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Politics Archives

December 2020

Date Title
12/7/20 More responses to the Gov.'s answer on election fraud
12/7/20 The peasants rise up
12/3/20 Trump lawsuit implicates Center for Tech and Civic Life
12/3/20 Election aftermath: believe your own eyes
12/3/20 Forced labor is bad
12/2/20 Eric Clapton targeted for cancelling
12/2/20 The pandemic will be used to fight the war on Christmas by the Left
12/2/20 The Gov. answers a reader's concerns about election
12/2/20 Crime is sky-rocketing
12/2/20 Not the first
12/2/20 Joe Biden's Cabinet begins to take shape
12/2/20 A Very Subjective Term
12/1/20 Election challenge: The one to watch now is NEVADA

November 2020

Date Title
11/30/20 President Trump calls it massive fraud
11/30/20 Georgia one of many reasons for skepticism, disgust
11/26/20 Over 30,000
11/26/20 PA Judge Halts Presidential Vote Certification Process
11/26/20 Election Updates
11/26/20 Leftist Hollywood Celebrities pour money into Georgia Senate races
11/25/20 DO THE MATH: What's going on with Georgia's ballots?
11/25/20 New Middle East agreement in the works
11/25/20 Divided Government
11/25/20 Election Updates: Trump gives the go ahead
11/24/20 57 Years Later
11/24/20 Thank God for our freedom
11/24/20 Election Updates
11/24/20 Happy Thanksgiving Week
11/23/20 Sidney Powell story subject to the "24-hour rule"
11/21/20 UPDATE: Dominion backs out of attending hearing
11/21/20 Down-ballot elections not getting the attention they deserve
11/21/20 Can we pay AOC to stay home?
11/21/20 Texas still seeing red
11/21/20 The Party of Science
11/21/20 A sharp political divide
11/20/20 "KRAKEN" UPDATE: Let Powell and Giuliani make their case (Updated)
11/19/20 Not going away
11/19/20 Some NY Sheriffs refuse to enforce Cuomo order
11/19/20 does it again
11/18/20 Attorney: Sidney Powell has "smoking guns" (plural!) on fraud
11/16/20 Good election news
11/16/20 Good article, highlights key questions about the election
11/16/20 Local race shows how unreliable voting software can be
11/16/20 Comparing Trump to the Nazis
11/12/20 Biden pledged not to declare win before certification
11/10/20 BARR AUTHORIZES LOOK AT ELECTION; Biden plays President
11/9/20 Important Reminder
11/9/20 DO THIS RIGHT: Why it's important that Trump NOT concede!
11/9/20 Sidney Powell takes lead for Trump, drops big news
11/6/20 Election debacle: What do we do now to save America?
11/5/20 The Election: This Legal Expert Said What?
11/5/20 Election Update: "THE ART OF THE STEAL"
11/4/20 Random Observations On Election Day
11/2/20 Go Vote For These Pro-Life Candidates

October 2020

Date Title
10/31/20 America Chooses Between Dark Winter Joe and Optimism
10/31/20 Never-Trumper News
10/28/20 Biden scandal makes early voters change their minds
10/21/20 How Liberals Became Blinded By Trump Hatred
10/20/20 Trump's adversaries create "lockdown" on Biden issues
10/20/20 Misleading Health Care Ads Spreading False Claims About Republicans
10/20/20 Senator Cruz Proposes A New Constitutional Amendment
10/19/20 Free Speech For Conservatives
10/19/20 Digging deep into Biden's economic plan
10/15/20 "How Dare You Question The Queen, Peasant?!"
10/15/20 ANTIFA Helps Trump Campaign
10/14/20 A New Reason To Hate Nike
10/14/20 Three Stories You Might Find Interesting
10/14/20 Americans Learn More About Judge Barrett
10/13/20 Three weeks out, most voters still in the dark
10/12/20 Lady Justice should wear a blindfold, NOT THE VOTERS
10/10/20 Michigan Conspiracy
10/10/20 Dispatches from the front lines of crazy
10/8/20 The Vice Presidential Debate Recap
10/8/20 Felony Charges Handed Down
10/8/20 "Like Trump, Only Without Trump"
10/7/20 What did you think of the debate?
10/6/20 Two October Surprises In Arizona
10/6/20 Great News Out Of DC
10/6/20 TDS Is A Sad Disease
10/6/20 The Antifa Insurgency
10/6/20 September Jobs Report
10/4/20 They Don't Hear Very Well, Do They?
10/4/20 “USA or NBA: That Is An Easy Choice For Me.”

September 2020

Date Title
9/30/20 Note to Chris Wallace
9/30/20 Hotheads In Cleveland
9/29/20 Nominated
9/29/20 Low Blow
9/29/20 Voter-Fraud In Minnesota
9/29/20 Kudos Where They're Due
9/29/20 The Personal Attacks Against Amy Coney Barrett Begin
9/28/20 "Peaceful Protestors"
9/28/20 From our “Voter Fraud Is A Rightwing Myth” File
9/28/20 MIA Candidates
9/28/20 Calling A "Lid For The Day"
9/25/20 What We Need To See More Of From The Democrats
9/25/20 The "Protecting Our Democracy" Act
9/24/20 The Consequences Of Leftist Morons Holding Power
9/24/20 Low Energy Joe
9/24/20 Breaking News On SCOTUS Nomination
9/24/20 Wrong Hill
9/24/20 Some Thoughts About The Wildfires And Climate Change