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As Paul Manafort anticipates transfer to RIKERS ISLAND to await charges by the state of New York for additional financial crimes, John Solomon reports that Robert Mueller’s special counsel report significantly distorted the background of a Ukrainian businessman with whom Manafort had business ties, saying that he was a Russian intel agent.
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June 5, 2019

With Thursday’s 75th anniversary ceremonies for D-Day getting so much press, it would be easy to overlook the June 3-4 30th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square demonstrations and massacre in Beijing, China.
While most of the media attention is on states such as Alabama and Georgia that have passed bills restricting abortion, we hear a lot less about states like New York that have passed pro-abortion bills that make abortion legal up to and even beyond the point of birth. Now, add Illinois to that list.

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With summer officially underway, we have a sizzling new episode of “Huckabee” for you on TBN tonight.  My friend Shannon Bream of Fox News will drop by to talk about her terrific new book and the stories rocking this week’s news.  We’ll talk to one of the world’s most influential evangelists, Luis Palau…enjoy the music of country superstar Rodney Atkins…check out some crazy news “In Case You Missed It”…and maybe the most unusual thing you’ll ever see on my show: metal guitar icon Brian “Head” Welch of the megagroup Korn and his daughter Jennea will discuss how they turned to God to overcome their addictions and rebuild their lives and relationship.  Brian will even do a little guitar shredding with the help of a special mystery guest bassist I’ll bet you never imagined you’d hear playing a Korn song!  This is one for the history books! 

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Here’s an update on the tariff dispute between President Trump and Mexico, with Trump threatening to raise tariffs on imports from Mexico unless it takes action to stem the flood of illegal entrants crossing into the US from Mexico.  One bit of advice for Mexico’s President: lecturing us that it’s a “fallacy” for the American President to want to put America’s interests first is probably not an effective persuasion tactic.  At least, not with this President.

I know these sorts of confrontations give some people the vapors, especially when they send the Dow on a roller coaster ride…and I’m no fan of tariffs myself, which tend to set off trade wars that harm consumers and businesses on both sides.  But we have allowed the US to be rolled over for too long, and a corrective is needed.  And it appears that only alternatives are terrible liberal plans like the massive immigration reform proposed this week by “Beto” O’Rourke. It involves a lot of amnesty, open borders and spending tons of our money to make Central America so prosperous that people won’t feel like leaving.  Sure, nothing works better than expensive, forced nation-building.

Central American nations already have abundant resources, hard-working people and climates better than many far more prosperous northern US states.  It isn’t our responsibility to remake their nations in our image.  If they want what we have, it’s within their power without their citizens having to flood across our borders illegally. 

We don’t need to provide other nations with a free banquet at our taxpayers’ expense.  All we should feel obligated to do is to loan them the recipe and let them follow it for themselves.  And here it is:




With so many business owners fleeing California, Gov. Gavin Newsom apparently hopes to diversify his state’s tax base beyond Hollywood and high tech by turning it into America’s abortion mill.  With other states passing laws restricting abortion, Newsom (who, coincidentally, is already laying plans for his reelection campaign) is launching the sickest tourism promotion ever by inviting women to come to the Golden State to kill their children in the womb.  Or as he put it so euphemistically, while practically wrapping a Planned Parenthood clinic in American flags:

“California will continue to uphold women’s equality and liberty by protecting their reproductive freedom, educating Californians about their rights to reproductive freedom, welcoming women to California to fully exercise their reproductive rights, and acting as a model for other states that want to ensure full reproductive freedom for women.”

He somehow managed to promote unfettered abortion while saying the word "freedom" more often than Rush Limbaugh.

Of course, this is really all that would happen if Roe v. Wade were overturned: abortion would not be outlawed, the issue would just go back to the states. It’s nice to see that a “progressive” liberal like Newsom can appreciate the concepts of freedom and limited federal power.  However, it would be nice if a “progressive” could ever make a speech that repeatedly touted liberty and freedom without it being solely about the freedom to kill innocent babies, who, in his view, obviously have no right to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness.    


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Here's an interesting article on the twin assaults on common sense and women’s sports that the transgender rights movement has launched.  Defenders of letting “former men” compete against women in sports point to the fact that one trans athlete who’s winning women’s track events “doesn’t always win” as proof that trans athletes do not have an unfair physical advantage over natural born women.

One problem: when this particular athlete was a man, he never won.  Running track as a man in previous years, he ranked 200th and 390th.  After switching to running as a woman, she’s now the “women’s national champion” in the 400-meter hurdles. So the example they’re using to prove that trans women don’t have an unfair advantage actually proves the critics’ point. As this writer notes, if there isn’t an unfair physical advantage over natural born women, then why isn’t this athlete now ranked 390th among women runners? 

And in case you haven’t been paying attention, this assault on common sense and women’s sports is what the misleadingly named “Equality Act” just passed by the Democratic House aims to codify into law if the Senate passes it, too. 




A South Korean newspaper reported that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un had his envoy to the US executed after he failed to reach an agreement with President Trump. It’s a shocking story, but before it turns into an international incident, Administration officials are asking people to wait for the results of an investigation to find out if there’s any truth to it. This paper has been wrong before, and rumors that Kim also executed the entire party, including the translator, make it seem even more far-fetched.  Granted, Kim’s hardly a stable genius, but even he should realize that such a barbarous act would destroy any hopes for further negotiations and a deal.  It would be like aiming his entire firing squad at his own foot. 

Here are more details on the story, but until it’s verified, let’s bear in mind that the US isn’t the only place that has “fake news.”




You would think that when an investigator spends over 440 pages describing a crime that never happened, he would have enough room to include unedited transcripts of any evidence.  Like, say, if you’re going to include the text of a voicemail left by one of the President’s attorneys that implies he tried to get Gen. Flynn to tell him any information he had that implicated Trump, don’t leave out the part of the message where he said he was asking “not only for the President but for the country” and that he wasn’t asking for “any confidential information.”

This wasn’t even the only example of misleading editing to arrive that day.  There was also an attempt to make it look as if Attorney General Barr contradicted himself by editing his CBS interview.  Luckily, a sharp-eyed observer spotted it.

This shows why it’s vital to consult original, unedited sources if you want to know what’s going on. Even cutting out one word can make a big difference, such as quoting someone as saying, “I did collude with Russia” by cutting out just one little word: “not.”


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The Chicago Police, still seething over prosecutors dropping the fake hate crime case against actor Jussie Smollett without obtaining a guilty plea, struck back by releasing text messages they gathered from Smollett to his alleged “attackers.”  Now we can see why keeping all the case records sealed away from the public was so important to him.

And here’s more to suggest that the fix was in for Smollett even earlier than we knew.



Here’s an answer to the age-old question, “How big a lie does the head of Planned Parenthood have to tell for even the Washington Post to call her out and give her Four Pinocchios?”



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Breaking News: Yesterday, President Trump announced a surprise 5% tariff on Mexican imports until Mexico takes action to stem the flood of illegal migrants into the US.  This was greeted with outrage, mockery and derision by the media, Democrats and Mexican President Lopez Obrador.

And this morning, via Reuters, this just in: “Mexico's President Lopez Obrador asks Trump to have U.S. officials meet with the Mexican foreign minister in Washington on Friday to seek a solution that benefits both nations.”

So does this mean there IS a viable alternative to the standard “smart diplomacy” negotiating tactics of whining, appeasing and apologizing?



OIG reports coming

May 31, 2019

Over the next few weeks, we’re braced for the release of some Inspector General reports that I expect will contain shocking information about corruption at high levels of our federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies.

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