Wow, here’s an op-ed by former U.S attorney and deputy assistant Attorney Gen. Harry Litman in USA TODAY that never even mentions that the Manafort trial that started Tuesday has nothing to do with Trump’s campaign.  You would never know from reading this that Manafort’s trial or any of the other charges coming out of the special counsel are not related to that.  So, of course, the assumption will be that they are.  According to Litman, a guilty verdict against Manafort will make Trump’s witch-hunt claim “seem even weaker and more desperate.”  This piece is PART of the witch hunt!

Mueller is described here as “a fine GOP prosecutor.”  Litman quotes Judge Ellis on the possible sentence Manafort faces but conveniently does not share the one about prosecutors getting defendants to “sing” or “compose.”


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Litman says, “It has been a mystery for many months why Manafort has steadfastly refused to cooperate with the Mueller probe, given the very high likelihood of conviction.”  Um, maybe because there isn’t any misconduct on Trump's part for him to disclose?  Maybe he’s not a very talented “composer.”


The fact that this person has been a U.S. attorney and deputy asst. AG is dismaying but not surprising --- perfectly consistent with what we’re finding out every day about “the swamp.”