April 8, 2020 

By Mike Huckabee



I said a few days ago that China’s attempt to swoop in and save the day for other countries infected with the Wuhan virus is like an arsonist who runs into the building he set on fire to make himself look like the hero. It seems that this analogy may be even more descriptive than I thought.

Obviously, we can’t trust numbers coming out of China. On April 7, NBC NEWS tweeted that in a 24-hour period, the U.S. reported 1,264 deaths from coronavirus while China reported “not a single new coronavirus death.” Technically, that’s correct: China REPORTED not a single new death. But why is NBC willingly serving as China’s propaganda microphone? That’s not to pick on NBC; they’re not the only ones doing this.

Steven W. Mosher, author of the extremely timely book “BULLY OF ASIA: Why China’s Dream Is The New Threat To World Order,” appeared Tuesday on Laura Ingraham’s show to talk about this. He opened by saying what we already know: that from the beginning, China has lied outrageously. “They don’t just fudge the numbers,” he said; “they make them up out of whole cloth.”


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COVID-19 News

For those who prefer to watch the White House briefings on the COVID-19 (Wuhan/Chinese) coronavirus without Don Lemon crying lemonade all over their TV screens, here is Tuesday’s full briefing on YouTube.

Also, last night on Fox News, Sean Hannity had an exclusive interview with President Trump. If you missed it, you can catch it here.

And here are some highlight quotes:

The major news of the day was Trump’s slam of the World Health Organization. He pointed out that while the US financial contribution to the WHO ($513 million in 2017) dwarfs that of China, the WHO has been parroting Chinese propaganda, which has caused them to repeatedly be wrong about the coronavirus pandemic. Trump said he was taking a “strong look” at freezing that funding, but later said now maybe isn’t the time.

Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) had the predictable meltdown, since they still don’t understand the difference between “sending crazy, capricious, confusing messages” and “putting someone on notice that they’re on thin ice and had better shape up or else.” That’s because working in politics and the media, they don’t comprehend the idea of there being a connection between being incompetent or insubordinate and losing your paycheck.


Blogger Lawrence Person, who’s spent the past year working overtime to compile his “Democratic Presidential Clown Car” updates, turns his attention to a subject that could prove even harder than keeping track of all the Democrats who ran for President. He’s now trying to chronicle all the lies China has told about the coronavirus. This blog could eventually end up being longer than Wikipedia.


The pushers of the old poison of socialism under the snazzy new label of “Democratic Socialism” want people to believe their version is different from the old tyrannical dictatorships because it will be implemented by caring, compassionate people like them. You know the old saying: Socialism works great, it’s just that the right people have never been in charge of implementing it.

Well, if there’s any upside to the current coronavirus lockdown, maybe it’s opening the eyes of a lot of misled young people. They’re getting a firsthand lesson in one of the biggest problems with socialism: it doesn’t take human nature into account. Specifically, that power corrupts, and that the people who really want a lot of government power (leftists) are the last people who should be trusted with it, because they’ll use any excuse to expand it.

And so, we’ve seen stories about a surfer being arrested for surfing on a deserted beach, a teenage girl fined for taking a drive by herself in a closed car, and now, a Colorado man being handcuffed by police for playing catch with his wife and daughter in a deserted park. How any of these people were spreading the coronavirus is beyond me, but their real “crime” was in not abiding by a one-size-fits-all government encroachment on their personal freedom.

Meanwhile, liberal elites, as always, carve out exceptions for themselves, such as New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio continuing to go to the gym (he needs the exercise because his job is so much more important than yours) and now, Chicago’s Mayor violating her own strict stay-at-home order to get a haircut. She even became indignant when questioned on it because she’s the “public face of the city” and is on national media and in the public eye. Naturally, her hair needs to look good while you can look like a llama with bed head.

So, kids, if you want to know what a “Democratic socialist” America would really be like, take a good hard look. The government using heavy-handed enforcement to tell you what you’re allowed to do and what’s banned because they deem it “non-essential,” while the politicians exempt and indulge themselves because they’re more important than you.

