Atlanta: 23 suspects charged with domestic terrorism

The AOC-Met Gala scandal

Criminal-coddling leftist DA’s

CBS News tries to walk it back

Sorry to report

AZ Gubernatorial Update

This backfired

More of this, please

Biden gets a challenger

Chuck melts down

Swalwell likes to travel on other people's money

Canada's Jerk

Tucker Carlson producers access J6 videos

Most important yet overlooked story


Politics Archives

November 2021

Date Title
11/10/21 This Biden nominee hates America, praised the Soviet Union
11/8/21 Solomon: Durham's indictments show Hillary "was in up to her neck"
11/6/21 McCarthy: Durham "has his sights set on the Clinton campaign"
11/6/21 Durham does it again with another indictment
11/6/21 AOC knows why
11/4/21 Congrats and THANKS to Virginia Lt. Gov.-elect Winsome Sears
11/3/21 Was it just fake news?
11/3/21 A good day for Republicans
11/3/21 New from Paul Sperry: How the Clinton machine pushed Alfa Bank
11/3/21 Climate hypocrisy
11/3/21 When politicians tell you they want to fix the economy, you better vote for new politicians

October 2021

Date Title
10/30/21 Poll reveals Americans want a do-over
10/30/21 UPDATE: Biden's "Build Back Better" $1.75 Trillion Social Spending Bill
10/30/21 Biden wants to make another failed local Democrat policy, a national one
10/30/21 Plot twist in Virginia
10/29/21 UPDATE on cruel beagle studies under Fauci: we got it right
10/28/21 VITALLY IMPORTANT POINT approaching Virginia Election Day
10/27/21 QUESTION: Why weren't ringleaders in Capitol Hill breach arrested?
10/26/21 The Virginia Governor's race, starring Marc Elias
10/26/21 Obama shows his disdain for conservatives in Virginia
10/26/21 Tragedy and comedy
10/26/21 Thoughts on the unvaccinated
10/25/21 SPECIAL COUNSEL UPDATE: Durham's investigation is expansive
10/23/21 AG Garland grilled by the House Judiciary Committee
10/23/21 Remember Andrew McCabe
10/23/21 Worried about the economy
10/23/21 Latest poll news
10/22/21 Comments on Biden's "townhall"
10/22/21 Fighting back works
10/22/21 Two Hillary attorneys behind Russia Hoax appear coordinated
10/21/21 REPORT: Gov't/banks to use "climate crisis" for financial control
10/21/21 Update on the ongoing genocide of Christians in Nigeria
10/20/21 The death of Colin Powell
10/20/21 More January 6 protest video is released
10/20/21 Polls show most Americans don't know what is in the Democrats' spending bill
10/19/21 AOC challenger emerges
10/19/21 The Biden Administration is secretly flying illegal immigrants into the Northeast
10/18/21 Sanders harassment of Manchin hurts his cause
10/18/21 “Thank Heaven for judges”
10/18/21 Worst mayor ever
10/15/21 "Biden's Brain" makes a revealing comment
10/15/21 Trump to America: "DO YOU MISS ME YET?"
10/15/21 Leaked border documents
10/14/21 MUST-READ: Woman who survived Maoist China comments on America in 2021
10/13/21 Defending Columbus
10/13/21 Pelosi blames the media for not selling Democrat spending plan
10/13/21 Hunter's laptop emails show funds intermingled with dad's
10/13/21 Airline cancellations
10/13/21 Biden makes an end-run around Americans' rights
10/12/21 Could be another conflict of interest for Merrick Garland
10/11/21 Gibberish from the Left
10/11/21 Biden vaccine policy for US troops is unpatriotic and unfair
10/11/21 Energy shortage forces a return to coal
10/8/21 Bernie says no to civility and manners
10/8/21 It's been a big, bad week for social media
10/6/21 Biden blames Trump for this...
10/6/21 IMO: A shocking violation
10/6/21 Outrageous behavior
10/6/21 DC Statehood
10/6/21 A furious backlash to Biden, Garland plan
10/6/21 "Changed circumstances"
10/5/21 How crazy are Democrats?!?
10/5/21 Christmas in October
10/4/21 We are holding the wrong people to account for Afghanistan failure
10/3/21 OKAY, ONE MORE: Answer to comment re: "fake" Maricopa report

September 2021

Date Title
9/30/21 Rep. Gaetz blasts generals and the Sec. of Defense after two days of contentious testimony
9/30/21 Democrat policies are creating the crises we face, not the other way around
9/30/21 “Elections Have (Dire) Consequences”
9/30/21 “Shut up and obey” is not a strategy for anything
9/30/21 A MUST-READ: Why no mail-in voting in France?
9/30/21 Schlichter: Stick to your principles
9/30/21 Spending fight
9/29/21 A bad day for the Biden administration
9/29/21 More backwards planning from Biden
9/29/21 Influential people start speaking up
9/29/21 How voter fraud impacts down-ballot races
9/28/21 Answer to reader about edited Maricopa County audit report
9/28/21 More Election Audit Fallout
9/28/21 A mess of his own making
9/27/21 Biden's UN speech was antithetical to U.S. interests
9/27/21 An "inside" perspective on the Durham investigation
9/27/21 Arizona presidential vote audit update
9/27/21 Who edited the Maricopa County final audit report?
9/25/21 Biden is historically weak, in everything
9/25/21 AOC cries for the cameras
9/25/21 Sources name names in Durham's conspiracy case
9/24/21 Russia hoaxers said one thing under oath, another under TV lights
9/23/21 Abortion politics
9/23/21 Durham's detailed indictment tells us much more
9/23/21 Border mess
9/22/21 President Biden addresses the UN
9/22/21 Stunning letter highlights border crisis
9/22/21 Growing, not hollowing
9/22/21 Public schools are off track
9/22/21 Why is Durham taking so long? HERE'S THE ANSWER
9/22/21 Pelosi caves to anti-Israel socialists
9/22/21 The latest polls for Biden
9/21/21 Today’s theme in the news
9/21/21 Allard: The Milley Caper
9/21/21 Durham's probe suggests biggest political hoax in history