The theater community feels a deep loss today, but we who remember Sam Shepard best for his role as test pilot Chuck Yeager in the 1983 film THE RIGHT STUFF do, too.

Yeager was an almost mythical character in that film --- the first real hero of the race for space who, ironically, didn’t get to space at all. Shepard’s interpretation combined a down-to-earth, clear-eyed realism with a powerful, dreamlike aura of astounding bravery that won him a Best Supporting Actor nomination. We who wear our deep respect for the astronauts and test pilots on our sleeves remember Shepard’s portrayal fondly.

He appeared in other films but most of his work was for the Broadway and off-Broadway stage. He wrote 44 plays and won a Pulitzer Prize for one of them.

Apparently, he had been ill with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) for some time. He died at his Kentucky home at the age of 73. Over the years, we’ve seen the actual participants in the race for space pass into history as well. Sen. John Glenn was the last surviving Mercury astronaut when he died in 2016.

This would be a great time to break out THE RIGHT STUFF, celebrate the bravery of those pilots, and watch Sam Shepard in an iconic role.

See no evil

July 31, 2017

It’s odd how there’s so much fake news that the media jabber on about for hour after hour, while major stories are festering right under their noses and they hardly even notice them. I guess a non-story about an elephant is just a lot more interesting than a real story about a donkey. But the anti-elephant/pro-donkey bias has become so blatant that a lot of people are starting to tally up all the ways in which the right side gets the microscope while the left side gets the blindfold. For instance, totally unproven Russian collusion is worth 24-hour coverage and possibly disastrous sanctions if the suspects are Trump staffers. But what about Vladimir Putin’s deep and well-verified ties to the other side, the one that suddenly became so paranoid about Russia after nearly a century of defending it?


And speaking of alleged collusion and cover-up involving high US elected officials and a foreign nation possibly stealing classified information from Democrats' computers... This story is getting very little media play, even though there’s been one arrest by the FBI, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see more. By the way, this is entirely a Democratic Congressional scandal that dates back years, yet somehow, the New York Times finds a way to blame Trump for it.


And if imams are preaching the destruction of Israel and death to the Jews in mosques on American soil, why bother reporting it? Obviously, they didn’t really mean it, even if one of the mosque’s attendees was one of the San Bernardino mass shooters.


But possibly the most sickening of all the “see no evil” stories is the lack of coverage of this one. Telling you about it might harm the narrative that enforcing long-standing immigration laws is heartless. I think that what’s heartless is when a so-called “sanctuary county” releases a criminal illegal alien who has already been deported 20 - yes, 20! - times, only to see him rob, beat and sexually assault a 65-year-old woman in Portland, Oregon. Unlike the perpetrator, the victim had every right to be in America. She also had the right to trust that officials of Multnomah County, whose salaries she pays, would put her right to be safe in her own home above protecting the nonexistent right of multiple deportee, criminal illegal aliens to prey on their own constituents. Sadly, her trust was misplaced.



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Today's Commentary:  RIP Charlie Gard  -- Senate Republicans repeal the Tea Party-- Sessions doesn't deserve the attacks -- Tragedy in Ohio -- Free speech on Twitter  -- News Bits --Share something


RIP little Charlie Gard. Your short life was more important than you ever knew.


Mike Huckabee



Senate Republicans repeal the Tea Party

By Mike Huckabee

Well, it’s official: what happened to Julius Caesar is no longer the most nefarious backstabbing ever performed by Senators. After seven years of voting for repeals of Obamacare that they knew would be blocked by a Democratic Senate or vetoed by Obama, Republicans promised voters that they would undo this terrible law that was rammed down our throats if they only had the power. So voters gave them first the House…then the Senate…then the White House. More than any other issue, getting rid of Obamacare fueled the rise of the Tea Party and propelled the Republicans into absolute power. Now, their voters must be wondering why they even bothered.

Last night, in the dead of night, three Republicans (John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins) voted against the last-ditch bill to repeal and replace, leaving the massive Obamacare boondoggle in place. Proving that somehow, some Republicans are always able to find a way to capitulate to the left even when losing is virtually impossible.

