Four Mississippi high schools that have a longtime tradition of holding a prayer walk to start the school year are being pressured by the Freedom From Religion Foundation to discontinue it.

Judging from the arguments put forward in their “demand letter,” they seem very concerned that students might be exposed to any trace of Christianity. The prayer walks are “deliberately aimed at students who are young and susceptible to religious messages” and therefore are “deeply disturbing.”

I won’t argue with the idea that these people are deeply disturbed.

If the schools end up being forced by a judge to stop their prayer walks, let’s hope they keep in place a contemplative “nature walk” and even do it more often. Kids need that sort of thing, especially as a break from their phones and popular culture. Those who wish to pray on their own while walking among the chirping birds and late-summer trees will quietly do so, no matter how hard anyone tries to stop them. At least, that is, until a judge rules that chirping birds and late-summer trees might make kids think about God.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation is based in Wisconsin.