A new poll of likely voters by Dick Morris and McLaughlin & Associates found that they are inclined to agree with President Trump’s low opinion of Robert Mueller’s endless and endlessly expanding investigation. By a consistent, roughly 10-point margin (largely fueled by Independents), respondents agree that the probe has overstepped its designated purpose, that it’s found no real evidence of corruption by Trump, and no evidence of collusion with Russia to influence the election. On the charge that it’s gone on too long and cost too much, Americans agree by a whopping 20% margin: 52-32%.

One intriguing detail of the results caught my eye: 33% of respondents apparently believe that the investigation has uncovered evidence that Trump colluded with Russia to influence the election. I’d love to be able to ask them a follow-up question:

“What evidence is that, and would you like to share it with Robert Mueller, because he can’t seem to find it”?