June 19, 2021

Happy Juneteenth! You might think that was yesterday because President Biden signed a bill on Thursday declaring it a national holiday and federal workers took off work on Friday. But it’s actually commemorating June 19, 1865. That’s the date when Union Maj. Gen. Gordon Granger arrived in Galveston, Texas, to inform them that the Civil War was over and to free the last slaves, two years after the Emancipation Proclamation. Texas was so far away from Washington that Lincoln’s order had yet to be enforced and slaves hadn’t been told about it.

Some of the bill’s critics argued that a holiday celebrating the end of slavery should have been on the date of the Proclamation, as Juneteenth is very specific to Texas, where it’s long been a holiday. You can read more about the history of Juneteenth at this link.

Naturally, after signing the bill, which had heavy bipartisan support, Biden immediately pivoted to a partisan attack on Republicans (who, it should be noted, actually freed the slaves held by Democrats), again accusing them of trying to suppress the black vote with election reform laws like voter ID, which is favored by a majority of black voters. It’s not often that you see a man of his age leap so nimbly, from pandering to blacks to insulting their intelligence.

Blogger Larry Correia had a very appropriate quote about the new holiday, given Biden’s exploitation of it to misrepresent GOP election integrity efforts: “I love Juneteenth being a national holiday, because it’s when we celebrate Republicans informing a bunch of black people that Democrats have been lying to and using them.”

At this link, J. Christian Adams has more on Juneteenth’s history and how only federal workers got Friday off for it.

This is added to 10 other federal worker holidays, plus Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas, all the time they took off during the pandemic, and the month of August when Washington practically shuts down.

Adams notes that one of the few months without a day off for federal workers is April. He suggests April 19th, the date in 1775 when “brave patriots at Lexington and Concord got sick and tired of a distant, far-off ruling class and decided to fight back.” That’s certainly worthy of a holiday, but he doubts the people in Washington today would want to remind Americans of it.

Must-See Video

June 18, 2021

Leftist wokesters love to tell other people to “check your privilege,” but if you want to see the poster boy for privilege, check out this guy.

Some San Francisco parents are fed up with the far-left school board destroying their kids’ educations, so they were collecting signatures on petitions to recall three board members. An Asian-American dad caught an obvious leftist wokester red-handed as he stole a clipboard full of signatures and threw it under a car. The thief, who obviously harbors the common belief of leftist Millennials that their views are the only correct ones and that they can get away with anything with zero consequences, tried to leave, but the dad got in his face and wouldn’t let him.

He demanded that the punk be searched, and lo and behold, he had more stolen petitions under his shirt. The wokester insisted that since he gave them back, he could just leave. But the dad didn’t back down and kept in his face, yelling, “Call 911!” and demanding to know why he stole those petitions.

Just listen to how this guy arrogantly oozes “privilege” as he insists that since he gave back what he tried to steal, he has a right to leave, and he’ll press charges against anyone who touches him. He’s lucky he didn’t try that in Texas.

He did eventually leave, but the whole thing was caught on video and the dad reported him to the police. Let’s hope he’s equally tenacious in demanding that, for once in San Francisco, a privileged leftist is actually held accountable for stomping on other people’s rights. Especially since, as the story notes, under California law, stealing a signed petition is a crime punishable by a fine of up to $1000 and up to six months in jail. Let him try brandishing his shield of leftist privilege in there.

The Show Is Over

June 18, 2021

The best thing that can be said about President Biden’s G7 summit and his meeting with Vladimir Putin is that it’s finally over, so no more damage can be done. Maybe the whole thing was just a planned attempt to make the border look like less of a disaster in comparison. Here’s a round-up of how his trip went, and prepare to get dizzy from shaking your head in disbelief.

And yes: Biden actually gave Putin a list of 16 pieces of America’s critical infrastructure that Russia had better not target. Which gives rise to two questions:

1. Does that mean it’s okay if the Russians take down any other piece of American infrastructure?

2. Why does Putin bother paying spies when our own President will hand him a list of our most vital and vulnerable pieces of infrastructure for free?

How did we go from having a President who wrote “The Art of the Deal” to having one who gives away the entire farm before he even opens his mouth?

Biden finished his trip by whining that the press is too negative and never asks a positive question. This about a press corps that ignores all his scandals and disasters while asking about his favorite ice cream flavors. CNN even tried to put a positive spin on his meltdown at their own reporter!

Can you imagine him having to stand up to the daily hostile barrage that Trump got from the press? He would literally melt like the Nazis at the end of “Raiders of the Lost Ark!”

In a related story, it’s great to see parents in San Francisco fighting back against the leftist/immoral assault on their children, since San Francisco is ground zero of a movement that’s spreading across America under names like “Drag Queen Story Hour.” The media has lavished that movement with fawning publicity, and it sells itself as a local, independent grassroots movement to promote “tolerance.” But as the Federalist reports, it’s actually well-funded by a number of wealthy interests.

It’s also brought young children into close physical contact with at least three convicted sex criminals, two of whom are convicted pedophiles, and its events have been sponsored by a man who’s been charged with seven counts of possession of child pornography.

