In Tallahassee, Florida, Dean Crouch was working at Academy Sports when a man who was looking at a .40-caliber handgun suddenly took off running for the door with it.  Acting fast, Crouch tackled him.  A search revealed that he’d also allegedly stolen a backpack, two matching magazines and five boxes of matching ammunition.  Who knows what he might have been planning to do with that stolen gun and ammo?  The police report stated, “He repeatedly said, ‘I stole and I admit to it’ and ‘I will steal again when I get out of jail.'”

For his actions, I declare Dean Crouch a Huck’s Hero.  I hope that will be some comfort to him because after a one-month investigation, Academy Sports fired him for violating the company’s policy “prohibiting employees from touching customers.”  With two small kids to feed and no income, he may lose his house and is considering a wrongful termination lawsuit.

 I’m not an attorney, but I’d strongly suggest that Academy settle before they have to go into court and explain on the record why they consider people who steal from them to be “customers” who are untouchable by the staff.  Like the decision to fire Crouch, that’s not the kind of dumb idea you’d want to get around.