Leaked border documents

October 15, 2021

Fox News has obtained leaked Border Patrol documents showing that the Biden Administration has released at least 160,000 illegal immigrants into the US, most with little or no supervision, and broadly (and possibly illegally) expanded the limited parole system to make over 30,000 of them eligible for work permits (question to low-skilled minority Americans who were enjoying their first raises in years under Trump: how is that vote for Biden working out for you?)

This is hardly news to anyone who doesn’t get their news from the Biden-whitewashing media. Frankly, I’m surprised it isn’t more (and it soon will be, with massive caravans already on the way to our former Southern “border.”) The real news is Biden's abuse of limited paroles, which by law are to be granted “on a case by case basis and only for significant humanitarian reasons or significant public benefit” with recipients being closely monitored. Former Border Patrol Chief Rodney Scott said he never approved more than five or ten in a year. Biden is treating them like house brand Halloween candy and handing them out by the tens of thousands to anyone who shows up at our doorstep.

As you can see at the link, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has a whole bag full of “root causes” for the surge, none of which have anything to do with Biden reversing all of Trump’s successful border security measures and incentivizing illegal immigration. If you want to find the “root cause” of this disaster, stop looking in Central America and search 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


October 15, 2021

One of the hallmarks of leftists is an unshakable belief in the power of propaganda to override obvious reality. I discussed this yesterday, in the story about Nancy Pelosi scolding reporters for not doing a good enough job of selling Biden’s massive spending and government expansion. They believe that the problem is never that their product stinks, it’s just that the “messaging” is off.

They also seem to believe that since they have so much of the media and social media acting as their unpaid propaganda arm, if they can keep anything negative off of those channels, then people will never know about it. If the media can suppress it, then it doesn’t exist. But it’s not just Hunter Biden’s laptop that disproves that.

Back in the old Soviet days, humorist P.J. O’Rourke wrote that whenever he traveled to nations behind the Iron Curtain, as soon as locals found out he was from America, they’d take him aside and privately tell him all the latest jokes about what incompetent nitwits their leaders were. The commies believed that just because they’d intimidated people into not criticizing them out loud and into voicing rabid support in public that they actually didn’t know they were living terrible lives of oppression and deprivation. Imagine Facebook bans backed up by gulags.

Fortunately, here in America, we still have some outlets for free speech (this newsletter for instance), but the leftist-supporting organs are trying to smother it, sometimes in hilarious ways. The biggest recent example was how an obscene chant against Joe Biden at a NASCAR race was turned into “Let’s go, Brandon” by an NBC reporter desperate not to admit what viewers were clearly hearing. But that didn’t make people stop cursing Biden, it just gave rise to a widely-merchandised “Let’s Go, Brandon” craze, which I like because it enables people to express their true feelings about Biden without cursing in front of the children.

The recent Disney-Plus “documentary” on Dr. Anthony Fauci also has a couple of websites scrambling for creative ways to cover up the public’s true reaction. The movie gives the fawning hero treatment to the government health bureaucrat that many people are well and truly sick of (in the latest Rasmussen survey, 54% of likely voters say he’s “lost all credibility”), and viewers made their feelings known.

At, the professional critics gave it a laughably high 91% positive rating while audiences gave it 2% (for comparison, they give the often-cited worst movie ever made, “Plan Nine from Outer Space,” 45%.) The disparity between the critics’ raves and the public’s disgust was so glaring that the website briefly disabled the public rankings, but now, they’re back. Silencing the public didn’t make the truth go away any better than it did for the USSR. The site did, however, put a disclaimer on the audience reviews, saying that “some viewers expressed their dissatisfaction with the subject matter by giving the documentary a Rotten rating.”

Funny, I read some of the reviews and they specifically cited how disappointed they were in the film itself for being a fawning fan letter rather than an honest, informative appraisal. Although they obviously don’t like Fauci, either, especially after seeing him in the movie, working at home under a giant painting of himself.

The Internet Movie Database also showed its sympathies for Democrats by trying some blatant vote-rigging to hide the public’s hostility to the film. The average viewer rating was 1.6 out of 10, so they simply changed it to 5.8. I’ll assume they found a box of late ballots in a car trunk.

All these sites are accomplishing by falsifying their ratings systems is to destroy their own credibility, not restore Fauci’s. If they’ll do this, why should we ever trust their ratings of any film? Will they downgrade “Gone With The Wind” to one star for being politically incorrect, or tell us Al Gore’s global warming movie is better than “Citizen Kane?” I’d probably believe both of those claims before I’d believe that audiences gave “Fauci” a 5.8. Like P.J. O’Rourke, I’ve had too many people tell me privately what they really think of it.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain (sometimes referred to by the inadvertently insulting nickname of “Biden’s Brain”) had a shocking “Let them eat fruitcake” moment. Klain enthusiastically retweeted a post from a Harvard professor, dismissing worries about inflation and the supply chain crisis that might ruin Americans’ Christmas shopping as “high class problems.”

An RNC spokesman fired back, "Struggling to pay for food, fuel, and housing because of rising prices is not a ‘high class problem.’ Biden is making everyone worse off, but instead of stopping the damage, their strategy is to try to gaslight Americans."

For the record, inflation is actually something that harms the lower and middle classes far more than the wealthy. If you have billions, like the Democrats’ Silicon Valley socialist donors, you don’t feel it when prices double. But if you’re on an hourly wage or a fixed income, the recent steep rises in the prices of food, gasoline, home heating and other necessities mean you have to make painful choices about what to give up to keep from going into debt.

The supply chain problems don’t just mean wealthy people will have fewer expensive gadgets to give at Christmas. Those are affecting the prices and availability of all goods. And if stores can’t get stock for Christmas, their most important selling season of the year, then whatever small businesses the Democrats actually allowed to survive the pandemic could go under.

President Biden did actually address the supply chain crisis (as usual, he showed up an hour late, spoke for 10 minutes and left without taking questions.)

Biden praised the “heck of a job” his “Supply Chain Disruption Team” was doing (just to be clear: are they in charge of solving or creating supply chain disruptions? Because if it’s the latter, they are doing a heck of a job.) He also seems to think he’s solved the problem by getting the Port of Los Angeles and unions to agree to work around the clock unloading ships. Good luck finding fully vaccinated people who will actually take those jobs and enough truckers to transport all those goods. Meanwhile, press secretary Jen Psaki was already warning that the Administration can’t guarantee Christmas presents will arrive on time.

Finally, if the crisis is averted and Christmas shopping saved, you might want to thank Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. Although I’m sure the White House would take credit for it, just like they invented the COVID vaccines.

Katie Couric goes there

October 15, 2021

Katie Couric is getting all kinds of backlash over her tell-all memoir “Going There,” but the latest could be the worst yet. It’s her admission that she edited an interview with the late Supreme Court Justice and liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsburg to remove Ginsburg’s criticism of NFL National Anthem kneelers. Couric cut out Ginsburg’s comment that they were showing "contempt for a government that has made it possible for their parents and grandparents to live a decent life."

Couric claims she was “conflicted” because she was a “big RBG fan” and wanted to protect her because she was elderly and probably didn’t understand the question (yet liberals were fine with her staying on the Supreme Court until the day she died – think about that.) So she cut out the comment – although she did leave Ginsburg’s comment that the kneelers were “dumb and disrespectful” in her Yahoo News version of the story. I guess she assumed nobody would see that.

That linked story above contains just a fraction of the outraged responses to Couric’s “galaxy-level arrogance” in editing RBG to alter her comments to make them more PC. It also includes a reminder that this is not the only time she selectively edited stories to give them a preferred political slant, like the time she edited interview footage to make gun rights activists look too dumb to answer a question they had actually answered quite well.

