Related: Today marks 62 days since Vice President Kamala Harris was put in charge of cleaning up President Biden’s border disaster, and she has yet to hold a press conference or visit the border.

When pressed to explain, Biden press secretary Jen Psaki said that she doesn’t expect Harris to visit the southern border, “given her purview” as Border Czar.

Yes, that makes no sense whatsoever, at least to sane people who believe words mean things. But in the Bizarro Biden White House, border czars never visit the border, people with no experience at health or business are put in charge of health and business, and the climate change czar mostly flies around in private jets, lecturing the rest of us to cut our CO2 emissions. It all makes perfect sense if you simply think of the most obvious thing that a person with common sense would do, and then prepare for the exact opposite.

Jame O’Keefe’s Project Veritas has released a new expose, this time aimed at Facebook.

Two alleged Facebook whistleblowers provided him with interviews and documents about what they claim is a disturbingly Orwellian program that’s secretly monitoring Facebook users and tracking their comments about the COVID vaccines. They say Facebook is using an algorithm that tracks any comments about vaccinations. Any posts that run counter to the company’s “everyone must get vaccinated” narrative, even if they’re factually accurate, go toward the user’s “VH score” (for “vaccine hesitancy.”)

The whistleblowers claim that based on your secret VH score, “we will demote or leave the comment alone depending on the content within the comment." The idea is to drastically reduce exposure of comments that express reluctance to vaccinate, keeping other users from seeing, liking or reposting them.

Facebook replied that they proactively announced this policy on their company blog, but O’Keefe said the extent of it has largely been kept quiet. The whistleblowers fear this is only the beginning, and that instead of creating an open forum where people can freely discuss personal issues, Facebook wants a community where everyone complies with the approved narrative or you’ll be singled out as an enemy of society.

If that isn’t enough to make you rethink your use of Facebook, try this article from the Federalist. It’s about how Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, with his astonishing $350 million gift to a left-leaning get-out-the-vote organization, is probably the person most responsible for Joe Biden being in the White House right now. You’ll have to read it here because Democrats stopped whining about “billionaires buying elections” the minute they realized that billionaires were buying elections for them.

The NYT notices

May 25, 2021

Will the miracles never cease today? The New York Times has actually noticed the humanitarian disaster wrought by President Biden’s undoing of Trump’s border security policies. And all that it took was a report that up to 10,000 unaccompanied migrant children, half of them 12 and under, were going to be warehoused at Fort Bliss, which an attorney for the National Center for Youth Law called “a setting that fails to meet rudimentary child welfare standards.”

The backlash forced Biden to cancel the Fort Bliss plan for children of “tender age” (although thousands of teenagers are still there), but it’s not clear what he’s going to do with all the kids that are pouring in. Previous plans included busing them around the country in the middle of the night and cramming them into facilities that liberals called “cages” when Trump was in office, except under much more crowded, unsanitary and dangerous conditions. Reason magazine obtained secret recordings of federal employees at the facilities complaining about the appalling situation there, both for the kids and the workers.

And the problem isn’t likely to end anytime soon: Maria Bartiromo of Fox News reported that between February and April, 453,000 migrants illegally entered the US. Sen. Ron Johnson said more than 6,000 a day are being apprehended, which is three times the number that Obama called a “humanitarian crisis.”

I guess if Biden really got desperate, he could restore the Trump security measures that he kicked down like a drunken mule on day one. But no, that would require admitting that Trump was right about something. Democrat leaders would rather see America go down in flames than ever admit that. Obviously.

Several recent developments have cast renewed doubt on the claim that the COVID-19 coronavirus naturally spread from animals. There’s a growing amount of at least circumstantial evidence suggesting that it escaped from the viral research lab in Wuhan, China. The New York Post has a good recap of what happened up until now and why we’re suddenly hearing a number of authoritative voices speak up to question the official story.

(An aside: yes, I said the virus came from China, because it did. That’s not racist, any more than saying "German measles" is racist, and it’s certainly not an incitement to idiots to attack Chinese people. Anyone who pushes that line is a patsy doing the propaganda work of China’s Communist government, which is hiding behind false claims of “racism” to escape scrutiny of its own culpability in allowing this virus to spread worldwide. Besides, anyone who howls that “Chinese virus” is racist and then talks about the “Indian Variant” is either a hypocrite or, by their own definition, a hate-inciting racist. Aside over.)

For a long time, any suggestion that the virus might have come from a lab in China was treated as a crazy, racist conspiracy theory, and any mention of it was banned by social media outlets and their “fact-checkers.” But this weekend might have brought a tipping point, as even Dr. Fauci pulled his biggest flip-flop yet and admitted that maaaaaybe it’s not so certain where the virus came from and he is now “perfectly in favor of any investigation that looks into the origin of the virus.”

Of course, any investigation would require the cooperation of the Chinese government, which has never given it before, and that’s why all the adamant denials and censorship were unfounded from the get-go.

While this debate rages on, let me just point out one big problem with many of the “fact-checks” that are being used as excuses to silence legitimate questions. Many of them, as in this case, don’t debunk the claims with actual facts, but with “appeals to authority.” They cite some prominent “expert” who disagrees, and that’s taken as proof that the claim is false. But an “appeal to authority” that cites a questionable authority is a textbook example of a logical fallacy. (No wonder leftists are trying to brand logic and reason as "white supremacist concepts" and kill them.)

I’ve said since this pandemic began that I didn’t blame health officials for getting things wrong at first, or altering their initial comments, because it was an entirely new disease and they were scrambling to learn what it was and how it spread. I get that mistakes were made about things like whether or not to wear masks, or how contagious surfaces are.

