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May 2019

Date Title
5/5/19 Removing George Washington
5/5/19 Google bans conservative viewpoints
5/5/19 Church membership in America
5/5/19 Tune out the table pounding
5/5/19 Price tags
5/4/19 The Gov. responds to reader comment on "Mr. Chicken"
5/3/19 Why would the NYT break this story on FBI spying?
5/2/19 AG Barr magnificent, says justice system must not be political weapon
5/1/19 AG Barr testifies before Senate Wednesday, stands up to all incoming

April 2019

Date Title
4/30/19 The truth about the "Green New Deal"
4/30/19 Fighting justice
4/30/19 Harris struggles
4/30/19 Biden's "permanent record" under scrutiny
4/30/19 Mistake after mistake at NYT
4/30/19 FBI spy update: More reason to think they kept spying after Trump won
4/29/19 The Governor Shares Two Reader Comments
4/29/19 The Poway synagogue shooting
4/26/19 Obama White House helped construct "Trump/Russia" narrative
4/24/19 Ocasio-Cortez facing backlash for claiming the VA isn't broken
4/24/19 Jared Kushner correct: special counsel more damaging than Russia
4/23/19 The tables are finally turning, as Mueller report satisfies no one
4/22/19 The Mueller report: making sense of the crazy aftermath
4/19/19 Democrats slam Barr for doing his job, ignore Trump's legal vindication
4/19/19 Immutable laws of life
4/19/19 Sarah's story
4/18/19 Notre Dame update
4/18/19 "Love your neighbor"
4/18/19 ISIS reduced to memes
4/17/19 BREAKING NEWS: Dem House committee chairs made secret anti-Trump pact
4/17/19 THE GOVERNOR REPLIES: Trump, Omar, and the First Amendment
4/17/19 Standards
4/16/19 The Assange arrest
4/16/19 A Salon thing
4/16/19 A brilliant suggestion
4/15/19 WHILE WE WAIT FOR THE MUELLER REPORT, here's some Journalism 101
4/13/19 Illegal migrants to "sanctuary cities"
4/12/19 Sleazy lawyer Michael Avenatti
4/11/19 Democrats in denial
4/11/19 Attorney Gen. Barr: "I THINK SPYING DID OCCUR."
4/10/19 A treasure trove of evidence: JAMES COMEY WROTE IT ALL DOWN
4/10/19 The lies liberals tell
4/10/19 Omar and 9/11
4/10/19 Hey Pete, why are you hating on Mike?!?
4/10/19 Issue Comparison: Trump v Harris
4/10/19 Felicity Huffman pleads guilty
4/10/19 Spartacus fights for reparations
4/10/19 Barr appears in Congress
4/9/19 The Gov. replies to reader's comment on Mueller report
4/9/19 Leftists target Trump officials
4/9/19 More documents show why Hillary deserves indictment
4/9/19 Israel votes
4/9/19 Cool your jets Democrats
4/9/19 Swalwell joins the race
4/8/19 HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE: Devin Nunes ready with 8 criminal referrals
4/8/19 Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen is leaving
4/8/19 Nancy Pelosi wins an award
4/8/19 Sobering findings from the General Social Survey
4/6/19 Senator Cotton urges the IRS to look into the SPLC
4/6/19 The Democrat field for President
4/6/19 Fighting for Life
4/6/19 American Taliban?
4/6/19 President Trump is wrong about this
4/5/19 A Tale of Two Cities:
4/5/19 The March Jobs Report
4/5/19 Florida Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy
4/5/19 Trump's poll numbers should worry Democrats
4/5/19 Democrats going insane waiting for Mueller report (read this instead)
4/5/19 Herman Cain recommended by Trump to the Federal Reserve
4/5/19 Mitch McConnell opens the nuclear door
4/5/19 Signs the conservative base isn't asleep
4/4/19 A new fishing expedition
4/4/19 ABORTION IN PENNSYLVANIA: My response to a reader
4/3/19 Georgia fights for life
4/3/19 Laura Ainsworth: Time to take down Biden, so trot out the women
4/2/19 Playing politics with disaster relief
4/2/19 Understanding socialism
4/2/19 Schiff is bereft of humor and intelligence
4/2/19 Uncle Joe gets the MeToo treatment
4/2/19 AOC is "no sale"
4/2/19 North Dakota fossil story
4/2/19 Hallmarks of Leftists
4/1/19 "Unplanned" scores big returns

March 2019

Date Title
3/30/19 Supporting Planned Parenthood is not supporting women
3/29/19 Trump is ready to see some accountability, and so are we
3/29/19 The Electoral College protects all Americans
3/28/19 President Trump calls into Sean Hannity's show
3/28/19 Here's how the left "fights for the middle class." Make it stop.
3/27/19 Trump was falsely accused, so where are the apologies?
3/25/19 Epic Media Pushback by @PressSec
3/25/19 SPLC problems
3/25/19 Mueller admits lack of evidence, but leaves gift for impeachment crowd
3/23/19 The Mueller Report
3/23/19 "Seattle Is Dying": AN IMPORTANT POSTSCRIPT
3/22/19 Democrat Presidential candidates obey, boycott AIPAC
3/21/19 Follow-up to "Seattle Is Dying": Seattle readers agree that it is
3/21/19 Electoral College Follow-Up
3/21/19 There WAS foreign influence in help HILLARY
3/20/19 Congressman Nunes sues Twitter
3/20/19 "Seattle Is Dying"