First, Elon Musk said he would pay the legal bills of anyone who sues because they lost their job over something they posted on Twitter. Now, the people who organized the legal defense of Kyle Rittenhouse have formed Themis Alliance, a nonprofit to help regular people who’ve been victims of cancel culture fight back.

Board member Jillian Anderson said, “Witnessing the media’s immense power, I was personally driven to support Kyle and his shattered family, victims of relentless smears by mainstream media. This experience led me to help create Themis Alliance, providing a voice and platform for those silenced by the woke mob and cancel culture. Together, we’ll empower the voiceless to reclaim their narratives.”

Excellent! Keep hitting them in the pocketbook, it’s the most vulnerable part of their anatomy.

If you’ve been reading this newsletter, you already know that the now-disbanded Kangaroo Kommittee chaired by Rep. Bennie Thompson of Mississippi failed to preserve the records of its investigation into January 6 as it was required to do.  Conveniently, it even destroyed its records of communications with the White House.  (Surprise!)  But this report from FOX NEWS has more details...

Georgia Rep. Barry Loudermilk, who chairs the Subcommittee on Oversight for the Committee on House Administration (tasked with addressing the security failures), says he was told the “Blue Team,” the part of the J6 committee specifically directed to investigate the security failures at the Capitol, was essentially shut down by the committee in order to focus like a laser beam on blaming President Trump.  (Again, surprise!)

Loudermilk’s subcommittee did get a lot of material, presented in a completely haphazard fashion, but he has not seen “anything from the Blue Team as far as reports on the investigation they did looking into the actual breach itself.”  That’s apparently gone.  He also doesn’t have video of all the depositions.

Thompson is disputing the claim that they were required to keep those records.  “He’s saying they didn’t have to,” Loudermilk said.  “It was clear in law they had to, and...if there was any question, the fact that they used the videos in the hearings would dictate that it had to be preserved.

“The more we go in, the more we’re realizing that there’s things that we don’t have.  We don’t have anything about security failures at the Capitol, we don’t have the videos of the depositions.”

One thing Loudermilk did come across that he said wasn’t turned over to his subcommittee:  a letter from Thompson to White House counsel Richard Sauber and DHS discussing an “agreement” between the J6 committee and the Executive Branch to interview personnel whose names were later redacted.  Loudermilk can’t help but wonder what this was about.  “Did they not want us to know that there were documents that they had sent back to the Executive Branch?”

Of course they didn’t.  And it’s obvious that if the J6 committee was dealing with security failures, it was to cover them up, not investigate them.  As Loudermilk put it, “We’ve got enough to know there was a huge intelligence failure.  I think Chairman Thompson’s response to me is indicting of him.  It’s almost like saying, okay, yeah, we decided not to give you stuff.  And I’m reading it as, Oh, you decided not to give us the things that you didn’t want us to see.  I mean, that’s kind of the way you have to look at this.”

Not just “kind of” --- it’s the only way you can look at it.  Perhaps they don’t realize that it’s backfiring when they continue to insult our intelligence.

BREITBART makes it clear:  Last year, incoming Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy demanded that the J6 committee preserve all of its evidence, records and transcripts.  The committee apparently did not preserve the raw evidence that its attorneys spent months --- and millions of taxpayer dollars --- collecting.  You can bet that if this material had supported their goal of blaming Trump for everything that happened on January 6, they would have kept every last scrap of paper.

Mark Levin pointed out on Tuesday that this destruction “effectively denied former President Trump of access to evidence that might potentially help his defense in the criminal prosecutions that the committee itself had urged the Department of Justice to launch.  And it also prevented other witnesses from clearing their names.”  Can you cay “obstruction”?

Joel Pollak at BREITBART noted the irony of Trump being charged with mishandling documents when it’s the J6 Committee that actually DESTROYED documents.  As far as we know, the DOJ is not investigating Thompson or anyone on the committee for destroying those documents.  And we won’t be hearing any differently as long as the current crew is in charge, mark my words.  For now, Democrats get to destroy documents and obstruct justice to their hearts’ content, and they act accordingly.

Just as the J6 committee has worked to control its J6 narrative, so the WASHINGTON POST has quietly, gradually tweaked its own reporting on the Hunter Biden scandal so as not to have to issue major, earth-shattering corrections.  Their top fact-checker, Glenn Kessler, has been busy since Devon Archer’s testimony making updates to stories they reported in 2020 and 2021.  This piece from THE NEW YORK POST --- who got their reporting on the Biden story correct from the start, despite it being branded “Russian disinformation” --- is really quite hilarious, and you know they must have enjoyed playing “gotcha.”

It was Paul Sperry at REALCLEAR INVESTIGATIONS who noticed what Kessler was doing with the Hunter story at WAPO, gradually adapting their narrative rather than admitting they were wrong.  And Kessler continued to downplay Hunter’s business associations as much as possible.

The transcript of Archer’s recent testimony, however, shows that the NY POST, not WAPO, had it right in the first place.  Miranda Devine’s reporting was confirmed.

“Most facts were always there,” Perry wrote.  “It was only when the facts were amplified by government hearings, reports and depositions, as well as other news sites and Twitter, that Kessler revised his analysis --- while still resisting calling his revisions ‘corrections.’”

“Despite the rolling disclosures reaching a critical mass,” he continued, “the [WASHINGTON] POST has not published a separate news story examining its own errors, which misinformed voters ahead of the November 2020 presidential election and continued to mislead the public deep into the Biden presidency.”

Sperry notes that the clearly partisan Kessler, who portrays himself as “a neutral arbiter of truth in journalism,” wrote the book “Donald Trump and His Assault on Truth:  The President’s Falsehoods, Misleading Claims and Flat-Out Lies.”  As I said, this piece is hilarious.  Highly recommended.


For the past couple of days, GATEWAY PUNDIT has been breaking a story about massive 2020 voter fraud in Michigan, allegedly involving thousands of criminally falsified voter registration forms, and federal officials keeping it on the lowdown, as the saying goes.   Here’s their Part 1...

“It should be noted,” they wrote, “that after documenting these crimes and investigating for weeks, the Michigan police turned over their investigation to the FBI, who promptly buried the findings.  [Editorial aside:  Well, of course they did.]  Once again, the FBI apparently took no action --- more on that in an upcoming report.”

So, here’s that report, Part 2…

Their report claims that one company that appears to be implicated in the fake registration strategy is GBI Strategies, with offices near Muskegon.  When police went there, they found “semiautomatic guns, silencers/suppressors, burner phones, a bag of pre-paid cash cards, and incomplete registrations, in an office space that was styled as an eyeglass store that had gone defunct.”

One very educated estimate (from a former Michigan secretary of state) put the number of ballot applications mailed out to people unqualified to vote in Michigan at over 800,000.  This would include non-citizens, underage people, and those who had moved or died.


Not guilty on all counts

August 9, 2023

You might remember Mark Houck, the pro-life activist whom the Biden FBI arrested in a guns-drawn raid in front of his children, then tried to railroad into federal prison for 11 years for shoving an abortion activist who was harassing his young son. Fortunately, the jury found him not guilty on all counts. Well, Houck is back in the news. He’s running for Congress in Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District.

Naturally, his views are pro-life, but his campaign is based on more than that. He says on his website: “I have seen first-hand what an out-of-control government can do to its citizens. I will fight to protect all people and their rights under God & our Constitution. My platform is based on common sense.”

Someone who’s experienced Biden’s weaponized “justice” system first hand and who also believes in common sense? Sounds like the left’s worst enemy! Let’s hope and pray he gets elected.

Meanwhile, regarding the Trump persecution---er, prosecution:  Special Counsel Jack Smith, bent on trying and convicting President Trump before the ‘24 election, might be confident of how his case plays in DC, but fortunately there are judges who can see through some of his tactics and are questioning them.