Oh, and all those empty toilet paper shelves at the supermarket? Imagine them being empty permanently.

That’s socialism.

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Acting Navy Secretary Thomas Modly has resigned after apologizing for infuriating sailors aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt by dropping in just to tell them that their recently-relieved commander, Capt. Brett Crozier, was either naïve or stupid or deliberately insubordinate in his handling of a coronavirus outbreak on board the ship. Ironically, Crozier was removed for circulating a memo to Navy leaders about the problems on the ship that was obtained by the media. So Modly lost his job because he spoke out of turn about Capt. Crozier speaking out of turn. Modly could have kept his position if President Trump had declined his resignation, but obviously, he did not.

The current Army Undersecretary Jim McPherson will become acting Secretary of the Navy. Let’s hope he quickly restores discipline, particularly discipline over one’s mouth. It’s easy to forget this after Hillary Clinton, but blabbing sensitive government communications that are supposed to remain private really is a serious offense.

1. U.S. # CONFIRMED CASES (As of 7:34 AM): 399,929   DEATHS: 12,911  RECOVERIES: 22,539 (Reported recoveries)

Source:  Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center

TESTS GIVEN:  2,064,146

Source: The Covid Tracking Project

2.  CDC RECOMMENDATIONS: How to protect yourself  |  What to do if you are sick

3.  WHO IS TO BLAME?:  Here's an idea: send China the bill.


The Henry Jackson Society, a British think tank, has compiled a detailed report recommending that the G7 nations (the US, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan and Britain) sue China for at least $4 trillion in damages for causing the coronavirus pandemic. Here are details on the many ways China violated international law and various ways in which they could be held to account legally.

Good idea. They sent their plague to us, I say we sic our plague – lawyers – on them.


Dr. Anthony Fauci has been one of the more pessimistic voices about restarting the economy, but he seemed to backtrack a bit yesterday, saying he expects that by fall, kids will be return to school and we’ll be back to gathering safely in public again. He cautions that the virus isn’t just going to go away and it’s impossible to predict accurately, but click the link for details on why he thinks things will improve fairly quickly.

And here are some hopeful comments about the coronavirus and the economy from HUD Secretary Ben Carson, who, unlike every one of the reporters attacking the President and spreading gloom and doom, actually is a brain surgeon.

Bible Verse of the Day (KJV)

"And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us."

1 John 5:14 (KJV)



Yesterday, I said that one way for China to be held accountable for the WUHAN virus from WUHAN, CHINA, was for us to tally up the astronomical financial hit we’re taking and simply subtract it from the amount of U.S. debt held by the Chinese. I see I am not the only one to be thinking along these lines.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsay Graham, appearing on Monday’s SEAN HANNITY show, said, “If it were up to me, the whole world should send China a bill for the pandemic.” He went on to say that this is the third pandemic to come out of China, that they come out of “these wet markets” that sell bats, monkeys and many more species of exotic animals “intermingled with the food supply.”

Of course, in this case, it’s not just the food supply we have to worry about –- it’s very likely the “Level 4” biolab and another infectious disease lab near the market, both of which study coronaviruses. (I use quotation marks because the actual level of containment in these labs seems to be much lower.)

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"Yeah, I’d make China pay, big-time,” Sen. Graham said. Then, he asked the big question: Who would you rather have taking on China next year, President Trump or Joe Biden? “I don’t think that would be a hard decision for most people,” he said.

I think that, deep down, in all his confusion, even Joe Biden might agree with us.

It’s not just that China deceived the world about the virus, most notably about its human-to-human spread, but that it very likely came from their own laboratories. Surely President Trump is thinking about financial resolutions such as this to the economic devastation being caused by the virus. This is far from over, and there's going to be a very big price tag.

I have every confidence in President Trump to handle this situation well. As I said to Hannity later in the same show, he’s doing what a good executive does: he’s delegating, surrounding himself with smart people, and turning decisions over to those at the state and local levels who are closer to those directly being affected. Democrats always want to cram everyone into a one-size-fits-all solution whether it works for them or not, and Trump is trying to avoid doing that, in favor of giving governors the resources they need and let them determine how best to use them.

