective leadership, so it’s safe to get aggressive. God help us because if Kamala Harris’ trips south of the border (but never actually TO the border) have shown her to be painfully Not Ready for Prime Time, Biden’s trip to Europe is flashing the message “Long Past His Shelf Date” like a neon sign.

Meanwhile, whenever Russian President Vladimir Putin gives an interview, you can’t take what he says at face value. But it can be interesting to hear what he says and the way he says it, to try to figure out the angle he’s playing. For instance, going into a meeting with President Biden, Putin praised his hated predecessor Trump as an “extraordinary, talented individual” and said that Biden is “radically different,” and belittled him as “a career man, he has spent virtually his entire adulthood in politics."!

That’s a great example of playing head games to throw off your opponent. It’s also interesting to see how long Putin can string along a reporter who’s bluntly asking him if he’s a killer, dismissing it as nonsense and fake news but somehow never specifically denying it.

Inflation Hits

June 14, 2021

Inflation is already starting to be felt by Americans. This week, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the consumer price index jumped again in May, bringing the inflation rate over the past year up to 5%, the biggest jump since 2008. Economists had been expecting it to reach 4.7%.

Inflation is essentially a tax that hits the poor and middle class the hardest because it makes everything you buy more expensive. People who were already worrying about how to cover the bills will now have to stretch the food budget a little further or try to cut down on driving (you might have especially noticed the leap in gas prices since Joe Biden became President and declared war on the domestic fossil fuel industry.)

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen and the Fed assure us that this is just a temporary price spike caused by pent-up demand and reduced supply, due to the pandemic coming to an end. And that might be part of it. But inflation also happens when you flood the economy with dollars by running the printing press 24/7, like trying to stimulate the economy with trillions and trillions of dollars the government doesn’t actually have. The more of anything that exists, the less it's worth, and that’s true of dollars as well.

During the election, Biden infamously declared, “Milton Friedman isn’t running the show anymore.” Since becoming President, Biden has doubled down on his defiance of the Nobel Prize-winning free market economics icon, just as he’s defied reality on a number of other fronts, from border security to energy. But as I predicted even before he took office, his biggest opponent would not be the Republicans, it would be reality.

Simply declaring that Friedman’s wisdom about how money works (and has always worked and always will work) no longer applies and that America can now print money out of thin air and hand it out to everyone without creating hyperinflation and crashing the economy, won’t make it so.

I fear that Biden’s arrogant defiance of the unalterable facts of economics that Milton Friedman so brilliantly explained will prove as foolish as defying the old, dead, white guy Sir Isaac Newton and his outmoded ideas about gravity by leaping off a 20-story building. I also fear that the US economy will suffer the same fate.

The economists at Deutsche Bank are also not convinced that Joe Biden has rewritten the laws of economics and can flood the country with paper money without reducing the value of the dollar until we’re using them as toilet paper because it will be cheaper than buying actual toilet paper.

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin and Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema are taking a barrage of bile from leftists for refusing to agree to do away with the Senate filibuster. They’re accused of “blocking democracy,” because “democracy” means using a single tie-breaking vote to force a radical partisan agenda down the throats of half of America that wants nothing to do with it. I don’t think this word “democracy” means what they think it means.

But it’s possible that, as is often the case, the screeching leftist Twitter mob is just fooling itself and doesn’t comprehend reality. That reality is that there are other Democrat Senators who also don’t want to lose the filibuster.

They may or may not support the radical agenda, but they know it’s a bad move to kill the filibuster to try to ram it through and infuriate voters. That’s a surefire way to lose Congress to the Republicans and then find themselves in the role of powerless minority. Unlike “progressives,” they have the ability to think beyond their next move and consider the consequences of their actions.

Those other Senators aren’t speaking up because why bring the mob’s attacks on themselves when Manchin and Sinema are taking all the flak for them? But that doesn’t mean that if those two cave, there would be 50 votes to kill the filibuster.

Meanwhile, Manchin shows no signs of caving. In fact, his latest pronouncement is almost guaranteed to make the leftists’ heads explode like watermelons at a Gallagher performance.

Manchin no doubt understands what the hysterics on Twitter don’t: he’s from a heavily red state, and if the Dems threaten him too much, he could switch to the GOP and not only get reelected but return the Senate majority to the Republicans. So they might want to think twice before calling him nasty names. If they tick him off enough, he could crush their power-mad dreams in a nanosecond.

A One Day Difference

By Mike Huckabee

President Biden has largely dismissed and denigrated President Trump’s vaccine distribution plan and taken credit for having enough vaccinations for all Americans by the end of last month. But an analysis by the America First Policy Institute found that not only did Biden’s vaccine distribution closely mirror Trump’s, but the Trump plan would have produced the same number of vaccinations by June 1. That means all of Biden’s efforts made a difference of precisely one day.

Flag Day

June 14, 2021

Today is Flag Day, celebrating the adoption of the American flag by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1777. It was proclaimed a holiday by President Woodrow Wilson in 1916, and officially established as National Flag Day by act of Congress in 1949.

Here’s a fascinating history of the American flag, appropriately enough from the

Florida Rep. Brian Mast also has an excellent article at about the US flag and what it symbolizes, and that it’s not a Republican flag or a Democrat flag, but the flag of all Americans – even those who denigrate it and fail to grasp that it stands for their very right to speak out foolishly against it.

As Rep. Mast notes, chief among those people is New York Times editorialist Mara Gay, who recently declared how “disturbing” she found it when she took a weekend jaunt to Long Island and saw American flags in people’s yards and on (horrors!) pickup trucks! I had a message for her in my monologue this weekend on “Huckabee” on TBN. If you missed it, or would like to share it, you’ll find it here:

Incidentally, I’m still waiting to hear back on whether she’ll accept my invitation. I’ll keep you posted.

I usually don’t spend too much time on political developments in other nations because Americans aren’t that interested. But the replacement of Benjamin Netanyahu after 12 years as Prime Minister of Israel is not an Israeli news item, it’s a story that affects the entire world.

After a 60-59 vote in the Parliament, Netanyahu was replaced by Naftali Bennett, who is backed by a fractious coalition ranging from Israel hawks to Islamic Arabs. The major concern with a coalition that covers the entire spectrum of left to right is whether there can be consensus without capitulation on critical issues such as sovereignty in Judea and Samaria and building on the Abraham Accords.

Netanyahu has been the focus of Israel haters worldwide because there has never been so tough, eloquent or resolute a defender of Israel’s right to exist and to defend itself from those who aim to eradicate it. The elites who are always pushing Israel to compromise more never explain how you can compromise with people who want to kill every Jew. By letting them kill half the Jews?

In a strong outgoing speech, Netanyahu said that Iran is "celebrating" his loss because "they understand that starting today, there will be a weak and unstable government that will align with the dictates of the international community." He also revealed that he had privately warned President Biden that his attempts to reinstate the Obama Iran nuke deal would pave the way “for Iran to have an arsenal of nuclear weapons with international legitimacy." He even compared Biden’s blindness to the consequences to FDR’s tragic failure to bomb the train tracks leading to Auschwitz when he had a chance in 1944.

He also predicted that he will soon be back. I hope it’s not under similar circumstances to Winston Churchill’s replacement of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain after a period when he was out of government. He came back because Britain’s leaders tried to appease the Nazis and ended up needing a tough, resolute leader to win World War II.

Benjamin Netanyahu has been a personal friend of mine for many years, and I’m not sure the people of Israel fully appreciate his statecraft that has led to unprecedented peace, prosperity, and security not just for Israel, but for the entire Middle East. It will take years for the new leadership to develop the depth of relationships that Netanyahu had fostered over his 12 consecutive years and 15 total.

Having said that, Israel is where it is because of God, not any one man or political party. I’ve also known Naftali Bennett for over 10 years and have high hopes that he will use his very significant executive skills to keep Israel stable and secure. I hope all my Christian friends will join me as we “pray for the peace of Jerusalem.”

Day Off

June 14, 2021

We’re reaching peak “cancel culture” in which people are so afraid of offending someone that they cancel literally everything and find themselves living in a blank void. It just happened in New Jerseys’ Randolph Township.

About 100 people showed up at the Board of Education meeting Thursday to protest the board’s decision to rename Columbus Day “Indigenous Peoples Day.” So, missing the point entirely, the board decided it would be best not to offend anyone who feels slighted by calendar dates that reference a person, holiday, or ethnic group. One member said, "If we don't have anything on the calendar, we don't have to have anyone be hurt feelings or anything like that."

So the board voted unanimously to remove the names of all holidays from the calendar, and those where there is no school, such as Thanksgiving, are just called “Day off.”

If the idea was to not offend anyone, they achieved the opposite. The meeting ended with the crowd shouting at them, and one incredulous man demanding, “What just happened?! What did you just do?!”

They just inched along a little further the “progressive” goal of destroying everything that Americans have in common and that brings us together. First, no genders. Then no history or common culture. Now, no holidays. But I refuse to knuckle under to this insanity, so let me be the first to wish our readers in New Jersey a merry day off and a happy new day off. And let me also wish those of you in Randolph Township a new board of education.

In its latest Orwellian move, the Biden Department of “Justice” is trying to prevent three Christian colleges and the Council for Christian Colleges and Universities from intervening to defend themselves in a lawsuit challenging the religious exemption to Title IX protections of LGBTQ students. The DOJ claimed in the filing that it could “vigorously defend” the constitutionality of the exemption. But the next day, they amended the filing to read “adequately defend.” And by “adequately,” they actually mean “inadequately,” like a boxer who throws the fight.

Biden is already on record as being hostile to religious freedom protections and for kowtowing to the radical LGBTQ lobby. The idea that his DOJ would protect those freedoms on behalf of Christian colleges, and that they shouldn’t even be allowed to have a say in their own defense, sounds like something out of a banana republic where the defense attorney is also the prosecutor.

Related: In a VIP article that’s unfortunately behind a paywall at, Tyler O’Neil warns Evangelical Christians that Burger King has jumped on the “Pride Month” float. All this month, 40 cents from the sale of every CkKing chicken sandwich will be donated to the LGBTQ activist group, the Human Rights Campaign.

O’Neil points out that the HRC supports the Democrats’ “Equality Act” that would gut the 1993 Religious Freedom Restoration Act, and is partnered with the Southern Poverty Law Center in its campaign to defame conservative Christian nonprofits like the Alliance Defending Freedom as anti-gay “hate groups.” So every chicken sandwich Christians buy at Burger King this month will fund a group that wants to take away their rights.

Say, you know who has the best chicken sandwich? Popeyes.