As FOX NEWS reported Monday, Judge Aileen Cannon of the Southern District of Florida, presiding over the so-called classified documents case brought forward by a Miami grand jury’s indictment of Trump in June, has denied the DOJ’s request for sealed filings, striking two from the record.  She voiced concern about the prosecutor’s continued use of an out-of-state grand jury (the DC grand jury, STILL) to investigate the case.

Maybe Smith can do whatever he wants in DC, but his antics might play a little differently in south Florida.  Judge Cannon’s brief addresses “the legal propriety of using an out-of-district grand jury proceeding to continue to investigate and/or to seek post-indictment hearings on matters pertinent to the instant indicted matter in this district.”

The NEW YORK POST explains Judge Cannon’s ruling very clearly.

The special counsel’s filing had to do with their attempt to get an attorney off the case over potential conflict of interest.  The attorney, Stanley Woodward, represents Waltine Nauta, a Trump aide listed as co-defendant, but also other individuals who might be called to testify.

We’ve talked about Woodward here.  He has alleged he was spoken to by Jay Bratt, chief of counterintelligence for the DOJ, about his pending judgeship in the context of having his client “flip” and testify against Trump.  Woodward has a sterling reputation.  Conflict of interest or not, if his allegation about Bratt is true, no wonder Smith wants him far away from the case.

Of course, the Mar-A-Lago “classified” documents case isn’t the only case Jack Smith is diligently working on to put Trump behind bars.  As you know, law professor Jonathan Turley has had plenty to say about the charges Trump faces relating to January 6, mostly concerning the violation of his First Amendment rights.

“The most jarring thing about this indictment is it basically just accuses him of disinformation,” Turley observed.  “It said [Trump] was spreading falsehoods, that [he] was undermining integrity of the election --- that is all part of the First Amendment.”

In other words, Turley is arguing that the First Amendment covers falsehoods.  It does, but I would say the case can also be made that this argument shouldn’t even have to apply, that Trump was (once again) right, or at least partially right, and that many falsehoods came from the other side.  I find the statement that “the 2020 election was the most secure in all of American history” laughable and arguably the result of determined propagandizing.  It’s akin to the line from THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE, “Raymond Show is the kindest, bravest, warmest, most wonderful human being I’ve ever known in my life.”  If an impartial investigation can ever be done, I’m betting that history will prove me right.  Certainly, it won’t prove me wrong.

Remember this reporting from Atlanta at the time?  We still aren’t aware of all these issues being resolved.  (Look for Trump’s next indictment, out of Atlanta, to be handed down any time.)

Anyway, Turley did note that one charge absent from the J6 Trump indictment is that of “conspiracy for incitement” or “seditious conspiracy.”  He said, “Those were the claims the Democrats used in the impeachment and said the evidence was absolutely clear.  People like Adam Schiff and others were saying [Trump] is clearly guilty of those crimes.  Well, they’re not in here.”  He sees “serious legal problems with this indictment.”

And legal analyst Andrew C. McCarthy said Smith brought “a lousy case.”  Details here.

If there were any doubt that this indictment sprang fully formed from a TDS-infected mind, Matt Taibbi of “Twitter Files” fame erases it.  Jack Smith, he says, writes it “in the relentless, redundant style of an MSNBC broadcast or a WASHINGTON POST editorial.”  Taibbi rips the indictment to shreds as a “deranged authoritarian fantasy.”

“Unless I’m missing something,” he says, “they’re aiming to prove intent without introducing evidence of Trump’s thoughts, which seems bananas.”  Highly recommended reading.

But the judge in the case might eat up Smith’s anti-Trump hyperbole with a spoon.  Read this about Judge U.S. District Court Judge Tanya S. Chutkan, and see if you don’t think she has clearly shown extreme bias, even before getting the case.  She should be removed.

As for Smith’s effort to obtain a protective order against Trump seeing evidence against him (!), Alan Dershowitz said Sunday that Trump has a First Amendment right --- WE have a First Amendment right --- to see it.

So much anti-Trump lawfare is converging right now that REDSTATE put together a handy summary of what took place just on Monday.  This’ll cross your eyes.  It seems the preferred way to stop one’s political opponent is to sue the living daylights out of him.

Whether or not President Biden personally gave Smith his marching orders to prosecute his political opponent, Smith happens to be doing exactly what Biden wants him to do.  Goodness, how did he know?  As THE NEW YORK TIMES reported in stories published over a year ago that are only now being brought into the spotlight, “Mr. Biden confirmed to his inner circle that he believed President Donald J. Trump was a threat to democracy and should be prosecuted.”  They reported that Biden “has said privately that he wants Mr. Garland to act less like a ponderous judge and more like a prosecutor who is willing to take decisive action over the events of January 6.”  Lo and behold.

On June 9, Jack Smith said the following, and get ready so you don’t spew your morning coffee across the room: “Adherence to the rule of law is a bedrock principle of the Department of Justice.  And our nation’s commitment to the rule of law sets an example to the world.  [Editorial aside:  dear Lord, I hope not!]  We have one set of laws in this country, and they apply to everyone.  Applying those laws, collecting those facts, that’s what determines the outcome of an investigation, nothing more, nothing less.”

Did you spew your coffee?  Well, you were warned.

On Huckabee, is the latest Trump indictment a grim representation of where freedom of speech in America is headed? Congressman French Hill talks the economic illiteracy that led to “Bidenomics” and examines the snowballing U.S. deficits. Aaron Withe examines radical teachers’ unions and breaks down how we get the educational curriculum back on track. Brent Dusing, of TruPlay, combines gaming and Christian foundations in a truly unique online platform. Don’t miss all this and more on Huckabee!

Recommendation 1: More of this please

This is something I’d like to see a lot more of from former President Trump. It’s a lengthy interview with that doesn’t focus obsessively on the legal assaults on him or relitigating the 2020 election, but on his accomplishments in office, how Biden is destroying the country, and how he would reverse America's downward plunge if he were back in the White House.

We need more of this because the Democrats know that they can’t run on the strength of their policies or their accomplishments because their policies are disasters wherever they’re tried. They would lose in any A-B comparison of liberal vs. conservatives policies. This was perfectly expressed in a recent Babylon Bee headline about a Gavin Newsom/Ron DeSantis debate: “Governor Of State People Are Fleeing From Agrees To Debate Governor Of State They Are Fleeing To.”

For that reason, they have to be like bad magicians and create endless distractions to keep the public from noticing their trickery. Their limited bag of trick includes accusing their opponents of being racists and wanting to bring back slavery (even though the GOP was founded on ending slavery), claiming Republicans want to take away women’s rights (when they're obliterating women’s rights and won't even say what a woman is), and of course, demonizing Trump and hitting him with an endless string of partisan indictments for speech or actions nobody else would ever be charged over.

Yes, that’s outrageous and needs to be stopped. But when Trump talks about nothing but that, or the 2020 election, he’s playing their game on their field. For all the horrible stuff from the past few years that needs to be corrected, voters will be more motivated by a positive agenda explaining how Trump will make their lives better. After three years of Biden, they desperately need someone to help them. If he can remind them of how he did it before and explain how he will do it again – as he does in this interview – that’s a much better message than just reacting to the attacks, which will keep coming anyway, no matter what he does.

Recommendation 2: Stop with the combative social media posts please!

Speaking of things that Trump should not focus on, I wish he would let his lawyers handle his legal problems and not make their job harder with the combative social media posts that hand his opponents ammunition to use against him on a silver platter. Like this attempt by Jack Smith to block discovery, citing Trump’s social media posts as justification.

Yes, I know it’s a ridiculous twisting of what Trump said, but he should know by now that of course they’re going to do that. Remember what we heard on every old rerun of “Dragnet”: "Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” I’ve never heard a better summation of the strategy the Democrats are using against Trump.

