In California, nearly 50% of community college students fail to complete the math requirement of passing an algebra class, and some argue that this is a human rights issue since it particularly affects the poor and minorities who make up a large number of community college enrollees. So the chancellor of the California community college system has a suggestion. Better math instruction? Surely, you jest! No, just do away with the algebra requirement. She claims this wouldn’t be lowering standards because students could take an easier class in something they’d be more likely to use, such as statistics. Obviously, they wouldn’t be required to take Logic or else they might ask how you could replace a harder class with an easier class and not lower standards. I assume the history class also doesn’t include the Bush years, to keep the students from learning the concept of the “soft bigotry of low expectations.”

One interesting aspect of this story is that after seven years of the Common Core curriculum that was supposed to improve math teaching, math scores actually declined. You don’t have to be Einstein, or even know algebra, to figure that out. Frankly, considering the state’s budget and spending, I don’t think it’s wise to stop teaching young California voters about math.


Very Sad News

July 24, 2017

Some very sad news from Great Britain: the parents of 11-month-old Charlie Gard have given up their legal fight to free him from a “pull-the-plug” order and bring him to the US for an experimental treatment for his neurological disorder.

Oregon seizes children

July 24, 2017

While much of the world’s attention was focused on the assault on parental rights in the Charlie Gard case in England, similar governmental abuses are rising here in America. Latest case: the state of Oregon seized two children and put them into foster care after deciding that the parents’ I.Q.s aren’t high enough to make them qualified as parents. Both parents do have learning disabilities, but they love their kids and have never been accused of abuse or neglect. The father has a driver’s license and says his learning disability is “very, very mild,” while the mother is the daughter of a pre-school teacher and has spent her whole life taking care of kids. A volunteer who worked with the parents to mediate with the state told officials that they were capable of raising their kids, and in return was told her services were no longer required.

Click the link to read the full story. This needs to have a public spotlight shined on it. If not having a very high I.Q. makes you an unfit parent, then the bureaucrats who ordered this might have to kiss their own kids goodbye.


A Reuters/Ipsos poll of 2016 voters found that if they had it to do over again, 88% of Trump voters would still vote for him. That might sound like slippage, but it’s pretty amazing considering the 24/7 negative attacks since the minute he was declared the winner of the election. And it’s actually up 6 points since May.

More interesting than the raw support numbers were the reasons Trump voters gave for backing him and sticking by him. While the media are fixated on alleged Russian interference in the election, many voters either don’t believe it made any difference or don’t care. They say they voted for Trump because they love their country and were afraid of what would happen to it if Hillary got into power. They also think he’s doing all he can, with the media, Democrats, deep-state bureaucrats and some Republicans all trying to block and undermine him. As for all the anti-Trump news stories, they think the media are just being ornery because Hillary was their darling and Trump beat her.

It’s nice to hear that even in the 24/7 electronic media age, Abe Lincoln’s warning still applies: you can’t fool all the people all of the time. Especially not Americans, who have pretty good built-in bull dropping detectors.


Get well John McCain!

July 21, 2017

This week, something happened in Washington that seldom happens these days: the partisan attacks and inter- and intra-party bickering and backbiting stopped for a moment, as both sides of the political aisle came together to offer prayers and good wishes for Sen. John McCain, upon the news that he had been diagnosed with brain cancer.

Doctors at the Mayo Clinic who removed the blood clot near his eye also found a tumor of a type known as a glioblastoma. It’s a very aggressive form of cancer, and the typical prognosis with treatment is about 14 months. However, doctors believe they removed all the tumor tissue, and they say McCain is recovering amazingly well, his underlying health is excellent, and he’s in good spirits and optimistic about the effectiveness of future treatments.

He also has the power of prayer on his side, as colleagues from President Trump and Marco Rubio to Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi all voiced their concern and support. We know McCain is a fighter, and another tough fighter who just faced a life-threatening emergency, Rep. Steve Scalise, tweeted that he was praying for his friend McCain, “one of the toughest people I know.”

This link contains the official statement from Sen. McCain’s office, along with some of the reactions…


And here are more statements from McCain’s colleagues. Both these links include today’s Must-Read story: Meghan McCain’s statement on the news of her father’s illness. I warn you, it may be hard to finish reading through the tears in your eyes.

I’ve always thought that while it’s nice to have politicians and media people seeking your opinions and advice, that pales in significance compared to having the respect and admiration of your own children. When you feel the love and respect shining through Meghan’s words, you know that John McCain is more than a war hero and a respected Senator. He’s also a great dad. I bet that’s the title he’s most proud of.