Hilarious Twitter Thread: Conservative satirist Iowahawk set out to show how easy it is to gin up a social media jihad against someone for saying something that offends social justice warrior sensibilities, so he launched a shame attack on the irredeemably awful Allegra Budenmayer for the unspecified but unacceptable things she allegedly said.  Who is Allegra Budenmayer?  There is no such person, but that didn’t stop #FireAllegaBudenmayer from quickly becoming a trending hashtag.  It took only one hour before she was reportedly suspended from her job at Rampit Capital (also fictitious), but that wasn’t fast enough, so they were Twitter-shamed, too! 

It’s a brilliant prank, but if you think it’s the first time a furious Twitter mob was mobilized over some offense that wasn’t even real, then you’re living in a fool’s paradise.

Trump follows up with DC summit

For those who want to know what’s actually going on between President Trump and Vladimir Putin, without the circus sideshow of people who don’t know the definition of treason shrieking “TREASON!!”, here’s a round-up of the latest developments. 

The Big Story: Trump has invited Putin to a follow-up summit at the White House.  This will accomplish Trump’s dual goals of finding common ground on which to work with Russia and making the White House Press Corps’ heads explode.

Trump said that while he hopes he and Putin are able to get along, if it doesn’t work out, then “I’ll be the worst enemy he’s ever had.”  In other words, the exact attitude he took into his meeting with Kim Jong-Un and virtually every other adversary: offer an open hand of friendship, but with a warning that if you don’t take it, it will be replaced with a fist.  But with Putin, it’s entirely different because…because?…because “RUSSIA!” or something.

Trump also reportedly disagrees with Putin’s request to interview former US diplomats and intelligence officers in exchange for letting Robert Mueller talk to the 12 Russians he indicted for hacking during the 2016 election.  When Trump earlier called that an “incredible” offer, maybe he meant literally “not credible.” 

Former Ambassador Andrew McFaul said Putin was trying to create a “moral equivalency between a legitimate indictment with lots of data and evidence to support it from Mr. Mueller with a crazy, cockamamie scheme with no relationship to facts and reality whatsoever.” We all know Mueller’s team would never be investigating something like that!

All joking aside, this shows one of the pitfalls of the Democrats and the media pressuring Trump to demand that Russia hand over its citizens who are indicted in America. It could open up a Pandora’s box, setting a precedent in which countries with no Constitutional protections start indicting Americans, such as military people or intelligence officers (or ambassadors) and demanding that we hand those Americans over to them. 

This is why, for years, Republican Presidents have refused demands from the left to submit to the UN’s International Court of Justice, or “World Court,” system.  We recognize its jurisdiction on a case-by-case basis, but maintain veto power if we disagree with it.  Globalists depict this as America being out of step with the rest of the world, but actually, the rest of the world is sadly out of step with us.  Until every nation on Earth adopts the same Bill of Rights that Americans enjoy, there’s no way American citizens should ever be forced to submit to any “global” legal authority.

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Great piece

Excellent article from Andrew Klavan at PJ Media on the Trump-Putin imbroglio, examining the difference between making a mistake and being crazy, and who’s really doing Putin’s work of dividing America for him.

Obama news

I suppose I should be shocked at a liberal politician who lives in an $8.1 million mansion lecturing the rest of us, “There’s only so big a house you can have.” But then, I remember Al Gore…



Photo surfaces of powerful US politician having coffee and Krispy Kremes with Vladimir Putin.  COLLUSION! TREASON!! IMPEACHMENT!!!...Oh wait, it’s Chuck Schumer?  Never mind...


This didn't go well 

If I told you Whoopi Goldberg and Judge Jeanine Pirro were put into the same room, how do you think it would end?  You’re right!

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China hack

China might not have to subpoena the interpreter to find out what Trump and Putin said.  Here's what they were doing while the media screamed about RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA.