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Georgia Senate race update

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Fetterman follow-up

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Overselling “Green Energy” News Roundup

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Dr. Oz takes the lead

Steve Bannon is sentenced


Politics Archives

March 2021

Date Title
3/15/21 President Biden's First Primetime Speech Starts With A Blatant Lie
3/15/21 UPDATE: What to do about "wokeness" infecting our schools?
3/12/21 "Every Bit As Bad As Obamacare"
3/12/21 Biden Manages A Two-Fer
3/12/21 The EO Pen Strikes Again
3/12/21 Biden Gets Two Senate Confirmations
3/12/21 Jury Selection Begins For Chauvin Murder Trial
3/12/21 Border Official: Biden "Inherited" This Problem
3/11/21 Six Allegations Against Cuomo
3/11/21 Elite schools immerse students in toxic "anti-racism"
3/11/21 Patrick Byrne's devastating new book on the 2020 election
3/11/21 New Poll On Election Security
3/11/21 Socialists take over leadership of Nevada Democrat Party
3/11/21 Border Crisis
3/11/21 Voters' Remorse
3/10/21 California Comes to Washington
3/10/21 "Blue Anon"
3/10/21 Red States Fight Back
3/10/21 "Who Is Really President?
3/10/21 Nothing surprises us about Nancy Pelosi's treachery
3/9/21 "How the Left Stole Reading"
3/9/21 Biden's New Executive Order
3/9/21 Some good news out of the Supreme Court for a change
3/9/21 New York Crisis
3/8/21 Latest Outrage
3/8/21 Bad News Democrats
3/8/21 More on March 4
3/6/21 Why the Democrat Party is so bent on destroying Trump
3/6/21 Voter Fraud Update
3/5/21 Angry Democrat Rep. Wants More Arrests
3/5/21 Stimulus Checks
3/5/21 Pelosi's House Approves For The People Act
3/5/21 We Are All Neanderthals Now
3/5/21 Biden's Choices
3/4/21 Proof "Woke" Universities Tolerate And Encourage This Kind Of Discrimination
3/4/21 Tanden Withdraws Her Nomination
3/4/21 A Sobering Lesson For All Americans
3/4/21 Deployed In Washington
3/4/21 Border Security Under Biden
3/4/21 A Tale of Two Governments
3/4/21 March 4 is the perfect day to say it: "armed insurrection," my foot!
3/4/21 Fruit Of The Abraham Accords
3/3/21 The So-called Equality Act
3/3/21 These Biology FACTS, Got A College Student Suspended For Posting Them On Instagram
3/3/21 The Word For Today, Class, Is TRANSPARENCY
3/3/21 Get Woker, Go Broker
3/3/21 Even Democrats Are Arguing Against Border Changes
3/3/21 “Stick a Fork In Him” News
3/1/21 Liberal MORONS Want to Boycott CPAC Hotel Chain
3/1/21 COVID Stimulus Bill Passes
3/1/21 Senate Parliamentarian Rules Against Minimum Wage Gambit
3/1/21 Why "Fort Pelosi" and Nancy's "9/11-style" commission?
3/1/21 Durham Resigns
3/1/21 President Trump Blasts President Biden All The Way Back To His Basement Safe Space
3/1/21 House Narrowly Passes "Equality Act"
3/1/21 Freshman Republican Offers An Alternative COVID Relief Bill

February 2021

Date Title
2/27/21 What We Didn't Hear
2/27/21 What The Parties Care Most About
2/27/21 The Real Low-Information Voters
2/27/21 California Democrats Might Be The Worst Kind Of Democrat
2/27/21 Biden Strikes
2/26/21 Merrick Garland Has The Votes
2/26/21 Neera Tanden's Nomination Is On Shaky Ground
2/26/21 “Punish First, Examine Evidence Later” File
2/26/21 A professor's brilliant take on "anti-racism"
2/25/21 Here's Where We Are Right Now On Election Reform
2/24/21 The Gov. Answers: Falsified Impeachment Evidence; Dominion v. Lindell
2/24/21 Parler Is Back
2/24/21 Trying To Ban Fox News, Etc.
2/24/21 Remember The Logan Act?
2/24/21 AG Nominee Merrick Garland Is Questioned By The Senate
2/23/21 New Biden Gaffes Brought To Light
2/23/21 Updates On New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's Collapsing Chances To Win Another Emmy
2/23/21 Venezuela's “Democratic socialism”
2/23/21 Is Pork Spending The Cure For The Coronavirus?
2/23/21 The real story on Capitol breach? Don't hold your breath
2/23/21 Vindictive NYC Mayor Works To Hurt Trump
2/23/21 President Biden Is Undermining Our National Security
2/23/21 Supreme Court To Review "Protect Life" Case
2/20/21 Texas Update
2/19/21 STOP LYING about what happened at the Capitol
2/18/21 New CA Congresswoman Wants Anti-Trump ‘Truth Commission’
2/18/21 Biden's Gun-Control Agenda Takes Center Stage
2/18/21 The Downfall Of The “Lincoln Project”
2/16/21 Third Party Talk
2/16/21 Self-Fulfilling Prophecy News
2/16/21 More Third Party Talk
2/16/21 “Progressivism” In Action!
2/16/21 Good political news
2/16/21 Words Of Encouragement
2/14/21 New York's Governor Covered This Up, And No It Wasn't Because Of A Trump Tweet
2/14/21 Hollywood News
2/14/21 A Showbiz Story That Might Become Historic
2/14/21 “Hey, They’re Good Folks!”
2/14/21 Rising Oil and Gas Prices
2/12/21 That Didn't Take Long
2/12/21 Anthem Update
2/11/21 I could never be a Leftist
2/11/21 Interesting development
2/11/21 The "Woke Bowl"