While we’re all obsessing over serious threats to America like big-mouthed porn stars and Paul Manafort’s 2012 tax returns, here’s a blast from the deliberately-buried past: Paul Sperry of RealClearInvestigations reports that contrary to what we were assured by then FBI Director James Comey (surprise!), Anthony Weiner’s laptop did not contain mostly just duplicates of already-known Hillary Clinton emails, as determined by “night after night after night” of careful comparisons by FBI agents.

In fact, due to a technical glitch that prevented direct comparisons between old and new emails, the agents had only 12 hours to examine the laptop.  They were able to directly examine only 3,077 of the 694,000 emails.  They never saw the rest, even though they made up potentially ten times the evidence seen during the entire year-long Hillary email server investigation.  Even so, the relative handful they did examine uncovered more classified information sent by Hillary Clinton over her unsecured server, including highly sensitive communications involving Israel and Hamas.  (Again: on Anthony Weiner’s laptop – Ick!)

And even though the agents found unique classified material improperly stored and transmitted on an unsecured device, and federal law required that it be referred to US intelligence agencies for damage assessment, the FBI did not do that.  FBI sources told Sperry that Comey closed the case prematurely, and the FBI not only did not investigate and clear Weiner and his wife/Hillary top aide Huma Abedin, the FBI didn’t even interview them.  I’ll bet Trump’s associates wish they could get that kind of treatment!

This is a very long article, but worth your time.  It should definitely leave you wondering why we need an endless, expensive investigation to determine whether President Trump was justified in firing James Comey.