Read my endorsement of President Trump:Why I'm Endorsing Donald Trump for President

Democrats keep trying to defend or brush off the government's attempts to censor Americans on social media by claiming that they were just trying to prevent “dangerous misinformation” (defined by them to mean “any opinion that we disagree with”) and that the social media sites were free to say no (maybe so, but when you have a powerful government entity leaning on you to do something, it’s easy to see it as “an offer you can’t refuse.”) Well, now we’re learning that these outrageous attempts to circumvent the First Amendment by outsourcing the censoring to Silicon Valley went even further than we knew.

For instance, it’s now been reported that the Biden White House pressured Facebook to tweak its algorithm to boost stories from liberal outlets like the New York Times and suppress stories from “polarizing” conservative journalists and news outlets. “Polarizing” being another word like “misinformation” that they’ve redefined to mean “anything that challenges our hooey.”

And Robert Spencer at Front Page magazine writes about a Wall Street Journal report that’s behind a paywall that reveals that the Biden Administration even leaned on Facebook in early 2021 to censor jokes and humorous memes, if the subject was potential vaccine side effects or vaccine hesitancy. Internal emails show that Facebook staffers were concerned about this, and even feared it would backfire by fueling vaccine hesitancy by sparking a conspiracy theory that the government was attempting to silence any criticism or even jokes about the vaccines.

For the record: if there was an actual secret government effort to pressure Facebook to censor any criticism or jokes, then that’s NOT a “conspiracy theory!” It’s a conspiracy!

I can easily believe this, since we’ve had plenty of run-ins with social media platforms and search engines trying to silence or demonetize us over comments that were clearly jokes. Maybe it’s because they know that tyrants hate jokes because they tell the truth in an entertaining way. For some reason, all this about the tyrannical impulses of President Biden and his flying monkeys reminds me of what was reportedly JFK’s favorite joke. I’ve told it before, but it’s more timely than ever:

Did you hear about the Russian who was arrested for standing outside the Kremlin and yelling, “Khrushchev is an idiot?” He got 30 years in prison. Ten for insulting Khrushchev and 20 for revealing state secrets.”

That’s remarkably applicable to America today, except the idiocy at the top is not a secret.

Seriously though, this is a big reason why we changed things up and moved my newsletter to Substack.

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Mike Huckabee

“...This is the key:  if you look at what’s happened with the Biden narrative, it’s completely collapsed.  And, honestly, I don’t know how any self-respecting journalist is gonna pay attention to anything that the Bidens say, because of how many times they’ve been lied to.”

I think most of us who have a clue have reached that point, though we recognize the term “self-respecting journalist” as virtually an oxymoron.  But this was investigative reporter and “follow-the-money” bestselling author Peter Schweizer --- also president of the Government Accountability Institute --- speaking with FOX NEWS’ Maria Bartiromo on Sunday. 

The remark came after his mention of the personal phone carried by Joe Biden but paid for by Rosemont Seneca, Hunter’s company.  Obviously, “this was a systematic business operation that the Bidens were running --- to sell access, to sell influence.”  By Schweizer’s calculation, the Bidens got $30 million from the Chinese, plus millions from the Ukrainians, Russians and others. 

“It’s an astronomical number when you look at it in the larger context.”

Bartiromo asked him about Burisma founder Zlochevsky’s alleged statement that he had 17 recordings with both Hunter and Joe Biden that he was holding as “insurance.”  Schweizer thought that if there was a phone conversation between Zlochevsky and Joe Biden, it would be on that phone.  “I think there were probably phone calls with other foreign nationals as well,” he said.

He sees no reason why this phone shouldn’t be available to the [House Oversight] committee and to the public, and it should be subpoenaed if it hasn’t been already.  (It’s not an official government phone; we would guess that was the idea, as with Hillary’s private email server.)  “That’s going to be a crucial part of this record,” he said.

As we’ve pointed out, this doesn’t just have to do with Burisma Holdings per se.  “As Zlochevsky the head of Burisma is making those allegations to the confidential human source [as noted in the FBI’s “1023”], another person said to be present at those meetings was an individual that works for President Zelenskyy of Ukraine,” Schweizer said.  “That means, certainly, that if that conversation took place, I would imagine President Zelenskyy knows of the claims that Burisma bribed Joe Biden.

“That’s the kind of leverage in the context of Ukraine or China that is extremely worrisome, and that’s what should be driving this investigation.”

Heading into the Devon Archer testimony, he’d been concerned because Archer’s attorney was Boies Schiller, the same big-Democrat firm where Hunter worked as a lawyer from 2009 to 2014.  (Aside:  our guess is that he was more of a “rainmaker,” not a practicing attorney.)  But he was pleasantly surprised by the “measured and focused” testimony given by Archer, who struck him as “the adult in the room.”  He confirmed the worst suspicions, Schweizer said, which had to do with Joe Biden being “the product that this firm was selling.”

He thinks the next shoe to drop will be that of another Biden business associate, Eric Schwerin.  Archer was the “deal guy,” Schweizer said, but Schwerin was “the money guy.”  He moved the money around, including money destined for Joe Biden’s accounts.

“When he testifies before the [Oversight] committee, it’s going to be interesting to see what he says and what pressure he might be under from this administration.”

The interview is a must-see.  It has a lead-in from House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, but that segues into the Schweizer conversation…

Former DOJ prosecutor Jim Trusty, in an interview Sunday with Mark Levin, noted that, given the gutting of attorney-client privilege in the effort to take down Trump in the J6 indictment, our DOJ is showing how different the standard is for investigating the Bidens.  The IRS whistleblowers on the Hunter Biden case, he said, went to the U.S. attorney ready to do a search warrant for documents belonging to Hunter, but that attorney not only refused but, unbelievably, called Hunter’s lawyers to give them a heads-up.  “In my book,” Trusty said, “that’s basically obstruction of justice.”

Contrast this with what happened in the Trump classified documents case.  A high-level DOJ attorney, according to a sworn statement to a federal judge, told defense attorney Stanley Woodward essentially that it would be a shame if he endangered his pending judge-ship by not “flipping” his client against Trump.

“Again, it’s extortion,” Trusty said.  “And so the people we’re entrusting in our federal justice system to fairly and impartially and transparently pursue justice are actually obstructionists, because they’re so hell-bent on going after one target.”

“...There’s evidence from both of those cases,” he said, “that suggests this Department of Justice, if those accusations are right, has no compunction about breaking the rules, about destroying the rule of law, because of their political interest in being ‘the ones’ who got President Trump.”

There’s much more that he says “smells rotten.”  See his entire interview here...

Former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was a guest on Levin’s show as well, noting that Hunter’s plea deal, in giving him immunity but saying the investigation was ongoing --- which, by the way, makes NO SENSE --- was shielding the DOJ from Congress ever looking into it.  Fortunately, Judge Mary Ellen Noreika saw through that.  The DOJ is, in effect, representing Joe Biden and his family, just as much as Hunter’s own lawyers are.

Whitaker agreed that by cooperating with his son’s requests, Joe Biden was a co-conspirator in his son’s violation of FARA.  All it takes is “one overt act” and this involved 20 phone calls --- that we know of --- and participating in face-to-face meetings as well.  There must be a special counsel, he said.  (We would add that this individual would have to be chosen by a panel of judges --- certainly not by Merrick Garland.)

James Lynch at DAILY CALLER recalls the times during the 2020 campaign when President Trump made assertions about then-candidate Joe Biden’s connections to Hunter’s foreign business that were dismissed at the time but that turned out to be spot-on.  By November of 2019, of course, the FBI was already well aware of the Biden family business and even had Hunter’s laptop safely under wraps.  We can look back at this now and marvel at what a liar Biden was.  Note also how moderator Chris Wallace changed the conversation just when it was getting good.

The above story mentions that a text allegedly sent by Hunter Biden in 2017 to a CEFC associate says the Bidens are “best” at assisting his boss.  That quote in particular stood out to legal professor Jonathan Turley.

