Haters Gotta Hate

February 8, 2017

Sen. Elizabeth Warren got the kibosh put on her ranting diatribe against Attorney General nominee Sen. Jeff Sessions, after it turned into a personal attack on him as a racist and a “disgrace.” She was found in violation of a Senate rule barring Senators from accusing colleagues of conduct or motives unbecoming of a Senator. Warren protested, claiming she was only reading from a letter by Coretta Scott King (that was from 30 years ago, and Mrs. King was not the most reliable predictor of people’s racist motives, as the link shows).

This is hardly the first time Warren has tried to wrap herself in the protective cloak of a racial minority. Also, as Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who launched the procedure to oust Warren from the podium, noted, she was given a warning and an explanation, but she persisted in her slanderous diatribe.

Well, maybe she just couldn’t help herself. Haters gotta hate. READ MORE.

Lady Gaga's Performance

February 8, 2017

Lady Gaga took the expected lashing from leftist cry-bullies for not abusing her role as the Super Bowl halftime entertainer to make a divisive, inappropriate attack on the duly-elected President, just as her critics do every day, everywhere, ad nauseum. But here’s an important lesson for other entertainers cowed into silence or submission by the angry left: immediately after that performance that the left slammed for being “merely entertaining” rather than in-your-face political, Gaga’s music sales skyrocketed by as much as 1,000%. It’s similar to what happened to the young singer Jackie Evancho, who dared to buck the braying malcontents by singing the National Anthem at the Inaugural, and suffered the painful retribution of seeing her latest album shoot to the top of the classical sales charts.

Take note, entertainers who don’t sympathize with leftist agitators but are afraid of crossing them. They might be the loudest voices, but they are only a small minority, and their name-calling and impotent threats are a very effective sales pitch to the much larger number of people who support those who entertain them and don’t harangue them. Besides, judging from their disregard for other laws and their belief that they’re owed everything for free, they’re probably illegally downloading your records and movies anyway.


When Will Hillary Speak Up?

February 8, 2017

In case you think the radical anti-Trump movement is just expressing their First Amendment right to protest, the leaders made it crystal clear on Twitter: “This is war.” They intend to take over the streets, “dismantle the state,” overthrow representative democracy, silence and physically assault people they disagree with and label them as “fascists” (a term whose meaning they’re obviously unclear on) and “make this country ungovernable.” Just thought you’d like to know their true intentions in their own words. Be prepared to react accordingly.

So when is Hillary Clinton going to speak out against this genuinely fascistic, anti-American thuggishness? Didn’t she once call it “horrifying” that anyone might refuse to accept the results of a free and open US election?


Double Standard

February 8, 2017

The big “double standard” switch having now been flipped in Washington, the term “obstructionism” is out and “resistance” is in. So, Senate Democrats are engaging in heroic resistance by mindlessly and pointlessly wasting the time taxpayers are paying them for. They're deliberately dragging out the confirmation process of Trump appointees who are guaranteed to be confirmed anyway, impeding the lawful transition of power and the ability of government to handle its day-to-day functions, all for the political equivalent of holding their breath until they turn blue because they’re just so maaaaaaad that they lost the election. In 2008, there were very few Republicans who were happy with Obama’s Cabinet picks, but they voted for them anyway because as someone once said, “Elections have consequences.” Apparently, that’s only true when Democrats win.

I hope voters who elected these resisters to reality remember their never-ending hissy fit when a number of them are up for election next year in red and purple states. If they find doing their jobs to be that grating, I bet there'll be someone on the GOP ticket who’d be more than happy to take over and actually get to work making America great again.


The Washington Post reports that a group of NeverTrump Republican national security experts who signed open letters during the campaign attacking Trump’s character and calling his candidacy a danger to the nation now lament that he’s not hiring them for his Administration. They’re whining that it’s “hostile,” that it’s as if Trump compiled an “enemies list” and they’re being blacklisted.

No Shinola, Sherlock? He didn’t need to compile an enemies list: his enemies voluntarily signed their names on their own list! I realize things work differently in DC, but in the real world, when you publicly call the boss every dirty name in the book, you assume he won’t be hiring you any time soon. But even in DC, do things really work that way? Do you think that if Hillary Clinton had won, she’d have offered me a Cabinet position?

Jimmy Kimmel does a comedy bit called “Is This News?” where he spotlights a news story so blindingly obvious that you wonder why anyone would even bother reporting it. I nominate this story for the next edition of that bit.

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