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Politics Archives

April 2021

Date Title
4/28/21 New House Apportionment
4/28/21 Recall Gavin Newsom
4/27/21 Ashli Babbitt's family filing suit against Capitol Police
4/27/21 Harvard-Educated, Democrat Lawmaker: There Are Six Sexes
4/27/21 Why The Founders Barred The District Of Columbia From Becoming A State
4/27/21 Biden Changes Law Enforcement For Some
4/23/21 This Just In
4/23/21 Two Companies Push Back Against The Woke Left
4/23/21 Lebron James Weighs In On North Carolina Shooting
4/23/21 Dershowitz intends "to look at those [voting] machines"
4/23/21 Even the U.S. POST OFFICE spies on Americans
4/23/21 Controversial Nominee Confirmed
4/22/21 No Censure for Maxine
4/22/21 A Fatal Shooting In Ohio
4/22/21 A Look Back At Earth Day Predictions
4/22/21 Idea For Red State Legislators And Governors
4/22/21 Paul Rossi Is Fired
4/21/21 The Chauvin Verdict
4/21/21 Democrats Are Working Hard To Cement Their Power
4/21/21 The Supreme Court Refuses To Hear Cases That Demand Their Attention
4/21/21 The Governor answers reader on "boneheaded" Capitol Hill protest
4/21/21 The Details: Mike Lindell Sues Dominion For $1.6 Billion
4/21/21 Here Is An Interesting Twist
4/20/21 Apparently, Trump Is To Blame
4/20/21 67% Say They Are Dissatisfied
4/20/21 BLM Is Finally Facing Scrutiny, Criticism
4/20/21 Old Faithful: Maxine Waters Spews Hot Gas
4/19/21 Georgia Election Official Pleads With Biden Administration To Stop False Claims
4/19/21 Backlash intensifies against leftist "cancel culture"
4/19/21 The Babylon Bee Gets The News Right
4/18/21 Democrats Face Hispanic Vote Worries
4/18/21 Turley: "Hostile takeover" of SCOTUS "should horrify
4/18/21 Harris Replaces Biden At Ceremonial Welcome Of Japanese Prime Minister
4/18/21 Attention Woke Corporations
4/18/21 On The Phone With President Trump | Huckabee
4/18/21 A Majority believe there was cheating at the ballot box
4/18/21 Polls Contradict Biden's Claim
4/18/21 Fedex Shooting Updates
4/18/21 I Love The Smell Of Liberal Panic In The Morning
4/18/21 After This Admission, Missouri School District Needs To Be Investigated
4/18/21 Republican Congresswoman Seeks To Make Trump Executive Orders Permanent
4/16/21 Nearly 20 Years Later: Time is up in Afghanistan
4/16/21 What if no one showed up for a White Lives Matter rally?
4/16/21 NCAA Sides with Trans Rights over Women's Rights
4/16/21 A Two-Tier Justice System
4/16/21 Democrats have gone full-on dictator mode
4/15/21 SURVEY: Swing voters are against Biden Agenda
4/15/21 Angry Squad Member calls for ending police, incarceration
4/14/21 Highways are racist!
4/14/21 BLM Co-founder goes on a spending spree
4/14/21 Woke Capitalism
4/14/21 The Shooting Death of Daunte Wright
4/13/21 Proof: Running a business is harder than running your mouth
4/12/21 Joe Biden: A "Pants on Fire" liar
4/12/21 A "Public Health" crisis!
4/12/21 Well, here's a narrative buster
4/12/21 Racism!
4/12/21 ENOUGH! THIS is what domestic terrorism looks like
4/10/21 A "bald-faced lie" that turns out to be the truth
4/10/21 “Everything You Know Is Wrong” Department
4/10/21 Very disturbing story out of China
4/10/21 Stop comparing your political opponents to Hitler
4/10/21 Officer Sicknick's death --- a clarification
4/10/21 Joe Biden's Gun Control
4/8/21 Manchin holds the line on Senate filibuster
4/8/21 Gun control executive orders today
4/8/21 Punching back against "60 Minutes"
4/8/21 "Crossfire Hurricane" BOGUS: A follow-up
4/8/21 New CDC Guidelines
4/8/21 Report: MLB Execs were blinded by All-Star game decision
4/8/21 Gaetz denies allegations
4/7/21 Fresh examples of government tyranny
4/7/21 Biden’s Empathy Is DESTROYING Lives | Rep Chuck Fleischmann | Huckabee
4/7/21 The Propaganda War to end the Senate Filibuster
4/7/21 Confirmation: "Crossfire Hurricane" was COMPLETELY BOGUS
4/7/21 A warning to Democrats from liberal Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer
4/7/21 CDC releases state-by-state COVID scorecard
4/7/21 MLB retreats to Colorado
4/7/21 California: America's petri dish of insane ideas
4/7/21 Democrat leaders are misleading the public
4/6/21 Looking at Nullification
4/6/21 The FAKE NEWS got it wrong about Sidney Powell
4/6/21 Major corporations cave to the Left
4/6/21 Possible GOP candidate for President earns "60 Minutes" hit piece
4/6/21 Important update: Parents Defending Education fights leftist indoctrination
4/6/21 President Trump calls for a boycott
4/6/21 Democrats telling verifiable, previously debunked, outright lies
4/3/21 Disturbing videos from the border
4/3/21 More evidence Christians are under assault
4/2/21 Joe Biden tries to destroy Georgia's economy
4/2/21 Why facts no longer matter to those in power
4/2/21 The "Excluded Workers Fund"

March 2021

Date Title
3/31/21 A surge in news coverage of shootings
3/31/21 Pass me a cheeseburger!
3/31/21 CRIMES AND MISDEMEANORS: Many Jan. 6 "rioters" broke small laws
3/30/21 A must-read story on real election fraud
3/29/21 What's really going on inside our "woke" military?
3/25/21 DEA agent fired after attending Trump's Capitol Hill rally
3/25/21 Inside the Crisis
3/25/21 Shocking story about Cigna and CRT