Trump’s speech was so long that if you don’t have time for the whole thing, Independent Journal Review has edited some of the highlights by topic. Check them out here:

President Trump slams Arizona's Senator over Obamacare repeal 


President Trump calls out the media for their coverage of Charlottesville


President Trump talks about the media's obsession with ratings over the truth


Phoenix crowd responds to President Trump's comments about the media


Trump's Phoenix rally

August 23, 2017

At his rally in Phoenix last night, President Trump was back in full-on campaign mode, serving up more red meat than a Texas barbecue joint. He strongly defended his love for all Americans of all backgrounds, and went after the media tooth-and-tong for its attempts to depict him as a racist and KKK sympathizer. He recounted his exact words in response to the violence in Charlottesville and smacked down his critics by name, including dismissing the Washington Post as a lobbying tool for (it’s now owned by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, a major Trump opponent.) He said there are bad people in the media who don’t like America and are more interested in ratings than the truth, blamed them for stirring up divisions in the country, and mocked them for turning off the cameras as he called them out.

It will be claimed that it’s unpresidential or counter-productive to attack the media so vociferously. But Trump obviously believes that the media are so biased against him that nothing will ever change it, so he might as well not even try to curry their favor. Instead, he’s doing what he did during the campaign: using Twitter and rallies to go around them and take his case directly to the people. You can be skeptical of whether that will work, but as he pointed out last night, he’s living in the White House. That was something the media thought they had the power to prevent.

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Trump’s speech was so long that if you don’t have time for the whole thing, Independent Journal Review has edited some of the highlights by topic. I've broken them out by category here:


Naturally, outside the Trump event, there were protesters. They made their intellectual point that Trump must go by throwing bottles at police, who offered a response involving tear gas canisters. See the video here.


Anchor/opinionator Don Lemon was described as “quietly losing his mind after the Trump rally” (I might argue with both the adverb and the timing mentioned in that description) over Trump’s attacks on his employer, CNN. Trump bashed the media for misrepresenting his comments about Charlottesville to paint him as being soft on white supremacists,which he refuted by reading back his exact statements as part of a timelime. Lemon accused him of attempting to “rewrite history.”

We have reached a strange place in history, indeed, when someone who reads exact quotes in chronological order is accused of rewriting history by a media outlet that makes excuses for people who smash monuments to historical figures they don’t like. Liberals, please make up your mind: is rewriting history a good thing or a bad thing? Or is it only good when you do it?



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Barcelona Update

August 22, 2017

Update on last week’s terrorist attacks in Spain that left 13 people dead and at least 100 more injured: Monday, police caught up with 22-year-old Younes Abouyaaqoub, the Moroccan national suspected of driving the van that plowed into a crowd in Barcelona. They found him in the town of Subirats. He was wearing an explosives belt when police shot and killed him.

We also learned that the attack could have been even worse: Abouyaaqoub was allegedly part of a 12-member terrorist cell that was planning a series of vehicle attacks with 100 gas canisters. That plan went awry when the house containing the canisters exploded, killing two of the terrorists, including an imam of a local mosque who is suspected of radicalizing the other, younger plotters.

Full details are here. As to how a house could literally fall in on two of the terrorist plotters and 10 others still manage to evade exposure and continue on their deadly way, I’ll leave that to Spanish authorities to explain to their citizens. More details at the link.