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Biden to go to the border

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Democrats smash Trump's legal right to privacy


Politics Archives

July 2021

Date Title
7/19/21 Your Monday Liberal Narrative Buster
7/18/21 VP Harris Insults Rural America
7/18/21 DACA Ruling Stuns Democrats
7/18/21 Ye Shall Know Them By Their Fruits
7/18/21 The White House Fight To Stop "Misinformation"
7/18/21 Secession
7/16/21 Seeing double in Fulton County: a follow-up
7/16/21 Your Daily Leftist Narrative Smashers
7/16/21 Communism Is A Vicious, Inhuman System
7/15/21 BLM And Leftists Prove They Know Nothing About Cuba
7/15/21 Democrat Senator Joe Manchin Throws A Wrench In Democrats' Plan
7/15/21 Socialism Fans: Time To Face The Truth
7/15/21 Seeing double (ballot scans) in Fulton County, Georgia
7/15/21 Fourth Circuit Court Of Appeals Strikes Down Gun Law
7/14/21 Art For Sale
7/14/21 Comparing Presidents
7/14/21 Letter from U.S. attorney to Trump re: election causes stir
7/14/21 The Gov. answers reader comment on Biden family grift
7/13/21 Mass Protests Continue In Cuba
7/13/21 Peter Schweizer: Then-VP Biden "direct beneficiary" of Hunter's foreign deals
7/13/21 Leave The Flag Alone
7/13/21 The Most Important Story Of The Weekend
7/13/21 Texas Democrats Are On The Run Again
7/13/21 Strategy Memo Warns Democrats
7/11/21 "Extremists"
7/11/21 The "Former Senator"
7/6/21 A Tsunami Of Bad News For Democrats
7/5/21 Don't Believe The Conventional Wisdom
7/1/21 Intel agencies target Tucker Carlson; our follow-up
7/1/21 A Growing Chorus

June 2021

Date Title
6/30/21 Democrat Policies Are To Blame For Defunding Police, Not Mean Republicans
6/30/21 Politicized Lawfare In NYC
6/29/21 "Worse Than Trump"
6/29/21 Terrifying Poll Numbers For Democrats
6/29/21 President Trump Returns To The Stage
6/29/21 Name Change
6/29/21 Dealing With Biden
6/28/21 Politicized Justice
6/28/21 Argument Starter Material
6/27/21 Britney Spears' Court-Ordered Conservatorship
6/27/21 Infrastructure Details
6/27/21 Biden To Tackle The "Root Cause" Of Violent Crime
6/25/21 Federal Judge Throws Lawsuits Out
6/25/21 The Cat Is Out Of The Bag
6/25/21 Taxpayers Will Pay
6/24/21 Support For Voter ID Laws Hasn't Budged
6/24/21 Round-up of News from America’s Poster City For Liberal Rule, Portland, Oregon
6/23/21 The Supreme Court Slam Dunks On The NCAA
6/23/21 A Compromise Voting Law Bill
6/22/21 Leftwing Twitter
6/22/21 What Changed?!?
6/22/21 Animal Hate Speech
6/21/21 Nepotism At The White House
6/21/21 Unemployment In Red And Blue States
6/21/21 Fort Lauderdale Incident, Not Deliberate
6/20/21 Woke Policies Put This Company At Material Risk Of Liability For Unlawful Racial Discrimination
6/20/21 Still Defiant In St. Louis
6/20/21 A Mixed Bag Of Decisions From The Supreme Court
6/18/21 The FBI and January 6: a follow-up
6/18/21 Dr. Jackson Suggests A Cognitive Test For President Biden
6/18/21 Hilarious
6/18/21 The Show Is Over
6/18/21 Biden DOJ to Investigate Trump DOJ
6/18/21 Biden employs a familiar tactic
6/18/21 Communion
6/17/21 “Abortion-Related Violent Extremists”
6/17/21 A Federal Judge Issues An Injunction Against The Biden Administration
6/17/21 Voters Blame Biden For Inflation
6/17/21 Hard questions remain about January 6 and the FBI
6/15/21 A National Strategy To Stop Domestic Terrorism
6/15/21 Worse Than North Korea
6/15/21 Election fraud gets "Loomerized"; here's a state-by-state look
6/14/21 Reporter who broke Clinton/Lynch tarmac story is "apparent suicide"
6/14/21 Biden's Cringe-Worthy G7 Showing
6/14/21 Day Off
6/14/21 Accused Of “Blocking Democracy”
6/14/21 Inflation Hits
6/12/21 The Biden DOJ Embraces Orwell
6/12/21 Questions Are Being Raised
6/11/21 Radical Left Nazis
6/11/21 The Keystone XL Pipeline Project Is Cancelled
6/11/21 EVOLUTION OF A BILL, or "How To Create A Monster"
6/10/21 Interesting Op-Ed
6/10/21 Good News Round-Up: Fighting Back Works
6/10/21 Obama Defends CRT
6/10/21 Botched Assignment
6/10/21 Biden's Economy
6/9/21 Dr. Swain Stands Up Again To Racial Hatred
6/9/21 A MUST-READ article about "woke social justice" and how to stop it
6/9/21 Operation Trojan Shield
6/9/21 Biden Handed Putin A Stick To Whack Him With
6/9/21 The Lincoln Project Defames The Heroes Of D-Day
6/8/21 A Smackdown On Immigration
6/8/21 “Get Woke, Go Broke” Update
6/8/21 Cookie Politics
6/8/21 Will NYC Reject The DeBlasio Way?!?
6/8/21 "KKK Princess"
6/7/21 “If It Weren’t For Double Standards…” Dept!
6/7/21 Free College Tuition
6/7/21 Manchin stands against HR1