Google bias

April 10, 2019

Say, you know how every time a conservative commentator or news site (or anti-abortion movie) gets blocked from social media or search results, it’s always the fault of some totally nonpartisan “algorithm”?
Today's Commentary --- A treasure trove of evidence: JAMES COMEY WROTE IT ALL DOWN -- Netanyahu on his way to win -- Omar and 9/11 --- Internal Google Doc is revealing -- Judge them by their priorities -- HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE: Devin Nunes ready with 8 criminal referrals -- Quotes from American History --More documents show why Hillary deserves indictment -- Cool your jets Democrats -- Evening Edition -- Daily Verse

The lies liberals tell

April 10, 2019

Just yesterday, I wrote a piece for this newsletter on how prominent Democrats, bereft of their cherished “Russian collusion” narrative, are now resorting to telling any transparent lie about Trump or Republicans in an attempt to change the subject from their own gullibility.