As information drips out of the investigation into the cold-blooded slaughter at a small-town Texas church, we’re getting a more detailed look at the sickness and hatefulness of this shooter. It seems clearer with each drip that this was the LAST person who should have had a firearm, even under existing law.

New information from police reports shows that Devin Kelley escaped from a New Mexico mental facility in 2012 and was arrested by El Paso police while attempting to board a bus and leave the state. This was at the time when he was facing charges of domestic abuse against his wife and little stepson. According to a stunning report by an ABC affiliate, he also brought guns onto Holloman Air Force Base with the purpose of carrying out death threats he had made on his military chain of command.

Proper procedure for the Air Force was to notify the FBI of his criminal record, and apparently they failed to carry that out. Under current law, someone with Kelley’s record would NOT be allowed to purchase a gun --- in fact, this very sick person should be the poster boy for those who legally can’t buy firearms. So please, let’s leave the talk of new gun laws that would only restrict the law-abiding (like those sitting in church pews) from defending themselves, and focus instead on what needs to happen to enforce existing law.