NRA slapped with lawsuit

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September 12, 2019

Some conservatives attempted to warn leftists that they weren’t going to like the new rules and standards they were creating once they started getting applied to them.  They didn’t listen. And as I’ve been chronicling recently, the right has started using the left’s weapons, such as the court system, to fight back pretty effectively. 

Latest example: the NRA has slapped San Francisco with a lawsuit for voting to label the NRA as a “domestic terrorist group.”  The lawsuit alleges that city officials also smeared the NRA as “inciting gun owners to acts of violence,” which is flatly false, and that the designation of them as a propaganda-generating terrorist group is a violation of their First Amendment right to free speech and an attempt to blacklist members, as well as “an assault on all advocacy organizations across the country.”

Considering that the resolution’s author, San Francisco Supervisor Catherine Stefani, as much as admitted it was born out of pure emotion and wanting to “just do something” about mass shootings rather than actual facts about the NRA, it will be interesting to hear how the city defends itself in court.  Although if I had to make a prediction, it would be that this resolution gets rescinded and the case settled before that happens.  I suspect that even the people who run San Francisco aren’t crazy enough to try to convince a jury to certify their fact-free hissy fit. 

Protecting Northam

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September 12, 2019

Since I wrote about the attempts to keep the Planned Parenthood expose under wraps, I should also share an update on a related story, the attempts to “Gaslight” you into believing that Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam never said that if a baby was born during an abortion...

John Bolton out

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September 12, 2019

In a surprise announcement, President Trump revealed Tuesday that he had requested and accepted the resignation of National Security Adviser John Bolton.  He thanked Bolton for his service but said he and others in the Administration strongly disagreed with many of his suggestions, and he would name Bolton’s replacement next week.

Naturally, this set off the usual flurry of media stories about “chaos” at the White House, without regard to the fact that every Administration has people coming and going all the time.  I greatly admire John Bolton (he’s been a guest on my show), but it was no secret that his hawkish views were likely to clash with Trump’s inclinations to seek deals and avoid intervention in foreign disputes whenever possible.  Feel free to opine in the comments about whether you think it’s a good thing or bad that Bolton is no longer there, but what’s undeniable is that every President has the right to choose advisers he feels comfortable with.

One interesting aspect of this news was watching the anti-Trump media’s kneejerk frenzy of negative reactions to the departure of an adviser that they’d previously vilified as a trigger-happy, war-mongering interventionist.  That was too much even for favorite liberal political analyst Nate Silver, who tweeted, “Maybe I’m a simpleton, but it seems like if you criticized Bolton’s hiring, you probably shouldn’t also criticize his firing.”