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February 2020

Date Title
2/19/20 Why People are Fleeing California and New York:
2/19/20 Double Standards Department
2/19/20 Trump uses his pardon power
2/17/20 Parsing Mike Bloomberg
2/17/20 Trump shines at Daytona
2/16/20 Critics slam Warren for this anecdote
2/16/20 Democats forget their history
2/16/20 Socialism primers
2/16/20 Biden mocked
2/15/20 Cuomo meets with Trump
2/15/20 Could AB5 turn California red?
2/15/20 Nevada Union says no endorsement
2/14/20 Voting problems in Michigan
2/14/20 A step "forward"
2/14/20 The DOJ scandal has NOTHING to do with Bill Barr
2/14/20 A Cook County, Illinois, grand jury has just indicted actor Jussie Smollett
2/14/20 The fight AGAINST Life
2/14/20 What if Adam Schiff held a publicity-grubbing media event and nobody came?
2/14/20 News from South Dakota
2/14/20 Must-Read Essay
2/13/20 Pete Buttigieg is no "moderate"
2/13/20 The most underreported story of the New Hampshire voting
2/13/20 What now? Dems are hysterical over Roger Stone case
2/10/20 Media trying to silence Solomon and others investigating Ukraine
2/7/20 Trump thanks supporters as more is uncovered about 2016
2/6/20 On impeachment of Trump, Mitt Romney is full of Mitt
2/5/20 President Trump’s State of the Union Address
2/5/20 Today's Newsletter February 5 Edition
2/5/20 The Democratic Response…
2/4/20 Homerun speech by the President? Leave me a comment. I read them!
2/3/20 With ongoing attack on Trump, Dershowitz caught in "crossfire"
2/2/20 Schiff's Folly

January 2020

Date Title
1/24/20 March for Life
1/22/20 Schiff lies again
1/22/20 Peter Schweizer crushes Biden's "campaign memo"
1/20/20 The tale of two rallies
1/19/20 Reader asks: How to help Michael Flynn?
1/19/20 Defunding Planned Parenthood
1/17/20 What if they gave a trial and everybody had to recuse himself?
1/15/20 BREAKING NEWS: Flynn fighting back; changes "guilty" plea!
1/15/20 Last Night's Debate
1/9/20 AOC earns the title for 2019
1/8/20 As missiles fly, what of Trump's former national security advisor?
1/7/20 Politcal stunts, part 2: Senate readying to end the madness
1/6/20 President Trump's magical power over Democrats
1/6/20 This new year is not the time for stupid political stunts
1/3/20 Impeachment looks ridiculous when we see where REAL corruption is

December 2019

Date Title
12/31/19 Final thoughts on 2019
12/30/19 Pray for the victims
12/29/19 Parenting children
12/21/19 A bad movie we didn't need to see
12/21/19 Christianity Today is lying to its readers
12/21/19 Congratulations to law enforcement
12/20/19 Donations to President Trump surge
12/20/19 Trojan Horse bill passes in the House
12/20/19 Nancy Pelosi letter: a follow-up
12/20/19 Don't ignore this abortion story
12/20/19 Repeating "fake news"
12/17/19 Better sit down: Judge Sullivan ruled against Michael Flynn
12/16/19 The UK Elections
12/16/19 Comey and Schiff find it easy to lie to Chris Wallace
12/16/19 Trump's worst week ever?!?
12/16/19 The Sweet Taste of Vindication
12/10/19 AINSWORTH: Hope I'm wrong: More reasons to think Michelle is it
12/9/19 This is the week that is: The IG report AND impeachment insanity
12/7/19 Idiotic Policy
12/6/19 It's Durham, not impeachment-crazy Dems, who will find the truth
12/5/19 Biden says he is considering Harris for Veep
12/5/19 After seeing "legal experts" testify, I'm proud to be a Republican
12/5/19 Latest “Sanctuary Cities” Insanity
12/5/19 Proven liars
12/5/19 Washington accomplishments (sort of)
12/2/19 Breaking: White House will not participate in Nadler's hearing
12/2/19 Rep. Jeffries interview one of the biggest piles of bilge I’ve ever seen

November 2019

Date Title
11/28/19 Happy Thanksgiving
11/27/19 Graham has a duty to investigate
11/27/19 What is really going on here?
11/26/19 Did you know we got a Horowitz report LAST WEEK?
11/23/19 Protecting Life
11/21/19 Proven: Schiff's "inquiry" based on ridiculous PRESUMPTION
11/20/19 DACA Update
11/19/19 Wait for it...
11/19/19 Not a great week
11/18/19 Obama is worried
11/18/19 About that Louisiana election
11/13/19 Why Trump backers should be encouraged by the current polls
11/13/19 Schiff can't keep hiding Ciaramella and the coup
11/13/19 The fight over "crying baby Trump"
11/8/19 Time to stop calling Ciaramella a "whistleblower" (there's a better term)
11/5/19 Are the "whistleblower" and the West Wing spy the SAME PERSON?
11/1/19 Democrats can rationalize ANYTHING, and that explains their "rules"

October 2019

Date Title
10/31/19 Seeking the truth
10/31/19 Here's the "whistleblower"...THIS CHARADE MUST STOP NOW!
10/30/19 YES/NO Poll: Would you vote YES on impeachment or NO?
10/30/19 Swampy "impeachment inquiry" witnesses offer OPINION, not evidence
10/29/19 Adam Schiff confronts empty witness chair in impeachment quest
10/28/19 With the intel community and the media, "strategic leaking" was a two-way street
10/26/19 Why Schiff's secret "impeachment inquiry" ISN'T like Benghazi hearings
10/25/19 A full-scale criminal investigation
10/24/19 Republicans grow spines, crash secret "impeachment inquiry" hearing