“The Bidens are the best I know at doing exactly what the Chairman wants from this [partnership],” Hunter told Gongwen Dong (a.k.a. Kevin).  Turley calls this message “the perfect epitaph for the entire Biden corruption scandal.”  He also notes that the lack of media interest in that dinner Joe attended with Hunter’s foreign associates mirrors their dismissal of Hunter’s laptop, a pattern which he calls “the hallmark of a state media, by consent rather than coercion.”

That column is a must-read, and so is his previous one, about the damage inflicted on our system by Jack Smith’s attempt to bag Trump at any cost.  “I remain deeply concerned,” Turley says, “over the implications of free speech from this prosecution.”

“Indeed,” he says,” the general dismissal of these concerns by legal experts shows how our current rage politics blinds us to dangers even to our own fundamental rights.”  It’s a must-read, showing why this abuse of the system absolutely must end in utter failure.

We like what actor and clever political commentator James Woods had to say in a Twitter post (now that Twitter allows such posts).  Woods thinks Trump will increasingly be appreciated for fighting back, now that it’s obvious the Democrats have “a candidate who can’t say hello without lying.”

Jim Thompson at REDSTATE has a different prediction:  that Jack Smith’s DC jury will convict Trump and the Supreme Court will vacate it.  Sure, most of us would predict that, but Thompson also believes it’s all part of Smith’s plan to interfere with the 2020 election.  Thompson says this would hand the Democrat base another “the Supreme Court is illegitimate” gift, firing them up as never before for the election that fall.  I would add that this wild anti-Trump movement would be unleashed no matter who the Democrat candidate turns out to be.

Finally, Sundance at CONSERVATIVE TREEHOUSE has done some digging, and it’s worth a deep dive yourself into the law enforcement bureaucracy as it relates to former attorney general Bill Barr.  Sundance tracked the Mueller investigation into a system that hides the larger picture --- “the unlawful targeting of a presidential candidate [the Russia Hoax], and then a subsequent coup against that candidate after the election,” culminating, of course, in Jack Smith’s plan now.  Barr is part of that system, he says.  We can’t see the complete picture of the weaponized government, he says, because it resides in separate compartments intended to block the sunlight.  For when you have time…

Civil War 2.0

August 4, 2023

Here in Texas – with August temperatures breaking records set by the Comanches - we seldom worry about much else. Once you get beyond the conversational basics - how hot, how humid and is any rain forecast - my neighbors have begun to wonder if the country is headed for another civil war. Some even short-title it as “CW 2.0.”

This week we enjoyed a momentary respite from the prevailing smugness, worn like a recognition signal on the faces of the TV elites: the breather arrived when Hunter Biden’s Sweetheart Deal suddenly collapsed. Thereafter the anchor-hunnies on CNN and MSNBC were unable to explain (1) why Hunter’s lawyers and our alleged Justice Department were on exactly the same page; and (2) why the presiding judge mysteriously declined to endorse their subtle machinations. Hadn’t she gotten the memo? Didn’t she understand that President Biden was secretly calling the shots, that her job was merely to acquiesce sweetly?

With whistle-blowers testifying and Hunter’s business buddy appearing in camera before congressional committees, it looked as though confusion might lead to candor. But then, as if orchestrated by divine intervention, Special Counsel Jack Smith appeared with his latest indictments of Donald Trump, 45 pages apparently lifted intact from the Final Report of The Nancy Pelosi Special Committee to Outlaw Insurrection and Inconvenient Thinking. Although he began with the ritual incantation, “No one is above The Law,” Smith quickly gave the TV audience what it had been longing for: a litany of prosecutorial over-statements so far beyond the pale that he seemed transformed into an especially unkempt Inspector Javert.

The Media Swamp promptly declared itself back in session, CNN even empaneling a group-grope of six or seven “experts” to discuss, analyze and dispense the glorious tidings. With nearly orgasmic delight, a similarly full-house was gaggled together over at MSNBC. A distinguished historian old enough to know better joined former solicitors general to assure the breathless audience that these latest indictments of Trump were so significant that they could only be compared to the greatest moments in American history. It was only when those TV munchkins reveled in the prospect of Trump being judged by a black Obama appointee – who may or may not know what a woman really is – that my mind turned back to CW 2.0.

None of the mirth-makers seem to have considered that possibility, intent as they were on punishing Trump by any means available. In their parallel universe of fanatically defending the Bidens, they seem oblivious to the fact that each new indictment simply increases the Trump delegate count. Even worse, they ignore the ominous signs that President Biden, his own ship daily approaching the shoals of misconduct, has placed the American justice system squarely at risk. What happens when both Trump and Biden are snake-bitten and quite possibly in jeopardy of being disqualified from holding elective office? Should we count on either one to opt for the statesmanlike alternative and gracefully withdraw? Do we assume that the Supreme Court will somehow ride to the rescue of one or the other – and would their verdict be enforced in the courts or the streets?

While slavery and states’ rights had been underlying tensions since the beginning, the proximate cause of the Civil War was the election of 1860 and Abraham Lincoln’s elevation to the presidency. As a student of that war, I have walked its battlefields and reviewed most of Ralph Peters’ books; possibly our foremost historical novelist, Ralph applies his genius by deciphering the riddles of the maps, embracing the protagonists and helping modern readers recall that terrible era. Key question: How could the most destructive war in our history have resulted from such well-known and foreseeable consequences?

Later on, I pondered those questions in Bosnia, observing the particular madness wrought by modern civil wars. I maneuvered on battlefields that violated every known principle of war, witnessed the stomach-churning realities of ethnic cleansing; had my heart broken after seeing too many ill-nourished children and bombed-out villages. For a country that had enjoyed a relatively peaceful 800-year history, how had Serbs, Croats and Moslems generated such bloody-minded bitterness? Most of all: Amidst Europe’s most beautiful playgrounds, how had crops of land-mines been planted in every field?

Over twenty years later, I still cannot answer those questions, much less predict the outcome of the foundational dilemmas awaiting us in 2024. But these days I worry less about national sovereignty and more about God’s sovereignty – and His lessons about how we should treat neighbors, brothers, sisters and countrymen.

Colonel (Ret.) Kenneth Allard is a former West Point professor, dean of the National War College and on-air military analyst for NBC News.

As a new State Rep, Mesha Mainor has proven to be one of the hardest workers under the gold dome. In her first year in the Georgia state legislature, Mesha passed pioneering legislation and brought live saving discussions to the capital and life changing opportunities to the community where she serves. She discusses her recent change from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party and this is an interview you don't want to miss!

Ashley Biden's Diary

August 3, 2023

As I mentioned yesterday, I have to cover the latest news on the diary of the President’s daughter, Ashley Biden. I wish I didn’t because it’s pretty sordid, but I also don’t want to be one of the many, many media outlets that are ignoring it because it reflects so very badly on Joe Biden. However, beyond the sickening personal aspects of the story, it’s also a story of how our politically partisan legal authorities abused their power to target journalists for not falling into line, and that makes it legitimate news.

This story began way back in the fall of 2020, before the election. Someone contacted James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas to give them what they claimed was the diary of Biden’s troubled daughter Ashley and some other items of hers, abandoned when she moved out of a house. PV did not publish the diary but contacted the Biden campaign to ask about it. Getting no response, they turned it over to legal authorities.

About a year later, there was (stop me if you’ve heard this before) an early-morning, guns-drawn raid on the homes of three Project Veritas journalists, including O’Keefe. They ransacked his home and seized 47 electronic devices, including laptops, cell phones and thumb drives. Suspiciously, he got a call about it from the New York Times immediately after the raids (how did they know?) A judge had to order the DOJ to stop extracting data from the journalists’ devices. The two people who originally found the diary pleaded guilty to federal charges, but the PV journalists were never charged with any crime.