One thing I really appreciate is that Trump hasn’t tried to second-guess every decision the governors make. (I would also think that maybe he’s sensitive to that because every decision HE makes, as President, is constantly second-guessed.) As I’ve been in the governor’s role myself, I know how much Trump's approach would help me do the job of managing my state. (In fact, some states, such as Washington and Oregon, are reportedly taking the initiative to send their surplus supplies, including ventilators, to locations that are being hit harder now, such as New York.) Even Democrat governors such as Gavin Newsom of Los Angeles and Andrew Cuomo of New York have publicly complimented President Trump on his leadership style, even though they’re not exactly political allies.

Anyway, if anyone can deal with China in the aftermath of this almost unimaginable disruption, it’s Trump. And that includes financially. I’m glad I’m not the only one to be suggesting this solution.

Even though the Wuhan virus pandemic continues to suck up virtually all the news coverage, Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) got distracted long enough to slam President Trump for something different: the firing of Intelligence Community Inspector General (ICIG) Michael Atkinson.

If you’ve followed ICIG Atkinson’s story in my newsletter and have read the linked-to reports from Sean Davis, John Solomon, Sara Carter and Margot Cleveland, among others, you know Atkinson richly deserved the boot. Of course, Democrats described his unceremonious canning as Trump’s payback for Atkinson passing along the bogus report of “whistleblower” ERIC CIARAMELLA to House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s office and kicking off the impeachment. What they don’t mention is all the reasons his actions were flagrantly wrong and termination-worthy.

Margot Cleveland has another great piece in THE FEDERALIST that will refresh your memory on the details, which I’m sure have been fresh in President Trump’s mind for a long time. Recall that when Atkinson received the complaint from CIA official CIARAMELLA concerning a phone conversation Trump had had with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, he accepted the nine unsubstantiated pages as worthy of forwarding to the then-acting Director of National Intelligence (DNI) Joseph Maguire, maintaining to the DNI that this complaint fell within the statutory provisions of the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Protection Act.

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Under the act, the complaint was supposed to be forwarded within seven days to the House and Senate Intel committees and the complainant was supposed to have whistleblower protection. But this complaint doesn't fall under the act, and that’s why I refuse to pretend it does and will specify the name ERIC CIARAMELLA any time I want, typically using capital letters just to make the point. CIARAMELLA was “outed” long ago; everyone knows his identity and I won’t play the we-don’t-know-who-the-whistleblower-is game.

When Maguire received the complaint from Atkinson, he didn’t think it fit the whistleblower statute and consulted the DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel. They issued a detailed opinion stating that the complaint indeed did not fit the statute. To fit, the complaint needed to accuse the President of misconduct relating “to the funding, administration, or operation of an intelligence activity,” and that’s not what this was at all. Also, the Director of National Intelligence does not have “responsibility and authority” over Trump. The DOJ lawyers ruled that the Intelligence Community Whistleblower Act did not apply.

They also said that Atkinson should refer his complaint to the Department of Justice, not give it to the intelligence committees. Atkinson ignored this, went around Maguire and the DOJ and sent a letter to Adam Schiff telling him about the complaint. Schiff responded by going to Maguire and demanding he provide the House Intel Committee with the complaint, though doing so would violate executive privilege because it involved presidential communications. Maguire said he couldn’t do that.

Schiff had a big schiff-fit about that and implied that the President was behind Maguire’s refusal to turn over the complaint. Trump responded by declassifying not only the complaint but the transcript of the phone call that prompted it, showing the complaint to be a huge pack of lies.

But they impeached him, anyway.

Oh, there’s much more. To cite just one more example, recall that it was discovered there had been some “stealth editing” of the whistleblower complaint form by someone in Atkinson’s office to delete the stated requirement that for a complaint to be considered “credible,” the whistleblower must possess “first-hand information.” CIARAMELLA had not one speck of first-hand information, as he was not even on the phone call he was complaining about. But the altered complaint form paved the way for him to submit his complaint anyhow. Atkinson knew the rules; unless he were in on the scheme, how could he not determine that a hearsay complaint such as this one would not be considered credible?

