The Overseas Elections

Very Fine People

Raked over the coals

Plan for action after AG Garland’s contempt of Congress

Plan for action after AG Garland’s contempt of Congress

The Trump Interview

Violating the FACE Act

Fauci questioned

Lean Back And Pass The Popcorn:

Democrat ideas

Election interference

Biden to Morehouse College

“Not This (BLEEP) Again!”

Tax Day

Trump issues abortion statement

Biden's Rogue DOJ

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July 2024

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7/9/24 The Overseas Elections

June 2024

Date Title
6/27/24 Surprise! The DNC funded law firms conducting anti-Trump “lawfare”
6/24/24 Very Fine People
6/20/24 Raked over the coals
6/18/24 Plan for action after AG Garland’s contempt of Congress
6/18/24 Plan for action after AG Garland’s contempt of Congress
6/17/24 The Trump Interview
6/13/24 AG Garland found in contempt of Congress; can the House do more?
6/4/24 Violating the FACE Act
6/4/24 Fauci questioned
6/4/24 Lean Back And Pass The Popcorn:

May 2024

Date Title
5/16/24 Democrat ideas
5/6/24 Any return to sanity is bad news for the Democrats, and here’s a welcome example:
5/2/24 Election interference

April 2024

Date Title
4/26/24 Biden to Morehouse College
4/26/24 “Not This (BLEEP) Again!”
4/26/24 Mark this occasion down: I actually agree with a Pelosi!
4/25/24 Here’s what would have been in Tucker Carlson’s last show
4/18/24 Biden’s border chaos is having an impact on blue cities
4/18/24 New James O’Keefe undercover video: who’s REALLY running the White House?
4/15/24 Tax Day
4/11/24 Arizona Supreme Court’s abortion ruling is more nuanced than the pro-abortion side would have you believe
4/9/24 Trump issues abortion statement
4/8/24 Biden's Rogue DOJ
4/8/24 Eclipse Day
4/4/24 Master Level Trolling
4/2/24 Why is “Havana Syndrome” suddenly in the news again?
4/1/24 Congratulations Governor
4/1/24 From our “Oh Shut Up!” Desk
4/1/24 Good news on the Legal Front

March 2024

Date Title
3/27/24 Federal agents stage another armed, pre-dawn raid, and this one ends in death
3/25/24 Get ready: Susan Rice on MSNBC previews yet another Trump hoax
3/21/24 “Get Woke, Go Broke” News
3/11/24 Thanks for all the comments on Biden’s SOTU speech
3/9/24 Biden's State of the Union
3/7/24 Politics
3/7/24 Time to dial it down
3/7/24 President Biden gives his State of the Union speech tonight

February 2024

Date Title
2/19/24 “Binder” documents said to prove Russians favored HILLARY for U.S. President
2/15/24 Liberal Joe Biden knows so much that isn’t so
2/15/24 Recruitment is down
2/8/24 Mike Huckabee: Trump is the best hope we have
2/8/24 Follow the Money
2/5/24 The Biden Administration Responds
2/1/24 Here’s how bad the Democrats’ internal polls for Joe Biden must be:
2/1/24 O’Keefe gets on-camera admission of Biden’s mental decline, Kamala’s unpopularity

January 2024

Date Title
1/31/24 A MUST-SEE: Russell Brand on how the governing elite crush dissent
1/29/24 Planned Parenthood is out to confuse and mislead children
1/25/24 The Contender
1/24/24 UPDATE:  Georgia trial on hacking of electronic voting machines
1/22/24 Voters get “red-pilled” as more official narratives crumble
1/17/24 Biden reminds us Trump was right
1/12/24 Fauci testifies before Congress
1/12/24 Experts worry over resurgence of inflation
1/11/24 Biden's busy Monday
1/9/24 Huckabee: Fani Willis scandal huge in Trump Georgia case
1/8/24 Don’t tell Joe Biden, he’ll only make it worse
1/8/24 Digging deeper on job creation
1/5/24 A surprise ending to a story out of Texas
1/5/24 Good Legal News
1/5/24 Mass Migration from Blue States to Red States
1/4/24 The Epstein List

December 2023

Date Title
12/29/23 Peter Strzok is as corrupt as they get: Mike Huckabee
12/14/23 Election outrage
12/7/23 Another reason why Disney fought Florida for control
12/7/23 The Democrats’ latest lie
12/6/23 Senator Durbin keeps his idiotic idea streak alive
12/4/23 Santos Expelled
12/2/23 Tweet of the Day
12/2/23 The Newsom-DeSantis debate

November 2023

Date Title
11/30/23 Message control by the left; an important follow-up
11/30/23 THIS, is the only issue that matters to 24% of Democrats…
11/30/23 A New Documentary
11/27/23 Pelosi and Kerry: Beware the second-generation propagandists on the left
11/27/23 Message to Congress - Balance the Budget
11/26/23 Do You Remember?
11/22/23 Happy Birthday, President Biden
11/22/23 Sinking like a stone
11/21/23 Released: Freedom Rankings Report
11/21/23 More evidence of Leftist misrule
11/20/23 Biden should write a book
11/4/23 An original idea to make life better
11/4/23 Obama edging back into the White House, pushing “inclusive capitalism”
11/1/23 Give Cori Bush credit

October 2023

Date Title
10/31/23 Vice President Mike Pence suspends his presidential campaign
10/29/23 Welcome to Consequences
10/27/23 A Tale of Two Justice Systems
10/25/23 Washington Math
10/25/23 The Regressives
10/17/23 Please elect a Speaker
10/17/23 Elections, elections
10/13/23 The internet is forever
10/12/23 Making it official
10/9/23 Hillary returns
10/9/23 The KJP Show
10/6/23 Biden cancels more student debt
10/5/23 Huckabee Post: The Border: We Told You So!
10/3/23 A Witch Hunt
10/3/23 Emails uncover Iranian spy network within the U.S. government
10/2/23 Spending deal reached