Republican Senators are finally starting to demand answers from the Justice Department as to why unarmed Trump-supporting protesters arrested over the January 6th Capitol violence are getting not just the book but the whole bookcase thrown at them. That includes reports of them being jailed in solitary confinement like Hannibal Lechter for up to 23 hours a day before being tried, which even Sen. Elizabeth Warren and the ACLU are condemning.

The Senators pointed out that this is in stark contrast to the treatment of far-left BLM and Antifa protesters, who were repeatedly arrested for rioting, looting and violent assaults on cops, citizens and government buildings, and then released the same day to go do it again.

Sen. Chuck Grassley said something that should be embroidered onto samplers and hung in every office of the Biden DOJ: “The law must be applied equally without regard to party, power or privilege. When the Department of Justice treats similar criminal acts differently, such conduct erodes faith in our governmental institutions and the law.”

I don’t know much more erosion our government institutions can take before the foundations crack.

Before this week is over, I want to draw your attention to two major stories that, to their shame, the biased media have barely mentioned, if at all. The fact that you’ve heard something like them before, and the media have covered them up before, doesn't make the latest cover-ups any less appalling.

The first is the leak of private taxpayer data from the IRS by the left-leaning group ProPublica.

As Larry Kudlow points out at the link, it’s very convenient that this was leaked just as a leftwing, “tax the rich” campaign is gearing up. Yes, I get that we’re all curious to find out how much income tax these wealthy people paid (although it’s misleading, since many don’t live off of straight taxable income), and it’s fun to rant and rage if you think they aren’t paying enough.

But that’s not the real outrage here. What you should be furious about is that someone in the IRS, the government agency entrusted with the most personal information that the government forces citizens to share – their income, what they spend it on, medical expenses, etc. – leaked that private information for partisan purposes. Echoing the days when the IRS tampered with the 2012 elections by targeting and denying nonprofit status to Tea Party groups, this is an example of someone in one of the most powerful government agencies, with the power to intrude into every aspect of our lives, weaponizing that power for partisan purposes.

(And while we’re at it, hats off to Bryan Preston at PJ Media for asking: if these IRS records were hacked, then why haven’t social media platforms banned ProPublica? Twitter cut off the New York Post for reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop on grounds that they don’t allow hacked material to be distributed, but that laptop wasn’t even hacked; it was left at a repair shop until it became the owner’s property.)

There should be an immediate Congressional investigation to find out who committed this unconscionable leak so that they can be fired and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, to serve as an example to others. I know it’s easy to say, “Who cares about those rich guys?” Well, the Tea Party organizers weren’t rich. They were just average Americans trying to have a say in their government. If the IRS can abuse its power to harm billionaires and working class conservatives alike, then nobody is safe until they’re brought to heel.

Biased Media Ignores Latest Hunter Biden Laptop Revelations

By Mike Huckabee

The other major story that liberal media outlets covered this week like a blanket covers a stained sheet was the latest toxic leakage from Hunter Biden’s laptop. The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN all dutifully ignored revelations by the Daily Mail of Hunter’s emails in which he repeatedly called his white lawyer by the “n-word.”

While that story is the juiciest (or would be, if the media covered racism on their own side), these stories are arguably more important:

The New York Post reported that even though Joe Biden claimed to know nothing about his son’s foreign business deals, the then-Vice President attended a dinner at Café Milano on April 16, 2015, where he met Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakhstani business associates of Hunter’s. The Washington Post tried to debunk that, but the writer of the New York Post piece hit back pretty hard.

Emails from Hunter Biden's laptop show he was instrumental in setting up a consulting deal between Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that was paying him big bucks, and two Democratic consultants who are currently under investigation for violating foreign lobbying laws.

And just prior to the 2016 election, the former Ukrainian prosecutor told the Obama State Department that a lobbying firm linked to Hunter Biden and Burisma had pitched him that they could get him access to high levels of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, when it was assumed she’d be the next US President.

You can find more details on all these corruption stories at the links. And here, Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media asks us to imagine the nuclear-level media reaction if any of these stories had involved Donald Trump’s kids.


Well-Deserved Blowback

June 11, 2021

New York Times editorial board member and MSNBC contributor Mara Gay sparked well-deserved blowback by saying that during a weekend trip to Long Island, she saw “dozens of American flags,” which was “just disturbing.” She apparently assumes those are owned by Trump supporters (admittedly, probably a safe bet), and claims they were sending a message: "This is my country…not your country. I own this." She went on to regurgitate more liberal buzzwords, including, of course, “whiteness.”

Well, I assume those Long Islanders do own their own flags, and the poles, yards and pickup trucks they’re mounted to. But I think the “It’s not your country” message came right out of her own paranoid noggin. She should be counting her lucky stars that when she goes out into the country where she lives, the flags she sees are American flags. They’re flown by the kind of people who join the military and fight to protect all our rights. That includes the First Amendment, which gives the New York Times editorial board the right to badmouth America, insult the flag, and make fools of themselves in print every day.

On that subject, as columnist Mike LaChance reminds us, Ms Gay is the same New York Times writer who once said that the $500 million wasted by Mike Bloomberg on his presidential run could have been divided up to give every American $1 million. It was actually closer to one dollar. But at the rate he's spending money, Joe Biden might hit that mark.

Outrageous IRS Leak

June 11, 2021

Before this week is over, I want to draw your attention to two major stories that, to their shame, the biased media have barely mentioned, if at all. The fact that you’ve heard something like them before, and the media have covered them up before, doesn't make the latest cover-ups any less appalling.

The first is the leak of private taxpayer data from the IRS by the left-leaning group ProPublica.

As Larry Kudlow points out at the link, it’s very convenient that this was leaked just as a leftwing, “tax the rich” campaign is gearing up. Yes, I get that we’re all curious to find out how much income tax these wealthy people paid (although it’s misleading, since many don’t live off of straight taxable income), and it’s fun to rant and rage if you think they aren’t paying enough.

But that’s not the real outrage here. What you should be furious about is that someone in the IRS, the government agency entrusted with the most personal information that the government forces citizens to share – their income, what they spend it on, medical expenses, etc. – leaked that private information for partisan purposes. Echoing the days when the IRS tampered with the 2012 elections by targeting and denying nonprofit status to Tea Party groups, this is an example of someone in one of the most powerful government agencies, with the power to intrude into every aspect of our lives, weaponizing that power for partisan purposes.

(And while we’re at it, hats off to Bryan Preston at PJ Media for asking: if these IRS records were hacked, then why haven’t social media platforms banned ProPublica? Twitter cut off the New York Post for reporting on Hunter Biden’s laptop on grounds that they don’t allow hacked material to be distributed, but that laptop wasn’t even hacked; it was left at a repair shop until it became the owner’s property.)

There should be an immediate Congressional investigation to find out who committed this unconscionable leak so that they can be fired and prosecuted to the full extent of the law, to serve as an example to others. I know it’s easy to say, “Who cares about those rich guys?” Well, the Tea Party organizers weren’t rich. They were just average Americans trying to have a say in their government. If the IRS can abuse its power to harm billionaires and working class conservatives alike, then nobody is safe until they’re brought to heel.

Criticizing Fauci

June 11, 2021

From the earliest days of the pandemic, I have been reluctant to assume the worst of authorities who got things wrong about COVID-19. I gave them the benefit of the doubt that since it was a new and deadly disease, they were trying to give the public the best advice they could, given what they knew at the time while battling a steep learning curve.

However, the recent release of Dr. Anthony Fauci’s emails has revealed that on a number of vital issues, we weren’t always given the best data they had at the time. Sometimes we were given the data that served a preferred narrative, even when those giving it out knew that it was at the very least highly questionable, and when it could even lead to more misery and deaths (endless lockdowns, ever-shifting mask advice, silencing doctors who were having success with readily-available drugs, etc.

That’s why it was so irritating when Dr. Fauci tried to dismiss the perfectly justified criticism he’s receiving by claiming that any questioning of him is an attack on “science.” No matter what his fan club at MSNBC thinks, he is not the walking embodiment of science. Actual scientists have their statements challenged all the time. That’s why real science is never really “settled.”

As you might imagine, Fauci’s critics in the media and politics went to town on his hubristic “I am science” defense:

But to be fair, they’re not scientists. So here’s an actual scientist, Stanford University medical professor and epidemiologist Dr. Jay Bhattachrya, offering his informed opinion on Dr. Fauci: his “credibility is entirely shot.”

Despite a number of state Attorneys General launching legal challenges to President Biden’s pointless killing of the Keystone XL Pipeline project, it now appears that it is really quite sincerely dead. The developer, Canada’s TC Energy Corp, and the provincial government of Alberta say they’re abandoning the project. Alberta invested more than $1 billion in it thanks to the US commitment that Biden undid with a stroke of his executive order pen.

This decision will anger Canada, destroy American jobs, and make America less energy independent and fuel more expensive. It won’t even help the environment, since the oil will still have to get to the refineries, only via CO2-spewing trucks instead of a carbon-neutral pipeline. It’s obvious that the Wall Street Journal reporter quoted at the link was struggling to find some coherent justification for Biden’s actions: “It is a victory for environmentalists who have campaigned to block new pipeline construction as a way to limit oil consumption that contributes to global warming.”

News flash: blocking pipeline construction will not limit oil consumption. That’s like thinking that if you blow up the lunch wagon at your workplace, you’ll eat less. No, you’ll just put the driver out of a job, and you’ll still have to eat lunch. But now, you’ll have to obtain it in a more expensive, inconvenient way because, just like the US economy, your body still needs fuel.

While the Keystone XL Pipeline now seems DOA, some wags on the Internet suggested one possible way that it might be revived: Canada could declare itself part of Russia, and then Biden would approve the pipeline.

Radical Left Nazis

June 11, 2021

As someone who has visited Israel many times, as well as Europe’s former concentration camps, I have always been appalled at how lightly people toss around terms like “Nazi” and “Hitler” to tar their political opponents. It’s an insult to Holocaust victims to belittle their suffering to score cheap political points.

However, I’ve noticed that the media have a glaring double standard on this. Leftists can call conservatives Nazis all day long and nobody bats an eye. But if someone points out legitimate similarities between today’s radical left like Antifa and the tactics of the Nazis, they risk fierce condemnation and even losing their jobs, like actress Gina Carano.