When word of it got it, the Biden-covering media applied the usual spin (“rightwing propaganda,” “Russian disinformation,” etc.) But now, Project Veritas has just released a tape of what they say is Ashley Biden talking to them about arranging to get her stuff back, in the course of which she confirms the diary is hers and she left it behind in a rented beach house (And what is it with Biden offspring leaving incriminating evidence behind where anyone can find it? It’s almost as if they secretly want us to know what’s going on.)

And now, the part of this story I’d really rather not go into, and I warn you in advance. I wouldn’t mention this at all, but it’s going to come out one way or another, so there’s no point in pretending it doesn’t exist: If that really is Ashley Biden’s diary, then as previously rumored, she did write the passages about her dad showering with her, and how she was so disturbed by it that she would wait until late at night to shower to keep him from slipping into the shower with her.

I need a shower after typing that. But it will have to be discussed at some point because some commentators are saying that Democrats who have refused to abandon Biden despite his abysmal approval ratings…

…might latch onto this story as something so personally repulsive that it gives them cover to drop Biden and back Gavin Newsom. Although if Democrats think it’s repulsive for men to intrude on young women’s showers, they certainly have an odd way of showing it.

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, speaking with FOX NEWS’ Laura Ingraham, said that Trump’s latest indictment sets a dangerous precedent by criminalizing the behavior of four co-conspirators who were merely “giving good-faith legal advice to Trump.”

“...It’s more than a stretch to call something criminal if someone is seeking legal counsel from their own lawyers,” he said.

“The truth of the matter is they’re not going to stop going until they get him going or get him coming, and I say this as someone who is running against Trump,” he said.  (Dan Bongino said on Tuesday that we’ve reached the emergency point, the “break glass” moment.)  “...It would be easier for me,” VR said, “if Donald Trump were eliminated from the competition.  That is not how any of us would want to win because that is bad for the country.  That’s why I think it’s important for us competing against Trump to take a strong stand against these politicized statements.”

Which brings us to Mike Pence.

Mike Davis, president of the Article III Project, said Wednesday that “any Republican politician who thinks what Merrick Garland and Jack Smith are doing here is justified” has disqualified himself.  And Pence, in failing to condemn their tactics --- a shameful abuse of the Constitution by the DOJ that’s making our country unrecognizable --- he is disqualifying himself for the office of President or any other office.  I like and respect Mike Pence, but responses like that are a signal that he’s not going to safeguard our rights from an out-of-control federal bureaucracy.

It also seems like a huge conflict of interest for Pence to be a witness against Trump when he’s Trump’s political adversary, actually running for the same nomination.  Can it get any crazier?  With Smith in charge, yes, it can.

Former Trump attorney Rudy Giuliani is believed to be “Co-conspirator #1” in Jack Smith’s indictment of Trump.  If such a stalwart Trump supporter can be reduced to collateral damage in the fight against “Trump ‘24,” the left is fine with that.  They hate him, too.

Attorney John Eastman is believed to be “Co-conspirator #2” and is now facing prosecution and possible disbarment.  According to the indictment, this so-called co-conspirator called Ronna McDaniel, head of the Republican National Committee, and allegedly told her (“falsely,” Smith says) that a “fake electors” plan would be used only if ongoing litigation in the states was successful.

As Ingraham pointed out in the lead-in to her interview of Eastman, “It’s not a criminal act to have a novel legal theory about something, even if it’s about something like electors and the Constitution.  Advice given from an attorney used to be sacrosanct.  And it usually falls under the attorney-client privilege.  But this is just another norm that the left will sacrifice on the altar of ‘getting Trump.’”

Eastman’s attorney Harvey Silverglate says his client will never flip or accept a plea deal because he is innocent, though the feds are applying pressure for him to do that.   “We’re ruling it out now and forever,” Silverglate told the U.K. DAILY MAIL “because he committed no crime.  If indicted, we’re going to trial.  If convicted, we’re appealing.”

“There has been no crime committed by John Eastman,” Silverglate said.  “I’m not speaking to any of the other targets, nor for Trump.  But for Eastman, there will be no deal whatsoever, period.”  Obviously, Eastman has completely ruled it out.

But watch the DOJ keep tightening the screws.  You see, that’s how this ‘Justice’ Department works:  when you want to get the big fish, catch some smaller fish in your net and try to get them to “flip.”  Just ask Paul Manafort, who spent months in solitary without so much as a magazine.

Silverglate ripped as “thoroughly unprofessional” Smith’s leak of information on co-conspirators when they haven’t even been charged (yet), at least not publicly.  He believes the prosecutor is hoping that one of them will come in and offer to make a deal, “plea to some lesser offense and help the government investigation, whether truthful or not.”  He said that after 50 years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer, he knows “people will make up stories in order to be cooperators in order to get out of trouble.”

Of Eastman’s legal opinions, his attorney said, “Eastman gave cutting-edge advice.  Now, that is lawful.  Some of Eastman’s theories are derided by other lawyers, but they’re all “perfectly within the realm of good-faith legal advice.”  He’s sure there are experts who can testify to this.  “Remember, one of the things that lawyers try to do is figure out lawful ways for the client to do what the client wants to do.”  Eastman’s advice was “within the realm of good faith,” he said, and they’re confident they can show it was “legal, lawful and ethical.”

It used to be that such confabs were covered by attorney-client privilege, but when it’s Trump, prosecutors ignore that.  Ingraham rightly pointed out the irony that “obviously, their interpretation of these statutes, of the application of the statues THEMSELVES, are novel theories...So they’re guilty of the standard that they’re applying to Trump and Eastman, I guess, and the others.”

Silverglate pointed out what’s behind Eastman’s disbarment case in California.  “The bar association, instead of waiting for the outcome of the court process, is looking to disbar him and take away his ability to fund his own defense in the criminal case.”

“This whole thing has become so politicized,” Silverglate said, “it’s not even funny.  And it’s a blot on the Department of Justice, in my view...This is the most politicized indictment that I can remember in my 50-plus years of being a criminal defense and civil liberties lawyer.”

He thinks the [appellate] courts “are not gonna fall for it...When somebody who is dispassionate writes a history of this, a lot of reputations are gonna go down the sewer.”

We’ll have more on the other co-conspirators soon.  As the DAILY MAIL reports, Co-conspirator #3 is apparently attorney Sydney Powell.  She’s made herself scarce since Dominion Voting Systems sued her for spouting “conspiracy theories” relating to the hack-ability of the Dominion electronic system.  If there had been a real investigation of this, we’d surely know by now if there was anything to such claims.  But we know now that regardless of the degree of vulnerability of electronic systems, the incredible lack of transparency about it is so concerning that the only way to deal with it is to return to old-fashioned in-person paper balloting, not connected electronically to anything.  Zero hack-ability.  Picture I.D. required.  Voter rolls purged of dead people and those who have moved away.  Poll watchers everywhere they want to go.  So sue me.

The DAILY MAIL believes Co-conspirator #4 is former Justice Department official Jeff Clark, whose home the FBI raided in 2022.  Clark was wearing boxer shorts and asked them if he could put on pants.  The story doesn’t say if they let him.

The indictment says Trump met with Clark on December 22, 2021, to explore the possibility of installing him as acting Attorney General.  Trump is said in the indictment to have brought this up to then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and Richard Donoghue.  (My immediate thought was, so what?  These are just discussions of what might legally be done, and nothing like this actually WAS done.)

Co-conspirator #5 is Kenneth Chesebro, accused of devising what was going to be the so-called “fake electors” scheme.  Oddly, the Harvard-educated Chesebro studied with anti-Trump law professor Laurence Tribe and worked as a researcher for Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan.  But Nancy Pelosi’s Kangaroo Kommittee accused Chesebro of being “the architect of the fake elector plot” in seven states.

As we’ve said, there is nothing criminal about a state submitting an alternate slate of electors in case the vote count turns out to be different.  It’s been done before, notably in Hawaii.  In this case, though, it’s been twisted by prosecutors into a plan to subvert the popular will.  Obviously, Trump didn’t trust the results of the 2020 election, and he had plenty of company at the time --- perhaps a lot more now.

