Evening Edition - September 6

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September 6, 2019 has done voters an immense public service by taking that ridiculous SEVEN-HOUR climate change townhall that CNN hosted with the Democrat Presidential candidates and condensing all the important content down to a two-minute video of all the things they would ban if elected.

For the record, if you put any of these power-mad loons in office, here is a list (partial, I’m sure) of things they would use government force to ban, in addition to the bans on airliners and flatulent cows already covered by the Green New Deal:

Red meat, plastic straws, off-shore drilling, light bulbs that don't make you look like a cadaver, fracking, nuclear power, gasoline-powered cars, having babies (especially poor Third World babies), natural gas, coal, oil, carbon dioxide, coal-burning power plants, factory farms (where much of our food comes from) and the exporting of fossil fuels.

Hope you enjoy living like the Amish!  Incidentally, by banning the export of fossil fuels, they will leave other nations no alternative but to buy them from Russia, greatly enriching and empowering  Vladimir Putin, whose regime has been undercut by Trump’s efforts to encourage fuel production and export.  Funny, I thought it was Trump who was supposedly the ally of Putin.  Once again, the Democrats have been looking for Russian collusion in all the wrong places.  Start with the nearest mirror.

When the Democrats at CNN’s climate change townhall weren’t vowing to ban everything invented since Eli Whitney patented the cotton gin, they were touting their plans to spend more money than there is in the world, particularly on the “Green New Deal” – which as its own creator let slip, was originally a plan to institute a socialist economic system and “saving the environment” just got tacked onto it later to justify the staggering cost.   

To listen to all the Democrats who endorse it, the GND will “pay for itself” by creating millions of “green jobs” and making the economy boom.  We already heard that “green jobs” fairy tale during the Obama years; but for those with short term memory issues, like Joe Biden, the state of California has already instituted some of the GND’s proposals under the guise of the same “green jobs creation” promise.  And how is that working out?  Click the link to find out:



Along with the huge audience response to Dave Chappelle’s new comedy special, there’s another heartening sign that people are fed up with the “cancel culture” and finally starting to fight back against those who seek to destroy opponents by dragging up old non-PC comments from years before and trying to destroy their lives over them.

Earlier this week, I told you how Bloomberg Law reporter Ben Penn lifted some old Facebook posts by Trump Labor Department senior adviser Leif Olson entirely out of context to make his sarcastic mocking of alt-right anti-Semites appear to be serious anti-Semitic comments.  Olson's bosses quickly “accepted his resignation,” which was taken to mean he was given the option of “resign or be fired.”

But in this case, the “reporter’s” partisan malice was so blatant that even liberal news outlets blasted him.  With the truth of how Olson was slandered starting to spread, the Labor Department announced that “following a thorough reexamination,” Olson has been reinstated into his job.

As for Penn, he’s shown no remorse.  His defense is that Olson was part of a team drafting wage-hour regulations that he doesn’t like, so it’s apparently perfectly justifiable to lie about him and get him fired.  It’s the old leftist motto, the ends justify the means (see Harry Reid's defense for lying about Mitt Romney's tax returns.) 

I’m glad that Olson got his job back, and I’m very glad to see that people are finally standing up to the outrage mobs and the weaponizing of old social media posts taken out of context.  But I’m still waiting for the other shoe to drop.  If Bloomberg want to retain even an iota of journalistic integrity, then it should answer for why Ben Penn still has his job.   

Incidentally, the obvious, intentional slander isn’t the only example of malodorous journalistic malpractice in Penn’s hatchet job article.  If Bloomberg still needs it spelled out for them what they should do, here’s a good rundown of every last outright falsehood and incorrect statement, including six lies in just one sentence:




Late Night “Comedy” circa 2019: If Trump makes any slip of the tongue, hammer away at him for 60 minutes.  If Joe Biden makes a whole week full of “gaffes” so baffling and egregious that even his supporters are starting to worry about his mental health, bring him on the show and try to laugh it off as meaning nothing.

Warning: Clicking on this link might lead to watching a clip from Stephen Colbert’s show.