Democrats who are attacking the Republican tax reform plans for giving income tax cuts to the rich but not the poor never mention the inconvenient fact that the poor don’t pay income taxes. However, if you’d like an example of a government program that truly punishes lower income Americans, look no further than Obamacare.

The individual mandate that forces people to buy health insurance or pay a penalty was declared to be a tax, when it was convenient to do that to sneak it past the Constitution. Well, Forbes writer Ryan Ellis did some research into who’s paying the Obamacare individual mandate surtax. The results were shocking.

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According to the IRS, 6.7 million American families are forking over $3 billion a year to Washington for the privilege of not having to buy health insurance they don’t want and can’t afford. And 80 percent of those families make less than $50,000 a year. Ellis said this makes the Obamacare penalty “the most regressive tax we have on the books today.”

When Obamacare was first being sold to the public, Obama and the Democrats said that the penalty would only be paid by the rich, and the poor and middle class wouldn’t even be affected by it. But then, back then, they told us a lot of things, didn’t they?

So when Democrats claim the Republican tax reform does nothing to help the lower middle class, don’t believe it. It would help millions of them if it did nothing but repeal the Obamacare mandate.


The Ohio Senate just joined that state’s House in passing a bill that would ban abortions just because of a fetal diagnosis of Down syndrome. Violations would result in charges against the doctor, not the mother. There will inevitably be a challenge in the courts, so this is only the beginning.

I have met many people with Down syndrome who are living inspiring and fulfilling lives, but a study published by the NIH found that between 1995 and 2011, between 60 and 90% of fetal Down syndrome diagnoses resulted in abortion. Despite the misleading spin that some media outlets put on it, fighting Down syndrome with abortion doesn’t eliminate Down syndrome. It eliminates people with Down syndrome.


Veterans Day

November 11, 2017

Memorial Day is reserved for those veterans who died in the line of duty, but Veterans Day is a time to show appreciation for everyone who ever wore the uniform of the Marines, Army, Navy, Air Force or Coast Guard, past and present.

As information drips out of the investigation into the cold-blooded slaughter at a small-town Texas church, we’re getting a more detailed look at the sickness and hatefulness of this shooter. It seems clearer with each drip that this was the LAST person who should have had a firearm, even under existing law.

New information from police reports shows that Devin Kelley escaped from a New Mexico mental facility in 2012 and was arrested by El Paso police while attempting to board a bus and leave the state. This was at the time when he was facing charges of domestic abuse against his wife and little stepson. According to a stunning report by an ABC affiliate, he also brought guns onto Holloman Air Force Base with the purpose of carrying out death threats he had made on his military chain of command.

Proper procedure for the Air Force was to notify the FBI of his criminal record, and apparently they failed to carry that out. Under current law, someone with Kelley’s record would NOT be allowed to purchase a gun --- in fact, this very sick person should be the poster boy for those who legally can’t buy firearms. So please, let’s leave the talk of new gun laws that would only restrict the law-abiding (like those sitting in church pews) from defending themselves, and focus instead on what needs to happen to enforce existing law.



Media Bias 101

November 5, 2017

Energy Secretary Rick Perry is currently being widely ridiculed in liberal outlets for allegedly saying that cheap fossil fuels prevent sexual assault. Boy, what an oil-loving, Texas nutjob he must be, amiright?!

The GOP Tax Plan

November 3, 2017

Yesterday, Congressional Republicans unveiled their new tax plan, the first major tax reform since the 1980s. And in response, Congressional Democrats hauled out the same greatest hits they’ve been replaying since at least the 1980s.