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Dershowitz accuser drops allegations against him

Who blunted the red wave?


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February 2021

Date Title
2/9/21 “Aggressive niceness”
2/9/21 Election 2020 News Roundup (Yes, It's Still Going On!)
2/9/21 Americans are fed-up with cancel culture
2/9/21 Super Bowl Recap
2/9/21 "Burn It All Down"
2/8/21 Partial Victory For California Churches
2/8/21 Big Picture Thoughts On The Election
2/8/21 Brian Sicknick Update
2/7/21 Military Stand-Down Ordered
2/7/21 AOC Update: Yes, She Was In Washington, DC The Day Of The Riot
2/7/21 Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee Dreams Up Orwellian Nightmare For Gun-Owners
2/7/21 Harris Breaks The Tie
2/7/21 The “Party of Science!”
2/5/21 NO THIRD PARTY: Here's why
2/5/21 Executive Order Conspiracy Theory
2/5/21 Minimum Wage Update
2/5/21 Why is Sen. Leahy presiding, not Chief Justice Roberts?
2/5/21 Moderate Democrat Senators Hold Strong On The Filibuster
2/4/21 Interesting Story
2/4/21 Some thoughts on the GOP Senators meeting with Biden
2/4/21 Climate update
2/4/21 New Poll: 46% for Newsom
2/4/21 President Trump's impeachment defense
2/4/21 The best advice I can give
2/4/21 Understandably alarmed
2/3/21 President Trump just picked up another nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize
2/2/21 Coming Soon, To a Nation Near You?...
2/2/21 The Gov. answers a thoughtful member of the 4 percent
2/2/21 Impeachment News
2/2/21 De Blasio's political posturing hurts NYC
2/1/21 About that poll, and the 94 percent who don't accept Biden
2/1/21 The sad truth about class and power in America
2/1/21 New Abortion Study Released
2/1/21 Vote Fraud Update
2/1/21 You'll love this one!
2/1/21 America Last

January 2021

Date Title
1/29/21 The War On Free Speech Ramps Up
1/29/21 "Climate Day"
1/29/21 Buyers' Remorse Sets In
1/28/21 "Racial Equity"
1/28/21 Filibuster Update
1/27/21 Impeachment case "DOA"; Sen. Paul decries "kangaroo court"
1/26/21 What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
1/26/21 Companies That Don't Discriminate Against Conservatives
1/26/21 Elections Have Dire Consequences
1/25/21 Democrats Press Ahead On Impeachment
1/25/21 Let's call this "the Democracy Destruction Act of 2021"
1/25/21 Reactions To Biden's Keystone Pipeline Decision
1/25/21 The 46th President
1/25/21 Sarah For Governor
1/24/21 Video: Immigration Over The Years
1/23/21 Kicking Things Off Predictably
1/23/21 National Guard Troops Used As Props
1/23/21 Day 2 Antics
1/23/21 "Whataboutism Updates"
1/22/21 Trump Voters: How does it feel to be called a domestic terrorist?
1/21/21 President Trump's Approval Rating
1/21/21 The "domestic war" on terrorism is to shut down dissent
1/21/21 Joe Biden
1/21/21 Excellent Article
1/21/21 Political Boycotts Of Companies
1/21/21 Violent Leftist Protests Greet Biden Presidency
1/20/21 Must-See Video
1/20/21 Who started this?
1/20/21 Spitting Mad
1/20/21 How Bad Have Things Gotten In NYC?
1/20/21 Inauguration Day: Pelosi Didn't Get Her Machine Guns
1/20/21 On Day 1, President Biden Will Gut President Trump's Legacy
1/19/21 Inauguration Eve: conservatives blamed for DC "war zone"
1/19/21 Graham Appeals To Schumer
1/18/21 Trump Will Leave The White House Wednesday Morning
1/18/21 Evidence-Free Jihad Against The GOP
1/18/21 Obama 2.0: Susan Rice as incoming "shadow President"
1/16/21 AOC Pushes For Ministry of Truth
1/15/21 Scott Adams: Dems impeach Trump for what THEY have done
1/15/21 Welcome News At The Supreme Court
1/14/21 Self-awareness is rare in Washington
1/14/21 Electoral College Update
1/14/21 House Votes To Impeach President Trump
1/13/21 A warning about violence, the inauguration and the Boogaloo movement
1/13/21 Pointless Congressional Theatrics Update
1/12/21 Fellow Trump supporters ask us: What the heck is QAnon?
1/12/21 A Second Impeachment Vote
1/11/21 The week after: Democrats act fast to "Capitol-ize" on violence
1/10/21 Washington is stained Nancy
1/10/21 President-elect Biden and VP-elect Harris accuse the Capitol Police of racism
1/10/21 Two Sharp observations
1/10/21 Tech alternatives
1/10/21 A tough week for America
1/8/21 More than meets the eye
1/8/21 President-elect Biden
1/7/21 Joe Biden's presidential victory is certified
1/6/21 Trump supporters aghast at today's inexcusable violence
1/5/21 Decision Day in Georgia
1/5/21 It Ain’t Over ‘Till It’s Over
1/5/21 The night the lights went out in Georgia, PART 2
1/4/21 Intelligence Community Response
1/4/21 2020 All Over Again
1/4/21 UPDATED: Ballot-shredding: the night the lights went out in Georgia
1/4/21 Historic Week