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Politics Archives

August 2021

Date Title
8/11/21 Imminent Threat Or Internet Bluster
8/11/21 Antifa Are Cowards
8/11/21 9/11 Group Tells Joe Biden To Stay Away
8/10/21 Cuomo Continues To Resist Stepping Down
8/10/21 Naked Hypocrisy On The Left
8/10/21 Obama's Birthday Bash
8/9/21 If elected Democrats don't want to do their jobs, they should just resign
8/9/21 Biden praised for ignoring Constitution
8/9/21 Recall Gavin Newsom
8/8/21 Ohio Special Election News
8/7/21 Today’s Rotten Easter Eggs Hidden in the “Infrastructure” Bill
8/6/21 The July Jobs Report
8/6/21 Want To Save America? Run For The School Board
8/6/21 Recall Gavin
8/6/21 Olympians Who Get It
8/5/21 No vote fraud? Let's look at Harris County, Texas
8/5/21 7,000 border-crossers test positive for Covid in McAllen, TX
8/4/21 DOJ gets temporary restraining order against Texas governor
8/4/21 Prayers For Kathy Griffin
8/4/21 Cuomo Sexual Harassment Report Is Released
8/3/21 Ilhan Omar Wants To Spend Other People's Money Again
8/3/21 GOP report on Wuhan lab
8/3/21 The DOJ and the Texas border; a follow-up
8/2/21 Federal Judge: Colorado Can Compel You To Promote Speech That Violates Your Religious Beliefs
8/2/21 How You Vote Will Determine How You Live
8/2/21 Texas stands up to DOJ on border disaster
8/2/21 Sarah Palin For Senate
8/1/21 Garland's Justice Department
8/1/21 Dem Panic

July 2021

Date Title
7/30/21 Cuomo Begs For Business
7/30/21 Harris Releases Immigration Plan
7/30/21 Related news?
7/30/21 Seeing A Disaster When There Isn't
7/30/21 A Sad Day In The House
7/29/21 Letter from father of Jan. 6 "detainee" reflects the injustice
7/29/21 Checking In On "Defund The Police"
7/29/21 Virginia Governor's Race Update
7/28/21 A New Biden Administration Plan For Immigration
7/28/21 Biden Priorities
7/28/21 Leonard Pinth-Garnell Presents “Bad Political Theater”
7/28/21 The Left Targets Brett Kavanaugh Again
7/27/21 Two-Tiered Justice
7/27/21 Chicago Shootings Are On The Rise, Again
7/27/21 Time to follow President Trump's lead and speak out
7/27/21 A Sign Of The Times, Or An Answered Prayer?
7/26/21 Not Your Typical Olympics
7/26/21 Another look at Kamala Harris, Part 2
7/26/21 They Just Sealed Texas’ FATE by RUNNING
7/23/21 Kamala Harris: take another look as Biden falters
7/22/21 Leftists Turn On Their Own
7/22/21 A New Political Circus
7/21/21 The Pressure To Move Left
7/21/21 "The Left Destroys Everything It Touches" Updates
7/21/21 Update On Those Texas House Democrats
7/21/21 Hunter Biden's Art Is In The News
7/21/21 The Pentagon and the DNC, continued
7/21/21 Making Money Isn't Capitalism When AOC Does It
7/20/21 Texas Dems Update
7/20/21 The Pentagon Speaks From Phony DNC Playbook
7/19/21 Your Monday Liberal Narrative Buster
7/18/21 DACA Ruling Stuns Democrats
7/18/21 VP Harris Insults Rural America
7/18/21 The White House Fight To Stop "Misinformation"
7/18/21 Secession
7/18/21 Ye Shall Know Them By Their Fruits
7/16/21 Seeing double in Fulton County: a follow-up
7/16/21 Communism Is A Vicious, Inhuman System
7/16/21 Your Daily Leftist Narrative Smashers
7/15/21 Democrat Senator Joe Manchin Throws A Wrench In Democrats' Plan
7/15/21 Socialism Fans: Time To Face The Truth
7/15/21 Seeing double (ballot scans) in Fulton County, Georgia
7/15/21 Fourth Circuit Court Of Appeals Strikes Down Gun Law
7/15/21 BLM And Leftists Prove They Know Nothing About Cuba
7/14/21 Art For Sale
7/14/21 Comparing Presidents
7/14/21 Letter from U.S. attorney to Trump re: election causes stir
7/14/21 The Gov. answers reader comment on Biden family grift
7/13/21 Mass Protests Continue In Cuba
7/13/21 Peter Schweizer: Then-VP Biden "direct beneficiary" of Hunter's foreign deals
7/13/21 Leave The Flag Alone
7/13/21 The Most Important Story Of The Weekend
7/13/21 Texas Democrats Are On The Run Again
7/13/21 Strategy Memo Warns Democrats
7/11/21 "Extremists"
7/11/21 The "Former Senator"
7/6/21 A Tsunami Of Bad News For Democrats
7/5/21 Don't Believe The Conventional Wisdom
7/1/21 Intel agencies target Tucker Carlson; our follow-up
7/1/21 A Growing Chorus

June 2021

Date Title
6/30/21 Democrat Policies Are To Blame For Defunding Police, Not Mean Republicans
6/30/21 Politicized Lawfare In NYC
6/29/21 "Worse Than Trump"
6/29/21 President Trump Returns To The Stage
6/29/21 Terrifying Poll Numbers For Democrats
6/29/21 Name Change
6/29/21 Dealing With Biden
6/28/21 Politicized Justice
6/28/21 Argument Starter Material
6/27/21 Britney Spears' Court-Ordered Conservatorship
6/27/21 Infrastructure Details