But too many times, opinions (often biased opinions) were treated as if they were settled truths. One example was when Trump was branded as a liar for predicting that a vaccine would be available before the end of the year -- “experts” said it would take at least until 2021. Not only was Trump’s statement just a hopeful prediction, not a lie, but he turned out to be correct and the so-called “experts” wrong.

Now, the flat denials that the virus might have come from a Chinese lab and the attacks on anyone who suggested it are looking like the assurances of “experts” who didn’t know what they were talking about. It’s still an unproven hypothesis for which we need to get to the truth. But if you censor questions and silence debate, then how do you ever expect to get to the truth about anything?

We do indeed live in an age of miracles. First case in point: Politifact has actually retracted one of its partisan “fact-checks!”

Back in the early days of the pandemic, they branded a claim that the COVID-19 coronavirus might have come out of a Chinese lab as a “Pants On Fire” (sorry, the juvenile term is theirs, not mine) lie and conspiracy theory. Now, in light of more evidence and questions coming to light, they’ve retracted that and say, “Currently, we consider the claim to be unsupported by evidence and in dispute.”

Of course, they could have said the same when it first came up. At the time, there was no evidence to support or debunk the claim because China’s government was blocking anyone from investigating it. For me, that should have caused suspicions to fall more on the “probably has merit” side. But as is often the case with today’s “fact-checkers,” Politifact committed the logical fallacy of an “appeal to authority,” or treating their preferred “experts” as if their views were unimpeachable objective truth.

Until these sources are able to differentiate a proven fact from a preferred opinion, I’ll continue to put quotation marks around “fact-checkers.”

George Floyd

May 25, 2021

Today marks one year since the death of George Floyd, and there are marches planned around the nation that we all pray will remain peaceful.

Over the past year, the officer who held Floyd down has been convicted of murder, the other officers are facing trial, and the group Black Lives Matter used anger over Floyd’s death to whip up protests that often turned violent and destructive, largely in black neighborhoods. Floyd’s death was used as an excuse to call for defunding police departments. Thousands of cops, under assault both physically and verbally, quit or retired, which has led to skyrocketing crime in every city where police budgets were cut. Many of the victims of crime and violence have been black residents, since the police presence in their neighborhoods was deliberately scaled back (despite polls showing a majority of blacks wanted more police) and specialty units designed to fight gangs and gun crimes were disbanded. It’s so bad that some of these cities are now desperately re-funding their police departments.

Meanwhile, BLM had a surge of support in polls, followed by a steep fall, as Americans got sick of riots, looting, endless racial divisiveness, racist “anti-racist” rhetoric and hypocritical BLM leaders who raked in millions in donations, bought mansions in upscale neighborhoods, and never shared a penny with those who were really trying to help black communities recover from the violence wrought by the rioters and criminals (sorry, the new preferred euphemism is “justice-involved individuals.” I kid you not.) There are now active backlash movements by state legislatures and parents to bar from schools the racist “Critical Race Theory” that teaches kids to judge others by their skin color and the anti-American “1619 Project” distortion of American history.

On the sad first anniversary of Floyd’s death, racial divisions are the worst they’ve been in years because of the concerted efforts of people who profit by dividing us. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration just told our embassies and consulates that for the rest of 2021, they are authorized to fly the BLM flag on their flagpoles, if they want.

Democrats love to accuse their opponents of being “on the wrong side of history.” I hope and pray that Americans will reject their embrace of racial divisiveness and the destruction of the Rev. King’s dream that people be judged by the content of their character and not the color of their skin, and that they will soon find themselves on the wrong side of history.

For some of the best commentary on this day, I suggest you read this, by my dear friend and the niece of the Rev. King, Alveda King.

Sunday, “60 Minutes” actually bucked the LGBTQ+++ lobby and aired a segment on people who underwent transgender surgery and/or hormone treatments, regretted it and “detransitioned.”

I won’t recount it all in detail because Tyler O’Neil did a fine job of that at the link, and you can see video of the segment there as well. In a nutshell, these people tended to have emotional, medical or psychological issues and were convinced that gender transitioning would cure them.

Some were surprised and disturbed at how easy it was to get doctors to sign off on radical hormone treatments and body-mutilating elective surgery, such as removing a woman’s breasts. If most doctors suggested something half that radical, you’d demand a second opinion; but this field of medicine has been so corrupted by the activist trans agenda that doctors feel too intimidated to object to performing procedures that actually cause harm.

Naturally, “60 Minutes” had to include the requisite knocks on red states that are banning such radical experimental procedures on minors, and other genuflecting to the PC trans dogma. I won’t complain about that because it would be like criticizing a dog’s posture when it walks on its hind legs: the miracle is that the feat was accomplished at all.

But that didn’t prevent GLAAD and other trans groups from blasting "60 Minutes" for covering this story. It’s interesting that they claim they champion rights for trans people because everyone deserves to live their lives honestly and openly, and to be heard and respected. But if you feel that you were misled, harmed and exploited by the steamrolling of the trans agenda onto society, their attitude is “Shut up!!!”

Kudos to “60 Minutes” for actually having the courage to act like real journalists.

A Democratic Representative chastising his fellow Democrats for attacking Israel without having a real understanding of the conflict or the region’s history. But kudos to California Rep. Brad Sherman for daring to go there:

One example he cites: some Democrats want to deprive Israel of the technology that allows smart bombs to hit a precise target, which would leave only “dumb bombs” that cause more civilian casualties.

Just curious: When you saw the phrase “dumb bomb” - something dumb that just goes off and doesn’t care what it blows up -- did any of you also think of some of Rep. Sherman’s House colleagues?