Arnold Palmer

September 26, 2016

There are only a handful of athletes so good at what they do that their names become synonymous with excellence in their sport. When it comes to golf, even Tiger Woods will tell you that that the “king,” the man whose name will forever stand for greatness on the links, is Arnold Palmer. Palmer died Sunday in Pittsburgh at 87, ending an astounding 52-year career as a professional golfer that encompassed 95 professional wins and 62 PGA Tour wins.

But Arnold Palmer was more than just a great golfer. Even more important, he was also a great human being. In the 1980s, he and his wife were given a tour of the small neonatal ICU and pediatrics unit of the Orlando Regional Medical Center. Deciding that the city could do better, he lend his name and his fundraising efforts to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for children. He urged the staff always to strive to make it one of the best hospitals in the world. Today, the hospital’s website cites his legacy of caring by recalling how he said that none of his achievements in golf compared to being a part of saving the life of a child.

Arnold Palmer may be gone, but his name will live on, in golf, on the children’s hospital that bears it, and let’s hope, as a sorely-needed sports role model for current and future generations.

The First Debate

September 26, 2016

Tonight is the first Presidential debate, and the media are abuzz: Will Trump maintain his presidential composure or lose his temper? Will Hillary manage to remain vertical all the way through it? Will her Tracy Flick-like devotion to wonky homework and detailed 50-point plans make people forget that we’ve followed liberal plans like hers for the past eight years, and they’ve made a wreck of the economy and the world (seriously, she tries to scare us with what might happen if Trump were in power while ignoring that under hers and Obama’s watch, the word “beheadings” returned to the daily headlines for the first time since the French Revolution).

One thing that Hillary should be prepared for is that unlike the media, Bernie Sanders and the FBI, Trump will not roll over and make it easy for her. Her camp already tried to rattle him by inviting Trump critic Mark Cuban to sit in the front row. I can’t imagine that would bother Trump, but he returned fire with a Howitzer by inviting alleged Bill Clinton mistress Gennifer Flowers to sit in the front row, which set off a series of calls by Paula Jones, Juanita Broaddrick and other alleged victims, clamoring for tickets to come fill the arena.

I’m sure the media can’t believe Trump “went there,” because both they and previous GOP candidates have always studiously refused to. But Trump is a different kind on candidate in more ways than one. He’s not a genteel Ivy Leaguer who fights by the Marquess of Queensberry rules. He’s a Queens-born street fighter. I know from personal experience that he is incredibly cordial to anyone who doesn’t attack him. But if you try to sucker punch him, you’d better brace for him to slug you back twice as hard.

Still, I think that anyone hoping for a Trump meltdown will be disappointed. Trump wrote “The Art of the Deal,” and he knows how to get what he wants. He is surely aware that most Americans don’t want Hillary Clinton for President, but they’ve been frightened by a relentless media onslaught painting him as the worst human since Hitler. All he has to do is show the world that he’s nothing like that media-created cartoon and come across as a reasonable alternative to Hillary Clinton, because, just as in previous elections, that’s all that most voters are looking for.

It’s disturbing to see the FBI – once considered a ramrod-straight agency above the corruption of politics – repeatedly doing late Friday “document dumps,” just like any other shady bureaucracy with something to hide. But digging through the 189 more pages of documents relating to the “investigation” of Hillary Clinton’s email server yields some things that the Administration would obviously rather have released while most Americans are out eating wings at TGI Friday’s.

We learned that a number of Hillary Clinton staffers were granted immunity to testify, even though they might reasonably have been considered targets of the investigation. It wasn’t necessary to give them immunity to compel them to talk to the FBI or to hand over records that could have been subpoenaed and seized. Two of the immunity recipients, top Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, were even allowed to continue to represent Clinton as attorneys in the very investigation they’d been potential targets of, which one legal expert described as unbelievable.

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz said he has lost confidence that the FBI made a serious effort to investigate this scandal, adding that it was “no wonder they couldn’t prosecute a case. They were handing out immunity deals like candy.” Why, it’s almost as if the entire “investigation” was just political theater, and it was decided from the get-go that no matter what was found, nobody would be indicted.

Another stunning revelation that the FBI tried to sneak by us was the fact that President Obama sent an email on June 28, 2012, to Clinton, under a fake name that the President uses on unsecured communications. Which is interesting, considering he told CBS News in 2015 that he had no idea Hillary was using an unsecured, private server until he saw it in the news.

