Evening Edition - July 25

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July 25, 2019

“Democratic” socialists like Bernie Sanders love to promise “Medicare for All,” but they never describe what it would be like sharing a waiting room with 350 other Americans, all trying to get in to see whatever doctors are still in business.  As an example, leftists extol the wonderful free health care in Cuba, but they don’t tell you that in addition to shortages, rationing and long lines for basic foods, Cubans are also in dangerously short supply of 47 medications, some of them life-saving meds, including anti-seizure, high blood pressure, diabetes and anti-psychotic drugs.  I’m tempted to ask whether the people who think we need socialism here are using up the world’s supply of anti-psychotic drugs.

Meanwhile, back here in America, land of the inferior medical system run by coldhearted capitalists, President Trump is reportedly planning a sweeping executive order that would cut prices on virtually all branded drugs sold to Medicare and other government programs.

Of course, the Bernie Bots will still complain that the drugs aren’t free.  Which would you rather have: prescription drugs that cost money and are available, or drugs that are free but you can’t find any of them?   



It turns out that suggesting that people who disagree with your politics be deported back where they came from is not a current invention of the evil racist Trump, nor even a revival of some long-dead practice of the 1940s Nazi era.  In fact, other politicians have said quite similar things very recently.  For instance, like when Rep. Ilhan Omar said it about several of her opponents in 2012, and when Rep. Rashida Tlaib said it in 2015 about…Donald Trump.


And in another embarrassing moment from the Permanent Record: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just defended Rep. Ilhan Omar, blasting President Trump over charges that Omar is un-American.  Now watch video from just a few months ago of Pelosi addressing the Jewish organization AIPAC, where she says that the BDS movement against Israel that Omar supports is anti-Semitism, and “I simply declare to be anti-Semitic is to be anti-American. It has no place in our country.”

I had no idea that being anti-Semitic, which is also anti-American, can be canceled out just by being anti-Trump enough. 



Yet another comedian (a woman, it should be noted) had to take down her social media pages and apologize in the face of death threats for making a joke that the online outrage mob didn’t like.  Granted, it was a joke involving the murder of a rapper, so it wasn’t in the best of taste.  But seriously, threatening people with DEATH for making a joke you don’t like? 

I shouldn’t be surprised that leftists would do it to a woman, even though they tell us on one hand that women are as strong as any man, then tell us that they are so delicate that using the wrong word around them causes them unbearable pain, then on the third hand, make death threats if a woman tells a joke that they don’t like. But then, they made death threats against an 8-year-old girl just for parodying AOC, so why should adult women comics be off-limits from their violent nastiness?

Fox News commentator Katherine Timpf isn’t surprised, since the same thing happened to her -- and over a “Star Wars” joke!  If you’re threatening a woman with death over the Internet for joking about “Star Wars,” you have reached the very bottom level of a mom’s basement dweller.

At the link is Kat’s defense of this comic and of comedy in general. She’s braver than any of the “progressive” Taliban making anonymous death threats against women and children for “blaspheming” their sacred cows with humor.  She makes the point that if comedians aren’t allowed to try out jokes and see if they work (and many won't), then comedy is dead. And it might as well be when attacks like this latest one are greeted with capitulation, groveling apologies, self-censorship and a refusal by outlets such as Comedy Central to back the comedians against the keyboard thugs.  All comedians and everyone who cares about humor and free speech should join Kat Timpf in standing up to these joke junior jihadists.  



Our prayers today for comic actress Valerie Harper, star of the classic “Mary Tyler Moore Show” and her own hit spin-off, “Rhoda.”  After fighting off lung cancer, Harper was diagnosed with brain cancer and given only months to live. That was in 2013. But she refused to give up on life and continued working, supporting charities and inspiring others for years, even while battling terminal cancer.  She told People, “I don’t think of dying, I think of being here now.

But a couple of days ago, Tony Cacciotti, her husband of 32 years, announced on Facebook that Valerie’s doctors say it’s time for her to move to hospice care.  He refused because he insists on staying by her side and taking care of her himself.  I hope she knows how much we appreciate all the laughs she gave us, and the inspiration she gave to so many by refusing to give up on life and give in to cancer.  Read the story at the link, and you’ll see what I mean.  And please remember to keep her husband in your prayers, too, along with all those who willingly take on the role of caregiver to loved ones in the most difficult of times.


Thank goodness for!  Without liberal “fact-checking” sites like that, who else would inform us dumb rubes that satirical stories from humorous websites that make fun of Democrats aren’t really true?