For the past three years or so, I’ve heard Democrats and the media (but I repeat myself) constantly assail President Trump for not having the proper character or temperament to be President. But I’ve always felt that you could judge those things best by watching what someone does in a crisis.

So far in this pandemic, I have seen Trump move early and amid heavy criticism to try to stop people with infections from coming into the US (you can’t keep a virus out, but you can slow it down and buy precious time.) He’s appointed the best people possible and given them the power, budget and leeway to do what they think needs to be done. He’s taken actions that he knew would kneecap the economy and harm his biggest reelection selling point, but he put the good of America first and did it anyway (I could name some other politicians who would not have done that in an election year - and when faced with the situation, didn’t.) He's trying to walk a tightrope between making the dangers of the disease very clear and reassuring people that it will be all right so don't panic. And he’s reached out to the other Party, urging them to put partisanship aside and work together to deal with the crisis.

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So…how has the other side responded? You know, the people with such high standards of “character” for others? Thus far, they have relentlessly attacked, mocked, criticized, second-guessed and undermined everything Trump has tried to do. They accused him of being racist for shutting down travel from China, then after it became clear that was a very smart move, they criticized him for not doing it sooner. They blamed his speech for the drop in the Dow, even though markets were plummeting worldwide before he ever even spoke, and there was nothing he could have said that would have been interpreted as good news for stocks.

They claimed that Obama would have dealt with a health crisis much better, even though he acted much more slowly in dealing with swine flu. Plus, his Administration spent several years and around $2 billion just to create a health insurance website that didn’t work.

Oh, and let’s not overlook the shameless, self-serving opportunism. Like House Democrats’ attempts to load up the emergency coronavirus funding bill with liberal wish list pork, including Nancy Pelosi’s attempt to sneak in taxpayer funding of abortion. Memo to Speaker Pelosi: the idea of this bill is to PREVENT death, not subsidize it.

Fortunately, the GOP Senate will have time to go through the House bill and disinfect it, since Mitch McConnell canceled next week’s scheduled recess:

Joe Biden (or more likely, his staffers) rushed out a harsh criticism of Trump’s “lack of leadership” and a list of things that Biden would have been done, all of which have already been done by Trump. Well, all except the first thing, which was to insure that no bias against Asian or Pacific American peoples be tolerated. That’s the modern Democrats in a nutshell: so obsessed with identity politics that their #1 priority in dealing with a pandemic is to assume Americans will react to it like violent racists and virtual signal at us. I’d like to see the lab work that shows the virus cannot penetrate a thick layer of self-righteousness.

It’s also been noted how amazing it is that the solution to every crisis is to implement whatever the left has already been pushing for. For many, this crisis has been the perfect excuse to push for full government control of health care (even as they are attacking the government under Trump for “botching” the handling of health care.) Example: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tried to claim that South Korea got the infection under control because they have “single payer health care.”

Twitter users quickly reminded her that so does Italy, and they’re so overwhelmed that hospitals are denying care to elderly people and sending them home. Should we call the officials who have to break that news to the elderly Italians “death panels”?

As for the news media, I’m sure you know how well they reacted to Trump’s call for unity. For instance, CNN’s Don Lemon nearly blew a gasket when he couldn’t get even noted Trump critic John Kasich to attack Trump’s handling of the crisis.

We’ve also had a rash of media outlets declaring that Trump or anyone else who describes the disease as the “Wuhan virus,” the China virus or even a “foreign virus” is racist and xenophobic. In doing this, they’re carrying water for the communist government in Beijing, which started calling that racist because even though it was 100% accurate, it was bad for their phony image. It's actually no more racist than calling linguini "Italian food."

This prompted conservatives on social media to pull up dozens of clips of the PC talking heads using those exact same terms over the past month. Here’s a sample compilation:

I was genuinely hoping that the media and the Democrats would heed Trump’s call to put America first, set aside partisanship and pull together (some, like California Gov. Gavin Newsom, really are.) But I guess that for some of them, that’s like expecting a duck not to quack. It’s disgusting that they can see something that’s causing so much human suffering as an opportunity to score cheap political points. But their attempts are so obvious – and so repulsive – that this coronavirus episode might prove very costly to them in the long run.

