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May 2021

Date Title
5/27/21 Gun-Control's Ultimate Representative
5/26/21 Biden makes another wild claim
5/26/21 "Anti-racism" update with Brearley School dad
5/26/21 Speaking Out Against Wokeness
5/26/21 Texas Fights Again For Common Sense Laws
5/26/21 Another surprising, unanimous decision
5/25/21 George Floyd
5/25/21 New developments cast doubt on this key COVID-19 claim
5/25/21 Bernie knows best
5/25/21 Here’s something you don’t see every day
5/25/21 62 days and counting...
5/24/21 The fight to expose Planned Parenthood's barbaric practices
5/24/21 Gabbard Takes On Her Party's Groupthink
5/24/21 Proof "Progressives" want to bring back last century's failed ideas
5/24/21 More Signs of a Return to Sanity
5/22/21 A ceasefire takes effect
5/22/21 About that USPS surveillance program
5/22/21 Americans oppose corporations taking public political stances
5/22/21 Ways to fight back against the Radical Left
5/22/21 Maricopa auditors NOT walking back claims of deleted files (UPDATED)
5/22/21 "Never let a crisis go to waste"
5/21/21 A pipeline Biden likes
5/21/21 Not a legitimate civil rights group
5/21/21 10-Year-old obliterates argument for masks at school
5/21/21 In Democrats' playbook, the "Russia Hoax" refuses to die
5/21/21 A criminal investigation
5/21/21 Standing up to “woke” nonsense works
5/20/21 The Democrats' Anti-Israel policy comes into view
5/19/21 US Chamber of Commerce is becoming more "progressive"
5/19/21 Fact-checking on Facebook
5/19/21 Corrected: BLM supports Palestinians over Israel
5/19/21 Under Fire
5/19/21 Here it is: Update on challenges to Maricopa audit
5/19/21 “War Is Peace/Freedom Is Slavery/Etc.” News Round-up
5/18/21 A new abortion case goes to the Supreme Court
5/18/21 Maricopa County Board circles wagons: WE'RE "DONE"!!
5/18/21 The Supreme Court slaps down a Biden administration argument on guns
5/18/21 Misplaced concern
5/17/21 Joe Biden leads America off the left side of the cliff
5/17/21 Media fantasize about Trump indictment, extradition
5/17/21 IDF Trick
5/16/21 Who says there's no news out of Maricopa County?
5/15/21 The PC Speech Police go to college
5/15/21 We bring it: 2020 election fraud update
5/15/21 Israel Update
5/15/21 The CDC eases guidelines
5/15/21 Don't listen to the polls
5/15/21 Is this news?
5/15/21 Formal complaint filed in the House
5/15/21 Georgia election case
5/15/21 Leftist fake news
5/13/21 NBC cancels the Golden Globes
5/13/21 Aaron Babbitt interviewed about the death of his wife
5/13/21 Time to clean-up the Department of Justice and the FBI
5/13/21 Report: Biden intelligence agencies plan to monitor Americans’ social media posts
5/13/21 Change
5/13/21 Diagnosis: American Medical Assn. is infected with CRT
5/13/21 Was Hunter Biden targeted by Chinese intelligence?
5/13/21 Biden reversed this Trump policy, now look at what is happening
5/13/21 Gov. DeSantis warns Antifa
5/13/21 Another stellar Biden Administration staffing pick
5/13/21 Be careful what you wish for
5/12/21 Punch Back Twice As Hard
5/12/21 Republican Leadership: 536 Pro-Life Bills
5/11/21 Cat out of the bag
5/11/21 The Senate is about to take up S.1
5/11/21 Gordon Chang: Concern about China is NOW, and it's serious
5/11/21 Biden is just like Carter
5/11/21 Unemployment
5/11/21 Portland thugs
5/11/21 Europe wises up
5/11/21 Disney put your money where your mouse is
5/10/21 "Wokism" = Toxic Racism
5/10/21 New Yorker: Liz Cheney was behind op-ed attacking President Trump
5/10/21 Chinese Rocket falls into the ocean
5/10/21 Biden Secretary has a conflict of interest scandal
5/10/21 Times Square shooting
5/10/21 The Colonial pipeline hack
5/10/21 The weekend brought us more assaults on the Christian tradition
5/9/21 Arizona Election Audit Update
5/9/21 Let me wish you a Happy Mother's Day while I still can
5/9/21 Jobs report reveals the ugly truth about a Biden economy
5/7/21 Biden Administration blocks Trump rule
5/7/21 Florida Governor Ron DeSantis deserves credit
5/7/21 Americans are fed-up with Leftist tyranny
5/7/21 Chauvin legal team seeks new trial
5/7/21 Encouraging Signs Of A Return To Sanity
5/7/21 Biden's Justice Department Gets Involved With Arizona Audit
5/7/21 Earmarks are back in the budget
5/7/21 Should FBI be abolished, replaced? FISA court issues dismal report
5/7/21 Buyer Beware on this bill in Congress
5/7/21 A serious obstacle to the economy
5/7/21 Federal Judge strikes down this CDC moratorium
5/6/21 Following up on the racial slur used against Senator Scott
5/6/21 Portland officials might finally be getting serious
5/6/21 He Stood Up To Anti-2A Politicians, Now He’s Lieutenant Governor | LT Mark Robinson | Huckabee
5/6/21 Huckabee warns Biden American Families Plan’s $700B mistake will cost Americans
5/6/21 Insane "progressives"
5/6/21 The Gov. answers reader on Capitol Hill protest
5/6/21 President Trump fights back against Big Tech censorship