But aside from Ms. Couric’s bias and lack of journalistic ethics, I want to point out another aspect of this story, and that’s the unjustified kneejerk assumption that RBG’s opinion was “incorrect” and required protection or censoring. Even a spokesperson for her estate tried to speak for her from beyond the grave by claiming she “misspoke.” How does he know? It sounds to me as if she was very clear in both her reasoning and her speech. It’s also one of the few things I ever agreed with her on, and so do tens of millions of other Americans.

If you think athletes who show open contempt for the nation that allowed them to be free, famous and wealthy are acting dumb and disrespectful, that’s a perfectly valid assessment. Please note that after I’m gone, if anyone tries to claim I “misspoke” and didn’t really mean that, then don’t listen to them. They’re as full of it as Colin Kaepernick.

If you subscribe to the mailings from SAVE AMERICA PAC, you receive all the messages that former President Trump would likely be sending out on Twitter if Twitter hadn’t taken him off. They’re a mixed bag --- just as his tweets were, of course --- and a few of them would’ve perhaps been better left unsaid, but many are pithy and spot-on brilliant, and they include links to newsworthy articles.

Some are funny, too, such as the one he sent out on Thursday with the subject line, “DO YOU MISS ME YET?”

The full headline was: “ICYMI: ‘How’s Biden doing? Do you miss me yet?’ Trump attacks Biden’s mounting crises...” There’s a link to an article by Bob Crilley at the U.K.’s DAILY MAIL, and his headline goes on to include the words, “...with new poll giving him 30-point lead over 2024 Republican rivals DeSantis and Pence.”

The Crilley story features a previous email from Trump that noted the many catastrophes erupting on Biden’s watch. “COVID is raging out of control, our supply chains are crashing with little product in our stores, we were humiliated in Afghanistan, our border is a complete disaster, gas prices and inflation are zooming upward --- how’s Biden doing? Do you miss me yet?”

That’s a rhetorical question; he knows the answer. Polling shows that President Trump is the runaway favorite to run in 2024. A Morning Consult poll for POLITICO published Wednesday showed that of almost 2,000 people polled, some 70 percent of Republicans said Trump should run again. As for the nomination, 47 percent of Republicans already thought he should get it, compared to 13 percent for former VP Mike Pence and 12 percent for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis. (Mitt Romney got 3 percent; who ARE those people?)

But Trump has said publicly that he won’t make a decision until after next year’s midterm elections. Last week, it was reported that he wanted to go ahead and announce his intention to run but that aides talked him out of it. We don’t know if that’s true but wouldn’t be surprised.

At his rally in Des Moines on Saturday, he enumerated the many disasters that have resulted from the Biden Touch: massive illegal immigration, drug cartels flourishing, inflation, China taking over jobs, the Taliban ruling Afghanistan and more. It’s true: waking up every day to reports of the latest Biden-caused debacle is like watching a very slow-motion train wreck. It goes on and on, with gears grinding and seemingly endless destruction, and you don’t want to look but you do. It’s like a bad dream.

“There’s never been anything like what has happened,” Trump said in Des Moines. And he’s right. I say this having lived through the Carter administration. As bad as some things were then, this country faces more serious challenges now, every way we turn, from without and within.

So, if/when Trump does hit the comeback trail, some things are going to have to be different. Certainly Republicans have to do whatever it takes to have a transparent voting process in states that mismanaged that. We absolutely cannot stand for a repeat of 2020. And if the FBI tries again to tie the former President with the likes of Vladimir Putin, this will be met with howls of derision. I think those in the political middle who might have bought it the first time around are smart enough not to fall for it again.

The image of Trump throwing his MAGA hat into the ring again got us thinking about a commentary written almost a year ago by our staff writer/researcher Laura Ainsworth, about what she thought President and then-candidate Trump should say to America before the 2020 election. It turned out to be quite prescient in its description of a future Biden administration.

“Most Biden supporters really don’t know much about their own candidate --- his fading mind, his serious scandals, his lying and plagiarizing, his creepiness with women and girls, his singular lack of accomplishment, his malleability by the far-left and much more –- or even their own radicalized party,” she wrote at the time. “They just know they don’t like Trump. And for that reason, they’re ready to put into power the worst group of people imaginable.”