Co-conspirator #6 is an unidentified consultant.  Some are reporting (tentatively) that this might be Trump campaign senior advisor Boris Epshteyn, who, according to the WASHINGTON EXAMINER, “worked in coordination with Giuliani, Eastman and others on plots to establish alternate electors in various states.”

(Note to Jack Smith:  this plan was only discussed, not carried out.  Say, hypothetically, that this really was a scheme to substitute “fake electors” and put one over on America, but they changed their minds.   If you discovered a group had plans to rob a bank, but then shelved the idea and didn’t rob it, would you still charge the leader of the group with bank robbery?  I guess you would.)

Many liberals like to simply deny things that the rest of us can see with our own eyes, from the crisis on the border to Biden family corruption to government censorship of opposing views on the Internet. If it’s inconvenient for them, they simply claim it doesn’t really exist, or to use their popular term, it’s just a “rightwing conspiracy theory.” Well, explain this:

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan just released a trove of internal documents from Facebook and Instagram parent corporation Meta that show how the Biden Administration was aggressively leaning on Meta to censor posts during the pandemic. They used the rationale that those views were “misinformation” that had to be suppressed.

That article includes details about a senior Biden advisor being “outraged” that a humorous meme about the COVID vaccine hadn’t been removed yet, with more pressure brought to bear until it was. Other posts the White House demanded be censored included a video of Tucker Carlson. Not surprisingly, these officials showed zero concern for Facebook’s arguments that the posts violated no rules and that removing them would be an infringement of Constitutionally-protected free speech.

Jordan said the Committee had to threaten to hold Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in contempt to force him to hand over these documents, which ironically prove that government pressure was directly responsible for the censorship on Facebook. I wonder why Zuckerberg wouldn’t want that to be known? Either he has Stockholm Syndrome or they did a really good job of bullying him.

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Special counsel Jack Smith added three more charges against former President Trump to the 37 charges he’s already facing for possessing his own Administration’s documents. These are one count of “willful retention of national defense information” (don't ALL ex-Presidents retain national defense information?) and two counts of obstruction. Obstruction is the preferred fallback of overzealous federal prosecutors: if you can’t prove someone committed an actual crime, then charge them with trying to obstruct your investigation of the nonexistent crime.

Smith also charged another person, Mar-A-Lago maintenance man Carlos de Oliveira, with obstruction for allegedly attempting to delete surveillance video footage. He allegedly told another worker that the “boss” wanted the server wiped, and the other worker said he didn’t know how and didn’t think that would be allowed. So in short, federal charges against a regular working person over a secondhand claim that Trump wanted something done which apparently wasn’t done. De Oliveira is also being charged with making “false statements and representations in a voluntary interview with the FBI.” Michael Flynn could’ve told him never to give a voluntary interview to the FBI.

Trump reacted as you might expect to this latest pile of bananas loaded onto the banana republic express that’s running over him. He called the charges “ridiculous” and accused Smith of prosecutorial misconduct and “election interference at the highest level.” He said they’re harassing his company, his family and him, and "If I weren’t leading Biden by a lot in numerous polls, and wasn’t going to be the Republican nominee, it wouldn’t be happening.”

This is on top of reportedly looming indictments of Trump for allegedly inciting the January 6th riot by telling people to peacefully protest.

As usual, the Babylon Bee provides more truth than the real news does on this topic…

By the way, if the idea of all these indictments is to convince voters that Trump is a criminal (and not certain other Oval Office occupants we could name), it doesn’t seem to be working on too many people other than the cast of “The View.” A new Harvard-Harris poll of registered voters found that 56% believe the indictments of Trump by Biden’s DOJ are politically-motivated interference in the 2024 election, and 57% believe he’ll be acquitted. Only 44% believe it’s a “fair application of the law.” Allow me to introduce them to Hunter Biden’s plea deal.

Gerald Ford took a lot of heat for pardoning Richard Nixon, but he was wise enough to know that prosecuting former Presidents is the hallmark of tyrannies and it would do nothing but rip the country apart. Unfortunately, this Administration has ripped up over two centuries of tradition and is attempting to jail a former President because it has no wisdom nor any concern for the good of the nation as a whole. It just has a blind obsession with clinging to power at all costs.

Incidentally, I’m not a vindictive sort, but if I had Trump’s money, I would probably buy the houses on either side of Jack Smith’s home and turn one of them into a halfway house for recently-released drug addicts and the other into a free rehearsal space for local garage bands. If it’s a gated community with an HOA that bans that, I’d buy enough houses to take over the HOA and then assess Smith the maximum fines for every piddly infraction of the rules that I could possibly come up with. See how he likes it.

On Huckabee, the delay in Hunter Biden’s plea deal is a sign that maybe all isn’t lost for America’s justice system. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann delves into the potential for another Trump indictment as well as a Biden impeachment. Rep. Mesha Mainor recently left the Democratic party. She shares the reasons for her decision and the policies she found most concerning. Yael Eckstein discusses Israel’s 75th anniversary and the work her organization is doing to bring about change. Don’t miss Huckabee!

Justice is doled out in a northern Idaho college town, and Hunter Biden's lawyers make a major slip up in his criminal case. Don't miss Mike Huckabee's July 27th edition of the Breakdown.

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'JUST IMPEACH': Mike Huckabee joins Eric Bolling to discuss how Republicans can properly go about a Biden impeachment inquiry amid a political climate telling them to 'impeach the SOB' already.

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On Thursday's "John Bachman Now," former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee sounds off on Trump lawyers being told to expect an indictment.
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Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says Republicans need to let the Hunter Biden case play out before rushing to an impeachment on 'The Evening Edit.'

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This week, Republicans on the House Rules Committee will decide which amendments to include to a spending bill for the VA and related agencies, to roll back the Biden Administration’s agenda promoting abortion access, transgender treatments and other far-left “woke” initiatives.

If you’d like to see what former President Trump is up against when he’s facing all these indictments by rogue prosecutors both in Biden’s DOJ and in deep blue pockets of America, then read this essay from the Karlstack Substack account. It examines in detail the federal prosecution of Douglass Mackey, the young man who was charged with “election interference” by Biden’s DOJ and convicted by a New York jury, and who could be facing years in prison for the heinous crime of…sharing humorous memes about Hillary Clinton on Twitter (sure, Hillary; THAT’S why you lost.)

The DOJ claims this is a crime because joke memes telling Democrats to vote by text or on Wednesday, etc., amount to attempts at election interference since some people might actually believe them. Well, I guess they know the intelligence levels of their voters better than I do.

Read it and be shocked and infuriated at the looooong list of acts of prosecutorial and judicial misconduct that it took to convict and railroad Mackey into prison on circumstantial evidence of conspiring with people he never talked with to allegedly alter the results of a national election by posting some humorous memes on social media that he didn’t even create. It aptly describes his trial as a “totalitarian nightmare.” If for no other reason, read it to learn the jaw-dropping justification they cited for holding the trial in the deeply biased Eastern District of New York, even though that area had nothing to do with the alleged “crime.”

As the author makes clear, this is a (so-far successful) attempt to expand the government’s power to police speech on public forums and to prosecute and even imprison Americans for exercising their First Amendment rights. Let us all hope and pray that the appeals court sees this for the Orwellian power grab it is and slaps it down hard.



Blessings on you and your family from all the Huckabee team! Thank you for subscribing!




It is joy to the just to do judgment: but destruction shall be to the workers of iniquity.

Proverbs 21:15


In ‘N’ Out Burger

It was understandable for people to have mistaken beliefs about COVID early on (remember when we were supposed to spray disinfectant on our mail?) But the pandemic is now so far in the rearview mirror that even Joe Biden was forced to admit it’s over. Still, habits die hard and some people are still clinging to them, like wearing facemasks even though we now know that they are largely ineffective and can cause more health problems than they prevent. In some places (especially deep blue places, where people have a hard time giving up crutches), you still see them. But in much of the country, masks are SO 2021.