And then there was the email that contained a reference from a tech worker about a request for an unprecedented 60-day email retention system that the writer referred to as “the Hilary cover-up operation.” Remember how FBI Director James Comey told us that Hillary couldn’t be indicted because she didn’t “intend” to expose national secrets, even though intent isn’t necessary under the law? Well, even intentionally planning ahead to cover it up wouldn’t have gotten her busted.

If this information had been leaked about a Republican President and a GOP nominee, the media would treat it as a bigger scandal than Watergate. But it involves Hillary and Obama, so it was barely covered at all outside of conservative websites. After all, the “paper of record” (these people are forcing me to wear out my quotation marks key), the New York Times, was too busy writing their editorial endorsing Hillary for President.

Here’s more from the National Review about the FBI handing out immunity deals as if they were Chinese takeout menus and the damage that does to trust in government and the rule of law:

My advice for Hillary

September 23, 2016

Having run for President a couple of times myself, I could offer the candidates some tips on things they don’t want to do. One tip I’d give to Hillary Clinton is, “Don’t remind voters of Michael Dukakis. And especially don’t remind them of SNL comic Jon Lovitz’s impression of Dukakis.”

During an oddly strained video message for the Laborers’ International Union of North America, Hillary blurted out in frustration, “’Why aren’t I 50 points ahead,’ you might ask.” Frankly, I don’t think anyone other than her was wondering about that. To most pundits, it immediately brought to mind Lovitz’s Dukakis in a 1988 SNL debate sketch, lamenting about Dana Carvey’s George Bush, “I can’t believe I’m losing to this guy!” Whether that led to comparisons of Dukakis’ technocratic aloofness or Lovitz’s parody of his oblivious egomania in the face of electoral catastrophe, it’s not a comparison any candidate wants to face.

It also provided an open invitation for Internet wags to suggest answers to her question of why she’s not 50 points ahead – and they did. Even Trump weighed in. Some of the suggestions are at the link, along with video and some more excerpts from her speech, including a promise to fight all “so-called right-to-work” laws that prevent people from being forced to join unions to hold a job. BTW, according to Gallup, right-to-work laws are supported by 7 in 10 Americans, including 65% of Democrats. Personally, I can’t fathom why she’s not 50 points behind.

If you'd like to offer your suggestions for why she's not 50 points ahead, that's what the comments are for. Have at it.

Friday Roundup

September 22, 2016

Millennials have been sold quite a bill of goods by the left.  The media have made it their mission to push the idea that Obama is the epitome of cool, and no young person would want to risk unpopularity with their peers by not hopping on the “progressive” bandwagon.  But gradually, over the past eight years, cracks have started to appear in that narrative.  Young voters were noticeably less enthusiastic about Obama in 2012 than in 2008.  By 2016, many refused to swallow his DNC-anointed successor. Too many thought the best alternative to Hillary was socialist Bernie Sanders, but we can chalk that up to leftist professors filling their heads with economic nonsense that we hope will be dislodged once they get into the real world and have to earn a paycheck that they’d like to keep a little of.  New polls show that Trump is actually gaining ground among Millennials, many of whom are fed up with seeing their 30th birthday approaching while they're still stuck in their parents’ basements, surfing the net and working two part-time waiter jobs to try to pay off their student loans. 

And if anything will boost Trump’s support among Millennials, this is it: Trump has come out against Obama’s plans to turn over control of the Internet to a globalist body at the UN.  For eight years, the Democrats have assumed they had a lock on the youth vote, even as they made the country less secure and hampered job creation and wage growth, which harms young people just starting out the most.  But allowing China or Russia a say over what we’re allowed to see or post on the Internet?  That may be the last straw!



Defenders of the Clinton Foundation urge the media to ignore the shady donors, the questionable accounting procedures and the stink of government corruption, influence peddling and pay-to-play, and look at all the good that the Foundation does for the poor and needy. Okay, let’s ask the former President of the Haitian Senate about the great things the Clinton Foundation did for the poor, suffering earthquake victims of Haiti:


A new Gallup poll illustrates why Hillary Clinton's tsunami of negative ads against Donald Trump isn't raising her poll support.  Even $50 million worth of ads in one month can't sell a defective product, and that's how most Americans see her. 

Gallup asked which words people remembered hearing in descriptions of each candidate.  By far the #1 word associated with Hillary was "email," with other top words including "lie," "health" and "scandal."  The top words people associated with Trump included "speech," "immigration" and "President."  That last one will terrify Democrats because they know something I've been saying for months now.

Hillary can't get above 50% by winning over more voters because there is no big pool of voters who just don't know her yet.  She's been around so long that everyone knows her only too well.  That's why the countless reintroductions of her are futile.  Her only hope is to convince voters that Trump would be even worse.  Hence all the attack ads.  Those may not be the waste of money they seem; without them, Trump might be ahead by 20 points by now.

