The Comey Testimony

June 9, 2017

In case you had more important things to do on Thursday than watch the James Comey Senate testimony (say, if unlike practically everyone in Washington, you actually had a job to go to), here’s the full video and transcript. It’s good to see or read the whole thing, because both sides are cherry-picking the parts that make them look good and the other side look bad.

I’d point out, though, that you can sense a difference even in the carefully-edited excerpts some people are citing. The anti-Trump crowd is pulling out Comey’s negative comments about Trump – that he found what he said about the Flynn investigation inappropriate; that he accused Trump of lying about FBI staffers having lost confidence in him; etc. – but notice that they tend to be Comey’s personal feelings or interpretations of what Trump said or intended. And even Comey admitted that none of them are incriminating or amount to obstruction of justice.

But the things Trump supporters are pulling out – that Comey hid behind a professor friend to leak a private conversation with the President to the New York Times; that he did tell Trump on three occasions that he was not the target of an investigation, just as Trump claimed; that many news stories based on anonymous sources were wrong, like a Times story claiming that Trump’s campaign aides “had repeated contacts with Russian intelligence;” that former Attorney General Loretta Lynch interfered in the Hillary Clinton investigation (telling him to call it a “matter,” not an investigation, which it plainly was); that Trump didn’t try to kill the Russia investigation but just wanted it finished up soon because it’s distracting him from doing what Americans elected him to do, etc. – all are revelations of fact, not personal opinions.

Also worth noting is that Comey’s own testimony cast doubt on his veracity on several occasions. For instance, his defenders would have us believe that his note to himself about what Trump said in their private meeting is somehow believable because he claims to have written it down right away. But it’s still just “he said/he said” hearsay. I could write down the lyrics of “Sweet Home Alabama” and claim it’s a transcript of a conversation I had with Chuck Schumer. That doesn’t magically turn it into proof. And considering Comey admitted he did it so that he could secretly leak it to the media via a third party and force the appointment of a special prosecutor is manipulation piled on top of dishonesty. Frankly, it taints all his testimony. It does prove one thing, though: Donald Trump’s instincts about whom to fire are still right on the money.

Finally, my favorite comment on the whole liberal narrative implosion came not from a pundit or politician but from an anonymous poster on an Internet comment board, who asked this: So Comey could tell that Hillary wasn’t trying to obstruct justice when she used hammers and Bleach Bit software to scrub her email server, but he couldn’t tell that Trump wasn't trying to obstruct justice when he used the word “hope" to express that he was just hoping for something?

Run, Hide, Tell

June 5, 2017

As recently as 1975, the thought of Britons running away from danger and hiding was a joke. Today, it is official government policy...

Prayers for Manchester

May 23, 2017

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Manchester, England, today, where (at this writing) 22 people have died and there are 59 known to be injured after an apparent suicide bombing attack.  It’s believed to have been a nail or shrapnel bomb, set off outside Manchester Arena as the crowd was leaving, following a concert by pop singer Ariana Grande, who has canceled upcoming tour dates.  Police reportedly arrested a 23-year-old suspect “in connection” with the bombing, but the investigation is still white hot and not much is yet known for certain.

ISIS has not officially claimed “credit” for the explosion, but its supporters are celebrating on social media, calling it payback for UK military jets bombing Syria and Iraq.  Since Ms Grande’s audience is largely innocent preteen and teenage girls, it once again shows just how cowardly and depraved the followers of this sick movement are.  But then, that comes as no surprise to anyone who has seen how they ruthlessly torture, rape, murder and brainwash the children of their own nations in the Middle East.  This is a fast-changing story, so keep monitoring the Internet and news channels for the latest developments. 

Newt's Warning

May 20, 2017

Among the many patriotic traditions that the left has shattered...

Please join me in saying a prayer for the victims of the car attack in Times Square yesterday in which one person died and 22 others were injured. The fatality was Alyssa Elsman of Portage, Michigan, just 18. She was a beautiful young tourist, excited to be in the home of Broadway and bright lights. Her 13-year-old sister was hospitalized with injuries.

