I told you about the audit in Windham, New Hampshire, that found that voting machines were misreading folds in ballots as votes, causing them to be rejected for “overvoting” or having too many spaces filled in. It proved that a Republican who won by only 24 votes on election night actually won by 420 votes (that many Republican ballots had been falsely disqualified.)

Officials claim this was isolated to only that county, but other researchers claim they’ve identified neighboring counties with the exact same issue.

I wonder if someday, we’ll look back on the people who declared questioning the 2020 election results to be a “Big Lie” the same way we’re already starting to look at the smug “fact-checkers” who said the same thing about questioning whether COVID-19 really came from eating bats out of a wet market?

Miranda Devine of the NEW YORK POST is working on a new book about the Hunter Biden story called (get ready)...LAPTOP FROM HELL. It’s scheduled to be out in September.

In the meantime, she’s breaking big news about Hunter’s business dealings that very much implicates his father Joe Biden when Joe was Vice President. Of course, most everyone in the media will get a bad case of whiplash from quickly looking the other way. But as we go through this, I hope you’ll stop periodically to think, “What would the reaction to this be if it involved Donald Trump and any of his kids?”

The laptop is a MacBook that Hunter Biden apparently has forgotten taking to a Delaware repair shop in April of 2019. But evidence exists that he did, and we’re safe in saying that it’s his, all right, and that claims of this story being “Russian disinformation” are very obviously not true. Records on the abandoned laptop show clearly that Hunter arranged a dinner between his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, and business associates of Hunter’s from Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Russia at a tony restaurant in Washington, DC.

On April 16, 2015, the group met in the private “Garden Room” at Cafe Milano, a restaurant that goes by the catchphrase, “Where the world’s most powerful people go.”

The guest list was prepared by Hunter three weeks before the event. One of the guests was Vadim Pozharskiy, an executive at the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, which was paying Hunter over $83,000 a month to be on its board. Recall that this company was being investigated in its home country for corruption; it was the prosecutor investigating Burisma whom VP Biden got fired by threatening to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine. We KNOW this happened; Biden is on video publicly bragging about getting the prosecutor fired and telling the story of exactly how he did it. His live audience seemed to think this was very cool.

There seems to have been an underlying purpose to the meeting that the emails don’t disclose, but we all know the meaning of the word “ostensibly.” As in: “Ok --- the reason for the dinner is ostensibly to discuss food security.” That’s what Hunter wrote to one of the guests, Michael Karloutsos, son of the then-head of the Greek Orthodox Church. “Dad will be there but keep that between us for now. Thanks.”

Since Hunter was also on the board of World Food Program USA, the American fundraising arm of a U.N.-affiliated nonprofit, he could easily use “food security” as cover. They were gathering at this fine restaurant where all the power brokers go to talk about food security for the poor. Ostensibly.

Obviously, the Vice President was there. The day after the dinner, Pozharskiy emailed Hunter to say, “Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together. It’s realty [sic] an honor and pleasure.”

Also included on the guest list were Russian billionaire Yelena Baturina and her husband, the former mayor of Moscow Yury Luzhkov, who by all accounts we have seen was known to be corrupt. He has since passed away, but Baturina is the woman from Moscow who on February 14, 2014 (a little over a year before this dinner) wired $3.5 million to Rosemont Seneca Thornton LLC, a Delaware-based investment firm co-founded by Hunter and Devon Archer, a former adviser to then-Secretary of State John Kerry.

Last year, during an inquiry into Hunter’s business dealings by the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, that wire transfer was flagged in a report sent to them by the Treasury Department.

Other guests on the list included a Mexican ambassador and three officials from Kazakhstan, including the then-chairman of the former Soviet republic’s largest bank. Three seats were reserved for representatives of World Food Program USA, and the founder of that group emailed an enthusiastic note of thanks for their “fantastic and productive evening” to Hunter later that night. So they must have had at least some conversation about food security.

A total of 14 were invited, though it’s not clear if everyone attended. Archer emailed Hunter before the dinner to say that Baturina didn’t want to come but that her husband would be there. “Yelena doesn’t want to steal Yuri’s thunder,” Archer wrote. “...That was just her thoughts. We could insist.” Why would anyone need thunder about food security?

The NY POST report has more details about related communications and get-togethers. It’s all very chummy and involves at least one other wire transfer noted in the Senate report, this one from an associate of the prime minister of Kazakhstan to Rosemont Seneca Bohai LLC. The money, $142,300, was sent on April 22, 2014, and was “for a car.” Nice car; the price must have included the undercoating.

President Biden has said more than once that he knew nothing about his son’s foreign business dealings and that they never talked about them at all.

Again, imagine if this had been, say, Don Jr., glad-handing with Russians, Ukrainians and Kazakhstanians, scoring millions of foreign (and likely dirty) dollars and bringing in his father for a private dinner with them, “ostensibly” about food security. And imagine President Trump lying and saying he knew nothing about his son’s foreign business affairs and had never even talked to him about them. Can you say “special counsel”? Can you say “Impeachment #3”?

