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Steve Bannon is sentenced


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October 2020

Date Title
10/10/20 Michigan Conspiracy
10/10/20 Dispatches from the front lines of crazy
10/8/20 "Like Trump, Only Without Trump"
10/8/20 The Vice Presidential Debate Recap
10/8/20 Felony Charges Handed Down
10/7/20 What did you think of the debate?
10/6/20 Great News Out Of DC
10/6/20 September Jobs Report
10/6/20 TDS Is A Sad Disease
10/6/20 The Antifa Insurgency
10/6/20 Two October Surprises In Arizona
10/4/20 They Don't Hear Very Well, Do They?
10/4/20 “USA or NBA: That Is An Easy Choice For Me.”

September 2020

Date Title
9/30/20 Hotheads In Cleveland
9/30/20 Note to Chris Wallace
9/29/20 Low Blow
9/29/20 Nominated
9/29/20 Kudos Where They're Due
9/29/20 Voter-Fraud In Minnesota
9/29/20 The Personal Attacks Against Amy Coney Barrett Begin
9/28/20 "Peaceful Protestors"
9/28/20 From our “Voter Fraud Is A Rightwing Myth” File
9/28/20 Calling A "Lid For The Day"
9/28/20 MIA Candidates
9/25/20 The "Protecting Our Democracy" Act
9/25/20 What We Need To See More Of From The Democrats
9/24/20 Low Energy Joe
9/24/20 Breaking News On SCOTUS Nomination
9/24/20 Bring It On
9/24/20 The Consequences Of Leftist Morons Holding Power
9/24/20 Some Thoughts About The Wildfires And Climate Change
9/24/20 Good Economic News
9/24/20 Wrong Hill
9/23/20 Campaign Update
9/23/20 Return to Impeachment
9/23/20 Democrats melt down over SCOTUS; dream of taking power
9/22/20 Democrats would pack Court regardless, given the chance
9/22/20 Congratulations Princeton, You Deserve This
9/22/20 Restoring "Honesty" to the White House?
9/22/20 A List Of Democrat Tactics To Stop The President
9/21/20 President and Senate need to move on SCOTUS
9/18/20 Bill Barr was right about the lockdown, BLM
9/17/20 They Were Wrong
9/17/20 Much Overdue Good News
9/17/20 Biden, his bubble and mail-in voting
9/17/20 Wrongthink, news update
9/16/20 Getting specific about the left's "Color Revolution" plan
9/15/20 Voting Begins
9/15/20 Money to Burn
9/15/20 Big Salute
9/14/20 Another Middle East peace deal
9/14/20 A vital message to everyone in the military
9/9/20 THE most important story, Part II
9/9/20 Biden is a weak appeaser in dealing with China — Trump stands up to China with strength
9/8/20 THE most important pre-election story you'll read
9/3/20 Biden Gets On The Trump Train
9/3/20 Democrat Intentions
9/1/20 Biden Emerges
9/1/20 Buy Now: The Three Cs That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution
9/1/20 My New Book: The Three Cs That Made America Great: Christianity, Capitalism and the Constitution

August 2020

Date Title
8/31/20 What Black Lives Matter Is Really About
8/31/20 The Tactics Of The Left Are Shameful And Dangerous
8/31/20 #WalkAway Founder Endures Anti-Gay Attack From Leftist Thugs As He Returns From President Trump's Speech
8/31/20 Your Tax Dollars At Work
8/28/20 President Trump Accepts the Nomination
8/27/20 It's order vs. chaos, and Trump's message could save America
8/27/20 The Gov. answers thoughtful letter from left-leaning reader
8/27/20 Night Three Of The Republican National Convention
8/25/20 Day 1 Of The Republican National Convention
8/24/20 MORE evidence of FBI's double standard with Trump, Clinton
8/21/20 Random Observations On The Democrat Convention
8/21/20 Ridiculous Claim
8/21/20 The Democrat Convention Ends...Finally.
8/21/20 DNC Day 3 Recap...
8/21/20 79 Percent Say...
8/21/20 To Be A Democrat You Have To Believe...
8/19/20 Day 1 Of The Democrat National Convention
8/19/20 Dems To Attack Trump Foreign Policy
8/19/20 Problems With Mail-In Voting Are Not Caused By Trump
8/19/20 California Blackouts
8/19/20 Hillary Skates Again; Won't Be Deposed On Email Server
8/18/20 More Fake News
8/18/20 Pew Polls Hispanic Voters
8/17/20 Prayers And Condolences For The Trump Family
8/15/20 Surprise Announcement
8/15/20 Biden-Harris Are Doubling Down On This Lie
8/14/20 Political Books
8/14/20 Must-Read Story About The Democrat Party's Purge of Jewish People
8/14/20 Stories You Won't Hear In The Mainstream Media
8/14/20 Good Labor News
8/13/20 Reaction to Kamala Harris
8/13/20 Two New Books About The Trump Administration
8/13/20 Who Hires Who
8/13/20 Two Quick Takes On Kamala Harris
8/13/20 The Gov. on INGRAHAM: Biden/Harris is 'ticket' to disaster
8/13/20 Election Recap
8/12/20 "Reparations"
8/12/20 Must Read: Why Choose Trump
8/12/20 Scary moment
8/12/20 "The Switch"