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Despite his tough talk about Canada last week (or maybe because of it - Art of the Deal!), President Trump has reached an agreement...
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With no physical evidence or corroboration --- indeed, witnesses who contradict her story about their presence at a party at which she says she was assaulted --- Christine Blasey Ford’s case comes down to the truth of her recollections.
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I hate even to waste time on this, but since the media insists on taking seriously the claim brought forth by porn star lawyer Michael Avenetti that his client, Julie Swetnick, was drugged and gang-raped by someone at a party where Bret Kavanaugh was in attendance 35 years ago...
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In George Orwell’s masterpiece “1984,” perhaps the ultimate horror novel, all citizens of Oceania participated in a daily group ritual in front of their telescreens called the “Two Minutes Hate.”
Considering it’s not even in syndicated reruns because its constant topical references have aged so badly, I don’t know why anyone thinks that bringing back the ‘90s sitcom “Murphy Brown” is a good idea.

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Even though they’ve now gone completely off the rails, there were early signs of this politics-as-severe-mental-disorder trend of the left years ago.

Behold the grand puppet master

September 24, 2018

The Democrats in Congress have a dirty little secret. They are merely puppets attached to the strings of their master, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer.

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Remember the story from a couple of days ago about the University of Michigan professor who refused to give a letter of recommendation to a student who wanted to study abroad in Israel...

"Fake News" round-up

September 20, 2018

Today’s “fake news” round-up is a triple header, led off by the New York Yankees…oops, sorry: the New York Times...
In all the media attention to Hurricanes Florence and Feinstein, Hillary Clinton’s latest attempt to reinsert herself back into the public consciousness went virtually unnoticed...
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Free speech works both ways

September 18, 2018

It would be hypocritical enough for a brand that claims to be defending free speech to try to silence a critic’s free speech...

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If the letter from Kavanaugh’s accuser had been made public, say, in July, when Sen. Dianne Feinstein actually received it, we wouldn’t have to quickly try to make sense of the crazed rush of stories about it RIGHT NOW, before the committee vote scheduled for just a few days away.
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Manafort pleads guilty

September 15, 2018

He agreed to plead guilty to avoid a second trial on charges of foreign lobbying violations in his dealings with Ukraine and witness tampering...
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Hurricane Florence

September 14, 2018

At this writing, Hurricane Florence is slowing making its way into North Carolina...

Senate Democrats sink lower

September 14, 2018

In an act of embarrassing political theater that makes Cory Booker’s “I am Spartacus” self-immolation look like the Gettysburg Address...
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Stop politicizing 9/11

September 12, 2018

Today, I’ll get back to commenting on politics, but I think that 9/11 is a time to set that aside and concentrate on remembrances of the victims...


September 12, 2018

Thank God that nobody was seriously injured Sunday afternoon at the Castro Valley Fall Festival in Northern California...

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Tax Cut 2.0

September 12, 2018

When the Republicans passed the tax cut bill, Democrats said a lot of hysterical things...

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Trump to close PLO building

September 10, 2018

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Trump Administration is expected to announce today that it will close the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s office in Washington. Of course, the PLO described this as a “reckless escalation” of tensions and the US doing the bidding of Israel.

Personally, I’d question why we ever allowed a terrorist-supporting organization to have an office in our nation’s capital. Naturally, the PLO insists that the groups it supports – Hamas and the PLFP (the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) – aren’t terrorists, they’re “Palestinian political parties.” For the record, both the US State Department and the EU have Hamas and the PLFP on their lists of officially-designated terrorist organizations. The PLO itself may not be designated as a terrorist group, but it supports recognized terrorist groups and actually devotes a portion of its budget to a “martyrs’ fund” that gives direct support payments to the families of people who launch suicide attacks on Israeli citizens.

This has been said many times before, but it always bears repeating in the face of the never-ending flow of pro-PLO propaganda: for all the denunciations of Israel for not doing enough for the “peace process,” the simple fact is that if the Palestinians put down their weapons and stopped trying to kill Israelis, there would be peace tomorrow. But if the Israels put down their weapons, they’d all be dead tomorrow.