That’s why this story poses a quandary: I don’t like Nazi analogies. I know that as a conservative, I’ll probably get attacked for making one. But when the Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association publishes an article called “On Having Whiteness” by psychoanalyst Donald Moss, arguing that simply being white is a “malignant, parasitic-like condition” that makes white people hate and terrorize others, and for which there “is not yet a permanent cure”…how can that not bring to mind Nazi-era propaganda blaming all of Germany's problems on Jews and calling them parasites? If you trade out “white” for “Jew,” it’s virtually indistinguishable from “Mein Kampf.”

At least I can take comfort that I won’t be the only one attacked for pointing out the obvious, as you can see at the link. Others called it pure hatred, sick and evil, and racist psychobabble. One doctor said it made him want to throw his psychology degree in the garbage.

Shockingly, that was actually considered a “research paper,” based on accepted tenets of “Critical Race Theory” (which is why CRT needs to be kicked out of schools.) It even appeared in a peer-reviewed journal, meaning that other psychologists actually read that piece of vile, racist insanity and decided it was worthy of publication. That should forever destroy the credibility of “peer-review” in the psychiatric field.

Meanwhile, some peers of this author are much wiser about that garbage than he is. Meet the black Columbia University professor who’s urging any parents who are truly anti-racist to take their kids out of a New Jersey private prep school that’s adopting CRT before they’re taught that the essence of a person is “cringing, hostile group identity against oppression.”

In Loudon County, Virginia, where schools are pushing this racist propaganda, one brave teacher, Lilit Vanetsyan, became a celebrity overnight after a video went viral of her confronting the school board and accusing them of running “indoctrination camps” where kids are taught to hate themselves or others because of skin color and to “root for socialism by the time they get to middle school.”

Finally, check out this MUST-SEE video of a mom who survived China's Cultural Revolution blasting the Loudon County school board for promoting the same kind of bullying, brainwashing and thought crimes she had to endure under communism.

The other major story that liberal media outlets covered this week like a blanket covers a stained sheet was the latest toxic leakage from Hunter Biden’s laptop. The New York Times, Washington Post, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN all dutifully ignored revelations by the Daily Mail of Hunter’s emails in which he repeatedly called his white lawyer by the “n-word.”

While that story is the juiciest (or would be, if the media covered racism on their own side), these stories are arguably more important:

The New York Post reported that even though Joe Biden claimed to know nothing about his son’s foreign business deals, the then-Vice President attended a dinner at Café Milano on April 16, 2015, where he met Ukrainian, Russian and Kazakhstani business associates of Hunter’s. The Washington Post tried to debunk that, but the writer of the New York Post piece hit back pretty hard.

Emails from Hunter Biden's laptop show he was instrumental in setting up a consulting deal between Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company that was paying him big bucks, and two Democratic consultants who are currently under investigation for violating foreign lobbying laws.

And just prior to the 2016 election, the former Ukrainian prosecutor told the Obama State Department that a lobbying firm linked to Hunter Biden and Burisma had pitched him that they could get him access to high levels of Hillary Clinton’s campaign, when it was assumed she’d be the next US President.

You can find more details on all these corruption stories at the links. And here, Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media asks us to imagine the nuclear-level media reaction if any of these stories had involved Donald Trump’s kids.

“We have to pass the bill, so you can find out...what is in it.”

That was Nancy Pelosi talking to her colleagues about the monstrous “Affordable” Care Act. And, of course, they did pass it, on a slim, completely partisan vote, without even knowing the details of what they were passing. How could they? The bill, like too many “comprehensive” bills, ran thousands of pages.

But today, I’d like to talk about the content of another such comprehensive bill that has just passed the Senate, originally called the Endless Frontier Act. It’s designed to compete technologically with China, which certainly is a laudable goal, and the name “Endless Frontier” sounds great in that context. However, in medical research, there are some frontiers that we should think about long and hard before we cross, if indeed we ever do.

Our curiosity about the development of this bill started building on Thursday, when Tammy Bruce on FOX NEWS PRIMETIME did a segment on its potential to fund research on “chimeras,” organisms that combine the DNA of humans and other animals. What??

Here is the report by Charles Creitz at FOX NEWS, featuring Bruce’s segment, which includes her interview with guest Lara Logan.

The Endless Frontier Act was introduced by New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, which alone sends up red flags. But it got bipartisan support, with six Republican and seven Democrat co-sponsors. The final 1,445-page bill passed the Senate Friday, after being “rebranded” by Schumer as the U.S. Innovation and Competition Act. Who could be against innovation and competition?

But one thing the Chinese apparently are working on is this kind of trans-species research. In fact, as Bruce reported, they’ve actually created human-monkey embryos that lived 20 days in a lab. So are we going to compete with China on THAT kind of innovation? What could possibly go wrong?

In May, numerous amendments were introduced. One of them, brought by GOP Sens. James Lankford of Oklahoma, Steve Daines of Montana and Mike Braun of Indiana, would have outlawed the type of experimentation that hybridizes human and animal DNA through bioengineering, sometimes called “chimera” research.

Some scientists call this area of experimentation “Pandora’s Box,” with good reason. We’ve already seen how research from Chinese labs –- in this case gain-of-function manipulation on coronaviruses –- can inflict disaster on the world. Recall that funding for gain-of-function was banned during the Obama administration, but that it happened anyway when the NIAID (National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Disease) funded an intermediary group that, in turn, funded the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

But the amendment to Schumer’s bill outlawing the funding of “chimera” research did not pass. And the Senate went on to pass their “comprehensive” bill without it.

I'm sure there are some excellent provisions in this bill, but how could any pro-life Republican senator have possibly supported it, absent that amendment? Without it, we might very well be funding research using human embryos and other fetal tissue. But the bill passed 68-32; do the math.

Think those experiments aren't going on? Wrong.

Here’s a report by Tyler Olsen at FOX NEWS from May 19, when Republicans were proposing their various amendments to the bill. Any concern about fetal tissue or "chimera" research was not mentioned.

At the time, the bill was to cost $130 billion, and Republicans chafed at that. The Republican Study Committee in the House had dubbed it “the Endless Pork Act,” which I’m sure is accurate. Yet some Republicans thought it didn’t go far enough and needed important amendments. “As it stands,” said Florida Sen. Rick Scott, “much of the Endless Frontier Act will not effectively counter Communist China’s aggression. A slush fund to universities with little security and oversight isn’t the answer.” He had proposed amendments, he said, to “secure American innovation, protect our national security, hold China accountable and put American interests first.”

At that time, Sen. Bill Hagerty of Tennessee said, “While I am still reviewing the hundreds of pages that comprise this legislation, it is my belief that this bill will need to be seriously improved through the amendment process to attract broad support. Enhancing U.S. research and development is an important part of countering Communist China, but that alone is not enough for the Senate to say it has checked the box and held the regime accountable.”

The story gives examples of amendments several Republican senators backed. Ted Cruz, for instance, backed amendments banning China from controlling American radio stations (good idea!); adding money for the extraction of rare earth minerals (which we need to end our dependence on China); blocking the sharing of nuclear technology with China (thank you); and addressing the issue of Chinese spies at American universities, including Confucius Institutes, which happen to be in the news today for another reason.

Sen. Cruz ended up voting “no” on the final bill.

One House aide, a Republican, told FOX NEWS that China “is really breathing a sigh of relief” because the bill, as much as it costs, won’t do much. He said it should require disclosure for all think tanks that are funded by the Chinese government (of course it should!) and also sanction the CCP’s United Front Work Department. Good idea; here’s what the UFWD does.

A later story from May 27 by Sam Dorman of FOX NEWS gets to the meat of what happened with the “chimera” amendment: “The Senate narrowly rejected an amendment geared towards criminalizing research that created chimeras, or human-animal hybrids, in expectation that the federal government could lift a moratorium on funding for those projects.” This would have been a way to provide a check on the National Institutes of Health possibly lifting its moratorium on “chimera” research.

On a party-line vote, 48 Republicans approved the amendment. Sens. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee and Thom Tillis of North Carolina inexplicably did not vote. WHERE WERE THEY? And the one Democrat who might have defied his party, Sen. Joe Manchin, didn’t vote, either. These three could have made the difference.

Currently, the International Society for Stem Cell Research has guidelines that we should all find reassuring (too bad you can’t hear the sarcasm in my voice right now): “This research must proceed incrementally, stopping at well-defined timepoints to assess the degree and scope of chimerism during development before proceeding to full gestation, if full gestation is one of the well-defined goals of the research. To avoid unpredictable and widespread chimerism, researchers should endeavor to use targeted chimerism strategies to limit chimerism to a particular organ system or region of the gestating chimeric animal.”

Feel better? It occurs to me that the way we put our bills together is, itself, kind of like making a chimera. A little bit of this, a little bit of that, sometimes it dies, or maybe just part of it dies, but let’s see what we come out with in the end. It might be something that should never see the light of day.

For those who despair that America is lost and it’s too late to save her, some proof that you can fight back and win…

After Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot announced that she would not grant interviews to white reporters, the Daily Caller and Judicial Watch sued her for unconstitutional racial discrimination. A federal judge has now ordered Lightfoot to file a sworn declaration clarifying her interview policy. I’d say she’d better make it good, because the policy already seems pretty clear, and pretty clearly racist.

Her attorneys argued that the document isn’t necessary because the policy is no longer in effect. Wait, so if you declare you’ve now stopped acting like a racist, everything’s copacetic and we can just move on from there? I don’t think that argument would fly with Mayor Lightfoot’s fellow liberals these days.

Tuesday, a judge ordered the reinstatement of a Leesburg, Virginia, high school PE teacher who was suspended for refusing to use students’ “preferred pronouns.” He told a school board meeting that he is a committed Christian who believes you cannot change the sex you were born into and that transgender treatments for minors are child abuse. He said forcing him to endorse transgenderism not only violates his religious conscience but forces him to lie to his students.

The judge ruled that his statement was protected free speech and the school couldn’t prove it caused any significant disruption to school operations. The school’s attorney claimed they had to suspend him because they feared backlash from parents. I’m curious to know if they actually polled the parents to find out how many agree with him.

Eight Minneapolis residents are suing the City Council for causing a spike in violent crime by defunding the police and failing to do their duty to provide a minimal level of policing to guarantee public safety. With the city’s leftist alleged leaders refusing to lead, citizens had no choice but to step up and do it themselves.

On their behalf, community activist Cathy Spann said, “We are here, together in unison, to say enough is enough. I am here today to say it is about all of us coming together to make a difference to stop the gun violence that is in our city -- downtown, south, north. We are stopping it. We are no longer asking for a plan. We are the plan."

Meanwhile, business owners in Baltimore have their own plan for dealing with the destruction wrought by their leftist, anti-police City Council. Since the government refuses to do its job of ensuring public safety, the businesses are refusing to pay their taxes to fund the useless government. It's being described as the "Baltimore Tea Party," only the "T" they're throwing overboard stands for "taxes."