That’s why In ‘N’ Out Burger announced that its employees would no longer wear masks unless they wanted to (and even then, they have to provide a doctor’s note explaining why.) The chain said they would continue with unmatched health and safety standards, but the masks interfere with customer service and being able to see their associates’ smiles. Incidentally, for those who have hearing problems, they make it almost impossible to understand what a person is saying by muffling the sound and hiding the lips.

I imagine most customers cheered this return to normalcy and sanity. But that leaves liberals, who are having their daily meltdown over it. They tweeted out calls for a boycott from their hermetically-sealed apartments where they live alone, wearing masks 24/7. So no leftists will be at In ‘N’ Out Burger, which is one more reason to eat there.

If it helps, the mask ban will not apply in Democrat-dominated California, where masks are still necessary to block out the smell of human feces from the sidewalks.

The Issues

The media love to carp about how the presidential candidates aren’t talking about “the issues,” but when they do, the media ignore it and fixate on personal attacks and horse race polls. Well, around here, we think that voters should consider a candidate’s ideas (or in Biden’s case, lack of them.) So here’s an article about the “Mission First Military,” Ron DeSantis’ plan for restoring America’s military that’s being hollowed out by woke top brass. Discuss.

“Try That in a Small Town”

If there were a Nobel Prize for Hypocrisy, there would be so many contenders, it would be impossible to pick a winner. But I might be rooting for it to be one of the many liberals who constantly accuse other people of racism on the flimsiest pretext while launching shocking and blatant racist attacks on black conservatives.

This has become so common that the past two days alone brought us several examples. Liberals flew into a Code Red righteous rage at country star Jason Aldean for his song, “Try That in a Small Town.” Aldean has been outspoken about his conservative views, and the song is about how people in small towns have strong communities, they help each other, and they wouldn’t tolerate the rioters and criminals that big cities allow to run amok (if you disagree, I’ll point you to video of Antifa thugs trying to intimidate some suburban veterans and getting their rear ends kicked until they run away.)

BLM apologists shrieked that Aldean was endorsing lynching, which isn’t mentioned nor depicted in the song or video, and most of the criminals depicted in it are white. But it was filmed at a courthouse where a black man was lynched in 1927! Yes, and so were countless other movies and videos, and Aldean didn’t even pick the location. CMT (Country Music Television), showing a strange idea of who they think their viewers are, yielded to the liberal cancel mob and yanked the video. Meanwhile, the song rocketed to #1 on iTunes and other platforms, and country music fans are talking about a Bud Light-style boycott of CMT. Well, Jason did try to warn them that that leftist garbage doesn’t fly with country people.

Meanwhile, all the liberals having a fit over the imaginary racism in a county music video didn’t have a single syllable of criticism for far-left Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, who launched the latest in an endless series of racist smears against SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas. It’s too vile to repeat, so I’ll just link to the full story.

As Jonathan Turley points out in that article, Biden press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre just this week denounced Robert F. Kennedy Jr. for suggesting that COVID-19 may have been engineered to spare Jewish and Chinese people and declared that "it is important that we essentially speak out" when racist or anti-Semitic comments are made.

Couldn’t agree more! So how many liberals have condemned Ellison’s disgusting racist attack on Thomas? Zip, zero, nada. About the same number as have ever condemned any of the disgusting racist attacks on Clarence Thomas, Tim Scott, Condoleezza Rice or any other black conservative.

So to clarify: the current Democratic Party policy is that it is important to speak out against racism – unless it’s their own.

Related: Sheryl Crow also found out that it’s not a good idea to attack Jason Aldean for opposing rioters and criminals.

Incidentally, when you consider all the songs that glorify violence, why is it that the only one that liberals criticize is one about not tolerating violent criminals?

America the Beautiful

God's creation is all around us.  We are blessed with his bounty.  Take a moment to enjoy it.

GOP Senators complain to The Hill

The Hill newspaper reported that several “Republican” Senators are complaining that they might not be able to remain in the party and might become Democrats because they’re so horrified by all the extremist, America First populists who’ve taken over. You know, GOP voters who actually expect the people they elect to put the good of America and its people ahead of the wishes of party leaders, globalists, the Deep State and corporate donors. Why, the nerve of those peasants!

This link will tell you who these Senators are, but I’ll bet you’ve already guessed.

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Bad news for President Trump

Wednesday, former President Trump got bad news from two court rulings. First, Clinton-appointed federal Judge Alvin K. Hellerstein rejected his bid to move his hush money case from New York State court to federal courts. The judge ruled that the allegations pertained to Trump’s personal life, not his official presidential duties, so it belongs in state court. This will set the stage for a trial in Trump-hating New York in the middle of the presidential primary season, providing the election interference that was obviously the whole basis for the case. I find this ruling particularly galling, considering that the only way D.A. Alvin Bragg was able to bring these charges was to twist federal law into a state case, the state charges having already passed the statute of limitations.

Also from the story: “Hellerstein rejected Trump’s argument that the indictment could be moved to federal court because it was ‘politically motivated’ and the product of ‘state hostility.’ Hellerstein said there was ‘no reason to believe that the New York judicial system would not be fair and give Trump equal justice under the law.’” I will give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the floor before continuing.


In other bad court news for Trump, another New York judge rejected his appeal for a new trial and to reduce the $5 million damage award in the E. Jean Carroll defamation case. This case has gotten extremely convoluted, and the details aren’t something I want to go into here, so I’ll link to this explanation by attorney Susie Moore, who attempts to untangle and explain it.

Report: SPR is at its lowest level in decades

Remember when President Biden was patting himself on the back for his genius in taking all that oil out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve that Trump had topped off, to artificially lower gas prices before the last election, and then he was going to refill it at lower prices? GENIUS!!!

Well, here’s how it worked out in reality: The energy news site reports that the SPR is at its lowest level in decades, and oil prices are too high to refill it. Even at $70 a barrel, we’d have to buy 300 million barrels for $21 billion. But worse than that, the SPR is kept in salt caverns that were intended to hold the oil intact, not have it constantly sucked out and pumped back in, which dissolves the salt. That means we might not be able to replenish it because the caverns were never intended to handle regular withdrawals like an oil ATM.

Please pardon me while I express my opinion of this Administration in a word…


Stephen Green at PJ Media has some more thoughts on this story that I think we can all agree with, and a chart that might shock you.




Jennifer Van Laar at compiled a helpful list of all the most important and (in the case of the Democrats) cringe-inducing moments from Wednesday's Hunter Biden/IRS whistleblower hearing.

Pay particular attention to how Rep. Dan Goldman, in attempting to run cover for Joe Biden, inadvertently made the case for appointing a special counsel to investigate him.

Israel’s President speaks to Congress

I told you that Israeli President Isaac Herzog would be making a speech to Congress. Here is a write-up of what he said, along with video.

And in a line that deserves special notice because it appeared to be aimed at the leftist Congress members who constantly slam Israel and who boycotted the speech, Herzog said it’s fine to criticize Israel, but it “must not cross the line into negation of the state of Israel’s right to exist. Questioning the Jewish people’s right to self-determination is not legitimate diplomacy. It is antisemitism.”


FBI “1023” alleges Bidens “coerced” Burisma exec to pay them $10 million

Apologies in advance for linking to yet another headline with the word “bombshell” in it.  So many stories get called bombshells these days that we’re hesitant to use the word ourselves --- it’s like “The walls are closing in!!” --- but this one does seem to fall into the bombshell category.  A sitting President, Joe Biden, has been very credibly accused of public corruption on a massive scale, and the FBI/DOJ knew about this and hid the evidence away.

Sen. Chuck Grassley has released the slightly-redacted FBI “1023” it took him months to get from the Bureau.  Recall that this document contained notes from an interview in June 2020 with an FBI confidential human source (CHS) who alleged that Ukrainian oligarch and Burisma Holdings founder Mykola Zlochevsky had paid Hunter and Joe Biden a cool $5 million each.

