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March 2019

Date Title
3/18/19 To give up on the justice system is to be complicit in Hillary's "exoneration"
3/18/19 Pay raises for Congress
3/18/19 Washington state tries to block President Trump from the 2020 ballot
3/18/19 Warning to impeachment Democrats: Support for Mueller probe falls
3/18/19 AOC better to remain silent
3/18/19 Mike Rowe Nails It
3/16/19 Misplaced blame
3/16/19 Stop crying wolf
3/16/19 Beto's roll-out
3/15/19 House Votes 420-0
3/15/19 Fox News: DOJ reached agreement with Clinton lawyers to block FBI access to Clinton Foundation emails, Strzok says
3/14/19 A preview of Loretta Lynch's unredacted non-answers
3/13/19 We place far too much emphasis on the prestige of getting into certain universities
3/13/19 Self-defeating tweet
3/13/19 Rep. Collins says THERE WILL BE ACCOUNTABILITY for protecting Hillary
3/12/19 AOC at SXSW
3/11/19 Documents coming out, but "in many respects," Hillary still runs the show
3/11/19 The Gov. had to respond to reader's defense of Ilhan Omar
3/9/19 Is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez The BOSS Now? No, Thankfully | Huckabee
3/8/19 We know she's anti-Semitic, but there's a lot we don't know
3/7/19 Congress symptomatic of anti-Semitism on the left
3/6/19 A win in Colorado
3/6/19 The Gov. replies to reader comment on Nunes and equal justice
3/6/19 "Inconvenient truth"
3/6/19 Hillary says no
3/5/19 Thanks for the laugh, Hillary
3/5/19 Ocasio-Cortez
3/4/19 President Trump's CPAC Speech
3/4/19 Put the blindfold back on Lady Justice
3/4/19 Trump's comments on Michael Cohen and the media reaction
3/4/19 FOCUS ON WILLIAM BARR: time for fact-finding and accountability!
3/3/19 If you watch one thing today, watch this...
3/2/19 News roundup - Justice served
3/2/19 Selling Socialism
3/1/19 Ultra-liberals in charge of House
3/1/19 Did "the Cohen effect" damage negotiations with North Korea?

February 2019

Date Title
2/28/19 Ivanka Trump comments on the "Green New Deal"
2/28/19 Bill Maher misunderstands Middle America
2/28/19 Trump flies to Vietnam while Dems have train wreck; also, how Hillary skated
2/28/19 Convicted liar returns to Congress to spew more lies
2/27/19 Quick Note on Michael Cohen
2/27/19 My "just for fun" list of 20 questions for Michael Cohen
2/27/19 “Hate Crime Hoaxes Hurt Real Victims"
2/27/19 A reply to "JohnnylE" regarding the Trump/Russia investigation
2/26/19 Green New Deal Cost Update
2/26/19 Note to Chief Justice Roberts
2/26/19 The Governor responds to two astute readers
2/25/19 2020 Campaign Slogan Suggestion
2/22/19 The Jussie Smollett Hoax
2/22/19 Laura Ainsworth replies to reader comment on "Michelle O" prediction
2/22/19 "Lawfare" Suits
2/22/19 I am not tired of winning yet
2/21/19 Mueller Investigation Update
2/20/19 Bernie 2.0
2/18/19 McCabe follow-up now that 60 MINUTES has aired
2/18/19 Jussie Smollett Update
2/16/19 Evening Edition - February 16
2/16/19 Evidence of foreign government "meddling" FOR HILLARY
2/16/19 Our National Emergency
2/15/19 Omar outrages again
2/15/19 President Trump makes his move
2/14/19 Identity politics on campus: How to shut down debate in one easy step
2/14/19 Voter ID Laws Under Assault
2/13/19 Sen. Menendez brushes off drunk driving as a nothingburger charge
2/13/19 "Green New Deal" Update
2/12/19 Phony Apology #1: Rep. Ilhan Omar
2/12/19 Follow-up on Roger Stone raid; former FBI agent tries lamely to defend it
2/12/19 Phony Apology #2: Ralph Northam
2/11/19 Ainsworth: NPR must think "Beto" O'Rourke is Latino
2/11/19 Putting it together: the Clintons and the Russians
2/10/19 Roger Stone's wife and security cameras tell the story of FBI ambush
2/9/19 The "Green New Deal"
2/8/19 What do Robert Mueller and Adam Schiff have in common? Can't trust 'em.
2/7/19 A "dumpster fire" in Virginia
2/7/19 Ainsworth: MISS MANNERLY's column after SOTU Address
2/6/19 Trump's YUUUUGE Speech
2/6/19 Trump is right: investigation needs to end now
2/5/19 The real reason Northam needs to go
2/5/19 Typhus comes to California
2/5/19 President Trump's Speech Tonight
2/5/19 Follow-up: Readers want more details on Sen. McConnell and border wall vote
2/4/19 Ainsworth: Reader offers personal pregnancy story and idea for lawmakers
2/4/19 Evening Edition - February 4
2/4/19 Ralph Northam's self-immolation continues
2/3/19 Q&A: Reader expresses frustration at Republican Party
2/2/19 Northam's 1984
2/1/19 Senate investigators debunk Democrat theory
2/1/19 More news you were never supposed to see
2/1/19 Ainsworth: Thoughts On Abortion

January 2019

Date Title
1/31/19 Sen. Graham demands answers from FBI Director Wray; Nellie Ohr investigated
1/31/19 Ainsworth: A heartfelt response to my commentary on the Roger Stone raid
1/31/19 Democrats embrace infanticide
1/31/19 "Jennifer Buscemi"
1/30/19 The Democrat Response to President Trump's State of the Union Speech
1/30/19 Fake news in America
1/30/19 Medicare for All
1/30/19 Ainsworth: The Roger Stone raid --- is this really America?
1/29/19 The clock is ticking
1/29/19 Mueller releases "20 pages of heavy breathing" on Roger Stone
1/29/19 Mueller's team shows how to poison a jury pool