I wrestled with whether to comment on this or not because I didn’t want to call more attention to the sick comments of a drug-addled former celebrity, particularly when they called for violence against my own daughter and grandchildren.  But since it’s become a major news story, I feel I have to say something.  For the record, this person whom I shall not name has apologized.  He should, but that’s not good enough.  I am a patient and forgiving man, but I am fed up with leftists launching sick, obscene attacks and calling for violence that could incite their unstable followers to harm innocent people -- and not just adults they disagree with politically, but now, their innocent children -- and then skirting responsibility.

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Even though I have my own very firm political views, I try hard not to be partisan when it comes to issues of personal behavior.  I have criticized President Trump when I thought his rhetoric went too far or his policies were off-target.  I called for Roseanne to lose her TV show after she wrote an offensive tweet about Valerie Jarrett, even though I have no love for Ms Jarrett’s works and Roseanne at least had the excuse that she is self-admittedly mentally ill.  But the recent spate of reprehensible personal attacks and calls for violence on the left is inexcusable. 


The intern who shouted the F-word at President Trump during his Congressional visit should be fired immediately.  As should the DOJ employee who was found to be among the Democratic Socialists group that forced the Homeland Security director to have to leave a restaurant under threat.


Tweets such as those made by the ‘60s burnout actor referenced above should be dealt with as criminal actions, because free speech does not protect people who incite violence and make threats.  I don’t care that he’s since apologized and deleted them.  No decent human being would ever have even thought of writing them in the first place.  


Personally, I’ll not be satisfied until this aged, bitter, hateful, and violent creep gets arrested.  And I pray for him that NO ONE EVER encourages violence and criminal actions against his grandchildren.  But this kind of vile behavior will continue until smug, self-righteous, drug-addled losers like him are held accountable.


Sadly, he wasn’t alone in his disgusting calls for violence, as the leftist group Occupy Wall Street used Twitter not only to call for deadly attacks on immigration enforcement officers but to give instructions on how to do it (by the way, how does Twitter manage to police and ban every user who expresses a conservative opinion, yet these vermin still have Twitter accounts?)


Being “passionate” about some issue in the news that you don't even understand is not an excuse for inciting violence against innocent men, women and children.  That's not being “passionate,” that's being sick, childish, thoughtless and vile.


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It’s especially ironic that this should come on the very same day that Rep. Steve Scalise was able to return to the baseball diamond for the first time, exactly one year since he was nearly murdered by a deranged leftist gunman, inspired by overheated political rhetoric to try to slaughter as many Republican Congress members as possible at a charity baseball game practice.  It was only due to the swift, heroic response by police that he didn’t accomplish his planned massacre, which has oddly become one of the few shootings that the media never seem to want to talk about.


And yet, even after that, some people still refuse to examine their own actions and words.


There is a character in the movie “Forrest Gump” who said something that’s become a meme on many conservative websites.  Wesley, the hippie boyfriend of Forrest’s love, Jenny, after beating her up, tried to weasel out of responsibility by saying, “Things got a little out of hand. It’s just this war and that lying son of a b**** Johnson.”  But of course, he didn’t beat his girlfriend because the President or his policies drove him to it.  He did it because he was a violent, immature, self-centered, hypocritical jerk.


Anyone who commits or foments violence against others and tries to blame it on the President or political policies they disagree with is no better than that scumball.  Shame on them.  They don’t belong on movie or TV screens or on social media.  They need to spend a long time looking inside themselves and reflecting on what they’ve said and done and what they have become.  Preferably during a stay in a federal prison.