The COVID-19 coronavirus has been shaping the news for weeks, but yesterday, it ramped up to a whole new level. First, the World Health Organization officially declared it a pandemic, meaning a new disease that’s spread worldwide. They say it’s not a term they use lightly because they don’t want to spark unnecessary panic. But COVID-19 now qualifies because as of Wednesday, over 124,000 people in 108 countries have been sickened by it. Of those, at least 4,575 have died, but most were in China, and concentrated among the elderly with other health problems and weakened immune systems.

Next, someone famous and widely liked across the political spectrum, Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, announced that they’d tested positive for it, putting the first well-known face on the disease…

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The local closures of large gatherings suddenly went nationwide, with the announcement that the rest of the NBA season is being suspended after Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert tested positive. March Madness college basketball games are still on, but they’ll be played without spectators.

And finally came the real game-changer: Wednesday night, President Trump addressed the nation and effectively put the US on the equivalent of wartime footing against the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Here’s the entire speech, if you missed it. It’s less than ten minutes long.

In an unusually somber and measured tone, Trump outlined a series of major steps his Administration is taking to contain the spread of the disease and to soften the economic blow caused by it.

The biggest news is that Trump is suspending all travel between the US and Europe for 30 days, starting on Friday. Acting Homeland Security deputy director Ken Cuccinelli later clarified that “This does not apply to American citizens or legal permanent residents or their families.” The Defense Department also announced travel restrictions on military members for the next 60 days.

Trump also announced a series of measures designed to help workers and small businesses weather closures and quarantines. He tried to reassure Americans that swift action is being taken on a number of fronts to contain the virus and minimize its impact, and that this is a serious emergency, but the nation and economy are safe and sound, and it will pass. He also called for everyone to put aside partisanship and work together for the good of the nation and all its people.

Unfortunately, his political opponents are already suffering from a disease called Trump Derangement Syndrome that makes them pathologically incapable of putting the good of the nation over politics. No sooner had Trump finished speaking than his enemies rushed to the airwaves and Internet, doing their best to stoke fear, panic and divisiveness. They blamed him for the anticipated big drop in the stock market today, which is an inevitable result of having to shut down travel. They accused him of incompetence, despite the fact that if we’d listened to them when they accused him of racism and overreacting by shutting down travel from China, we might already be overrun with cases of it by now. Hilariously, some even accused him of racism for suspending travel to Europe (he must really hate the Dutch.)

In fact, come to think of it, have any of Trump’s hecklers like Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer, who do nothing but point fingers of blame at Trump, ever been correct even once about anything related to this disease? One of the luxuries of not having the weighty responsibilities of the President, and not being held to account for your words by the media, is that you can spew dumb ideas that would have killed people if anyone had paid any attention to them, then as soon as your arrogant foolishness becomes apparent, simply cruise right on to spewing your next dumb comment.

At least I can honestly say that there is one thing in the world right now that’s even more sickening than the COVID-19 coronavirus, and that’s watching the Trump haters’ immature, self-serving, reprehensible reaction to it.

If you’re already sick of hearing Trump’s critics trash his efforts to try to stop the coronavirus, here are a few alternate takes. First, a much more positive assessment of Trump’s TV address from Michael Goodwin at the New York Post.

Nan Hayworth, a physician and former Congress member, lists some of the ways in which Trump’s critics reflexively attacked him over his coronavirus actions or statements and that were later revealed to be flat wrong or based on fake news.

Finally, here’s a comparison of how the media covered the swine flu pandemic under Obama (or didn’t) and the hysterical coverage they’re giving to this pandemic, which just coincidentally falls during an election year under Trump.

Among the many silly, self-serving things being said about the coronavirus pandemic by the left is that if only we had socialized medicine, this would’ve been prevented/handled so much better. Yes, in places with socialized medicine, everything is so efficient, and care is so abundant and high quality, and there’s no such things as shortages, rationing or waiting lists for care! Also, they have special medicines that they get by milking unicorns.

