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Today's Commentary:  Sorry Hillary-- Miss America pageant unites Americans -- Dave Trott retires  -- Paul Ryan blocking legislation -- How about a Nobel Peace prize for these guys? -- News Bits 

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Sorry, Hillary, as much as you’d like to brush off your email server scandal as so much partisan fluff and nonsense, it’s not going away. A Maryland judge overruled objections from both the state and the state bar in a misconduct complaint against her three personal lawyers who helped delete thousands of emails from her personal server, taking it upon themselves to classify them as personal rather than letting the State Department vet them.

The defense tried to brush off the complaint as frivolous, but Circuit Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. said the case demanding an investigation that the state refused to initiate “appears to have merit,” that the actions of Clinton’s lawyers were “egregious,” and this was “a rather easy decision at this point.” It might help if the state had been able to explain why it never investigated the allegations, or if the state bar could explain why it dismissed them instead of just saying their reasons are “confidential.”

Here’s an easy way to tell whether the judge’s decision was easy or not. Imagine if someone not named Clinton were suspected of violating multiple federal laws for which their emails were evidence; their defense was that their personal attorneys read those emails, decided they weren’t relevant and deleted them; and the state turned a blind eye. What do you think any judge would say to that?


Mike Huckabee



Miss America pageant unites Americans

By Mike Huckabee

For many decades, Miss America was seen as a unifying figure. Though controversy reared its head over such aspects of the pageant as the swimsuit competition, most of us saw Miss America herself as a force for promoting positive American values: achievement, caring, optimism and the ever-present call for “world peace.”

In light of this history, we should all be giving the Miss America Pageant for 2018 a big pat on the back for the degree to which it has succeeded in bringing Americans together. This pageant really did that and should be congratulated! But I’m sorry to say that this time, we didn’t come together in the traditional way. Rather, we united in the common belief that the Miss America Pageant has politicized itself to a disgusting degree.

Not nearly as many people watch the Miss America Pageant as did in years past; the ratings certainly aren’t what they used to be in the days when families across the country would sit together in front of the TV and watch a new representative being crowned. But do pageant officials think that the way to bring in more viewers is to skew the “interview” portion so far left that half (or more) of the audience is ready to reach for the remote just to get away from politics, vowing never to waste their time on another of these events as long as they live?

If officials were just trying to prove that their pageant isn’t Trump-affiliated, then they certainly did that, but perhaps they tried a little too hard. Questions like (paraphrasing here) “Did Trump collude with the Russians? Yes or no?” are just flat-out insulting to a thoughtful viewership. It would be nice to be able to escape Trump Derangement Syndrome by watching late-night TV, flipping through an entertainment magazine, or tuning in to the Miss America Pageant, but, alas, there is no escape.


Dave Trott retires

By Mike Huckabee

Michigan Republican Rep. Dave Trott announced that he is leaving Congress after two terms to return to the private sector. That set off all the predictable reactions: Republicans vowed to hold on the seat; Democrats slandered Republicans as cruel and heartless and vowed to pick up the seat; and the media immediately turned it into a horse race story and started laying odds on which way it will go. What should have been the focus of all of them is the reason Trott gave for leaving after just two terms. If that lesson could be drilled into the heads of politicians, the media and voters, America would have a much better government than it does now.


Paul Ryan blocking legislation

By Mike Huckabee

House Speaker Paul Ryan is under criticism by many Republicans over Congress’ failure to act on major agenda items they elected Trump to enact (although to be fair, some have passed the House only to be killed in the Senate.) Add another issue to the list: gun rights activists are upset that Ryan is reportedly blocking a bill on national concealed carry reciprocity that has over 80 co-sponsors, and arguing that the timing isn’t right.

Proponents think that the timing is perfect, with Republicans controlling both Congress and the White House. Also, due to lack of a concealed carry reciprocity law, nobody who had a permit to carry a weapon for self-defense in other states was allowed to be carrying in DC when a leftist nut opened fire on Republican Congress members at a charity baseball game practice. As one of the bill’s sponsors, Rep. Thomas Massie, put it, it makes Washington a “10-mile gun-free zone,” but only for law-abiding citizens.



How about a Nobel Peace Prize for these guys?

By Mike Huckabee

Nice to know that with so many late night comedy shows degenerating into little but nightly Trump hatefests, one host is pursuing a more open-minded and creative path. During the filming of a special episode in Israel, Conan O’Brien visited the Ziv Medical Center, where Israeli doctors treat sick and wounded Syrians who’ve been taught that Jews are their enemies. O’Brien was so impressed, he declared that the doctors should get the Nobel Peace Prize.  What a welcome change that would be, the Nobel Peace Prize going to recipients who actually deserve it.  It might wash away some of the bloodstains on it from giving it to such crusaders for peace as Yassir Arafat.

Read the article, not just to learn more about the hospital and Conan’s visit, but also to read the surprising comments from the Syrian patients, who now realize they had been brainwashed to hate people who are not their enemy.  It shows that the truth and genuine acts of kindness and decency can break down even the most hardened hateful prejudices.  



News Bits

A much-ballyhooed report of Mitt Romney running for Senate in Utah if Orrin Hatch retires is speculation on top of speculation. But if you enjoy speculating about things that haven’t happened yet, feel free to opine in the comments on whether you want to see Mitt in the Senate.



North Korea's biggest trading partner, China, just gave Kim Jong Un some really bad news... and it's yet more proof Donald J. Trump's crackdown on Pyongyang is working.



Rep. Trent Franks has had enough of Robert Mueller's fishing expedition on Donald J. Trump, and he's trying to put an end to it in a very public way...



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