The San Antonio city council member who spearheaded the attempt to block Chick-fil-A from the city airport, accusing them of being a “symbol of hate” for donating to Christian charities, lost his seat in Saturday’s run-off. It’s not clear whether the winner will be any better or if that issue played a major role, but either way, he’s off the city council. And thanks to him, Texas now has a new state law barring religious discrimination in government contracts, and the state Supreme Court is reviewing a lawsuit against San Antonio filed under it. So his term on the City Council actually did accomplish something good, even if it was completely inadvertent.

Obama Defends CRT

June 10, 2021

Democrats are so worried about the public waking up to the threat of Critical Race Theory in schools and demanding an end to it that they trotted out former President Barack Obama to poo-poo their concerns. In his patented condescending fashion, Obama dismissed parents who are upset that their kids are being taught toxic, divisive, racist hate-mongering by claiming that it’s just “right-wing media” like Fox News (the favorite bogey man of the left) “stoking the fear and resentment of a white population that is witnessing a changing America.”

First of all, I think people are right to fear anyone who wants to change America into a Marxist dystopia where people are judged entirely by their skin color. And if America’s white population are paranoid racists who fear a changing America, then who elected him President twice? It wasn’t blacks, they’re only about 13% of the population.

In fact, even his supporters in deep blue places such as Manhattan and New Jersey are standing up against CRT, not out of irrational fear but out of perfectly rational fear. I refuse to believe that the majority of Americans of any race want to see the “changing America” that the racist, Marxist radicals pushing CRT want to impose on us.

But take heart: the fact that the Democrats feel the need to employ Obama giving us one of his “I’m so disappointed in you” lectures is a great sign that they’re the ones who are afraid. And when power-mad politicians are afraid of the people, that’s a good thing.

Interesting Op-Ed

June 10, 2021

There’s a very interesting op-ed in the Wall Street Journal by First Things editor R.R. Reno. It’s at the link, but behind a paywall. So if you’re not a subscriber, I’ll just recap the major points.

It’s called “Why I Stopped Hiring Ivy League Graduates.” This is hardly shocking if you’ve been keeping up with all the horror stories coming out of these elite schools lately about leftist administrators and faculty indoctrinating students with socialism, Critical Race Theory and anti-Americanism, and campuses being run by mobs of leftist cry-bully students who want to silence and punish anyone who expresses a “painful” and “problematic” opinion that differs from theirs.

But many parents still dream of their kids going to Harvard or Yale because they’re coasting on their rapidly crumbling reputations for excellence. They think that Ivy League sheepskin will mean a lifetime of prosperous employment, so they pony up the outrageous tuition. But according to Reno, your kids might be better off spending a fraction as much to attend a state college.

He says he’s found that many recent Ivy League grads who apply for jobs with his company fall into one of three categories: (1.) Oversensitive, thin-skinned narcissists who make inflammatory accusations at the drop of a hat; (2.) Those so cowed by fear of accusations of racism or some other offense that they remain silent if there’s any risk in speaking up; or (3.) Those who actually have the gumption to fight back, mostly conservatives, but who are so used to having to fight that they seem to have PTSD and have developed a habit of aggressive counterpunching.

None of those traits are helpful as part of a team that has to deal with the real world. The Ivies used to train students to be leaders. Now, they may still attract top level students, but they coddle and encourage the dysfunctional ones while attacking and abusing the normal ones. For all the money students pay to go there, the schools don’t add value, they reduce it.

Reno suggests that students who want to learn how to be leaders and prosper in the real world attend schools such as Hillsdale College, Thomas Aquinas College, Wyoming Catholic College and the University of Dallas, as well as large state schools and their satellite campuses. He says their students are more likely to get good educations, to learn to accept the authority of those with more experience, and not to be deformed by toxic political correctness.

And I would add, don’t worry about all the Ivy Leaguers who are unfit to work in the real world. I’m sure they’ll find lucrative jobs in politics or the media.

Botched Assignment

June 10, 2021

How badly has Vice President Kamala Harris botched her first big assignment, to clean up the disaster President Biden created on the border? Let me count the ways…

(1.) As of today, she’s had the assignment for 78 days and has yet to even visit the border…(2.) When asked about that by a reporter, she laughed oddly and said she hadn’t visited Europe either, as if she’s in charge of keeping Frenchmen from swimming across the Atlantic to enter New Jersey illegally…(3.) She went to Guatemala and was greeted by protesters with signs reading “Trump won,” “Go home” and “Guatemala is pro-life”…(4.) She claimed the root causes of illegal immigration were climate change and hostility to LGBTQ people…(5.) The President of Guatemala personally contradicted her by telling “Face the Nation” that the cause of the surge was Biden undoing Trump’s border security policies.

And now, to make it an even half dozen: she’s done such a lousy job that even the Biden White House is letting it be known that they are frustrated, perplexed and “not thrilled” with her inexplicably incompetent performance.

At this rate, she really needs to up her game if she ever hopes to take over the job of being President from Jill Biden.

Biden's Economy

June 10, 2021

Are They Really That Dumb Or Do They Think We Are? President Biden (oh, let’s be real: his staffers) put out a tweet and a Washington Post article, both under his name, bragging that in his first four months in office, his American Rescue Plan and his vaccination strategy have “created” over 2 million jobs, far more than Reagan or Trump created in their first four months, and the economy is “growing” faster than any time in the past 40 years.

Hoo-boy! Where to start?!

Well, first of all, let’s note that Reagan and Trump didn’t inherit a booming economy that was reopening after a pandemic lockdown. They inherited moribund economies created by the policies of, respectively, Jimmy Carter and Obama/Biden. So naturally, it took a while to get the rusty engine of job creation up and running again.

Secondly, at the risk of quoting Obama, “Joe, you didn’t build that!” The jobs now being “created” were actually created under Trump and are simply bouncing back. They only went away because states mostly run by Democrats managed to stretch “two weeks to flatten the curve” into a yearlong-plus forced economic shutdown.

Fortunately, they can’t keep that up any longer because of the vaccines (also created and distributed under Trump) that Biden is also taking credit for. In fact, the jobs might be coming back even faster if Biden’s American Rescue Plan weren’t paying people more to stay unemployed than to work. Many of those 2 million jobs Biden is taking credit for were only “created” because red states rescinded that policy, which Biden wants to continue until September and other Democrats want to continue to the end of time.

In short, Biden taking credit for “creating” those jobs is like someone demanding the “Lifeguard of the Year” award because he stopped holding someone head-down in the toilet.

Roger Kimball at the Spectator has more on this and other Biden Administration fantasies and illusions, and how the media will credulously cover them, all expressed most amusingly at the link:

Casting further doubt on the natural, animal origin theory of COVID-19, a new Oxford University study found that there were no bats or pangolins sold at Wuhan wet markets between May 2017 and the first COVID cases in 2019. (FYI: the university already had this data from a study of a different disease, which I assume is why the Chinese government couldn’t prevent them from gathering it.) The authors say bats are rarely consumed in central China (most of the photos of them in markets are actually from Indonesia), and there is a pangolin trade, but not in Wuhan.

Interestingly, the study did find 38 species of animals were sold in Wuhan, either as pets or for human consumption, including badgers, raccoon dogs, hedgehogs, peacocks and reptiles, but no bats or pangolins. I’m hoping most of those were pets.

So bats and pangolins appear to be off the suspect list for starting the pandemic, which throws even more suspicion onto the rats in Beijing.

I told you about the New York City psychiatrist who spoke to the Yale School of Medicine and declared all white people irredeemably racist, said they “make my blood boil” and are “out of their minds,” and that she fantasies about "unloading a revolver into the head of any White person" who gets in her way. That understandably brought backlash against Yale for hosting her. They’re trying to distance themselves from her comments, while she’s just laughing off the criticism (I’m not a psychiatrist but I understand that inappropriate laughter is also a sign of mental illness, just like uncontrollable rage.)

She should know that among her critics is Dr. Carol Swain, who is both African-American and a retired Princeton professor. Dr. Swain called her comments outrageous and hate-filled, as well as ridiculous, unprofessional, un-American and “probably illegal,” and declared her unfit to practice medicine. Yes, I’d say that’s pretty spot-on.

Of course, this isn’t the first time Dr. Swain has stood up to crazed leftists trying to divide Americans and spread racial hatred. Here she is on “Huckabee” on TBN from 2017, talking about attacks on her for that very reason.

Still more proof that Twitter and CNN are not real life, so stop treating them as if they are:

A survey by the American Enterprise Institute’s Survey Center of American Life found that most Americans don’t cut off their friends over political disagreements. In fact, most don’t even talk about politics to their friends.

Only 21% say that they discuss politics at least a few times a week, while 55% talk politics less than a few times a month. That held true for both Democrats and Republicans. Both said party affiliation is not a prerequisite for being friends with someone; however, both are likely to have more friends who share the same party as they do.

Interestingly, 53% of Republicans say they have at least some friends who are Democrats, while only 32% of Democrats have friends who are Republicans. Only 15% of Americans have ever ended a friendship over political differences. But the further left you go, the more likely someone is to cut off a friend for having different political views. 28% of liberals have done that, compared to only 10% of conservatives. 33% of liberal women have done that. And the most intolerant of all are extreme liberals or “progressives.” 44% of these crusaders for tolerance have ended a friendship over political differences, making them exactly twice as intolerant as extreme conservatives (22%.)

This won’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention recently to leftist media, social media or activists, all of whom live to gin up hatred and cancellation of anyone who disagrees with them by even a smidgeon. Someone needs to have a sincere talk with them about how they’re letting political extremism warp their priorities, narrow their minds and drive away their friends. Unfortunately, that would take someone who doesn’t agree with them on everything, and they no longer talk to anyone like that.

Coach John McDonnell, legendary track/field coach at the University of Arkansas has died at the age of 82. He is the most successful coach in NCAA history, led the Razorbacks to 40 National Championships in Track/Field, and trained and coached numerous Olympic athletes to Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medals.

He was born and raised in Ireland, and never lost his love for his homeland or the accent that be brought with him when he came to the United States as a college student.

Long-time UA Athletic Director Frank Broyles had a knack for spotting coaching talent and saw the untapped genius in Coach McDonnell and hired him for the program when he had limited experience. It proved to show the uncanny ability of Frank Broyles to see greatness in others and the brilliance of Coach McDonnell in turning the Arkansas program into the envy of the nation.

