Schiff's Folly

February 2, 2020

For all intents and purposes, Schiff’s Folly, the crime-free, evidence-deficient impeachment of President Trump, is dead.  The plug was pulled Friday night, and we’re just waiting for the corpse to stop twitching.  It happened when the Senate voted 51-49 to refuse the request of Democrat House managers to call more witnesses.  The vote was mostly along party lines, with only Republican Sens. Susan Collins and (prepare to be shocked) Mitt Romney voting with the Democrats.
I don’t blame Sen. Collins, since she’s facing a tough reelection in a liberal state (Maine) and is already taking flak for her brave vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh.  I assume Majority Leader Mitch McConnell probably told her that her “no” vote wasn’t needed.  I also assume that Romney voted with the Democrats for the same reason that the scorpion stung the frog that was giving it a ride across the river: “It’s in its nature.” 
In announcing the vote, McConnell stated the exact argument I made in my open letter to Senators: that having claimed to have proven their case with “overwhelming” evidence “beyond any doubt,” the House managers now demanded to set a dangerous precedent of making the Senate engage in a protracted round of new testimony, document searches and executive privilege appeals that it was the House’s job to do, if they needed that evidence to prove their allegedly “overwhelming” case. In short, if the prosecutors fail to find convincing evidence of a crime, they shouldn’t ask the jury to go hunting for it for them
Lindsey Graham said the same, in even sharper tones:
As expected, Minority Leader Chuck Schumer went on one of his patented pompous, scolding lectures, calling the vote a “perfidy” (for Democrats, they sure hate democracy) and “a grand tragedy. One of the worst tragedies that the Senate has ever overcome.” He said, “America will remember this day, unfortunately, where the Senate did not live up to its responsibilities, where the Senate turned away from truth and went along with a sham trial.”
 I think it’s more likely America will remember a couple of weeks ago as the day the Senate started going along with a sham trial.  Friday will be remembered as the day they ended it.
To prove the game is well and truly over and the fat lady has sung, even CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin admitted that what people will remember about “impeachment” is that Trump won.

We’ve followed the Michael Flynn story from the beginning and have been hoping the best for him, praying for him and his family after he was swept up in the effort to take down President Trump and pressured to plead guilty to lying to the FBI when he (and even his questioners) knew he hadn’t.

Flynn needed a fighter and he finally got one. His fortunes started to turn when he replaced his original legal counsel with firebrand attorney Sidney Powell. I tell you, if you ever need someone in your corner, she’s the one to have. And she’s got a lot more to work with now that the IG report on FISA abuse in the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign, “Crossfire Hurricane,” has shown horrific misconduct that stomped all over the rights of Americans such as Flynn.

Powell has just submitted a white-hot 27-page addendum to her previous motions, in which Flynn formally asks Judge Emmet Sullivan to allow him to withdraw his guilty plea. Powell is talking tougher than ever, and her demand that the charges against her client be dropped is now based on previously withheld government documents and, importantly, the IG report on FISA abuse. In response, prosecutors have said they will consider no jail time for Flynn (mighty nice of them) and would offer probation instead.

Um, I don’t think they quite heard her. And when they don’t hear her, she gets louder. Powell is telling them Flynn is INNOCENT. She says, “The IG report is replete with exculpatory information that, had it been known to Flynn, he never would have pled guilty.” She wants the charges DROPPED, citing “government conduct dishonestly wielded to destroy the National Security Adviser to President Trump as part of their larger anti-Trump scheme.”

Flynn himself is speaking up, too. He has connected the dots and can see, looking back, what was done to him and why. In the supplemental motion, he wrote, “In truth, I never lied. My guilty plea rankled me throughout this process, and while I allowed myself to succumb to the threats from the government to save my family, I believe I was grossly misled about what really happened.”

Victoria Taft at has more on the story, including some background for those who haven’t been keeping up:

A few amusing "impeachment" side notes: the Iowa Caucuses are tomorrow night, so by stretching this through Wednesday, Mitch McConnell forced Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar to spend the entire final weeks when they should have been campaigning in Iowa sitting in DC, listening to Adam Schiff lie.

One hilarious moment came when the Democrats’ final chance to speak during Q&A came and, for possibly the first time in his life, Jerrold Nadler sprinted to the microphone, ignoring Adam Schiff’s panicked cries of “Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!” Nadler gave the expected bad and off-putting answer, although to be fair, it was probably no more annoying than Schiff would’ve been. And at least it gave us this hilarious viral moment.

When the vote to call more witnesses predictably failed, several hundred anti-Trump protesters outside the Capitol let out with screams of anger and outrage. Have you noticed that leftists endow sounds with magical powers? They think that words they disagree with cause them physical harm. They believe that talking about a problem means they’re solving it. They elect candidates based not on qualifications or experience but on rhetoric that makes their legs tingle. They think that calling something “debunked” or “proven overwhelmingly” means that it is, even when it clearly isn’t. And for some reason, they seem to think screaming at the sky conveys some actual political power, when it just makes them look emotionally unstable. They’re like roosters who think their crowing makes the sun come up. Go ahead, scream at the sky. Who cares, other than people who are trying to sleep?

To be fair, I can understand why they screamed at the sky: they were being forced to relive the first traumatic time they did that, on Election Night 2016. Once again, they were hysterical with rage to discover that even after going to all that trouble to rig the system, they still lost to Trump.