This is why liberals who claim Trump faces a high hurdle at the debates and will crash there are deluding themselves.  All he has to do is come across as someone viewers could conceivably envision as President without fainting (which is why his numbers soared after his press conference with the President of Mexico.) 

Democrats and the media have spent many months and millions of bucks painting him as a deplorable, irredeemable, sexist, racist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic cross between Hitler, Hannibal Lecter and Jabba the Hut.  If he just comes across as slightly better than that, a lot of voters may say, "Eh, at least he's better than Hillary."



You can always count on White House spokesman Josh Earnest to make justifications for President Obama’s policies and actions that are so absurd that like Baghdad Bob, you wonder if he even believes himself.  And his latest is a triple-decker whopper with extra cheese:


In trying to refute Ted Cruz’s attempt to block Obama’s October 1st handover of control of the Internet to an international body, Earnest claimed that a small government conservative shouldn’t be arguing for federal control of the Internet.  He actually implied that the takeover of the Web by a board controlled by multiple foreign governments, some of them quite authoritarian and censorious, was a form of limited government. 


I would strongly suggest that Mr. Earnest go search up the meaning of “limited government” on Google, while he’s still able to.



When you get all your news from sources that do nothing but mock anyone who disagrees, you have to expect that they’ll occasionally make a mockery of themselves without even realizing it.  And so, Trevor Noah of “The Daily Show” did that thing they always do – mocking some dumb rube for thinking you can stop terrorists by posting a “No Muslims” sign – without realizing he’d just obliterated the entire basis of his leftist audience’s faith in “Gun Free Zones.” 


Noah ridiculed the poor sap for not realizing that never in history had anyone been dumb enough to try to dissuade a killer by posting a “no killers” sign.  But that wasn’t true: he’d forgotten about Columbine High School; Sandy Hook Elementary; that Aurora, Colorado, movie theater; the Pulse nightclub in Orlando; the civic center in San Bernardino; Fort Hood…the list goes on and on.  You’ll find it here, along with much more about how “The Daily Show” accidentally threw a pie in its own liberal face.

News You Might Have Missed...

September 20, 2016

By The Numbers: Eleven times President Obama stood before the world and badmouthed America in his final UN address. No wonder he’s going to miss these UN meetings:


You heard Obama congratulating himself at the UN on how much more secure the world is under his leadership vision, including his brilliant Iran nuclear deal (or more likely, you didn't hear it, if you're not a masochist). So how about chasing that down with a little stark reality? Here is a review of Jay Solomon's new book, "The Iran Wars." It chronicles years of efforts by the US government, of hard work and strategy to contain Iran's nuclear ambitions -- a difficult but effective effort that was working pretty well until a President came along who thought he knew more about Iran than all the experts. So he set about to dismantle that containment effort with the help of a minion who knew nothing about Middle East policy or history, but who had a unique knack for creating fictional narratives and echo chambers for gullible and uninformed young reporters.

Feeling more secure yet?


Nothing focuses the mind like the threat of impeachment.  IRS Commissioner John Koskinen is testifying today before the House Judiciary Committee about his previous arrogant testimony and his agency’s failure to comply with requests for documents in the investigation of the IRS targeting of conservative non-profits.  Liberals tried to use the suspicious lack of evidence that's required by law to be preserved as proof of innocence (an argument for which Hillary Clinton has given them plenty of practice).  But today, as the sole witness with a bright spotlight on him, Koskinen admitted that his previous statement under oath about the IRS preserving all the relevant documents was false, and the agency clearly failed to preserve those emails.  He did insist that he was just mistaken, not willfully misleading Congress.  That’s a pretty good excuse, but I’d suggest throwing in a few dozen “I don’t recalls.” That’s been known to work surprisingly well in Washington.



I’ve been asking for years how David Brock’s Media Matters for America is able to maintain its tax-exempt status as a nonpartisan nonprofit when Brock openly acts as a hatchetman for Hillary Clinton and MMFA directs its “fact-checking” efforts at Republicans.  Well, it appears that question was only scratching the surface of the creative accounting going on in Brock’s office.  Zero Hedge has been investigating, using public records that for some reason, the Obama IRS has simply ignored for years.  Take a look and prepare for the unique experience of having your mind blown by a report on nonprofit accounting procedures:


Former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly treated terrorism as a multi-state threat and built a terrific terrorism prevention unit that kept New Yorkers safe for over a decade. Uber-liberal Bill DeBlasio, who somehow managed to get elected mayor without a single outstanding accomplishment on his resume, decided with zero evidence that Kelly’s unit was infringing on the rights of terror suspects and immediately started trying to rein in and disband it. Now, things are blowing up on both sides of the Hudson.