On a personal note, during my days when I was training for and running marathons, I invited Coach McDonnell to the Governor’s Mansion for a lunch to honor him for his achievements. Many of his former standout athletes came to pay tribute to their mentor. For me, it was an excuse to have the privilege of being in the presence of someone I admired. He was the consummate Christian gentleman, but what a delight to sit back and just listen to Coach Johnny Mac and his former track stars reminisce. The love and respect his athletes had for him was testament to his firm discipline, but loving care of those he coached. The greatest tribute of him was said by one of his runners, who simply said, “We TRUSTED Coach Mac.”

To his family, thank you for sharing him with us. We are all better because he was among us. Our condolences to you and our gratitude to God for creating and cultivating such a choice servant of the Kingdom!

Twitter Hypocrisy

June 9, 2021

Unintentional Joke of the Day! Or possibly the millennium. After Twitter banned the President of Nigeria for a tweet threatening stern consequences for young protesters who are launching arson attacks on government offices and police stations, the government of Nigeria retaliated by banning Twitter from the entire country.

You’re right, that’s hilarious (without Twitter, I’ll bet the people of Nigeria get smarter, nicer and more tolerant almost overnight), but I haven’t even gotten to the really funny part yet. Here’s Twitter’s response to being banned from Nigeria (warning, you might want to sit down to keep from falling over laughing):

“We are deeply concerned by the blocking of Twitter in Nigeria. Access to the free and #OpenInternet is an essential human right in modern society. We will work to restore access for all those in Nigeria who rely on Twitter to communicate and connect with the world. #KeepitOn."

So Twitter now admits that in banning Donald Trump, they are denying an American President an essential human right. Likewise, every time they ban a conservative for expressing a conservative viewpoint, or any American for expressing an opinion counter to the unquestionable authority of whatever “experts” their “factcheckers” rely on, they have denied those people an essential human right in modern society.

As you might imagine, a number of prominent conservatives had a field day with Twitter’s bone-jarring hypocrisy, and you can read a round-up of their replies at the link above. A couple of favorites: James Woods, who has been suspended from Twitter on various occasions, replied, “If irony were a food, Twitter could cure hunger overnight.”

And referring to the left’s argument that if you don’t like Twitter’s biased censorship, you can build your own social media platform, one anonymous user told Twitter, “Just build your own Nigeria then.”

Personally, I think Twitter’s hypocrisy speaks for itself, but then, it long has. Aside from Trump and conservatives, what about the way Twitter denies this essential human right to Iranians? Twitter is also officially banned in China, yet Twitter blocked people for questioning China’s official story on the origins of COVID-19. Why did they deny people’s essential human right to be on Twitter to protect a regime that denies the essential human right to be on Twitter?

And while I don’t endorse feminist author Naomi Wolf’s extreme tweets about COVID-19 vaccines, like that they enable you to “time-travel,” isn’t it even more extreme to ban her permanently with no right to appeal, thereby depriving her forever of an “essential human right?” Critics accuse her of spouting crazy, dangerous nonsense, but Hollywood is full of people who do that and they never get banned from Twitter.

I stay on Twitter because it is a good way to reach people, but I’ve also built up my own website, newsletter, TV show, podcast and accounts on many other social media platforms, just in case. To cite some country wisdom, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” Especially not a basket that draws more loons than a porch light draws moths.

The anti-Trump group the Lincoln Project, which defames Abe Lincoln with each mention of its name, also defamed the heroes of D-Day by comparing them to the equally misnamed Antifa (that stands for “anti-fascist,” even though they actually use fascist methods to attack anyone who disagrees with their radical ideology and falsely brand them “fascists.”)

To his everlasting shame, Brian Williams on MSNBC actually devoted some of his airtime to promoting this slanderous propaganda.

It was so jaw-droppingly outrageous that the website, which chronicles stories that sound like the Babylon Bee but are actually true, wrote it up:

I recommend as a must-read, to keep this ridiculous claim from ever taking root in your brain, this write-up from Instapundit, which includes the real history of the Antifa movement that started in Germany in the early 1930s.

Even then, they were a misleadingly named group of communist radicals whose primary goal was to destroy capitalism and who defined all other pro-capitalist parties in Germany as “fascists” so they could claim to be fighting fascism. In that regard, at least, the current Antifa does resemble some people who were around decades ago, but certainly not the heroes of D-Day.

This is a good example of why, when you are entrusted with power, you shouldn’t squander that trust for political reasons. It undermines your ability to take principled stands when people know your own principles are less than solid:

President Biden, on behalf of the US, joined with the European Union in condemning the arrest of dissident blogger Roman Protasevich, who had for months supported and encouraged protests of Belarus’ autocratic leader, Alexandr Lukashenko. After his arrest, Protasevich appeared on TV to recant his previous views and voice support and praise for Lukashenko, leading many to believe he’d been tortured or coerced. Of course, Biden was right to condemn his arrest.

But that gave Russian President Vladimir Putin an opening to remind the world that Biden’s DOJ is prosecuting everyone who entered the Capitol on January 6th, even those not accused of doing anything violent. Putin said, “These are not looters or thieves, these people came with political requests,” and Biden is trying to jail them for protesting what they believed to be corrupt actions by the government. And as the linked story reminds us, the government has used social media and other surveillance state methods to track down those people and jail them, while letting leftist protesters who actually did commit violence and vandalism of government property go free.

I’m from the “two wrongs don’t make a right” school, so I’m not going to dismiss what happened in Belarus or let the violent Capitol protesters off the hook. But Biden did hand Putin the stick to whack him with through his and his party’s own hypocritical double standard on anti-government protests (great when we protest the other side, treason and insurrection when they protest us.) I want our President to be able to take firm moral stands in the world, but first, he has to behave in a way that gives him a leg to stand on.

There’s an article by Michael Dahlen at THE OBJECTIVE STANDARD that tells you everything you need to know about the “woke social justice” movement and anti-racism. It’s long, so find some time, but it’s a must-read.

Read this, and you’ll understand why "wokeness" as expressed in Critical Race Theory is such a threat, and why it has so quickly taken over academia and corporate life. There is absolutely no way to oppose it --- or even to insufficiently support it --- without being accused of racism and punished accordingly. This is a philosophy that’s designed to be impervious to rational argument, because, hey, it associates rationality with white supremacy. If you try to come at it with facts or reason –- which is very easy to do –- that only proves what a white supremacist you are. It’s like the mass hysteria associated with the Salem witch trials: “You are a witch! Better for you just to come out and say so. If you say you’re NOT a witch, that proves to us all the more that you ARE a witch.”

“Oh, and we don’t need evidence," they continue. "We can take your most innocuous statement, maybe from many years ago, and choose to be offended by it, or pretend we know your mind even better than you do and can tell what you really meant by it.”

This philosophy is a house of cards that can’t stand up to debate for five minutes. That’s why they built a protection into it: it doesn’t allow debate.

What “anti-racism” (actually, racism) does is flip the old white-over-black power structure of generations past into reverse. Instead of trying to extinguish oppression, as we’ve been working for many years to do, it asserts that oppression is always with us and always will be, no matter what, in EVERYTHING. And now, they say, it’s time for those “of color” (non-white) to be paid back by white people. White people were on the top; now they’re going to be on the bottom, and we will “guilt” them into going along with this. They believe we are in the time of “racial reckoning.”

What I don’t see “anti-racists” acknowledging is that this philosophy has turned them into the very thing they used to hate when it was white people doing it. THEY are the racists now, only they’ve re-defined “racism” so that in their own minds, they’re not. Language, you see, is a societal construct. And they get to control the language now.

They get to write the dictionary. That’s why we have to call these activists what they want and use their choice of 57 different pronouns to refer to them, but they also get to call us things like “cis-gendered,” even if that’s the last thing we want to be called. This is the new Newspeak. And there's new terminology we're all expected to learn.

Speaking of George Orwell, here’s a three-paragraph excerpt from the article that telegraphically shows how twisted and Orwellian the new “woke” social justice is...


“In George Orwell’s dystopian novel 1984, the ruling socialist party had three slogans: War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength. To say that social justice ideology is Orwellian is an understatement: Reality is a social-linguistic construct—truth is culturally subjective—objectivity is a Western bias—knowledge is a power game—upholding American values is a microaggression—speech is violence—initiating violence is self-defense—earned success is privilege—equal treatment is privilege promoting—argumentation is privilege preserving—disagreement is fragility—merit is unfair—the rule of law is unjust—protecting individual rights is subjugation—individualism is racism—race neutrality is racist—racial discrimination against whites is ‘anti-racist’—color blindness is a preference for whites—diversity of thought is white supremacy—whiteness is domination—being white is to be complicit in racism—being male is to be complicit in sexism—science is racist and sexist—masculinity is toxic—everything is oppressive.

“This is...wholesale intellectual corruption—the corruption of language, thought, and communication. Social justice ideology is brainwashing young minds. It’s rotting our cultural institutions. It’s sowing strife, division, animus.

"Recall that social justice activists want individuals purged for questioning BLM, purged for defending law enforcement, purged for saying “all lives matter,” purged for supporting peaceful protests over riots. They call for abolishing the police. They defend rioting and looting (or commit it themselves). They block, harass, and shut down speakers. They reflexively slander their adversaries as racists, fascists, Nazis, misogynists, or white supremacists."


I hope you’ll read this entire article. You’ll understand how deeply “anti-racists” hate America and how hard they’re trying to burn down every social convention. All must be “sacrificed on the altar of gendered racial identity.” And if you think this is some kind of fringe movement, think again. It’s infected popular culture, academia, corporate business, even the military and government agencies. A society based on this philosophy would be an absolute nightmare, a disaster of epic proportions. But we can beat this back, if we only have the courage to be vocal about it, and ABSOLUTELY REJECT IT. DO NOT SIT QUIETLY.

I’ll end with a few more quotes from the article –- about CRT'S rejection of reason and how we can and MUST fight against this –- hoping, again, that you’ll read the whole article.


“The thuggish, authoritarian behavior of social justice activists follows not only from the specific tenets of their ideology, but from one of their deepest philosophic premises: the postmodernist rejection of reason. When facts, logic, science, and objectivity are off the table, the only alternatives are smears, deceit, intimidation, and violence....

“The only antidote to a corrupt, irrational philosophy is a rational philosophy, one upholding reason, logic, objectivity, and free will, one extolling the value and reality of the individual, one recognizing that the individual is defined and should be judged by his choices, actions, and character, not by his race or gender.168 Such a philosophy, moreover, is the only antidote to racism, sexism, and other forms of prejudice.

