Biden's approval drops post these comments

Hillary Clinton is back in the news

More cover-up by the FBI of the Biden family business

Evening Edition - September 2

Biden’s speech

This is worth repeating

Sarah Palin loses

Afghanistan: One Year Later

Biden knew about the raid


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September 2019

Date Title
9/4/19 So, really, what's going on with Joe Biden?
9/4/19 Lunch hour special: Omar, Biden says Iowa isn't a must-win and more
9/3/19 Hurricane Dorian update
9/3/19 The ugly and hypocritical side of Hollywood
9/3/19 Afghanistan War veteran: Obama lowered standards of our military
9/3/19 James Mattis' new book

August 2019

Date Title
8/29/19 IG Report details how Comey violated FBI policies
8/29/19 Hurricane Dorian
8/29/19 Trump to declassify Obama-era documents? So says John Solomon
8/29/19 DHS bars House Democratic staffers from entering CBP facilities
8/29/19 Voters are still assessing Biden
8/29/19 Andrew McCarthy reacts to Comey news
8/28/19 Omar in the news again
8/28/19 Dems still want impeachment; maybe it's CHRIS WRAY who needs to go
8/28/19 Obama's WOTUS rule, judged unlawful
8/28/19 Who's afraid of a bedbug? This guy...
8/28/19 Digging into Pete Buttigieg's career as mayor
8/27/19 Reality check for Joe Walsh
8/27/19 Drawn to socialism?
8/26/19 Asian markets plummet
8/26/19 Socialist Monopoly
8/26/19 Reforming healthcare
8/26/19 How Obama undermined the incoming President
8/26/19 Trouble buying guns
8/24/19 Playing hardball with China
8/22/19 Sinking in the polls
8/22/19 Left Behind: Seattle
8/22/19 More on AOC's push to eliminate the "racist" Electoral College
8/22/19 Comparing Trump to Hitler?!?
8/22/19 Well-deserved relief
8/22/19 Does The ELECTORAL COLLEGE Need To Go?
8/22/19 "Storm Area 51"
8/21/19 The failings of Biden and Warren
8/21/19 John Solomon offers a preview of coming attractions
8/21/19 Greenland update
8/20/19 Who are they representing? Part II
8/20/19 “Three R’s”: Russia, Racism and Recession. Part II
8/19/19 Democrats know practically nothing --- except their own "three R's"
8/16/19 An update on the Democrat Demolition Derby…er, I mean, primary
8/15/19 "The Faith of Mike Pence"
8/15/19 Who are they representing?
8/15/19 Have faith in America
8/15/19 Prediction: This Study Will Be Ignored, And It Shouldn't Be
8/14/19 Is this the end of Betomania?
8/14/19 Paying for college
8/14/19 Barack Obama: incorrect on both counts
8/14/19 Meet the latest victim of “cancel culture”
8/14/19 Castro brothers update
8/13/19 Reader challenges the assertion that Trump is not racist
8/12/19 Jeffrey Epstein
8/9/19 Trump goes high, while the Democrats go low
8/8/19 Digging for dirt on Kavanaugh
8/8/19 Friend of Trump makes the case: Trump is no racist
8/7/19 Peter Strzok wants his old job back, HAHAHAHAHA!
8/6/19 A “national debate” over how to stop mass shootings
8/5/19 Twin Tragedies
8/3/19 Polls and surveys
8/3/19 Persistence pays: DOJ releasing Bruce Ohr's "302" interview notes
8/2/19 The Democrats' two reasons
8/2/19 Marianne Williamson surging...
8/2/19 Trashing Obama's record
8/2/19 The Democrat debates
8/1/19 Is there an attorney in the house?

July 2019

Date Title
7/31/19 FBI Director Chris Wray hiding like a swamp creature
7/30/19 The Three R's
7/30/19 "Evidence is overwhelming" Ilhan Omar DID commit fraud, marry her brother.
7/29/19 The Gov. on JUDGE JEANINE: Mueller and Nadler both walking disasters
7/27/19 President Trump scores two big wins
7/26/19 Never mind the special counsel; here's the Dems' NEW investigation
7/25/19 Mueller appears before Congress
7/24/19 Running against Trump
7/24/19 Fiscal reality sets in
7/23/19 Report coming soon: Comey SPIED ON Trump in the White House
7/22/19 Campaign woes for Bernie Sanders
7/22/19 Comey smears and insults Trump voters
7/22/19 'American Spies' parody music video + lyrics
7/18/19 YES, George Soros is involved with Justice Democrats
7/17/19 Trump's tweets
7/17/19 The REAL story about "The Squad"
7/17/19 Trump vs "The Gang of Four"
7/15/19 Learning in L.A.
7/15/19 Democrat civil war widens
7/15/19 New York City plunges into darkness
7/13/19 Acosta steps down
7/12/19 The Democrats’ Civil War
7/12/19 Federal judges thwart President Trump again and again
7/11/19 A must-read article deconstructs the Mueller report
7/10/19 Judge rejects prosecutors' abuse of Michael Flynn
7/9/19 Ross Perot has died
7/9/19 Ridiculous request from PETA
7/9/19 Biden wants to bring back the much-hated individual mandate
7/8/19 MAD Magazine goes "woke" and then this...
7/8/19 Liberals turn on one another
7/6/19 How to solve big problems
7/5/19 "Yankee Doodle"
7/5/19 The type of leaders we need
7/3/19 Self-government requires self-discipline
7/2/19 Connecting with our government
7/1/19 "Hucktown"

June 2019

Date Title
6/30/19 Why Abortion Wasn’t a Hot Topic in the Democratic Debates