What if Adam Schiff held a publicity-grubbing media event and nobody came? I know, that’s too much to hope for. But at least Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee that he allegedly chairs have had enough of Schiff’s partisan antics and dereliction of his real duties, and they are refusing to go along with it any more.

Wednesday, Schiff scheduled a hearing on new technologies and national security that was largely a PR event, and all the Republicans on the Committee boycotted it. In a letter to Schiff on behalf of his Republican colleagues, ranking member Rep. Devin Nunes accused Schiff of refusing to address the real responsibility of the Intelligence Committee: overseeing federal intelligence agencies. Nunes noted that months have gone by with hardly any hearings or briefings on oversight (but plenty of time for kangaroo court “impeachment” drama.) He pointed out that IG Horowitz’s report detailed 17 examples of shocking failings, including falsifying FISA court warrant applications to spy on American citizens. Yet Schiff’s committee has done nothing, other than hoping to bury it until the public forgets about it.

Well, I’m not going to forget about it, nor will many other conservatives in the media. We will continue beating on that drum until we finally see some real justice served and the people who blatantly abused their power held to account. I’m perfectly willing to keep writing about it for the next nine months until the November elections. At that time, let us hope, voters will insure that the Intelligence Committee is taken away from the self-aggrandizing partisan liar Schiff and put back under the chairmanship of Nunes, who has been right in sounding the alarm about intelligence agency political corruption from the very beginning.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: a Cook County, Illinois, grand jury has just indicted actor Jussie Smollett on charges related to filing a false police report about a staged hate crime. And yes, it’s the same staged hate crime, not a new one. The one where he claimed that two white racists in MAGA caps who just happened to be carrying rope in subzero Chicago temperatures at 2 a.m. recognized him and launched a homophobic attack. Police later determined the “attackers” were two Nigerian brothers associated with Smollett. They believe the motive was to attain publicity and sympathy that would get him a raise from his TV series “Empire,” at the expense of tarring Trump voters as racist thugs and risking possible violent retribution and racial animosity.

Smollett’s attorneys called the indictment “political” and an affront to justice, but many Americans thought the real affront to justice was when the Cook County prosecutor simply dropped the 16 charges against Smollett, claiming that was standard procedure for a first time offender. The case was assigned to special prosecutor Dan Webb, a former federal prosecutor, who conducted a six month investigation. He said, “The grand jury’s investigation revealed that Jussie Smollett planned and participated in a staged hate crime attack, and thereafter made numerous false statements to Chicago Police Department officers on multiple occasions, reporting a heinous hate crime that he, in fact, knew had not occurred.” Webb also said the county prosecutors were unable to provide any evidence that the previous dismissal was in line with similar cases.

In their defense, I would hope it would be impossible to point to any cases similar to the Jussie Smollett case.

Must-Read Essay

February 14, 2020

Must-Read Essay! Karlyn Borysenko was a longtime Democrat, MSNBC viewer, and believer in all the horrible things she had been told about Donald Trump and his racist, deplorable followers. She even unfriended and blocked people on her social media pages who said anything positive about Trump. But she was also a member of an online knitting community. She noticed how leftwing “social justice warrior” types took over even something that apolitical and started bullying anyone who didn’t agree with them 100%.

So she stated listening to people on the “other side.” She discovered they actually weren’t mean, evil, racist white supremacists. That led her to the Walkaway movement, which the left had told her was just Russian bots (no, they were real people fed up with leftist hate and intolerance.) It culminated in her doing the once unthinkable: she attended a Trump rally in Manchester, and was treated…nicely! And she learned that Trump supporters aren’t a mindless cult that think he's a god (in fact, most wish he’d quit Twitter), but they appreciate that he’s keeping his promises and has a positive vision for America’s future -- unlike the unrelenting gloom-and-doom of the Democrats, who can see nothing good in our horrible, racist, climate-destroying country.

Read the entire article and follow her journey of discovery as her mind and her eyes are slowly opened. She’s not entirely there yet (she still backs Pete Buttigieg and believes some negative Trump tropes.) But she’s now an Independent, so there’s a good first step.

She’s also learned something I’ve been preaching for years: that most people are not radical political caricatures; most people want the best for their families and their country; they might just disagree on what that is or how to get there. That’s why it’s important to talk civilly to each other and listen to each other. It’s why I have an open invitation to all the Democratic Presidential candidates to come on my show, where I guarantee they will get a friendly greeting, a fair hearing and a civil discussion (so far, only Tulsi Gabbard and John Delaney have taken me up on it.)

Reading through the comments, I see that most are very supportive, which is heartening, but there are still a couple from people who have yet to break out of the bubble. They think she’s been deluded or tricked by us evil, racist Trump supporters, hiding our white supremacist intentions. One insists that most of the political violence today comes from the right. I have to assume that she lives in a bubble that formed on another planet.

When was the last time you heard of riots, violence and threats on campus from some Young Republican group trying to keep a liberal from speaking? On the other hand, here’s an entire documentary about leftist fascist thuggery, on campus and elsewhere:

I also haven’t heard about a lot of Democratic headquarters being vandalized, or any Republicans driving a van through a tent full of elderly Bernie Sanders volunteers. And yes, the jerk who did that to the Trump people was politically motivated.

Nor can I find too many instances of Republicans physically assaulting people for wearing pro-Democratic apparel – or something that sort of looks like it, if your Trump Derangement Syndrome has rendered you functionally illiterate.