“Now more than ever, such a philosophy must be articulated, defended, and tirelessly fought for as if our rights, our freedom, and our nation depend on it—because they do.”

The FBI announced that an international sting called Operation Trojan Shield has accomplished one of the biggest busts of all time, taking down about 800 international criminals in 48 hours. It also resulted in the destruction of more than 50 drug labs, and the seizure of 250 guns, 55 luxury cars, $32 million worth of drugs and $48 million in various currencies. And it was all thanks to the crooks being more addicted to texting than a 14-year-old girl.

The feds realized that crooks rely on stripped-down devices with no phones or GPS so they can’t be traced, but they can access highly-encrypted text messaging services. So unbeknownst to the criminals, the FBI created such a service, called it ANOM, and touted it as the most secure ever created. Before long, it was being used by more than 300 criminal syndicates in 100 countries. After gathering more than 27 million messages' worth of evidence, 9,000 officers converged Monday on 700 locations in the US, Europe, Australia and New Zealand to make raids and arrests.

ANOM has been shut down, but as the story at the link notes, criminals will now have to worry whether the next communications service they join will have someone spying on their every word. Hey, join the club, pals!

The latest large corporate entities that have prioritized leftist virtual signaling over the beliefs of their core customer base are…

Country Music Television (CMT), which is promoting the “Wear orange to support gun control” campaign. Many viewers – make that “former viewers” – are telling them bluntly that they only wear orange when they go deer hunting.

Pizza Hut is under fire for funding a fifth grade social studies “Critical Race Theory” curriculum that resulted in a shocking video of Brooklyn school children parroting the race-based, anti-American hatred they’ve been spoon-fed.

Incidentally, this isn’t just being used in Brooklyn; it’s even infiltrated to places like Iowa. Click the link to find out if your kids are being exposed to it. Also, it’s not just Pizza Hut: there’s a link to a list of a couple of dozen big companies that are also funding the teaching of racist CRT poison to our kids, including Intel, Ford, Ralph Lauren and, yes, Disney.

While we’re on the subject, here are some wise words from Dennis Prager to parents on the single best thing Americans can do to protect their kids and retake America from the hateful radical left.

They say that things start in California and spread eastward to other states (lately, that’s meant leftist political ideas that are like spreading scarlet fever.) But let’s hope we’re seeing the beginnings of an opposite trend in the east that will move westward: New Yorkers who’ve had enough of incompetent leftist Bill DeBlasio's rule, with its attendant violence, filth and lawlessness, appear to be on the verge of rejecting the “progressive” governance that’s regressed the city from its safe, vibrant Giuliani comeback years to the bad old days of the 1970s.

The leading candidate is former law enforcement officer Eric Adams, who is ahead of Andrew Yang, but both are promising to reinvigorate the NYPD. Meanwhile, far-left, blame-the-police “Democratic” Socialist candidate Maya Wiley, who just got the enthusiastic endorsement of AOC, is at 9%. After getting a good, hard dose of what rule by these people really means, I’m amazed that 9% want more of it. Are 9% of NYC residents professional criminals?

As the linked article also notes, an internal study for the Democratic Party is warning that these policies they think are so popular with minorities are not. Whoever would have guessed that blacks and Hispanics don’t necessarily like having their neighborhoods destroyed by rioters and criminals, or paying twice as much for a gallon of gas as they did a year ago, or having biological males taking their daughters' sports trophies away and coming into their locker rooms?

Some other blue cities to the east of NYC are also starting to wake up and smell the smoke from what used to be safe, clean neighborhoods before their idiot leaders defunded the police.

Naturally, Democrats are incapable of admitting leftist policies don’t work, despite the fact that they’ve been tragic failures everywhere they’ve been tried since forever. A New York Times writer hilariously blamed the bad news from the study not on the Democrats' failed policies, but on Republicans for pointing out the awful results of their policies.

Hey, if my constant pointing out of the horrific failures of leftism have in any way helped convince New Yorkers or any other blue state or city residents to elect competent, pro-police, non-America-hating officials, I couldn’t be happier! However, I suspect it’s more likely that they’re just tired of being robbed, looted and shot at.

The Supreme Court also gave the Biden Administration a reality smackdown on illegal immigration.

The Biden DOJ, a lot of liberal Congress members such as Elizabeth Warren, and 17 Democrat state Attorneys General were all lobbying the Court to make a loophole in the law part of immigration law. The case involved an illegal immigrant who was granted Temporary Protected Status (TPS) because it would be dangerous for him to return to El Salvador. He wanted to apply for Legal Permanent Residency (LPR) and get a green card to work here legally.

He (and all those Democrats) wanted the Court to rule that having TPS status for any reason qualified you to apply for permanent residency. Had he prevailed, this would have allowed up to 400,000 people who hold TPS status to become permanent residents, even those who came here illegally.

But the SCOTUS ruled that the law was clear: LPR status requires “admission” into the US, defined to mean “the lawful entry of the alien into the United States after inspection and authorization by an immigration officer.” The plaintiff had gone through none of that because he entered illegally.

It must’ve crushed the Democrats that the ruling was unanimous (9-0) and written by liberal Justice Elena Kagan. The Court noted that changing laws is the job of Congress, not the Court. Indeed, a bill to do this passed the House, but is stalled in the Senate (it has one of those famous Democrat “noble titles” – “The American Dream and Promise Act” – not the “Legalize 400,000 Immigrants Even If They're Here Illegally Act.”) So now, brace for a big push for the Senate to pass that, although it’s unlikely to survive the filibuster, if the filibuster survives.

Court analysts noted that this is the latest in a string of unanimous SCOTUS decisions. While they are actually fairly common, that’s usually in cases that aren’t controversial.

There’s speculation that the SCOTUS might be sending a message to Democrats who want to pack the Court by adding four more liberal Justices that it won’t do any good: if they had to, they could come together and strike down anything that blatantly violates the rule of law and the Constitution by 9-4.

Cookie Politics

June 8, 2021

On her way to visit the Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei, Vice President Kamala Harris passed out cookies shaped like her head to the press. Considering that she was trying to get them to believe the root causes of the illegal immigrant surge are things like “violence against LGBTQ people” and “climate change,” I’d say fudge might’ve been more appropriate.

Fortunately, Giammattei wasn’t swallowing her fudging. In an interview aired Sunday on “Face the Nation,” he explained precisely what’s causing the surge: Joe Biden.

Giammattei said when Biden reversed Trump’s strict border security policies, “The message changed to, ‘We are going to reunite families and we are going to reunite children.’ The very next day, the coyotes here were organizing groups of children to take them to the United States.”

Too bad Harris didn’t just watch “Face the Nation.” It could’ve saved her a trip to Guatemala. And the taxpayer money her trip cost could have paid for something more useful, like, say, her first trip to the US border. Or finishing the wall.

"KKK Princess"

June 8, 2021

Ellie Kemper, star of “The Office” and “The Unbreakable Kimmie Schmidt,” broke under pressure from the Twitter mob and issued a groveling apology and a confession of her “white privilege” and made a donation to BLM.

And what was her heinous, racist crime? Someone found out that in 1999, when she was 19 years old, she participated in a beauty pageant that she didn’t know used to exclude blacks – a policy they did away with 20 years before she entered and a full year before she was even born. For this, she was vilified on Twitter, the cesspool of basement-dwelling “social justice warriors,” who branded her a “KKK princess.”

She made a serious strategic error in playing along with this. Now that they smell blood in the water, they’ll dig through everything she ever said and did, searching for more things they can twist to try to force more apologies from her, because apparently, their own lives are so empty, they have nothing better to do with their time than get jollies from bullying people.

I assume she must have thought she had to do this, since she works in Hollywood, the natural habitat of clueless rich leftists. (Don’t believe me? Check out Cher’s latest tweet, in which she furiously demands that the wrong Senator be driven from office for refusing to abolish the filibuster. As Jonah Goldberg notes, it's a perfect example of the yawning gap between liberals’ intensity of feelings and their actual knowledge of the issues:

In a world in which Ms. Kemper didn’t fear being blacklisted over a false allegation, she would have told her attackers to get a life or ignored them. Or if she really never wanted to work in Hollywood again, she could have pointed out that every current member of the Democratic Party is supporting an organization with a shameful history of defending slavery, white supremacy, lynchings, the KKK and Jim Crow laws.

Democrats breathed a sigh of relief last week and started boasting that they’re in great shape after they pulled out all the stops and won a special election in a New Mexico Congressional district that they won in 2020 by 23 points. Well, not so fast…

Saturday, there was a mayoral election in McAllen, Texas, a border city with an 85% Hispanic population. In a surprise, the mayor’s seat flipped from Democrat to Republican GOP county chairman Javier Villalobos.

Analysts say it may be a sign that Hispanics who supported Trump aren’t just Trump voters and have shifted away from the Democrats. Or it may be a sign that they’ve seen up close and personal the disaster wrought by Biden’s open border policies. Either way, it’s good news for the people of McAllen, but bad news for the Democrats.

Almost every day, there's news about election fraud. It’s just not being widely reported.

In perhaps the biggest story, West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin has announced he won’t vote for the so-called “For The People Act,” which we call the “Legalize Vote Fraud Act.” He rightly says that forcing it through by way of the partisan reconciliation process will further divide the country. And he's right --- if anything could, this is it. The bill runs over 800 pages and, for good reason, has zero GOP support.

Manchin also said he won’t vote to weaken or eliminate the filibuster. His reasoning is consistent: it would have given total power to one party that has only a tiny edge in votes.

Thank you, Sen. Manchin, for standing up for bipartisanship and elections that reflect the will of the people. You've said you don’t want either party --- even your own --- to have absolute power, and we applaud you for that.

Here’s what Sen. Manchin said in his home state newspaper, THE CHARLESTON GAZETTE-MAIL.

“Do we really want to live in an America where one party can dictate and demand anything it wants, whenever it wants?” Manchin wrote. (Note: most Democrat politicians would answer YES!) “I have always said, ‘If I can’t go home and explain it, I can’t vote for it.’ And I cannot explain strictly partisan election reform or blowing up the Senate rules to expedite one party’s agenda.”

“For as long as I have the privilege of being your U.S. senator,” he continued, “I will fight to represent the people of West Virginia, to seek bipartisan compromise no matter how difficult and to develop the political bonds that end divisions and help unite the country we love.”

Amen. And thanks, West Virginians, for making your feelings known about this. I would also add that this bill, by federalizing elections when the Constitution leaves elections to the states, is blatantly unconstitutional.