Perhaps we could find out more about what Atkinson was doing to coordinate with Schiff’s office and otherwise set up Trump for a phony impeachment, but according to Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton he was “evasive to the point of being insolent and obstructive” in front of the Republican-led Senate Intelligence Committee. And in the House, Schiff continues to block release of the transcript for “Witness 18,” who is Atkinson. That’s right, even after all this time and the release of all 17 of the other transcripts, this one is still being held back. (And, of course, CIARAMELLA, with his bogus “whistleblower” protection, never had to come forward and testify at all.)

It seems that President Trump could declassify Atkinson’s testimony and call for it to be released. Perhaps he will, but that will probably come later. I understand he’s got a lot on his plate right now.

In George Orwell’s ever-timelier masterpiece “1984,” what’s true today has ALWAYS been true. Oceania is at peace with Eurasia and at war with East Asia; it has always been so. It would be “thoughtcrime” to believe otherwise, even if way back in the recesses of one’s memory, one can dimly recall a time when Oceania was at war with Eurasia and at peace with East Asia.

So it is with many things in America in 2020, particularly critiques of President Trump’s response to the Wuhan virus. Oops, it’s also thoughtcrime to think of it as the Wuhan virus, or Chinese virus, even though it’s from Wuhan, China. And it has been thoughtcrime to believe the virus might have originated not in the wet market but in one of two biolabs in Wuhan studying infectious disease. One of these is a mere 900 feet from the wet market. We are supposed to believe that it first “jumped” into a human at the market. Better yet, accept the newer Chinese line that U.S. soldiers brought the virus to China.

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As time goes on, mainstream media coverage is getting worse; the narrative has done a full-180 when it comes to who did what, when. It increasingly mischaracterizes conservative media’s response to the virus, insisting that Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh minimized the threat. Questioning untested computer models or thinking twice about shutting down the entire American economy does NOT make one a pollyanna about an unknown virus.

But it’s only now, the narrative goes, with thousands infected, that Trump and conservative media can see the true impact of the virus. Trump’s effort is too little, too late, and he’s responsible for people dying, according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

This is the same Nancy Pelosi who on February 24 said “Come to Chinatown...come join us.”

Uh-oh, that’s thoughtcrime. Watch out for the Thought Police. Even worse, I just wrote it for you to read, and linked to the video so you could see it for yourself, instead of dropping it down the memory hole like a good Winston Smith.

Remember when President Trump first introduced the idea of closing the United States to air traffic from mainland China? He boldly called for that at the end of January, saving untold Americans from infection and possible death. Remember the reaction at the time? Why, Trump was xenophobic (the word of the year); he was a racist. This virus was just an excuse to shut down the borders, they said, just as he’s always wanted to do; the threat was mild. We’ve all seen the montages created by Sean Hannity and others of Democrats underplaying the danger of social contact. Democrats did this not because it was true but because Trump was articulating the danger, and he couldn’t be allowed to be right.

Then there’s Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton, who was smeared by the media in mid-February for daring to to ask questions about the Level 4 biolab and another nearby facility and their coronavirus studies. The nerve –- pointing out the lack of transparency from the Chinese. Democrats and the media (I repeat myself) called him a right-wing conspiracy theorist.

But he never did accuse the biolabs –- he just raised the question and wanted answers. As we’ve said here, and as reported by A. G. Hamilton in NATIONAL REVIEW, “Cotton specifically said that ‘we don’t have evidence that the disease originated there, but because of China’s duplicity and dishonesty from the beginning, we need to at least ask the question to see what the evidence says.”

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There’s nothing conspiratorial or paranoid or false or even political about this statement, so the media had to twist his words, just as they deliberately twist and/or misinterpret much of what the President says. Once they’ve twisted it to say something different, it’s easy to debunk. In this case, they debunked the claim that there was evidence China was making bioweapons, which Cotton never said. Hamilton points out that they repeatedly quoted one of the leading biosecurity experts in the world, Richard Ebright from Rutgers University, to debunk that fake claim, even though he is known to AGREE with Cotton’s ACTUAL claim that COVID-19 could possibly have spread from the Wuhan lab. The media didn’t quote him on that part!

