Millennial of the Year

May 23, 2018

I think we’ve found the winner of the Millennial of the Year Award.

Mark and Christina Rotondo of upstate New York tried everything to get their 30-year-old son Michael, who’s been living in their house for the past eight years, to move out already. They offered him advice, pleaded with him to get a job and get his life together, gave him $1100 for moving expenses (he took the money but didn’t use it to move), cut off his food and phone, and finally resorted to sending him a legal eviction letter ordering him to vacate.

So, of course, he took them to court to fight it. Acting as his own attorney, he told the judge that his parents’ behavior toward him has been “really unfair to me and really outrageous,” and that “I don’t think trying to destroy someone is tough love.” He claims to have an income and a successful business, although he didn’t specify what that was; and he noted that he has a son himself, although he doesn’t have custody (there’s a surprise.) He said he plans to move out, just not today, or in 30 days, but he said he can’t imagine still being in his parents’ house three months from now (I’ll bet they can imagine it.) He claimed that three months is “reasonable;” still, he asked the judge to order his parents to let him stay for another six months. The judge called that request “outrageous” and ordered the parents’ lawyer to draft an order outlining terms of the eviction. But until an official eviction date is set, the judge allowed Michael to remain in his parents' home!

This is going to make for an awkward Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, I know Thanksgiving is more than three months away. Want to bet he’ll still be there?