From the media coverage of the Trump decision on transgendered military recruits, you would think that transgender drill sergeants outnumbered the people who agree with Trump. So you might be surprised by a Rasmussen poll taken on this subject just one month ago. Even after all the pro-LGBT media coverage of the past year or so, only 23% of Americans thought allowing openly transgendered people in the military was a good idea. Just 12% of active duty troops thought it helped military readiness, while 41% thought it hurt.

Maybe we need a new term, like the “generation gap” or the “credibility gap,” to describe the gap between what people really think and what they feel comfortable saying in this current atmosphere of Twitter shame mobs. How about “the intimidation gap”? For instance: “100% of Americans think the Obama transgender military policy is a good idea, or corrected for the intimidation gap, 23%. Unless those 23% were just really, really intimidated, in which case: zero percent.”


Planned Parenthood has issued new guidelines for parents when their preschoolers ask why males and female have different body parts. This is how PP suggests parents respond:

“Your genitals don't make you a boy or a girl." In addition to that stunning news bulletin, there’s a lot more palaver about gender identity, and how some people with male parts are girls and some people with female parts are boys, but I’ll let you click the link and torture your brain with it yourselves. This seems like great advice if you hate answering kids’ questions and want to confuse them so much, they’ll never ask you anything again.

We really should congratulate Planned Parenthood on its successful transition from a chain of health care clinics to an abortion mill and source of far-left lunacy – although it still “self-identifies” as a health care provider, which some haters might say is just self-delusion, considering how few actual health services they still provide.

As Thomas Lifson of points out in this article, to be precise, chromosomes make you a boy or girl, and that is strictly binary. Everyone’s chromosomes are either XX (female) or XY (male). And as Lifson notes, it’s only by combining the chromosomes of those two – count ‘em, two – genders that you create the babies that Planned Parenthood kills.