That part we knew, but today we get a fuller picture from descriptions of four separate conversations the CHS had with Zlochevsky, starting with a meeting near Kyiv in 2015.  The White House would love to say (and no doubt will) that these are just hearsay allegations made by one person, but according to the CHS, all of the conversations took place in the presence of the man who had introduced them, Alexander Ostapenko, who, according to the notes, “works in some office for the administration of [Ukrainian] President [Volodymyr] Zelenskyy.”

(NOTE:  It occurs to us that if someone working at all closely with President Zelenskyy was privy to these conversations between the CHS and Zlochevsky, he might have shared the information with Zelenskyy.  And if Zelenskyy knew about the payments to the Bidens, that presumably would have given him a lot of sway over Biden once Biden was President.  Just a thought that might help explain a lot.)

We also already knew that Zlochevsky is alleged to have told the CHS he has 17 recordings of conversations he had with the Bidens, two of these with Joe Biden, as well as “many text messages” and financial records of two payments he made to the Bidens.

It should be mentioned that according to the House Oversight Committee, the 2020 FBI file on this CHS was created after the FBI found a record from 2017 from the same CHS about the malfeasance.  Sen. Grassley describes him as a Ukrainian-American who has been a trusted, highly credible FBI source for over a decade and been paid “six figures” for his information.

So let’s pick up where we left off, with details of one of these conversations.  The CHS told the FBI he’d met Zlochevsky at a coffee shop in Vienna in 2016 and they apparently had quite a conversation about the Bidens.  Zlochevsky, he said, had told him he was “coerced” into giving the Bidens that money.  According to notes in the “1023,” the CHS told them “Zlochevsky made some comment that although Hunter Biden ‘was stupid, and his (Zlochevsky’s) dog was smarter,’ Zlochevsky would have to keep Hunter (on Burisma’s board) ‘so everything will be okay.’”

The source told the FBI he’d asked Zlochevsky whether Joe or Hunter Biden had told him he should “retain” Hunter on the board.  Zlochevsky allegedly said, “They both did.”

According to the CHS, Zelensky told him the recordings he’d made and other evidence showed he was “somehow coerced into paying the Bidens to ensure Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin, who was investigating Burisma Holdings, was fired.”

So there’s your quid pro quo.  When Joe Biden later bragged onstage about getting the Ukrainian president to fire his lead prosecutor by threatening the loss of a billion dollars in US aid, this was apparently the backstory.  By this account, Joe was leveraging U.S. taxpayer money to earn his own private payment of $5 million from Zlochevsky, with another $5 million going to son Hunter.

The source’s last conversation with Zlochevsky was on the phone in 2019, during which the oligarch allegedly told him that he (the informant) had been an “oracle” for warning against partnering with the Bidens because of their political controversy in the U.S.  When the informant told him he might have difficulty explaining the suspicious wire transfers reflecting illicit payments to the Bidens, Zlochevsky explained that he hadn’t sent funds directly to “the Big Guy,” adding that with the various companies and bank accounts he (Zlochevsky) controlled, it would take investigators 10 years to find the illicit payments.

Note that according to the CHS, Zlochevsky DID use the words “the Big Guy.”  The informant took that to be a reference to then-Vice President Joe Biden.

The NEW YORK POST report shows the actual pages of the “1023.” quite minimally redacted, so I encourage you read through it, for the details and also (we promise) the unintended entertainment value.   According to the source, during the very first meeting he’d had with this group, Burisma CFO Vadym Pozharsky said Burisma had hired Hunter Biden to “protect us, through his dad, from all kinds of problems,” though he said Pozharsky didn’t elaborate.

(Aside:  Pozharsky was present at that now-infamous dinner at DC’s Cafe Milano in 2015, attended by both Joe and Hunter.)

Pozharsky said, too, that Hunter is “not smart,” so they wanted “additional counsel.”  Hunter’s lack of smarts seems to have been a recurring theme; hence, the entertainment value.  The POST also includes a number of additional breakout quotes from the document, as well as the lame response from White House spokesperson Ian Sams, who is getting to be known for those.  (They’ve also included a few related stories in the sidebar.)  A must-read…

Thursday evening, John Solomon appeared with FOX NEWS’ Sean Hannity to look at the key take-aways from this “1023,” along with legal analyst Greg Jarrett and former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker.  Great, must-see segment.  Many will be surprised to learn from Jarrett that even if it can’t be proved that Joe Biden personally was paid off, it’s legally a bribe and a violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act if one’s family benefits.

There’s no better source on the Biden deals (particularly in Ukraine) than Solomon, so here’s the link to his page with a list of the most recent updates.

We told you yesterday that in Wednesday’s House Oversight Committee hearing, New York Rep. Dan Goldman (who might not be as smart as Zlochevsky’s dog, either) unintentionally let it get into the record that Joe Biden did discuss business with son Hunter.  Law professor Jonathan Turley says in a new column that Goldman’s failed line of questioning inflicted “Dresden-level damage” to any defense of Biden while opening the door for a potential special counsel.  (Still, it’s hard to picture AG Merrick Garland appointing one of those.)  Goldman is very fortunate the clock ran out, or it could have been worse.

The especially delightful part of this piece at TOWNHALL is the exchange between Turley and Goldman after Turley wrote a column for the NEW YORK POST about how disastrous this was.  Goldman just made himself look even more obtuse.




Since we’re headed into a weekend and there’s so much to this story, here are some suggestions for further reading, if you’re so inclined.  You’ll pick up a few more bits and pieces from these.  And be advised that former Hunter business partner Devon Archer is supposed to testify next week.


It’s also fun to read about the Democrats’ reactions.  They’ve lost control and are losing their freaking minds.


Here’s Goldman showing off his obtuseness again by blasting the whistleblowers for not considering that their revelations of high crimes might impact the 2024 election. This is especially hilarious coming from the very people who would indict Trump for wearing white after Labor Day. Goldman proves once again that, like Hunter, he’s not as smart as Zlochevsky’s dog.


Dan Goldman is seemingly everywhere right now. The radical left heir to the Levi Strauss fortune who’s never had to work a real job in his life also arrogantly smeared Emma Jo Morris for working as a journalist for Breitbart News, which he considers not a “real” news outlet like one of the DNC stenographic pools that takes him seriously. This lug is just begging for a cream pie right in the face.


Lacking a pie, the journalist he dismissed as “fringe” LAUGHED in his face.




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July 18, 2023

The Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals put a pause on a lower court’s injunction blocking Tennessee’s new ban on “sex change surgeries, puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones” and “any drug or device” intended for the same purposes from taking effect.

Mushroom Politics

July 18, 2023

There’s a story going around the Internet that Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen’s recent trip to China was such a disaster because she was spotted eating a dish in a local restaurant that contains mushrooms that can be hallucinogenic. But that’s only the case if they’re not fully cooked, which the restaurant says they were.

So I think we can safely file this under “urban legend.” The Treasury Secretary was not “trippin’ on ‘shrums.” She just that bad at her job naturally. But I’d like to withhold judgement on the rest of Biden’s Cabinet until we can get them to take a drug test.

Speaking of people who sound like they're high on mushrooms, the White House helpfully released a transcript of a recent speech by Vice President Kamala Harris, “correcting” her claim that we need to reduce the population to fight climate change. They altered “population” to “pollution.”

This drew a lot of attention as a “letting the cat out of the bag” moment, an admission that the radical green agenda includes reducing the human population. While that certainly does fit with what we know about them, I always tend to cut people slack on slips of the tongue. As someone who’s had to give the same campaign speech over and over while dead tired, I know how easy it is to fumble your words.

Of course, that didn’t apply to Kamala, who was well rested and reading off a prompter. But if she were capable of stating what she really thinks, even inadvertently, I’m sure she would have done it at some other time before now.

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