Still hasn’t occurred to them that they’re accusing the government of moving too slowly and being unprepared and putting politics over health concerns, while simultaneously claiming it would have been so much better if the government were entirely in charge of all health care.

Sure, China has socialized medicine, and something like the coronavirus could never happen there!

At the link is a MUST-READ article by Andrea Widburg at American Thinker, detailing the truth about government-run health care and its shoddy record. There’s a quote from a post by blogger Reggie Hamm that ironically went viral, but click through and read all of that, too. It describes what happened to him and his family when they were visiting China and their adopted baby daughter needed hospital care. Brace yourself. After reading it, you will understand why the coronavirus started in China, why the mortality rate was so much higher there than in capitalist countries, and why you do NOT want either that type of government or that type of health care system here.

Although when you read about the disgusting and dangerous hygiene situation they encountered, it may give you the chills to think how much it reminds you of the conditions that already prevail in far-left US cities like San Francisco and L.A.

There is no subject so serious that a limerick can’t be made about it:

There once was a fellow named Biden

Whose capacities seemed to be slidin’

His party said, “Wait!

Old Joe can’t debate!

So we’ll just have to keep him in hidin’!”

His confusion and poor comprehension

Have long been attracting attention

They've got a fresh face

To put in his place

If he just makes it to the convention

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That’s not meant to ridicule Joe Biden himself --- far from it --- but rather the deceitful Democrat Party leaders who are using him, actually victimizing him. Who truly believes the party’s goal is to put former Vice President Biden, nearing 80 and appearing to struggle with cognitive challenges, in the Oval Office, for real? Early yesterday, I wrote about their need to keep Biden out of the public eye after his victories in Tuesday’s primary elections. I speculated there might not be any debate appearances in his future, even the one scheduled for this Sunday with the other Last Old White Man Standing, Bernie Sanders. Since then, there have been some new developments.

Recall that some prominent Democrats were already calling for Sanders to drop out and Biden to be declared the nominee. (Never mind the unfairness to all the voters in states that haven’t had their primaries yet.) Party leaders say they need to do this to focus on beating President Trump in November, burt we know what this is really about. At this point, they can’t risk letting Biden try to match wits with anyone, let alone Donald Trump. Whatever the reason for his decline (I’m not a doctor), his behavior has become so bizarre that his campaign is limiting his speaking engagements to seven minutes.

But these debates can go on for two hours. And, unlike earlier debates in which the stage (and face time) was shared with a number of candidates, they’ll be one-on-one, with lots of questions and back-and-forth.

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Obviously, the Biden campaign and the DNC do not want him to appear with Bernie at Sunday’s event. Already they’ve renegotiated so that the candidates may remain seated throughout. Because of coronavirus concerns, they’ve even dispensed with the live audience. And you know they would prefer to cancel the debate entirely –- to do what James Carville suggested and just “shut this puppy down.”

In an announcement Wednesday, Sanders showed that he is less than cooperative.

But the threat of the coronavirus is being taken very seriously, with Trump in a late-Wednesday Oval Office address announcing that it had been classified by the World Health Organization as a pandemic (meaning epidemic on a global scale). He outlined point-by-point the aggressive actions being taken, saying, “We’re marshaling the full power of the federal government and the private sector to protect the American people.” While reassuring young and healthy people that their “risk is very, very low,” he cautioned the elderly and those with underlying conditions to be “very, very careful” and “to avoid all nonessential travel and crowded areas.”

The threat is real, but watch how Biden’s campaign now gets to use it to avoid campaign events entirely. Why, it’s not to shield Biden from scrutiny –- it’s to protect the voters! Never mind that it also means Biden won’t have to answer questions, explain his positions or try to connect with people without insulting them. As people now try to avoid crowds, this political contest may take on a dangerous new theme: “Suppose they gave a presidential campaign and nobody came?”

