Props to the 16 Republican Senators who are calling on their colleagues to stay in session on Mondays, Fridays, weekends and the month of August, so they can get some long-delayed business done and confirm some of the many Trump appointments that Democrats have been obstructing (Remember when Republicans who opposed Obama’s policies on principle were unpatriotic obstructionists? Now Democrats who block everything Trump does just because he’s Trump are valiant “Resistance” fighters.)

The leaders of the push to stay on the job is Georgia Sen. David Perdue, who said the goals were “to speed up the nominations process and keep the government funded by the end of the year. This is nothing more than trying to make our government work again.” Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst added, “This is the only (job) that you can neglect some of your most basic duties and then take a month-long vacation.” Frankly, given the current mood of the Republican base, I think this might be the best way for some incumbents to avoid being sent on a permanent vacation.

With so many renegade leftist judges trying to run the federal government from the bench, this story should give Republican voters a sobering reminder of why it is so important to keep the Senate and to get Trump’s nominees confirmed as quickly as possible. Of all the campaign promises he made, the one he’s kept best and that will have the longest-lasting positive effect on America is this one.

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Even though the “blue wave” is looking more like wishful thinking with each passing day, there is still a chance that Republicans could lose control of at least the House, which makes it all the more urgent to get Trump’s agenda enacted and his nominees approved before fall, when Congress members will be completely distracted by campaigning.

If Republicans need one more great reason to stay in session through August: there are vulnerable Democratic Senators in Trump-supporting states who desperately want to be able to go home and spend August campaigning. Wouldn’t it be more in the GOP’s interests to keep them in Washington, very publicly trying to obstruct the agenda their constituents voted for?



CNN's breaking wind

May 15, 2018

It’s always nice when a little joke on my Twitter feed sets off alarm bells (I don’t care if I upset Twitter trolls; I consider it a public service to distract them so they don’t leave their parents’ basements and do something genuinely harmful to themselves or others.)