This story is evolving as we obtain more evidence that a Wuhan biolab might have been responsible. So the media have to play tricks to avoid retracting their earlier false accusastions. They’ll ease into the new story, as the WASHINGTON POST did when it finally said that “scientists don’t rule out that an accident at a research laboratory in Wuhan might have spread a deadly bat virus that had been collected for scientific study.” That statement is consistent with what Cotton was saying and continues to say. But to my knowledge, no one has retracted any misquotations attributed to him, let alone apologized to him.

We talk about not being able to trust the narrative from China, but it sure would be nice to have reason to trust the one being spun by our own media. Sadly, when it comes to the truth, many in American media have little more in common with it than the ChiComms do. They’d parrot a line straight from President Xi if it meant another chance to slam the leader they REALLY hate, President Trump.

By the way, the World Health Organization has made it easy for the ChiComms to lie. Highly recommended reading...

5 Keys to Unlocking WHO’s Ties to China and Its Response to COVID-19

Cotton was on Sunday’s LIFE, LIBERTY & LEVIN, saying we need to look at “the reasons why it is gonna be necessary to fundamentally take stock and reassess our relationship with China at the end of this pandemic, because China has to be held accountable, and there must be a reckoning for their behavior.” Indeed. I think one interesting way would be to tally up our astronomical financial hit from this and subtract it from the amount of our debt they hold.

Cotton understands all too well why the media are trying to tune out President Trump’s daily press briefings. As one of the best-informed on this issue you’ll find, he considers these briefings to be quite valuable. “The President has really taken charge,” he says, “over this last couple of weeks.” He still gives Trump high marks for going against a lot of advice he got at the time and shutting down flights from China.

I’ll leave you with the positive words of Senator Cotton, which will be ignored if not ridiculed by the hysterical media: “I commend the President. I know that we’ve got many tough days ahead of us, as he said, but I, like so many other Americans, are praying for him and praying for all the brave men and women who are working on his task force, or working in hospitals, growing our food, getting [it] into grocery stores, helping care for our communities. Again, that shows the true spirit of America and why, when this pandemic is behind us, we’ll be stronger than ever before.”

That was true yesterday, it’s true today, and, God willing, it’ll be true tomorrow.

Sunday is coming!

April 5, 2020

A week from now, we’ll celebrate Easter—to commemorate the Resurrection of Christ. One of the best Easter sermons I ever heard was titled, “It’s Friday, But Don’t Worry, Because Sunday is Coming!” It was a reminder that on the day Jesus was crucified, everything was dark, evil, and appeared hopeless. Those closest to Jesus were in fear for their own lives, and felt that all they had devoted themselves to for 3 years died on that cross. They saw their Master and their hopes and faith buried in a borrowed tomb. That was Friday. But then came Sunday. It was the day that 3 women went to the tomb to honor a man who was dead. Instead they were the first to know that what they had witnessed on Friday WASN’T the last chapter. We all have a lot of Fridays in our lives. Bad doctor reports; financial problems just to pay rent or buy groceries; a sick child; broken relationships. Yes, it’s Friday, but don’t worry because Sunday is coming. The coronavirus and what it’s done to us individually and as a nation is truly a Friday. Even if you’re never afflicted with the VIRUS, you HAVE been affected by complete shutdown of our economy, culture, and even our recreational activities. It’s definitely Friday. But don’t worry, because Sunday is coming. As we observe Palm Sunday this weekend, remember that the same crowd who screamed “crucify him!” was shouting his praise and screaming “Hosannah!” the week before. Let’s not get lost in our Fridays, because Sunday is coming. God is good. All the time. All the time, God is good. From all of us here at the Huckabee Show, thanks for joining us, stay safe, and remember that Sunday IS coming!