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June 2019

Date Title
6/29/19 "Medicare for all"
6/29/19 Following up on the Second Presidential Debate
6/29/19 Silicon Valley circles the wagons
6/29/19 President Trump cares
6/28/19 The Gov. with Martha MacCallum on the changing Democrat Party
6/27/19 First Debate reaction
6/27/19 Sobering trends on the Left
6/27/19 New Followers
6/27/19 Samantha Power emails show same anti-Trump bias as Strzok and Page
6/27/19 Tragedy along the border
6/27/19 President Trump reacts to the first debate
6/26/19 People reasonably honest
6/26/19 Pelosi slip
6/26/19 House Democrats step in it by subpoenaing Robert Mueller
6/26/19 Google bias uncovered
6/26/19 Leftist Lunacy lists
6/25/19 Bernie Sanders announces plan to cancel all student debt
6/24/19 AOC says no to concentration camp trip
6/24/19 The Democrats' big problem
6/24/19 Leftist Lunacy List
6/24/19 Do these small-town sheriffs remind you of Hillary Clinton?
6/22/19 President Trump and Iran
6/22/19 The fight over New York's "Green Light Bill"
6/21/19 Time to get mad at Mueller's "scorched-earth" tactics
6/21/19 Faith takeaway points from Trump’s 2020 announcement
6/20/19 Sarah's future plans
6/19/19 Taylor Swift embraces tiresome, leftist preaching game
6/19/19 Oberlin lawsuit update
6/19/19 State Dept. opens Hillary email review while "Clinton" play closes on Broadway
6/19/19 2019 Huck’s Hypocrite of the Year Award
6/19/19 President Trump kicks off reelection campaign
6/19/19 An invitation to AOC
6/19/19 Mr. Popularity
6/19/19 The delusional state of California
6/18/19 DOJ stops Manafort transfer to Rikers, but he still faces state charges
6/17/19 Beware of Leftists' Intentions
6/17/19 Defining "common sense"
6/17/19 The assault on conservative speech
6/17/19 Fighting for Life in Massachusetts
6/17/19 Democrats left their sense of humor in their other pants
6/17/19 Supreme Court throws out ruling against Christian-owned bakery
6/16/19 The Electoral College protects all Americans
6/15/19 The Difference between a right and privilege
6/14/19 Laura Ainsworth: Why I still predict Michelle O will be the Democrat nominee
6/14/19 Ilhan Omar Unusually Quiet
6/14/19 Sarah stepping down as White House Press Secretary
6/13/19 Texas turns lemons into lemonade
6/13/19 Great reader responses to breaking State Department story
6/12/19 The Oberlin Lawsuit
6/12/19 Joe Biden goes to Iowa, rips off Michael Avenatti
6/11/19 John Dean looks small in Watergate stunt while AG Barr casts a great big net
6/11/19 A new abortion law in Maine
6/11/19 Back in the news
6/11/19 Democrats step away from the cliff
6/11/19 Biden under attack
6/11/19 Evening Edition - June 11
6/10/19 Laura Ainsworth answers reader comment from Annette (and a few more)
6/10/19 Paul Manafort Update: An Absolute Must Read
6/10/19 "Compassion" in California
6/7/19 Mueller/FBI played dirty with Manafort and Flynn; Flynn wants to withdraw guilty plea
6/6/19 A "bigger challenge than World War II"
6/6/19 The "plague" of leftism, Part II...and a petition to sign!
6/5/19 Holding Scot Peterson to account
6/5/19 Anniversaries
6/5/19 NYC District Attorney sending Manafort to RIKERS ISLAND
6/5/19 Al Gore scores in Australia
6/4/19 Some important statistics about immigration
6/4/19 More evidence Hillary's "investigation" was bogus, and the Mueller report is, too
6/4/19 Add Illinois to the list
6/4/19 Impeachment has already begun...
6/4/19 A day of prayer for the President
6/4/19 The "plague" of leftism is evident in our filthy cities
6/3/19 A new Democrat campaign slogan
6/3/19 More information on mass shooting in Virginia Beach
6/3/19 Robert Mueller's Huge Failure: The "CliffsNotes" version
6/1/19 Robert Mueller sparks reader question and a sharp comment
6/1/19 Mexico Tariff Update
6/1/19 Diversification in California

May 2019

Date Title
5/31/19 About that Trump-Mexico Tariff Dispute
5/31/19 Robert Mueller you have really done it this time
5/31/19 President Trump responds to Mueller
5/31/19 A Tale of Two Governors
5/30/19 Actual climate change information
5/30/19 Maybe New Mexico voters are learning a lesson
5/30/19 Mueller walks feebly away, as John Solomon discovers something BIG about British spying
5/30/19 Analysis of the Mueller statement yesterday
5/30/19 Mueller knew what he was doing yesterday
5/30/19 Another take on Mueller, affirming ours
5/29/19 AOC: wrong on so many levels
5/29/19 Is this a turning point for the late Rev. Martin Luther King?
5/29/19 The Supreme Court makes news
5/28/19 The tall tree is Fox News
5/28/19 Shockwaves in Europe
5/28/19 Agree with Liz Cheney that it "could well be treason," or be 'jejune'
5/26/19 Critics call declassification move "un-American"
5/23/19 Laura Ainsworth responds to Elizabeth Warren
5/23/19 Devin Nunes to Trump: Ask Theresa May about the spying
5/21/19 A little realism: the Gov. responds to three sharp comments on foreign influence
5/21/19 Stand up for what you think is right