Early fears that it might be a terrorist attack gave way to suspicions that the driver, Richard Rojas of The Bronx, was out of his mind. He leapt out of the car acting violent, wild-eyed and erratic. He reportedly said he wanted to kill everyone and he wanted the police to kill him instead of tackling and arresting him. It was later reported that he’d been smoking a form of synthetic marijuana that might have induced a psychotic episode. It does give a terrifying illustration of the futility of trying to stop acts of mindless violence by banning anything that might be used as a weapon. If someone is determined to kill, they’ll get a gun, or if not, a knife, or even a car used as a speeding projectile. We could even ban hammers, and while law-abiding citizens were using rocks to drive nails, some people would be attacking other people with them. It sadly shows that you can’t stop evil by simply banning every tool that can be misused, you have to focus on the messed-up minds that drive people to kill other people.

As even Vladimir Putin offers to turn over the meeting transcripts Russian officials gave to him to prove that President Trump did not reveal any classified information, here’s a little reminder of how the media rolled over and purred like kittens when Obama shared intelligence involving terrorism with Russia…

…Plus Obama not only ordered our intel agencies to share information on terrorist threats with the communist government of Cuba, he put it in writing as an official policy directive shortly before leaving office. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall that he left office because Democrats demanded his impeachment.

The Comey Memo

May 16, 2017

In effect, the Times, based solely upon the word of James Comey is insinuating...

A recent ABC News poll found that 67% of Americans think the Democratic Party is out of touch with average working Americans. So some Democratic politicians ventured forth into the wilderness, to Pennsylvania, a blue collar state that Hillary Clinton had foolishly assumed was, like the White House itself, hers by divine right. They sat for a panel discussion hosted by CBS’ John Dickerson (host of “Deface the Nation,” as President Trump calls it) to listen to what longtime (but not last time) Democratic voters thought. And boy, did they get an earful!

One man told them that by continuing to blame Russia and WikiLeaks, they’re proving they’re not just out of touch but uninterested in correcting the problem. Besides, all WikiLeaks did was confirm that Democrats were trying to game the election, so what they’re basically saying is, “If we hadn’t been caught lying, we’d be running the country right now.” A woman told them that Russia had no impact on the election and that it makes them look desperate and drives her “absolutely mad” to hear them go on as if Russian spies were driving around from poll to poll, hoodwinking the voting machines. Another man said voters in his city were mostly concerned about jobs, and Trump was the only one talking about that. He said the Democrats’ only economic solutions were taxing the rich, which doesn’t create jobs, and raising the minimum wage, when people “don’t wanna work at McDonald’s their entire life.”

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There’s more at the link. It shows that – surprise! - voters between the coasts are not stupid, and they’ve had enough of being manipulated. They want to see some real results for a change. If Democratic leaders keep serving up nothing but smoke and mirrors, they might be the ones who end up working at McDonald’s for the rest of their lives.



Here’s a proposal that will ruin a lot of TV commentators’ expensive hairdos when it makes their heads explode: How about Trump appointing South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy, the pitbull of the Benghazi Select Committee and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, as new FBI Director? He’s tough, qualified and would work well with Attorney General Jeff Sessions to accomplish Trump’s goal of restoring the FBI’s and DOJ’s reputations for no-nonsense law enforcement. Even one former Democratic member of the South Carolina legislature said his fellow Democrats would hate him for saying this, but Gowdy would be the best choice: he’s a straight shooter and honest as the day is long.

I’m trying to decide whether the Democratic leadership in Washington would think that Gowdy’s part in investigating Benghazi or his being “honest as the day is long” is a bigger disqualification for federal office.

James Comey Fired

May 10, 2017

I admit, it was kind of fun seeing Democrats struggle to explain why they were so outraged...

The GOP Bill

May 5, 2017

To put the Democrats' claims of impending mass death in perspective...


May 2, 2017

They just cannot break their bubble...

Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill, who fired the shots that killed Osama Bin Laden, has written a book detailing what happened on the night of that historic raid. Warning for the squeamish: the link describes the kill shot in graphic detail. The full story also provides further proof, if any were needed, of the unbelievable courage, selflessness, humility and devotion to country and mission of America’s finest.

One detail that I believe should be shouted from the rooftops: according to O’Neill, when Bin Laden was killed, he was standing behind a woman, presumably one of his wives, with his hands on her shoulders. It didn’t help: a Navy SEAL knows how to aim a gun precisely. But just in case you missed the important part, let me repeat and emphasize it: the great “Lion of the Desert,” the “Jihadist Sheik,” Osama Bin Laden, died while trying to shield himself by cowering behind a woman.