As the Democrats say, “Never let a crisis go to waste.” This situation makes it a lot easier for Biden to limp along to the convention in June, which might be the most convenient time for the DNC to suddenly “realize” that he's having to struggle with significant mental lapses, that Sanders is unelectable in a general election, and that they need to draft a replacement right away “for the good of the country.” Someone strong and electable who can hit the ground running. Someone with the best chance of beating Trump. That person will either replace Biden outright or be put on the ticket with him, as President-in-waiting.

It occurs to me that if the virus is still active by late spring or early summer, they might not have a convention at all.

Campaign events are already being canceled, on both the left and right. President Trump announced Wednesday that he has canceled a couple of events out West. Both Biden and Sanders have already canceled rallies. As Laura Ingraham pointed out on her show Wednesday night, these cancellations benefit one candidate in particular, the one who has the most to lose: Joe Biden. A former staffer for Bernie, Tezlyn Figaro, said on Laura’s show that “Joe Biden will certainly benefit because we don’t have to worry about him threatening to take somebody out back.” Touche.

But she also said this might benefit Sanders as well because he wouldn’t have to explain why people weren’t coming out to his rallies. “I think people are finding out that folks are just not socialists,” she said. “I worked with Sen. Sanders...I joined him in 2016 for very different reasons, but it’s important for folks to understand that this country just, they just don’t want to elect a socialist. So Sen. Sanders has to take some responsibility for that as well.”

If that’s the view of someone who actually worked for him, it should be more obvious than ever that Bernie won’t be the nominee. It follows that if he’s unelectable and Biden is incapable, the Democrat party is going to go with someone else.

Figaro also commented on what I reported yesterday, the call by Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina to cancel the rest of the debates and end the primary process right where it is, calling his suggestion “extremely insulting.” She said it was disrespectful, “even to those who want to vote for Joe Biden” and also “to American democracy.” We’re at a point where half of the delegates are yet to be earned, she said, and this decision shouldn’t be made by “just one or two folks at the top.” Biden’s supporters know he makes “consistent gaffes,” she said, “and they still voted for him anyway.”

She cited #DemExit as trending among people who are upset about this push to shut the process down and give it to Biden. (Of course, I’ve talked-up the fabulous #WalkAway movement, which was already going on.)

Figaro made some excellent, well-reasoned points (she is a FORMER Bernie staffer). I wonder, though, if Biden’s supporters will still feel as eager to vote for him if they see much more of the bizarre behavior he increasingly exhibits. That behavior is why those “one or two folks at the top” will do everything possible to hide him and promote him in absentia, and the media will help them. They would have done this even without the coronavirus, but the growing threat of contagion makes it so much easier now.

If I were a wagering man, I might wager that there will be no more Democrat presidential “debates” before the Democratic National Convention. None at all.

With establishment Democrats all-in to win and realizing Vermont senator and Castro-admiring socialist Bernie Sanders just can’t get them there, they quickly coalesced around former Vice President Joe Biden, who reaped the rewards and was the big winner on Super Tuesday. South Bend, Indiana, Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar exited the race with oddly incredible speed. Tuesday, Biden followed up that win with another string of states.

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So, NOW what to do? Whatever is going on with Biden (we don’t know but can speculate) is at this point preventing him from getting through virtually any event without making some kind of gaffe. His speaking appearances have reportedly been cut to seven-minute slots. His campaign asked for and received a change in the “debate” rules –- I use quotation marks because these aren’t actual debates –- to allow the two candidates to sit at a desk as they take questions from their audience. (The DNC claimed this wasn’t to benefit either candidate, but Sanders had said that standing would be fine with him.) And now, because of coronavirus concerns, they won’t use a live audience.

The next step might be simply to cancel the March 15 event, and that could very well happen. Once again, they can blame the coronavirus, or they can just say there’s no point in continuing because Biden’s got it wrapped up. In fact, that movement was already underway before the polls closed on Tuesday, with House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn of South Carolina suggesting on National Public Radio that the DNC should “step in” and cancel all remaining debates --- even stop holding state primaries --- if Biden had a really good showing and beat Bernie in Michigan (which he has done). “I think when the night is over,” he said, “Joe Biden will be the prohibitive favorite to win the Democratic nomination. If the night ends the way it has begun, I think it is time for us to shut this primary down. It is time for us to cancel the rest of the debates.” In an apparent reference to Bernie, he said, “You don’t do anything but get yourself in trouble if you continue in this contest when it’s obvious that the numbers will not shake out for you.”