This all turned out to be true. The media hushed up the Hunter Biden laptop scandal and downplayed old Joe’s cognitive issues and all his other weaknesses. Most supporters assumed he was a moderate and had little idea what the country was in for with the far-left in charge. What’s also true is that we couldn’t have asked for worse people to run our country than those he brought in. Exhibit A: Attorney General Merrick Garland, a political hack who cares nothing even for the rights of parents angry at the indoctrination of their children.

Since the “Trump” that some voters hated was a fictional creation --- one that Trump admittedly played into with some of his tweets --- Ainsworth had wanted him to give a speech specifically addressing the way voters felt about him, and “most of all,” she wrote, “to show how dreadful for our country the alternative would be.”

“Because they don’t like ME,” she’d wanted him to say, “some Americans might unwittingly put into power a radical political machine that will decimate their most basic freedoms, with ruthless, violent tactics and a long list of demands that will change America into something unrecognizable, probably forever.”

The piece goes on about other forms of ruination a Biden presidency would bring: abuse of the justice system, money pouring in to radical leftist groups, the politicization of science (wow, that one went into overdrive), the continued decline of “journalism,” lax law enforcement, “anti-racism” dividing Americans, the rewriting of history, and more.

This was written in 2020 as a caution, but, sadly, it describes the chaos of 2021 America under the Biden administration. Trump lost, and it all happened. Actually, there was more; for example, the swift destruction of the southern border and trillions in crazy spending.

But this was the speech Trump should have given to the nation in 2020, to tell America who he really was, how much he loves our country, and to warn everyone of what was really hiding within the ultra-radical, rights-crushing Democrat party. Unfortunately, he didn’t. And so, simply because a lot of people didn’t like Trump’s rough style and his tweets, or believed stupid made-up stories about white supremacy and/or Russia collaboration, they gave the “unknown moderate” a try.

As a result, the margin of victory was so close in strategic counties that it’s not even possible without full, transparent audits in a number of states to prove who really won.

Disaster ensued on Day 1 of the Biden administration, and it is still ensuing. If Trump runs again, as he seems itching to do, he has to make sure the left doesn’t hijack the process as they did last time. One ray of hope: I do think voters have learned the hard way and will no longer let a few “mean tweets” stand in the way of what’s good for our country.

The story of the day, or perhaps the year, comes from a mom in Loudoun County, which is one of two affluent Virginia counties currently embroiled in protests over race-based training being pushed on school kids. (The other is Fairfax County.) I don’t know if it’s too late for a confirmed left-leaning political hack like Attorney General Merrick Garland to have some sense knocked into him, but on the off-chance this woman’s story might make an impression, I sure hope he’s reading this.

The AG might not have known he was kicking a hornets’ nest when he issued a memo to various government agencies likening these justifiably angry parents to domestic terrorists and calling on law enforcement to deal with them accordingly, but he sure did, and thank God the parents and civil libertarians are stirring. We’ve heard more than enough criticism in recent days of parents daring to challenge the curriculum in their kids’ schools. This all comes down to the essential question of who will decide how children should be educated –- their own parents, or the government? Who has the final say?

Xi Van Fleet, who as a child endured the Maoist Revolution in China before immigrating to the United States, has spoken with FOX NEWS and other news outlets to explain how AG Garland’s Department of “Justice” and the National School Boards Association are using tactics similar to those she witnessed in Communist China to take control of children and prevent parents from having any say. If you think that sounds far-fetched, well...did YOU grow up in China during the Maoist Revolution?

What she saw then was disturbingly similar to what we’re seeing in American “cancel culture.” The goal in those days was to cancel traditional Chinese culture and destroy their heritage. The spate of statue-toppling by leftist rioters that destroyed symbols of our national history would have been smiled upon by Chairman Mao.

“When I was in China,” she said, “I spent my entire school years in the Chinese Cultural Revolution, so I’m very, very familiar with the communist tactics of how to divide people, how they canceled the Chinese traditional culture and destroyed our heritage. All this is happening in America.”