And that time, he would have actually deserved it.

Oh, and there’s one more item of interest. That $83,333 a month that Hunter Biden was getting paid to sit on Burisma’s board? Just two months after Joe Biden left the Vice Presidency, Hunter’s salary was cut by half, to $41,500 a month. As Devine reported, “No reason is given for the change in salary. The only change in circumstance appears to be that Hunter’s father was no longer in office.”

“We are very much interested in working closely together,” said the email from Pozharskyi, “and the remuneration is still the highest in the company and higher than the standard director’s monthly fees. I am sure you will find it both fair and reasonable.”

Funny poll numbers

May 28, 2021

A new AP/NORC poll is raising eyebrows because it claims that President Biden has an overall approval rating of 63%.

Considering he had an approval rating of 54% shortly after taking office, and almost all Republicans and even some Democrats are appalled at his far-left lurch, where did those 9 extra points come from? Are there people who actually like having a crisis on the border, more racial animosity, exploding crime rates, disappointing jobs numbers, rising inflation and higher prices for gas, when you can even find it? The only thing Biden’s touched that hasn’t been a disaster is the COVID vaccine developed under Trump that he takes credit for.

Personally, I always take polls with a pillar of salt, particularly ones that claim their sample is representative of the population, but don’t give any details (the population of the New York Times editorial room, maybe.) But this one seems especially mind-boggling in light of another new survey from Gallup.

It shows that the economic confidence index which measures Americans’ confidence in the economy fell from +2 in April to -7 in May. That’s where it was in March, so confidence in the economy is moving backwards even as the pandemic is ending. The survey also found that only 43% of Americans think the economy is getting better, while 53% think it’s getting worse.

If James Carville was right, and what matters to Americans is “the economy, stupid,” then anyone who really believes Biden has a 63% approval rating when 53% of Americans think the economy is getting worse must be pretty stupid about either polls, math or both.

(Warning: huge sarcasm alert)

We interrupt this commentary on censorship as discussed by legal expert Alan Dershowitz to offer the following words of gratitude and praise to Almighty Facebook:

Thank you, THANK YOU, O benevolent, magnificent and powerful Facebook, the arbiter of truth and blocker of misinformation for every American –- and, indeed, the entire planet –- for finally allowing us to express an opinion at odds with the one viewpoint you have permitted about the origin of the virus. We understand why, in your deep concern for our well-being, you spent the past year boldly and tenaciously censoring our slightest question about the “wet market” theory of origin for covid-19. It must have been quite important to make us believe that it entered the first human being quite innocently from a bowl of fresh and tasty bat soup or pangolin pie.

Why, you even dictated, in the interest of accuracy and anti-racism, that we CALL it covid-19, and not something outrageous like “China virus” or “Wuhan virus,” even though it came from Wuhan, China. Thank you so much for your wisdom and your guidance, as we realize that sometimes we need to be told what to think and otherwise kept in line.

Dear FB –- may we call you FB? –- we thank you for graciously informing us these many months that stories about the virus possibly emerging from the Wuhan lab were “misinformation,” nothing more than right-wing conspiracy theory and propaganda, and not worthy of your great and magnificent social media platform. Your diligent and tireless fact-checkers worked around the clock to make sure we expressed only the truth as you saw it, because you cared so much that only the right information would be shared with our “friends.” How thoughtful you were to protect us all from the woefully ignorant view that the Chinese bioweapons program might pose a risk.

Suddenly, now, the tide has turned –- even at the White House, where President Biden has called for an investigation after his State Department disbanded the one Trump had initiated –- and you, Dear Facebook, in your infinite, all-seeing and all-knowing authority and mysterious wokeness and wonderfulness have decided the narrative should change, so you've tweaked your algorithms and now permit us to speculate that the virus came from the Wuhan lab after all.

We are even allowed to say that some Wuhan lab staffers came down with symptoms consistent with covid-19 in the fall of 2019. Praise to you, glorious Facebook! We trust your inerrant judgment in finally offering us this freedom, as you know best, and, again, thank you, THANK YOU, for keeping such a close and protective eye on the information we read and share.


Now, on to Dershowitz and the First Amendment.

Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz did an interview for the EPOCH TV show “Crossroads” to express concern about the removal of Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier from the U.S. Space Force over his stated opposition to Marxism and Critical Race Theory, and also about President Trump’s removal from Facebook, Twitter and other platforms after the Capitol Hill security breach on January 6 of this year.

Before Trump was removed from Twitter, he had about 90 million followers. Twitter says his ban will stay in place indefinitely. Facebook has upheld his ban but has been told by its advisory board to put a time limit on it.

“What Donald Trump tweets --- I may disagree with every word he says, but he has the right to say it,” Dershowitz said. “And more importantly, people forget the First Amendment has two aspects: one, the right of the speaker --- Donald Trump to speak --- that’s one part of it. And the second part, which is largely ignored, is the right of you and me the public to hear and read and see what he has to say to accept or reject it in the marketplace of ideas.