It’s certainly arguable that the bill before them wasn’t perfect. But it wasn’t going to be the final bill. Whatever they passed would have then gone into negotiations with the House. Now, one of the worst pieces of legislation ever passed will stand as the “law of the land” (it only edged above 50% support after months of Democrats falsely claiming that any replacement would make millions of people die – meaning that about half of Americans think it’s slightly preferable to mass death.)

After the deep-night betrayal, Senate “Majority” Leader Mitch McConnell said it’s now time to reach across the aisle and work with the Democrats to see what they can contribute. We already know their plan: pour more tax money down the rat hole of the unsustainable Obamacare system until it collapses and we all get Charlie Gard-style national health care. Not that they’ll admit it: an amendment endorsing single payer was put up last night and got not a single vote because Democrats thought it was a trap. Most just voted “present.” They know better than to go on record as being in favor of things they’re actually in favor of.

W. James Antell III put it perfectly in the Washington Examiner when he wrote that last night, Senate Republicans repealed the Tea Party. But I have a feeling the Tea Party won’t take being repealed lying down. Expect some noodle-kneed Republican Senators to face major primary challenges. Also look for petitions to repeal the 17th amendment and let state legislatures go back to electing Senators, the way the Founders intended. I’m disgusted enough that I might sign one of those myself.


Sessions doesn't deserve the attacks

By Mike Huckabee

Attorney General Jeff Sessions finally spoke up after the past week of being bashed by President Trump. Sessions admitted that the public criticism was “hurtful,” but said he has no plans to resign and he still praised Trump as a strong leader. It’s understandable that Trump was annoyed that Sessions recused himself from the Russia investigation, but legal experts say he had no choice. And if he were fired, Trump would not only face a big backlash from Congress, but anyone in line to take Sessions’ place as acting AG would likely be far more hostile. Republicans seem to agree: a poll on my website is running 75% against Trump firing Sessions.

Of all the people in Washington who deserve a good verbal flogging, Sessions is among the least likely. In a town full of snakes, snitches and turncoats, he seems to be one of the few who’s staying loyal to the boss who’s bashing him.



Tragedy in Ohio

By Mike Huckabee

Tragedy struck Wednesday at the Ohio State Fair when a thrill ride called the Fire Ball malfunctioned. Someone hit the emergency stop button, and one seat snapped off, sending eight passengers flying 20 or 30 feet at high speed. One 18-year-old man was killed and the rest were seriously injured, with three in critical condition. All the rides were shut down pending an investigation. According to the state inspector, the ride had been functioning properly, and it was inspected several times over the previous two days. A gruesome video that captured the incident quickly spread on Twitter, but it’s the type of thing that should only be seen by investigators. The victims’ families are dealing with enough pain and trauma, and I hope you’ll join me in sending prayers for comfort and healing to everyone affected.



Free speech on Twitter

By Mike Huckabee

Twitter seems to be determined to turn what was once a bastion of free speech (remember when Iranian pro-democracy protesters used Twitter to organize?) into a place where only “Progressive”-approved leftist speech is allowed. The site’s monitors have repeatedly blocked conservative users for expressing double-plus ungood opinions. Just a few days ago, Twitter suspended Breitbart editor Raheem Kassam after he announced that he was writing a book on radical Islam. Now, a former pastor who’s written a book called “One Man, One Woman: God’s Original Design for Marriage” says he paid for a Twitter ad but it was rejected. He was told that his book advocates hatred of gays, which the author adamantly denies. He says it's about the traditional Christian view of marriage .

I’ve never understood the urge to censor and silence people who disagree with you. I welcome those who disagree with me as guests on my radio and TV shows. A good, civil debate is valuable for both the debaters and the audience. Frankly, when someone is afraid to defend his position, I assume he must be standing on pretty shaky ground.

There have been a lot of stories in the financial press about how Twitter is suffering declines in revenue and stock price and disappointing user numbers. Maybe they need to stop being so “selective” about who is allowed to practice free speech.


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