It’s obvious who has the most to lose and who would really get himself “in trouble” with additional debates: Joe Biden. So party insiders simply want to declare him the winner by acclamation, before he has a chance to mess things up. We’ve been wondering how Biden could possibly make it to the convention if he had to continue debating. Now we know: they can fix it so he doesn’t have to.

Even a Republican strategist writing for the WASHINGTON EXAMINER agrees that Sanders should just drop out…

Democrat strategist James Carville said essentially the same thing on Tuesday. “Our mission is to defeat Donald Trump,” he said on MSNBC. “There’s a 99 [percent] chance that Vice President Biden is going [to be] the nominee. Let’s shut this puppy down, and let’s move on and worry about November. This thing is decided. There’s no reason to keep it going, not even a day longer.”

Indeed. With each passing day, they risk having Biden say or do something that might tend to erode support for the Democrat ticket as a whole.

Of course, it’s not Biden who’s trying to impose this, Carville said. “It’s the Democratic voters that made this decision,” he insisted. “Vice President Biden is not trying to force him [Sanders] out. You’ve got to respect voters.” Well, that is unless they’re voting for Bernie Sanders; the DNC is respecting “Bernie” voters about as much as they respected them in the race against Hillary four years ago, which is to say not at all.

Carville pushed hard for proclaiming Biden the winner RIGHT NOW: “Respect the people in South Carolina and Virginia and Michigan...Yes, they have to have respect for democracy. This is very clear, what Democrats around the country are saying. Just everywhere you go, ‘We’ve got to get rid of this guy [President Trump]. What are we doing?’ And these are not ordinary times, and we’ve got to GO. Of course, the Vice President, he’s the guy in the lead...We’ve got to bring this party together. We’ve got to stop this...We can have respect and we can have admiration for what Sen. Sanders and his supporters have accomplished, but you’ve got to respect the Democratic voters...The Democratic voters have spoken...unambiguously and clearly, and they need to be listened to.”

He kept on pushing, saying that Biden should call Sanders and say, “Let’s have a conversation here, Senator. What do we do to get this thing moving in the right direction?” I’d speculate that it would probably be Biden’s campaign people calling Sanders, as Biden himself might just challenge Bernie to a pushup contest, or get belligerent and threaten to punch him, or think they’re at a campaign rally and tell him he’s full of sh**. Or maybe call him “Pete.”

They want to declare Biden the winner and then hide him as much as possible until the convention. Recall that when Hillary was running in 2016, concerns about her physical health were met with an incredibly light campaign schedule –- a virtual disappearing act for weeks at a time. Biden will have handlers whose goal is to similarly conceal him. (Again, the coronavirus will make a great excuse.) The difference this time, I believe, is that those running Biden’s campaign have no illusions that he will ever be on that debate stage with Donald Trump. By the convention, someone else will be in place to fill that bill.

If I’m right, and this is the way Democrat higher-ups are engineering their “democratic” process, it’s hard to understand why a lot of rank-and-file Democrats wouldn’t be extremely upset about that. Of course, there’s a movement within the Democrat party, #WalkAway, that calls for, well, walking away. The party has moved so crazy-far left and is so unconcerned with preserving individual rights and the democratic process that many are simply leaving.

A lot of Bernie supporters were not hard-core socialists –- didn’t even know what socialism is –- and they didn’t get it until he started praising Fidel Castro in recent days. They like a populist approach to governing but don’t share the socialist belief that the government should own the means of production, with all the control that would entail. When they “walk away” from the Democrat Party, they might want to look around at the “Trump economy,” talk to a few Trump supporters and realize their party has been lying to them about who Trump is and what he’s trying to accomplish. They might even see he’s in their corner and wants them to do well. And instead of going over to Biden (or, more accurately, whomever the DNC puts in his place), they just might want to go over to Trump.