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Politics Archives

August 2020

Date Title
8/9/20 Political Advantage Over Protecting Life
8/9/20 From Our "Stop the World, I Wanna Get Off" Desk
8/8/20 The Worms Are Turning
8/8/20 Michelle O: wealth distribution should be part of "broader policy"
8/7/20 Important Education Story
8/7/20 Blue cities adopt strict Covid policies while ignoring crime
8/7/20 Deadly inaction
8/7/20 Presidential endorsement time
8/6/20 Tuesday's Elections
8/6/20 Consequences Are Back
8/6/20 Paranoia Is Spreading Among The Anti-Trumpers
8/6/20 Another Musician Ticks Off His Real Fans
8/5/20 Weird Fake News Wednesday
8/4/20 No, Susan Rice will NOT be Joe Biden's VP pick
8/3/20 Huckabee: Shooting Down the Anti-Trump Narratives
8/3/20 The Truth About GOP Swamp Gators

July 2020

Date Title
7/31/20 Mr. Obama, what is it about Democrats, politics and funerals?
7/30/20 A follow-up on the AG Barr "hearing": The Gov. answers readers
7/29/20 Nadler and Democrats embarrass themselves in AG Barr "hearing"
7/28/20 What happens when the mob gets its wish
7/28/20 Moderate Democrats, WALK AWAY from your radical, hate-filled party
7/27/20 Chief Justice Roberts sides with the liberals
7/27/20 Vigilante justice is spreading
7/27/20 More bad smell: Brookings Institute associated with Steele, "dossier"
7/23/20 Biden and "reassembled" Obama team won't restore law and order
7/22/20 "Politically-Motivated Prosecution" in Missouri
7/22/20 Uranium One: Russians mocked Obama for being a pushover
7/20/20 The state of the presidential race
7/17/20 Less gas from our politicians, please
7/17/20 Update: Nick Cannon to keep job
7/17/20 Voting for Biden will cost you
7/17/20 Anti-Trump "Lincoln Project" short on principles
7/15/20 AOC’s ludicrous assertions
7/15/20 Vote by mail
7/14/20 Digging deeper on presidential pardons
7/14/20 Federal executions return under President Trump
7/13/20 Are American companies profiting from forced labor in China?
7/10/20 Ainsworth: On the brainwashing of white women
7/10/20 Ford Motor Company doesn't cave
7/10/20 Judge refuses to drop Flynn case
7/10/20 Biden unveils economic plan
7/9/20 DEFEATING the enemy we face
7/8/20 Omar calls for dismantling the American way of life
7/8/20 The U.S. to withdraw from the W.H.O
7/8/20 Supreme Court rules on abortion-health care fight
7/8/20 Second SCOTUS 7-2 Ruling
7/8/20 Understanding the enemy we face
7/7/20 Biden's Radicalism
7/7/20 The June Jobs Report
7/2/20 CHOP has been chopped
7/1/20 Chief Justice John Roberts goes rogue
7/1/20 Americans LOVE their pickup trucks
7/1/20 First Amendment still in effect
7/1/20 BET Founder has a message for the virtue-signaling white liberals

June 2020

Date Title
6/30/20 Did the President know about Russian Bounties for US Troop Deaths?
6/30/20 The Silent Majority fights back
6/29/20 Watch Democrats try to take down AG Barr
6/27/20 "A party of stark-raving lunatics"
6/25/20 Worst Democratic Quote of the Day
6/20/20 Supreme Court rules on sex disrimination
6/20/20 Roberts sides with liberals on DACA
6/20/20 This Week: The Supreme Court lights the Constitution on fire
6/20/20 Supreme Court shock
6/20/20 More on the Supreme Court shocker
6/11/20 Behind Closed Doors
6/11/20 Digital Biden
6/11/20 NFL Guilt
6/9/20 Not Even Joe Biden Agrees
6/9/20 What A Spectacle
6/9/20 They Hurt Themselves
6/3/20 Tired of it
6/2/20 Left-wing extremists come above ground
6/2/20 The hypocrisy of some
6/2/20 President Trump orders Governors to do more to stop violence or else...
6/1/20 America burns at the hands of extremist thugs

May 2020

Date Title
5/28/20 Pray for Minneapolis
5/22/20 What next? FBI offered Steele money to spy on Flynn
5/21/20 Biden does face allegations of UKRAINE
5/14/20 Disgusting coward gets rewarded
5/12/20 Leaving California
5/11/20 With "Russia Hoax" exposed, it's time to look at CrowdStrike (UPDATED)
5/8/20 Reap the whirlwind
5/5/20 Blatant assault on freedom of the press
5/4/20 President Trump holds a Townhall
5/2/20 Guilty by his own standards

April 2020

Date Title
4/29/20 Steele was connected to EVERYBODY, by way of this lawyer
4/29/20 Quick Mike Flynn update, plus a great article
4/28/20 Deny, Deny
4/27/20 A Contrarian Comment
4/24/20 "Party of Tolerance," is not so tolerant
4/24/20 Former President Barack Obama breaks tradition
4/24/20 Liberal trolls show their true colors
4/23/20 Georgia Democrat steps down from office after endorsing Trump
4/22/20 UPDATE on Paycheck Protection Program abuse
4/20/20 Just stop with the class warfare rhetoric on "CARES" Act and PPP

March 2020

Date Title
3/27/20 Going Rogue
3/26/20 Senate passes $2 trillion stimulus bill
3/26/20 Joe Biden is struggling
3/25/20 "Reopening America"
3/25/20 Senate reaches deal