Whenever I see a quote in the news from London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, it’s usually one of two things: he’s either promoting leftist policies that require major denials of reality, or else he’s blasting the efforts of other leaders to try to find solutions for the horrible consequences wrought by the type of policies he espouses.
You might have noticed yesterday that Facebook placed a disclaimer on a post that I wrote, claiming it was under factual dispute, because it linked to a story in the Washington Examiner about the claim that Amazon costs the Post Office $1.46 in lost revenue for each package delivered.

News roundup for April 10

April 10, 2018

Monday, the Dow gained about 450 points after Chinese President Xi Jinping announced his willingness to discuss opening up the country's economy to foreign investors, reducing import tariffs on cars and other products, and enforcing intellectual property rights, which eased fears of a trade war.