See, who says your vote doesn’t matter? Your very life might depend on it.


Have you heard about the latest “OUTRAGE!” outbreak on the left? No, it’s not over the fact that the FBI ignored a guy who was planning to bomb New York, even after his dad turned him in as a terrorist; or that one of the Presidential candidates exposed national security information to our enemies and faced no repercussions when similar charges have landed lesser mortals in prison. No, they’re frothing at the mouth over Skittles, the chewy, fruit-flavored candy. Or more precisely, over Donald Trump Jr. retweeting a meme about the dangers of letting in waves of unvetted immigrants, by noting that if you knew just a few Skittles in a bowl were deadly poisonous, you wouldn’t ingest any of them. This was met with the usual howls and Twitter tweets about how offensive it was for Trump Jr. to compare human beings to candy.

News flash: This particular comparison has been kicking around for decades. Liberals pointed out that Nazis used it in the ‘30s to argue about the dangers of even one Jew (leave it to liberals to always find a way to compare their opponents to Nazis). On the other hand, it was also used (with M&Ms) for feminists to justify suspicion of all men, even if only 10 percent of them are monsters. I myself used the example of a few poisoned peanuts in a bowl to describe the problem with allowing waves of migrants into Europe following the deadly attacks on Paris. It got me mocked by “The Daily Show,” even though comparing humans to objects is so common, there’s a name for it: an “analogy.” Even that old dead white guy William Shakespeare did it, comparing a woman to a summer’s day; although he did start out by asking if he should do that, to avoid triggering her.

See, Millennials, how much more you learn from reading my websites than you do by getting all your news from Comedy Central? But no hard feelings. Just to prove it, I may send Trevor Noah a bag of peanuts.

The good news is that even though so-called "progressive" taxes and regulations have driven many manufacturing jobs out of the country, liberals are singlehandedly insuring that America will remain the world’s leading producer of manufactured outrage.


Remember that shocking news report that the Department of Homeland Security mistakenly granted citizenship to 858 illegal immigrants who were supposed to be deported instead? Well, the good news is that the 858 figure turned out to be incorrect. The bad news: it’s actually about twice that.

Terror Hits The United States

September 18, 2016

Our prayers today for the people of New York City, jolted by an explosion last night from a device inside a dumpster, outside a building in the Chelsea neighborhood.  Fortunately, there were no fatalities, although at least 29 people were injured.  A pressure cooker bomb like the ones that went off at the Boston Marathon was also found a few blocks away, but was safely removed by the bomb squad.   This all came just hours after someone set off a pipe bomb in a garbage can on the Jersey Shore, shortly before a charity race to benefit Marines and US Navy sailors was to begin.  At this writing, all that’s known about the NYC explosion, according to Mayor DeBlasio, is that it appears to be intentional and there is “no evidence at this point of a terror connection to this incident.” 


Right, three people in the NY-NJ area all had old bombs to get rid of and threw them into dumpsters and garbage cans at the same time.  We shouldn't assume that's coordinated terrorism.  Maybe some people are just too zealous about keeping the East Coast tidy.


New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo served in the Clinton Administration, and he proved that he learned at the feet of the master by admitting that the bombing in Manhattan now being celebrated by ISIS was “an act of terrorism,” but claiming “it’s not linked to international terrorism,” so “it depends on your definition of terrorism.”  He added that “we were really lucky that there were no fatalities this time."  Considering the people currently in charge of our immigration and anti-terrorism policies, that’s one thing we can all agree on.  Read more here:



Hillary Clinton has denied reality so much that she’s reached the point where she can’t even keep her denials straight from one sentence to the next.  Last night, she slammed Donald Trump for unwisely leaping to conclusions by calling the explosions in New York and New Jersey “bombs” before having all the facts.  She apparently didn’t recall that in her opening statement just seconds prior to that, she had said, “I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey, and the attack in Minnesota.” 


By “the attack in Minnesota,” she was referring to the man who stabbed eight people with a knife at a St. Cloud, Minnesota, shopping mall before being shot and killed by an off-duty cop.  He reportedly mentioned Allah and asked one victim if they were Muslim before stabbing them.  Also, a state-run Islamic news agency called him a “soldier of the Islamic state.”  But the police chief declined to call it terrorism and said his motive was still unknown. 