Finally, as long as I’m pointing out that it’s a lot more fruitful to look for the good in people than to blindly assume anyone who disagrees with you is 100% EEEEEEVIL, here’s a Throwback Thursday link for you. It' from 2016, and I first wrote about it back then and have referred to it occasionally since. But this is a good time for a refresher reading, in light of the Democratic Presidential candidates once against painting Donald Trump as a mean, selfish, bullying liar who is without a shred of decency and who never did anything for anyone other than himself (yes, those are actual descriptions.)

This is an article by an entertainment reporter whose job was to cover Trump long before he went into politics. She was paid to dig up dirt, but just couldn’t find any. But she did uncover a lot of stories of him reaching out to help people in need, some of which she recounted here:

The whole article is a great antidote to all the partisan hatred and slander, but this line might be the most telling of all: “…in all my years covering him, I’ve never heard anything negative about the man until he announced he was running for President.”

Gee, I wonder why that is?

Voting problems in Michigan

February 14, 2020

The Washington Free Beacon reports that liberal groups and New York attorneys are rushing to Detroit to help the city fight a lawsuit that seeks to force Detroit to clean up its voter roll irregularities.

A recent study found that Detroit has 479,267 individuals eligible to vote and 511,786 registered voters. Those include about 500 duplicate registrations and 2500 dead people. The leftist groups are fighting the effort to purge dead, fake and ineligible voter registrations. As the article notes:

“Democrats have built a massive network of nonprofit groups, funded by George Soros and other liberal donors, to oppose Republican-backed voting initiatives such as voter identification laws. Michigan is a significant target for such efforts given its 'swing state' status; Trump won the state by just 10,000 votes in the 2016 election.”

Far be it from me to deny dead people representation, but I get tired of hearing the claim that every attempt to stop voter fraud or clean up registration rolls is an attempt to “disenfranchise” Democratic voters. The reason this so angers me is because, in fact, every fraudulent vote cast is a real case of disenfranchising a voter.

The right to vote is one of our most fundamental rights. Whenever anyone who has no legal right to vote does so anyway (or a vote is cast in someone else’s name, or someone votes more than once), that vote cancels out a legitimate vote. Some American citizen was deprived of their sacred right to have a say in their own government.

I will start believing the people fighting attempts to clean up voter rolls really care about disenfranchising voters when I see them express equal outrage over citizens’ legitimate votes being rendered nil by fraudulent ballots.

The fight AGAINST Life

February 14, 2020

If you’re wondering why Democrats are trying to resurrect the ERA (“Equal Rights Amendment”), a 1970s relic that’s as unlamented as the polyester leisure suit, it’s not nostalgia or the “progressive” urge to revive all the terrible ideas of the past, like segregation and socialism. There is a stealth reason why three blue states (Nevada, Illinois and Virginia) have voted to ratify it even though the deadline expired 40 years ago, and why House Democrats are pushing a resolution to overturn the deadline, despite a DOJ ruling that that’s unconstitutional (even Ruth Bader Ginsburg agreed that any ratification would have to start from scratch.)

As Missouri Rep. Vicky Hartzler and Susan B. Anthony List President Marjorie Dannenfelser write at this link…

…the attempt to resuscitate the corpse of the ERA is backed by radical pro-abortion groups who see it as a backdoor way to guarantee taxpayer-paid abortion on demand. For instance, New Mexico passed a state-level version of the ERA, and its state Supreme Court unanimously ruled that it means the state government (i.e., the taxpayers, including pro-life taxpayers) is required to fund abortion services.

As the writers note, this is a perversion of the original intent of the ERA, whose author, feminist Alice Paul, was pro-life, and who complained that ratification was made harder by supporters who advocated abortion, saying, “As far as I can see, ERA has nothing whatsoever to do with abortion.”

Most Americans also can’t see that it has anything connection with abortion, which is why radical abortion advocates have seized on it as the perfect Trojan horse to use to sneak an agenda past the public that the vast majority of Americans would find abhorrent. But now, you have been warned: the return of the ERA isn’t a harmless anachronism, like “Disco Night.” It’s not an attempt to revive the past, it’s an attempt to erase a lot of unborn children’s futures at your expense.

News from South Dakota

February 14, 2020

There seems to be widespread agreement in liberal circles that 18-year-olds are too immature to be trusted with anything dangerous. They want 21 to be the legal age to smoke cigarettes, vape, drunk alcohol or buy a gun.

Yet they will fight to the death to make sure children 16 and younger can decide for themselves whether to have doctors shoot them full of puberty-blocking drugs with unknown potential side-effects on their bodies, if they believe they’re transgender. We can’t test cosmetics on animals, but we can use our children as guinea pigs for testing unproven puberty blocking chemicals.

In South Dakota, there was an attempt to change the law to stop what would, in previous years, have been immediately recognized as dangerous quackery and child abuse. And despite the fact that the South Dakota government is entirely run by Republicans, with staggering majorities in both Houses, the attempt failed when the House passed it but the Senate did not.

And here’s an article from last week, before the bill was defeated, that includes more background about how giving dangerous chemicals to children has become a trendy political crusade, and what it can do to their bodies. Also, what the advocates for this don’t want you to know. Like how Jazz Jennings has been touted as the public face of a healthy transgender child for years, but we’re only now learning that she suffered severe complications and went through four painful surgeries because years of hormone blockers while still growing caused her sexual organs to develop in ways that the surgeons weren’t sure how to deal with.