“When you ban a speaker,” Dershowitz continued, “you also ban his viewers and listeners from having access to that speech, and that’s an equally dangerous aspect of violating free speech rights.”

Of course, most of the “moderation of content” (censorship) is being done to conservative and pro-Trump speech.

Lohmeier’s comments about Marxism spreading through the military were deemed “politically partisan,” and he also spoke less-than-glowingly of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s pro-CRT agenda. He was removed from the 11th Space Warning Squadron just a few days ago, on May 19.

Censorship is at the top of Dershowitz’ mind right now; he has a new book out called “THE CASE AGAINST THE NEW CENSORSHIP: Protecting Free Speech from Big Tech, Progressives and Universities.” Here’s the interview, highly recommended, in which he describes this censorship as something new, “a sign of the times.”

“I’m critical of Marxism,” Dershowitz said in the interview, “I’m critical of ‘race theory,’ I’m critical of Black Lives Matter --- not the concept, the organization. I’m critical of many of the things that today you can’t criticize.” He mentioned a course he co-taught at Harvard about ten years ago called “Taboo,” about subjects you couldn’t talk about, and back then it ran 14 weeks. “Today, it could be a thousand-week course,” he quipped.

We have to use our power as consumers, he said, to STOP THIS CENSORSHIP.

The government isn’t supposed to be in the business of censorship, but Dershowitz says it's using Big Tech to sidestep the First Amendment. Be sure and see his full interview, which features multiple examples of the “new” censorship. He also briefly examines the history of government censorship, starting with the Alien & Sedition Acts very early in our nation’s life. Believe it or not, just a few years after the Bill Of Rights was passed, this law that made it a serious, prison-worthy crime to criticize the government, yet it was signed into law by President John Adams and supported by Alexander Hamilton and even George Washington.

“We’ve always had a struggle in our country,” Dershowitz says, “between those who believe in free speech and those who believe that they know better.” I would say that right now, we have a huge oversupply of people on the left who think they know better and have no problem at all with shutting down any speech they deem “problematic.”

Dershowitz brought up the current struggle in the Mideast, noting that former President Trump would very much like to go on social media and express support for Israel. “But they say ‘No, Trump lies! You can’t be on Twitter, you can’t be on Facebook, you can’t be on YouTube.’” Yet they leave up horribly anti-semitic and even pro-Hitler speech, wrongly implying that this is truthful.

“That’s the problem,” he says, “because when you have censorship of some things, then other things seem to have the imprimatur of truth.”

In applying this to Facebook and the virus, we could say the “bat soup” theory was given the imprimatur of truth. Until it wasn’t. “The Truth” is whatever Facebook decides it will be, on any given day. Have mercy on us, O Great And Powerful Facebook.

I can hardly believe anyone is still flailing this dead horse, but some Democrats have been pushing for a memo to be released that would reveal why then-Attorney General Bill Barr declined to prosecute President Trump for obstruction of the Russia Collusion investigation. They were certain it would show that he ignored advice to prosecute Trump.

Well, it’s finally out. It shows that the Office of Legal Counsel advised him against prosecuting Trump because, aside from the issues about whether you could prosecute a sitting President, there wasn’t enough evidence to prosecute him even if he weren’t President. So another cherished anti-Trump narrative goes up in smoke.

Personally, I’d think that all the evidence you’d need that Trump didn’t obstruct the investigation was that it dragged on for years, cost taxpayers $30 million and found absolutely nothing. It was based on partisan lies, falsified evidence and imaginations fired by the fever of Trump Derangement Syndrome. America would have been better off if it had been obstructed by an outbreak of common sense in DC, but that’s not likely to happen in our lifetimes.

I’ve pointed out many times over the years that the strongest proponents of gun control laws seem to know the least about guns. They’ve found their ultimate representative in David Chipman, President Biden’s nominee to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. His Senate confirmation hearing on Wednesday at times looked more like a shoot to create video for future NRA commercials.

For instance, he wants to ban “assault weapons,” but couldn’t define what one was (to be fair, nobody can: that’s a nebulous term created by gun control advocates, and many of the characteristics they list for an “assault weapon” are actually cosmetic or safety features.)

Chipman also admitted he wants to ban the AR-15, the most popular rifle in America, even though a letter from 21 state Attorneys General urging Biden to withdraw Chipman’s nomination points out that the AR-15 is used in fewer murders than “sharp objects.”

Then there was this bizarre moment, about the alleged threat of violent crime by law-abiding gun owners.

Chipman conceded that most gun owners are law-abiding but said someone may buy a gun legally, then go on to do something illegal with it. But if that’s the criteria, then we should probably ban cars, too. Most career criminals, such as drug gang members, prefer to get black market guns that aren’t traceable and don’t require a background check.

And when they use those guns, you should hope and pray that there’s a law-abiding gun owner close at hand.