Another way that parents are fighting back against the LGBTQ+++ indoctrination of children is by turning off media outlets that are pushing Pride Month as if it were a paid sponsor. I told you about the inappropriate propaganda infesting the children’s channel Nickelodeon (right down to a cartoon beaver with bandages on its chest, apparently to signal that it had its breasts removed as part of its gender transition.) Well, apparently, while these media outlets have gotten “woke,” parents have also woken up to what’s being fed into their children’s heads, and they’re turning off the electronic babysitter/brainwashing machine.

There’s a saying about companies that prioritize pushing political messages over serving their customers: “Get woke, go broke.” Well, Nickelodeon’s ratings have broken through the basement, ripped up the basement floor, and dug a hole in the basement. In 2017, the channel averaged 1.3 million viewers a year. This month, amid their out-and-proud relentless promotion of “Pride Month,” viewership has plummeted to an average of 372,000 a week.

Parent company Viacom claims viewers are just moving to the new streaming platform Discovery+ to watch Nickelodeon there. If so, they’re likely doing it so their kids can watch older shows that aren’t full of sexually inappropriate propaganda. How long will that last once they discover that Nickelodeon is retrofitting the older shows to shoehorn in sexual messages, like declaring that a character on a popular show about infants is now a lesbian?

This is one of many reasons why our resident pop culture guru Pat Reeder advises people that if they want to see films and TV shows the way the creators intended, buy them on DVD and Blu-Ray. If you don't actually own them, then someone else controls what you'll see.

Props To Roger Waters

June 18, 2021

I don’t often agree with the politics of Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters, who is known for ranting against Trump and pushing a boycott of Israel. But when someone’s right, I give him props for it. And boy, is he right about Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg. (Warning: rock star-level profanity at the link.)

Waters got a request from Facebook-owned Instagram to use his song “Another Brick in the Wall” in a commercial. His response: “(Bleep) you! No (bleeping) way!” At a press event to promote the release of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Waters said they want to use his song “to make Facebook and Instagram even bigger and more powerful than it already is so that it can continue to censor all of us in this room, and prevent this story about Julian Assange getting out to the general public, so the general public could go, ‘What? What?’” (Ironically, that songs’ lyrics include “We don’t need no education,” so it would be perfect for a social media site that censors voices who shatter its preferred narratives.)

He went on to ask how this “little (bleep)” Zuckerberg, who started off by creating a platform where college guys ranked women by their looks, got any power…“and yet, here he is, one of the most powerful idiots in the world.” Waters said he at least has a little power over who uses his songs, and he will not be a party to “this insidious movement of them to take over absolutely everything.”

I’m not that big a Pink Floyd fan, but I suddenly feel an urge to put on “Dark Side of the Moon.”

I remember when high school proms used to have themes like “We’ve Only Just Begun” or “Kiss Today Goodbye.” But in 2021, the theme for some high school proms seems to be “Hysterical Totalitarian Idiocy” (I hope that looks better in the yearbooks than it sounds.) If you thought the ban on dancing in the movie “Footloose” was silly, wait until you read about the draconian, COVID panic-inspired, CCP-style prom night in Exeter, New Hampshire.

What could be worse? How about a high school graduation ceremony where attendees were forced to endure a speech by a local radical school official who used the occasion to denounce America, capitalism, individualism and objectivity and promote racist “anti-racism,” social justice, “equity” and jihad. She also gave a shout-out to the class president, who'd led the Pledge of Allegiance by calling the US “one nation under Allah.”

Incidentally, this is the same school board member who was going to receive an award from a local Jewish group, but it was rescinded due to her tweets accusing Israel of being colonizers and an apartheid state, of killing Palestinians and of “desecrating the Holy Land.”:

Still wonder why so many Americans now call putting your kids into public school a form of child abuse?


June 18, 2021

Rep. Eric Swalwell filed a ridiculous nuisance lawsuit against President Trump, his son Don Jr., Rudy Giuliani and Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks, claiming that they incited violent rioters to attack the Capitol on January 6th. Since then, Swalwell has repeatedly claimed that Brooks is hiding from process servers to avoid his subpoena.

This has led to some funny tweets from Brooks, pointing out that he’s shared the House floor with Swalwell over a hundred times since January. He’s posted photos of himself “hiding out” in public places, including one at his granddaughter’s birthday party where he’s wearing a sign on his cap reading, “I am not Mo.”

But the story turned serious when Swalwell actually sent an aide to serve a subpoena, and the man trespassed on Brooks’ property and chased his frightened wife into their house. Now, she’s filed a lawsuit and the Brooks family has made an arrest complaint. Swalwell’s camp tried to deny the claim, but it was all captured on security video. Brooks says he is putting anyone who would threaten his family “on notice that we will pursue illegal actions to the fullest extent of the law.”

So to sum up: because Swalwell tried to score publicity points by filing a bogus lawsuit falsely accusing Brooks of threatening his security, Swalwell's aide is now facing charges and a real lawsuit for actually threatening Brooks’ security.

On my TBN TV show recently, I had a story about how Australia’s oldest man credited his longevity to eating chicken brains, and I joked that they were about as small as Eric Swalwell’s brain. I might have to take that back. After reading this story, it doesn’t seem like a joke anymore. It just seems like an insult to chickens.