There could be nothing more divisive than teaching children that, based on the color of their skin, they belong in one of two groups: the privileged oppressors and the victimized oppressed. But that’s exactly what “anti-racist” training does. To those who might still think “anti-racism” just means being against racism, I’m sorry, but that isn’t what it means at all. If only that were true.

And never mind the violent riots, arson and statue-toppling of last year that went virtually unpunished; Garland now wants to prosecute parents for threats and violence (of which he gave no specific examples) towards school personnel. He said that “threats against public servants are not only illegal, they run counter to our nation’s core values.”

I’ll tell you what runs counter to our nation’s core values: the government overriding parents to determine what their will children learn, even if the parents consider the force-fed curriculum to be child abuse.

Van Fleet, whose son graduated from Loudoun High School in 2015, gained attention in June when she spoke powerfully at a Loudoun County School Board meeting about what is wrong with race-based indoctrination such as Critical Race Theory. After Garland’s announcement of the tough stand he’d take against parents, she had more to say. “I do have a question,” she told FOX NEWS. “What’s [the] next step? Is the Tiananmen Square crackdown the next, or the parents who one day risked their lives just to speak out for the children. That’s why I’m here.”

Other parents are speaking up as well, though they are scared. Harry Jackson, president of the Thomas Jefferson High School PTA in Fairfax County, said parents are intimidated about speaking before the school board. “They have instilled fear within the parents,” he said. “They created fear amongst the community which you’re supposed to service and support.” Another parent, Suparna Dutta, who pulled her son out of that school, called Garland’s announcement “shocking.”

“I am scared,” Dutta said to FOX NEWS. “Yet, I believe I’m living in a time when if I don’t speak up for my child and if I don’t stand up for what’s right in America, I don’t know what the next generation will be left with.”

G. Q. Pan and Jan Jekielek of EPOCH TIMES also have an eye-opening story about Van Fleet and her experience during the Chinese Cultural Revolution.

This is a premium story, but I’ll offer some highlights and commentary below. If you do subscribe to their premium service, you can see her interviewed on EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders.”

Van Fleet was a first grader when the Cultural Revolution started in China, she said. Traditional classes ceased for the older kids and they were inducted into Mao Zedong’s Red Guards, who set about destroying vestiges of traditional China. The Red Guards brought violence and destruction to anyone and everything they considered “counter-revolutionary.” The criminal justice system was paralyzed, she said, so they faced no consequences for what they did.

Consider the real violence going on in our country last summer, and how the perpetrators faced essentially no consequences for their criminal acts.

Van Fleet said the Red Guards attacked the “Four Olds”: old ideas, old culture, old customs and old habits. I can think of a few for the America of 2021:

Old ideas: Parents are in charge of their kids’ upbringing.

Old culture: We value monuments to our nation’s history.

Old customs: Biological men stay out of the ladies’ room.

Old habits: We reflexively rise for the national anthem.

She said the Chinese version of “cancel culture” grew to the point where they’d go to houses and destroy items reminiscent of pre-revolutionary China. “I remember this whole street was just a mess of things destroyed,” she said, “and the people, those homeowners, howling and crying.

If all this sounds extreme, Van Fleet says she can see the similarities here, with people afraid to speak out, lest they be called “racist.” The term “racist” no longer means anything but is used as a political weapon. “...In the last few years, it has changed its meaning,” she said. “Anyone who kind of disagrees with the ideology from the left becomes a racist.”

She also sees a big similarity between Critical Race Theory and policies implemented by Mao. Citizens were put into categories, the good “Five Red Categories” and the undesirable “Five Black Categories,” who were the descendants of rich farmers and other “class enemies.” Those people were humiliated and forced to go to “struggle sessions” where they were made to confess their privileged status. Does this sound a lot like CRT to you? It does to Van Fleet.

She describes CRT as Marxist class struggle rhetoric repackaged to focus on race so it works better in American society. And she would know. Once you see the similarities she’s pointing out, you can’t un-see them. So, parents --- everyone --- keep speaking out.