Mollie Hemingway, whose book about the 2020 election is due out in September, appeared on SUNDAY MORNING FUTURES with Maria Bartiromo to talk about what we know so far.

She noted something former President Obama said last week: that in our focus on election reform, Republicans are trying to “rig” the elections going forward. (Once again, accuse us of what YOU are doing.) I would characterize what he said as not just wrong but downright offensive.

Obama was speaking at The Economic Club of Chicago when he spoke in sharp condemnation of the voting reform laws passed in Georgia and Florida and under consideration in Texas and other states. Here’s a strong opinion piece in the WESTERN JOURNAL about Obama’s presentation, including the video. Read on in the article to see what Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said about the risk posed to Texas by the push to send out mail-in ballots to every registered voter currently on the rolls.

By the way, Republicans in the Georgia House have gone further than passing election reform. They’ve also approved a resolution censuring Secretary of State Brad Raffensperget, saying that he failed to perform his duties “in accordance with the laws of the Constitution of the State of Georgia.” The document itself makes good reading.

According to this document, Raffensperger’s failure stems from the settlement agreement he entered into with the Democratic Party of Georgia, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Republicans accused him of “undermining the security of our elections by allowing mass mailings of absentee applications by his office and third parties [!] which created opportunities for fraud and overwhelmed election offices; rendering accurate signature matching nearly impossible; allowing ballot drop boxes without proper chain of custody; and ignoring sworn affidavits and disregarding evidence of voter fraud.”

Details are in this EPOCH TIMES premium story.

If you’re really into the 2020 statistical anomalies suggestive of election fraud, we recommend this piece from REVOLVER about what appears to have happened in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania. (And no, it doesn’t make us “conspiracy theorists” to want to examine this.) Former President Trump is calling for a Maricopa-style election audit in Pennsylvania, saying the vote was rigged. There should be one.

As Mollie Hemingway said, tens of millions of Americans saw the election as rigged “when laws were changed about how to control and protect our elections, or, sometimes...the courts just intervened or rogue election officials changed the processes by which we make sure that ballots are correct and should be counted.” Indeed, attorney Marc Elias of the law firm Perkins Coie (the firm that paid Fusion GPS for the Steele “dossier”) might very well be the one individual most responsible for the outcome of the 2020 election, just by traveling around the country and getting states to ignore their own laws, the Constitution be damned. It all made cheating easier, regardless of whether or not the machines got hacked.

Hemingway also noted the practice by Big Tech companies of shoveling outside money to county election officials, essentially “privatizing our election process.” The biggest example of this that we know of is the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), which received hundreds of millions of dollars from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg. This money had strings attached; for example, money that went to counties in Wisconsin paid for unsupervised dropboxes in locations determined by...CTCL.

Bartiromo recalled the various locations on Election Night where counts were abruptly stopped and picked up again in the morning. Of course, the most infamous of these, at which a skeleton crew of election tabulators continued counting into the night, unobserved, after the building had been evacuated because of a nonexistent burst pipe, was in Fulton County, Georgia, at the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

“The whole problem with absentee voting and mail-in balloting is that we don’t even know how many ballots are out there,” Hemingway said. “This is a big concern for people who care about election fraud, ‘cause you need to be able to trust elections to have a republic.” And we can't.

Moving on...the Maricopa audit is working at good pace, with 60 percent of the ballots counted so far. But as the Arizona GOP tweeted Friday, “Democrats aren’t just trying to stop the audit, they are using it to raise millions of dollars from Big Tech and Corporate Cronies, grab power, finance campaigns, and further their anti-American agenda.” Well, of course they are.

Finally, Mike Lindell hasn’t backed down one iota –- that means "infinitesimal amount" –- on his claims of fraud. We had to go looking for his most recent video and finally found, on his own website, a choice edit that deals with his latest findings. I’ll tell you, it’s much easier to find the so-called “debunkings” (which aren't) than it is to find the videos themselves. And once you see this, you’l be wary of how simple it might be for China to hack into voting machines. The huge take-away is that to have secure elections, we have to go back to old-school paper-and-pen ballots. Stop electronic voting NOW.

Saturday, former President Trump returned to the political spotlight with a nearly 90-speech at the GOP state convention in North Carolina. The speech was vintage Trump, as he listed his Administration’s accomplishments and blasted Biden’s policy disasters. He also called on Republicans to fight for election integrity laws and to keep Critical Race Theory out of schools.

The speech also contained some hard news, such as his daughter-in-law Lara Trump announcing that she will not run for Senate in North Carolina, followed by Trump endorsing state Rep. Ted Budd for the seat.

Trump also called on all nations to band together to present China with a bill for $10 trillion for the cost of the pandemic, and for them to collectively cancel any debt they owe to China as a down payment.

Here’s the speech in full on YouTube (watch it while you can!):

And here’s a good write-up of the speech by Jeff Crouere at

Incidentally, all the leftist politicians, prosecutors, deep staters and tech billionaires who are conspiring like mad to try to keep Trump from running for President again might suffer a brain embolism when they hear this suggestion for something he could do that would probably be much easier to accomplish: becoming Speaker of the House.

Free College Tuition

June 7, 2021

I’ve sometimes taken flak for defending Bill Maher, but even though we’re usually diametrically opposed on the issues, sometimes he’s undeniably right (you know, when he agrees with me), and he’s one of the few people left on the liberal side with the guts to actually speak up and call the leftists on their nonsense.

I don’t know if Bill is getting more conservative or if the left is just getting more nonsensical (I strongly suspect the latter), but he’s been doing it a lot more often these days. Here’s the latest example, from his HBO show Friday, where he ripped into both President Biden’s plans to give everyone “free” college tuition and the overall uselessness of today’s universities in general. (Warning: Contains the kind of language used by Bill Maher.)

On the same subject, here’s a thought-provoking article by a Michigan Congress member and a university president, listing 13 reasons why “free” college tuition is a bad, self-destructive idea that will harm students, colleges, taxpayers and America in the long run.

It looks as if the Democrats’ hopes have been dashed for shoving HR1, their Legalize Vote Fraud Act (they call it the “For The People” Act, but my name for it is far more accurate), through Congress with one tie-breaking Senate vote. It’s thanks to West Virginia Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin.

It was already iffy whether they’d be able to hide it inside a bill that could pass through reconciliation and not be subject to the 60 votes needed to end a filibuster. Both Manchin and Arizona Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema are under heavy fire from the left for opposing their dream of doing away with the filibuster - an incredibly short-sighted power grab that would surely come back to bite them, just as ending the filibuster for judicial nominees did, but long-term planning is not the strong suit of liberals.

But Manchin made it clear that even if they could pass HR1 with 50 Senate votes, they won’t have 50 because he won’t vote for it. Manchin said, “The right to vote is fundamental to our American democracy and protecting that right should not be about party or politics. Least of all, protecting this right, which is a value I share, should never be done in a partisan manner.” He said the current debate on how to hold elections “is not about finding common ground, but seeking partisan advantage,” and “partisan policymaking won’t instill confidence in our democracy — it will destroy it.”

He added that any bill about voting rights should be the result of Democrats and Republicans working together, or “we risk further dividing and destroying the republic we swore to protect and defend as elected officials.” HR1 is a purely Democrat invention opposed by 100% of Republicans.

As for passing it by doing away with the filibuster, that’s also a no-go. Manchin said, “It has been said by much wiser people than me that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Well, what I’ve seen during my time in Washington is that every party in power will always want to exercise absolute power, absolutely. Our founders were wise to see the temptation of absolute power and built in specific checks and balances to force compromise that serves to preserve our fragile democracy.”

It's rare to see someone in Washington these days say something that wise or take a stand on principle in the face of an onslaught of angry personal attacks and threats from his own party. In fact, that’s so wise that I’m sure it will result in an even bigger onslaught of angry personal attacks and threats. He should take that as verification that he is absolutely doing the right thing.

And just to prove how 180 degrees out of phase with reality the pushers of HR1 are, here’s former Obama aide Ben Rhodes actually using the anniversary of D-Day to compare proponents of HR1 to the Normandy Invasion troops and Republicans who oppose it to the Nazis.

Trump accuses Democrats of rigging the 2020 election: he’s banned from all social media platforms, accused of insurrection and promoting a “Big Lie” and branded an enemy of democracy. Obama accuses Republicans of “rigging the game” by passing basic election integrity laws such as showing ID, and he’s still on social media and hailed as America’s conscience.

But outdoing Obama in the double standards sweepstakes is CNN’s Jake Tapper. Tapper declared to the New York Times that he would not ask for interviews with any Republican who questioned the 2020 election because they are “Big Liars” who are trying to undermine democracy. When it was pointed out to him on Twitter that his bookers had tried to book Sen. Josh Hawley 18 times since January 6th, including just five days before, he blamed it on his bookers and still insisted that no Big Liar who claims presidential elections can be stolen will be allowed on his show.

That gave his critics the opening to point out that Tapper had pushed the debunked “Russian collusion” story about Russia stealing the 2016 election for two years. He also wrote a book called “Down and Dirty: The Plot to Steal the Presidency” that accused George W. Bush of stealing the election from Al Gore. So by his own standards, Jake Tapper should ban himself from the Jake Tapper show.

I predict that would lead to a big uptick in ratings.

Remembering D-Day

June 7, 2021

While we were taking our day of rest on Sunday, the world commemorated the 77th anniversary of D-Day, the biggest seaborne invasion in history and likely the most complex military operation of all time. Somehow, a massive invasion involving over 300,000 troops was kept secret until the moment it began on the beaches of Normandy.

Of the Allied troops who stormed the beaches or parachuted behind enemy lines, thousands were killed or injured by relentless gunfire from the entrenched German snipers’ positions. But they fought on and eventually prevailed, gaining a foothold in France and marking the turning of the tide of World War II in Europe.

Here are two articles from Fox News about both D-Day then and the 77th anniversary events.

Here is the website of the National D-Day Memorial with more information.

Here are two fine blog articles about D-Day, the second giving some information about the less-well-known Juno Beach Landings.

And this is a must-read article by Rick Moran at PJ Media about Sunday’s anniversary commemorations in France.

Because of the pandemic, live events were still very limited, with only one D-Day veteran attending the ceremony at the Normandy American Cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer. That was 96-year-old American Charles Shay, who lives in Normandy.

Shay said, “In France, people who remember these men, they kept them close to their heart. And they remember what they did for them. And I don’t think the French people will ever forget.”