Yes, we mustn't leap to conclusions.  He might have just been a victim of poor motor skills.  Just like the pressure cooker device planted in a New York dumpster might not have been a “bomb,” it might have just been someone throwing away a pressure cooker in frustration over his inability to make rice without causing an explosion.

My Weekend News Roundup

September 16, 2016

Blogger John Robb identified a new tax that’s crushing Europe’s economy: the terrorism tax. It’s the staggering accumulated costs of dealing with terrorist attacks. As noted in the link, a single terrorist attack in a city dissipates over time, but when you have repeated attacks, as in Paris, it creates fear and a negative image that kills tourism, which undermines the entire economy. That’s what many European nations are dealing with now, because their leftist leaders, in partnership with arrogant, unelected EU officials, threw open their borders to thousands of unvetted Middle Eastern migrants and declared it politically incorrect (or even illegal) to criticize the propagation of radical Islamic hatred and violence against their own cultures.

This just proves that "progressive" policies create ruinous taxes that destroy economies even on the rare occasions when they don't intend to.


Shelby Eckard found out in a really good way that kids are always listening.

She’d been talking on the phone about her personal goal of raising $1,000 for PCOS, polycystic ovary syndrome. Shelby is a busy advocate for PCOS awareness.

Her little boy, six-year-old Parker, probably has little if any awareness of “polycystic ovary syndrome,” but he understood that his mommy was trying hard to raise money for a good cause. While Shelby was cleaning her kitchen counter the next day, she found his empty piggy bank and the money he’d been saving up to buy a Spider-Man toy. Next to it was a piece of paper that simply said, “MOMMY.”

You’ll smile when you read the explanation he gave her when she met him at the school bus that afternoon. And that’s not the end of the story --- find out what happened as a result of her posting the sweet story on Instagram! Just click here.


The talking heads are fuming at Donald Trump for playing them like a fiddle and beating them like a cheap rug.  After they spent all morning Friday breathlessly debating what he would say at his press conference about his support or repudiation of the Obama "birth certificate" controversy, he made them sit through a long parade of military veterans endorsing him before they finally realized that his previous statement that he recognizes Obama as being born in America was all he really planned to say.  Many reporters went into twitter meltdown over how Trump used their own desire to embarrass him to trick them into providing him with half an hour of free commercial time. 

This episode reveals a lot about Trump's cleverness in dealing with adversaries, but the media's reaction (fury that they were tricked into airing something important -- the statements of US veterans -- instead of something partisan and trivial) reveals even more about them.



When folks on the right question Hillary’s health, they get slammed in the media.  They’re criticized as sexist (as if they wouldn’t raise similar questions about a male candidate) and partisan (as if they wouldn’t raise similar questions about a Republican candidate).  But it turns out that even some who know Hillary well and support her for President have been voicing such concerns for quite some time.


We know this, in part, because of Colin Powell’s hacked emails.


In March of 2015, Powell and Jeffrey Leeds, described by the Washington Times as a “mega-donor” to the Democratic Party, are having an exchange about Hillary.  In the email, Powell refers to the fact that she would turn 70 her first year in office and observes, “On HD TV, she doesn’t look good.  She is working herself to death.”  “Not sure, but she has launched a story line that will be picked up.  I think there’s something to it.”


Leeds writes back a few minutes later to say that Democratic Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island has expressed concerns, too.  “Sheldon Whitehouse, who is a huge Clinton supporter, said they were both giving speeches at the same event a few months back and she could barely climb the podium steps.”


So when someone voices a concern about Hillary’s health --- or anything else that doesn’t seem in keeping with the “official” line -- it should be taken for what it is:  the legitimate and very natural inclination to question what we’re told, especially by someone with a well-earned reputation for hiding things.


And a new plot twist emerges in the Day of Manufactured Outrage.  Former McClatchy News DC chief James Asher says that back in 2008, longtime Clinton confidante and fixer Sid Blumenthal personally shopped the "Obama was born in Kenya" story to him.  That's when the "birther" movement really got rolling.  You might remember Blumenthal from his emails with Hillary that were hacked and released by Guccifer.  Or from the revelation that Hillary was getting sensitive foeign policy data from him, despite Obama's ban on hiring him for the State Department--in retrospect, one of his best decisions.

Some journalists are still desperately trying to knock this hot potato out of Hillary's lap, claiming there's "no proof" Blunenthal was working for Hillary's campaign.  Yeah, and there was no proof he was working for her State Department until her emails got hacked.  With Hillary, the claim that "no proof can be found" always carries multiple meanings.

The Democrats need to wake up to the fact that if they wanted to destroy Trump with scandal allegations, they shouldn't have nominated someone who's done everything they might possibly think to accuse him of,  times 50.