Sadly, many young Americans are in danger of forgetting because they’re not being taught accurate American history. It’s hard to push a narrative about America being evil when you have to tell students how many Americans willingly risked their lives and limbs to stop the Nazis and save innocent people they’d never met on the other side of the world. As Moran rightly points out, the word “courage” has been devalued in our modern age, as it’s applied to everyone from celebrities admitting their drug problems to comedians insulting the President.

But the anniversary of D-Day is a reminder of what true courage really is. It’s doing the right thing, even when it requires charging head-on into the face of death. D-Day veterans often shun the title of “hero,” but nobody is more deserving of it. And nobody is more deserving of being remembered and honored long after their lives are over, and long after all of our lives are over.

Today's Must-Read

June 6, 2021

Jen Van Laar at reports that one of the highest-ranking defectors ever from China has been working for three months with the Defense Intelligence Agency. This defector reportedly has provided extensive, detailed knowledge of China’s special weapons programs, including bioweapons and the origin of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

US intelligence reportedly now believes that China is trying to produce variants of the virus to suggest that it came from bats to cover up the fact that it came from a lab. They still believe at this point that it escaped accidentally, but was allowed to spread.

Inside sources claim that information from the defector is what led to the sudden crisis of confidence in Dr. Anthony Fauci. Also, it’s reported that the defector was kept in the DIA’s Clandestine Services Network and knowledge of him/her was kept from the FBI, CIA, State Department and other agencies out of concern that there are Chinese spies or sources in those agencies (I’d say that’s a pretty safe bet.) Even FBI Director Christopher Wray was reportedly kept out of the loop and suddenly “ambushed” with the information.

Oh, come on: if you can’t trust Christopher Wray, who can you trust? That’s sarcastic, of course. It’s like saying you can trust the word of the Chinese government, and who’d be dumb enough to do that?

In a related story, Dr. Fauci says that the recent attacks on him are "very much an attack on science."

I agree that science has been under attack, but not from the people criticizing Dr. Fauci.

A graduating senior at Lake Highlands High School in Dallas is getting showered with praise from liberal celebrities and politicians, including Hillary Clinton, for using her valedictorian speech to promote abortion rights and denounce Texas’ “heartbeat” abortion limit law.

I could only imagine what their reaction would be if someone used a valedictorian speech to promote pro-life beliefs and denounce the atrocity of abortion. In fact, we don’t have to imagine. Officials at a Michigan high school tried to censor a girl’s valedictorian speech just because she referred to her Christian faith in it. She planned to say that her "future hope is found in my relationship with Christ. By trusting him and choosing to live a life dedicated to bringing His kingdom glory, I can be confident that I am living a life filled with purpose and meaning. My identity is found by what God says and who I want to become is laid out in Scripture.”

The principal reportedly told her, "These are your strong beliefs, but they are not appropriate for a speech in a school public setting." (Unlike promoting abortion, I suppose.) Fortunately, the principal backed down after receiving a letter from lawyers at the First Liberty Institute, demanding that the student be allowed to exercise her First Amendment rights. They said graduation speeches are private speech, not government speech subject to separation of church and state.

So, I wonder when this student will get her congratulatory tweets from Hillary and the rest, lauding her for standing up for her rights, not backing down and speaking truth to power? I won’t be holding my breath. One thing I’ve noticed about liberals is that they’re always ready to defend free speech, as long as you’re saying something they agree with.

For the record, I don’t think the first girl should have given a pro-abortion speech, but I also don’t think she should have given an anti-abortion speech either (the other girl’s speech wasn’t about public policy, it was about her personal religious beliefs that affect her plans for the future, which is an appropriate topic for a graduation speech.) The audience wasn’t there to have someone’s politics inflicted on them, they were there to see a graduation ceremony. Anyone who’s the valedictorian should be smart enough to know that.

My fellow Americans: Last night, when I spoke with you about the fall of Rome, I knew at that moment that troops of the United States and our allies were crossing the Channel in another and greater operation. It has come to pass with success thus far.

And so, in this poignant hour, I ask you to join with me in prayer:

Almighty God: Our sons, pride of our Nation, this day have set upon a mighty endeavor, a struggle to preserve our Republic, our religion, and our civilization, and to set free a suffering humanity.

Lead them straight and true; give strength to their arms, stoutness to their hearts, steadfastness in their faith.

They will need Thy blessings. Their road will be long and hard. For the enemy is strong. He may hurl back our forces. Success may not come with rushing speed, but we shall return again and again; and we know that by Thy grace, and by the righteousness of our cause, our sons will triumph.

They will be sore tried, by night and by day, without rest-until the victory is won. The darkness will be rent by noise and flame. Men's souls will be shaken with the violences of war.

For these men are lately drawn from the ways of peace. They fight not for the lust of conquest. They fight to end conquest. They fight to liberate. They fight to let justice arise, and tolerance and good will among all Thy people. They yearn but for the end of battle, for their return to the haven of home.

Some will never return. Embrace these, Father, and receive them, Thy heroic servants, into Thy kingdom.

And for us at home -- fathers, mothers, children, wives, sisters, and brothers of brave men overseas -- whose thoughts and prayers are ever with them--help us, Almighty God, to rededicate ourselves in renewed faith in Thee in this hour of great sacrifice.

Many people have urged that I call the Nation into a single day of special prayer. But because the road is long and the desire is great, I ask that our people devote themselves in a continuance of prayer. As we rise to each new day, and again when each day is spent, let words of prayer be on our lips, invoking Thy help to our efforts.

Give us strength, too -- strength in our daily tasks, to redouble the contributions we make in the physical and the material support of our armed forces.

And let our hearts be stout, to wait out the long travail, to bear sorrows that may come, to impart our courage unto our sons wheresoever they may be.

And, O Lord, give us Faith. Give us Faith in Thee; Faith in our sons; Faith in each other; Faith in our united crusade. Let not the keenness of our spirit ever be dulled. Let not the impacts of temporary events, of temporal matters of but fleeting moment let not these deter us in our unconquerable purpose.

With Thy blessing, we shall prevail over the unholy forces of our enemy. Help us to conquer the apostles of greed and racial arrogancies. Lead us to the saving of our country, and with our sister Nations into a world unity that will spell a sure peace a peace invulnerable to the schemings of unworthy men. And a peace that will let all of men live in freedom, reaping the just rewards of their honest toil.

Thy will be done, Almighty God.


Rep. Alexandria “Don’t Call Me AOC” Ocasio-Cortez offered forth some more of her renowned wisdom this week, declaring that there’s no evidence that insane Democrat policies like doing away with bail or defunding the police have caused the skyrocketing crime waves in blue cities. No, she insists that if we want less crime, we need to build fewer jails.

This inspired a brilliant idea for me, too: if we don’t want any more pandemics, we need to build fewer hospitals. Think about it: what’s the #1 sign of a pandemic? Hospitals full of patients. No hospitals, no patients; and no patients, ipso facto, no pandemic!

Sorry, having to listen to nonsense like this got me thinking like a liberal for a minute.

AOC claims there’s no evidence that the rise in crime was caused by leftist policies, but that’s like saying you see no evidence that a flood was caused by a rainstorm, just because you slept through the rainstorm. At the risk of suggesting something that might be beyond her abilities, I’d suggest she try connecting the dots. Read this article from the Wall Street Journal about the horrific conditions being suffered by minorities in cities that defunded the police and allowed rioters and looters to run riot.

It points out that in Minneapolis, between January 1st and last week, homicides were up 108% from the same period last year, shootings were up 153%, and carjackings up 222%. Similar crime spikes have been seen in other blue cities with similar policies, including New York, L.A. and Chicago. Perhaps most horrifying of all, shootings of children in Minneapolis are up 171%. The grandmother of a 10-year-old boy who’s fighting for his life asked why nobody is mad and protesting that; is it only because a cop didn’t shoot him?

In a darkly ironic twist, the area known as “George Floyd Square” is now described as a burned-out, desolate, isolated, police-free zone where residents live in fear and senior citizens sleep in their bathtubs to try to avoid being shot through their windows. The WSJ article notes that Democrats blame this crime wave on the pandemic, but it actually started after the George Floyd riots, which began two months after the pandemic shutdowns began.

To be fair, AOC does have a bit of a point buried under her usual illogical verbiage. If someone is genuinely mentally ill, they should be in a hospital or care facility rather than jail (of course, it was leftists who insisted that it was a violation of civil rights to involuntarily institutionalize people and gave us the epidemic of mentally ill homeless people.) It probably would help reduce some crimes if we focused more on root causes such as preventing drug abuse or street gangs. But without the threat of possible jail time, some would sincerely seek help while others would just play the system to see what they could get away with.

Ironically, the only reforms that would truly make a difference are things that AOC and her comrades would virulently oppose.

First, improve inner city schools. We all know how bad many urban public schools are, and Democrats have recently given us a perfect example of how they prioritize teachers’ unions over the students. With the endless lockdowns, poor minority students have suffered the most, since many can’t afford the Internet or tutors. Want to help them avoid falling into drugs and crime? Help them get better educations. And I mean real educations, not teaching them that they can never get ahead because America is racist.

Next, a reform I know AOC would hate: bring back traditional, Judeo-Christian values.

Leftists lament that in crime-ridden urban neighborhoods, many young people have no respect for life, but they want to put an abortion clinic on every corner. They want new government programs to deal with gangs of young males who grew up without fathers, while demonizing marriage, dismissing the importance of fathers and incentivizing having kids out of wedlock (the founders of Black Lives Matter have openly stated that one of their goals is the destruction of the nuclear family, which is the #1 culprit in the destruction of black lives over the past half-century.) AOC wants a slew of new government programs to provide every need even as leftists wage war on churches that used to provide such charitable assistance, along with the spiritual guidance to help people overcome their demons, understand that God loves them, and get on their own feet so they no longer need charity.

If AOC really wants to rebuild families, instill respect for life and help people overcome sin and temptation, I’m actually with her. I just seriously doubt that she’d approve of the only things that would actually accomplish those goals.

Speaking of AOC, she actually blamed the still-unrepaired damage to her grandmother’s home in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria on “systemic injustices” and Donald Trump. That led conservative commentator Matt Walsh to launch a GoFundMe account to raise money to pay for AOC’s grandmother’s home repairs, since AOC can afford a Tesla but can’t seem to cover her grandmother’s handyman bills. He suggested giving $499, the monthly cost of a Tesla lease.

It was picked up by other conservatives eager to rub AOC’s nose in it (Ben Shapiro, for instance, pledged $499), and the fund rose to $104,153.

But someone in AOC’s family said her grandmother would not take the money, so it’s being refunded. Apparently, AOC won’t accept voluntary help from conservatives. She’ll only accept help in the form of taxes taken from them by force.